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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The unknown creature Episode 13 & 14

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The Unknown Creatures
( light and darkness )


Chapter 13



Rainey’s pov :

We all ran more deeper but it seem everything is not the same,,, we are not in the school anymore,,, we all look scared,,,,

” guys, am scared. Where are we?? ” Lily asked
” We need to be careful guys,,, we are in their mist already ” Tons spoke up

” what?? How can we be in their mist??? They are going to kill us!! ” Gavin shouted

” This is the best time to show them that,, the light is more powerful than darkness,, we can do this ” Yona replied

” Are you crazy?? We can’t possibly fight with them,, they are more powerful ” Janie said

” I don’t care what ever is gonna happen, I have to save Riley ” Reed said

We all sighed and continue walking deeper into the dark forest,,

I felt someone hold my hand,, I looked back and smiled at Reed,,

” am sorry I didn’t talk to you for some time,, I was really worried about Riley ” he said and I nodded

” I don’t know what I can do without you ” I smiled

” shut up, you’re still gonna pay for all these kindness ” he pushed my head

” stop this love for now okay?? ” Yona said

and rolled her eyes

I know she still hates me,,, Reed left me and went to her,,, they started talking and I wonder what they are saying .

” hey ” a voice said beside me
” omg, when did you get here?? ” I asked holding my chest as Gavin roughed his hair, he really look more handsome when doing that .

” you’re avoiding me,, why?? ” he asked ignoring my question
” am only doing what I should do,, ” I said and look away

” Do you think you’re really doing the right thing?? ” he asked and I faced him again
” so, what is the right thing?? ”

” Let’s be friends,, am a cool person okay? ”
” we are friends already ,,,” I said

” really??? ”
” Yeah ” I nodded

Reed’s POV

” She’s my sister ” I told her when she keep on saying things
” She’s your sister?? Or Wait,, you Guy’s are the triplets??” She asked and I nodded

She covered her mouth with her palm looking surprised,,

” So the other girl is also your sister?” She asked referring to Riley

” yeah she is, And I must save her no matter what ”
” am sorry,,I was thinking otherwise ” she pouted
” Other Wise?? How? ” I asked

” Like,, you’re a Playboy,, something like that, am so sorry ”

” Wait,, are you jealous? ” I winked
” am not,,why Will I be jealous?? ” she looked away

that’s because am your future boyfriend dummy ,,

” Like

seriously, you don’t know me somewhere? ” I asked and she faced me

” Huh? Of course not,,I only met you once ” She replied

I nodded

” Or do you know me somewhere? ” she asked
” Nope” I replied

” Can we please rest??” Rafael asked panting like a lost goat
” Am f**king tired, I can’t believe we’ve been walking for almost an hour” Linda said

We all sat down round,,, I eye searched for Rainey, she was sitting next to Gavin who keep on starring at her ,,,I wanted to go into her mind but I did not,,,,

Janie made out a fire to keep everyone warm since its already getting dark and it’s cold ,,,

” Guys ,,we really need to find a solution to all these ” Lily said
” I am fed up ” Janie said

” Hey Yona,,any information?? ” Gavin asked and we all faced Yona

She kept quiet and keep on drawing things ,,,I looked closer and saw that she was crying

” Hey ,what’s wrong?? Why are you crying?? ” I asked curiously
” It,,,,it hurt ,,it ,,,really hurt ” She cried trying to control her hand but she could not .

We all starred at her with pity all over our faces,,,she finally finished what her hand was doing .she held her hand,,, I took the hand and massaged it slowly .

” Hey,what are you doing ??” she asked,, I ignored her question and keep on doing what I was doing.

” Guys,,we have to leave this place right now” Gavin said and stood up
He was the one who took the drawing from Yona ,,

” Tell us what’s happening,,” I said

He handed the book to me,,,it’s a diagram of where we are ,,,

The dark power arrived,, I checked the time on it ,,,8:10 .I checked my wrist watch and it’s 8:09pm

” Guys,we have just 1 minute!! ” I shouted and we all started running.

I immediately grab Rainey’s hand and we keep on running,,

….Five minutes later…..

” Ouch!! ” Someone screamed and we all turned back,Yona fell into a pit

” Yona!!” I shouted and turned back to save her
Rainey held me back,

” What are you doing?? ” I asked starring at her hand
” You will get hurt” She said

” But we have to save her ” I said
” Let’s go together ” Gavin said and I nodded

We both ran back to the pit,,

” Bring out your hand Yona ” I said and we both point out our hand to her

She was about taking the hand when we saw the dark power coming to us ,,we both fell into the pit,,

” Reed!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” That was all I heard when I passed out

Oh no,,they are in trouble


Chapter 14


Rainey’s POV

” Reed!!! ” I screamed as they fell into the pit
” oh no,, this is bad ” Janie said in tears

” guys run!!! ” Lily shouted
I turned back one more time and a tear dropped from my eyes

” please come back Reed,” I said silently and we all ran off

We continue running until we became tired,,

” Am thirsty,,, I think am gonna die any moment from now ” Linda said faintly

Janie sighed and made a flowing river from his hand.

” wow ” we all said in amazement

Everyone drank water until we were satisfied,,

” what do we do right now?? Gavin, Reed and Yona are in trouble ” Rafael said

” we are all in trouble ” I said

” I know,,, but we should all be together ” he replied

” I trust Gavin and my brother,, they are coming to meet us here,, am very sure of that ” I said and I wish it’s true

” I hope so ” they all responded

💎 Reed 💎

I opened my eyes and met myself in a pool of blood,, what happened?? I turned left and I saw Gavin who is still unconscious,, I turned right and Yona was also there.

I immediately stood up and wake them up,,

” Guys wake up ”

They both opened their eyes and stood up,

” where are we?? ” Yona asked
” we are here because of you,,, why can’t you even run such a short distance?? ” I snapped

” am so sorry ” she said
” this is not the time to blame one another, we need to find a way to get out of here ” Gavin said and I sighed

” Did you hear that?? Do you think they are awake?? ” we heard a voice

” No,,, they are coming for us,, run!! ”

We started running and suddenly met ourselves in their mist,,, they are all different types. Some have blood in their mouth, some have blood all over their faces, some even grow long fingers,

” are they vampires?? ” Gavin asked fearfully

” I don’t know either ”

Everywhere was dark,,, but their eyes were bringing out light,, am I gonna die here??

I won’t see Rainey again?? No I can’t die this way,,

” You’re welcome here ” one of them said and there was a loud thunder

” oh no,, they are going to make us one of them ” Yona cried
” No matter what you do,, we can’t join you darkness!!” I yelled out folding my fist angrily

” Really?? ” One suddenly appeared in front of me
” I love your boldness ” she smiled and it changed into a frown immediately
” but it won’t take you anywhere ” she added

She brought out her hand to touch me,,, I immediately used my power to disjoin her bone.

” arggh ” she screamed in pain
” next time,, mind people you will talk to anyhow ” I said and pushed her angrily,, she landed in the mist of the other witches

” Get them!!!” They screamed and started running after us

The three of us took off running for our lives,,,

” we can’t keep on running ” I said
” They are too much for us ” Gavin replied

” They are not as powerful as we think ” I said and we stopped

The moment they saw us stopping ,they also stopped.

” hey Yona, what can you do?? ” Gavin asked
” Am sorry,, I can’t do anything ” she looked down

I shook my head,,,

” Stand over there,, scream out my name if anyone of them is approaching you ” I said pointing at a tree behind us

” Okay ” she replied

Right now,, they’ve surrounded us. Gavin and I did a back to back starring at them all

” Just keep on starring ,,don’t lose focus ” Gavin whispers
” Take them from the right and will take them from the left ” I said not taking my eyes away from them.

” so,, what about the ones at the front and our back?? ”
” Just do what I said ”
” okay, we can do this ” He said and I nodded

They started rushing to us which make us part with each other,,,

” you seem More brave than I thought ” one said as she used her power of fire on me

I was fast enough to dodge it or Else am getting burnt.

” am glad you know am brave ” I smirked and made her cough out blood as I pressed hard on her throat .

” Reed!!!!” I heard my name and I turned back

Two of them were approaching Yona ,,,I immediately threw the one with me on the ground.

I wanted to run but I know it’s gonna be too late so I used my speed power and appeared right before they harm her.

I killed the two and faced Yona who keep on panting harder,,,

” Reed,,,they are becoming too much ,we have to run ” Gavin said running toward us.
” wait, I think I know what is happening ” Yona spoke up

” tell us” we said at the same time

” Out of them all,,,only twenty are real,, the rest are allusions to deceive us until you get tired. ,,you can see that there are no bodies on the ground ”

” oh no,,that’s true,,we are so stupid ” Gavin roughed his hair

” so how do we know the real ones?” I asked

” firstly,, we need to find the others. The two of you can’t do this alone ” She said

We nodded in agreement and ran off ,,damn it’s becoming darker .

💎 Rainey 💎

We continue walking into the deep forest, why is it becoming more darker??

” Janie, can you please make us light? ” Lily asked and he did

Everything was more easier,,

” watch out,, it’s a python!!! ” Linda screamed out

The python jumped on me and I passed out,,,,

I opened my eyes slowly and more than ten eyes starring back at me,,

” what happened?? ” I asked and saw the python dead already
” it died the moment it jumped on you ” Reed said

” Reed?? You are back!” I shouted and hugged him

” Rainey,, you are the only one who can save us right now ” He said

” What?? How?? ” I asked

He whispered into my ear

” What?? Are you crazy? They are going to kill me!!! ” I yelled




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