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July 23, 2021


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The unknown creature Episode 11 & 12

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🌌 The Unknown Creatures 🌌
( Hearts Of Light )


Chapter 11



💎 Riley’s pov 💎

” You killed my father!! ” The girl yelled at Rainey and ran off
How dare her call my sister a killer?? I fold my fist angrily and turned back to Rainey,, she’s crying already.

Just what I hate,, can’t she just stand for herself for once??
I walked to her and shook my head,,

” Do you know who her father is? ” I asked,, she looked up and saw that it was me
” I don’t know what she’s talking about,, but something is telling me that, it’s the man from the coffee shop I told you about ” she said sniffing in
” But it wasn’t your fault right?? That doesn’t mean you’re a killer ” I snapped

” I know how it feels to loose your love ones Riley,, I will just apologize to her. Am sure she’s going to forgive me ” she said causing me to scoff
” Apologize for what isn’t your fault?? ‘ I asked
” It was my fault that she doesn’t have a father again ”
” Suit yourself ” I snapped and left

I don’t know,, I just hate how she behaves sometimes,,,,, too slow for my liking.

” Hey Riley,, have you seen Rainey?? ” Reed ran to me
” Why do you only care about her?? Am Also your sister,, but all you care about is Rainey, Rainey, Rainey,, now I know,, you don’t love me as much as you love her. ” I said angrily
” You know that’s not true,, I love you both equally. But she needs more attention right now,,,,,,, you should know that she’s going through alot and it’s only you and I who can make her happy,, that’s what am doing.,, am sorry if you think I don’t love you,,,, am really sorry ” He said

” She really need more attention,, I don’t just understand. The fact that she can’t control her deadly power or what ”
” Riley that’s harsh,, you should be the one to comfort her. And now you’re calling her power deadly?? I don’t expect this from you Riley,,, ”
” I don’t care,,, ” I snapped and walked back into the class

They both spoiled my mood already,,

💎 Gavin’s pov 💎

” Hey,, are you okay?? ” I asked sitting down beside Reed
“I am having this weird feeling that, something bad is about to happen ” he replied and I sighed
” I thought I was the only one,, seriously I can perceive some dark powers ” I said and he turned to me

” You smell dark powers?? Gavin,, how many power to you posses? ” he asked
” I can’t count ” I smirked
” But I wish I can read minds like you ” I said and he smiled

” I have another I just learned how to control ” He said
” What is it? ” I asked curiously
” Speed and invisibility,,,, ”
” Wow,, can you disappear right now? ” I asked

He became invisible immediately,,

” Wow,, this is crazy ” I said still finding it hard to believe
” Yeah, I think it’s cool ” he replied still invisible
” Alright,,,, show yourself ” I laughed

We all looked up starring at the girl passing,,, the girl is weird. Since I got here, I’ve never seen her talking to anyone,, she’s always with a book and pencil, is she a mathematician or what??

” Mathematician?? ” Reed asked and I scoffed
” How dare you read my mind ”
” Am sorry,, just curious about what you’re thinking that much ” he said
” She’s really weird ” I said

” Who is she? ” He asked
” I don’t know her name,, I don’t know anything about her. Always with note and pencil,,, ” I replied
” Wow,,, ” He said
” Wow?? Just wow?? ” I asked

” Then what ”

Suddenly the grass in front of us started burning,,
” Omg,, what the h**k!! ” Reed freaked out while I only smirked
” It’s Janie ” I said and we both turned back,, there’s Janie grinning at us

” You wanna give me a heart attack?? ” Reed yelled
” am surprised you are still alive ” Janie scoff and sat down
” Can you just put off this fire?? ” Reed asked

He used water to put it off,, Reed breath out loud causing the both of us to laugh.

My mind suddenly went to Rainey,, is she okay right now??
I sigh and looked up,,, I didn’t get to talk to her today. I was about talking to her when she left the cafeteria hours ago,,,,

” Can you just go somewhere to think about my sister? ” Reed whispered
” F**k!!! I forgot!!!! Damn,, can you just shut this stupid mind of yours??? I can’t think in peace again??!! ” I yelled

Damn, am so embarrassed. He caught me,,

” Don’t worry,, I trust you for my sister. Bad thing you guys can’t be together ” he said
” Why?? Because of her power?? ” I asked and he nodded

” Am sure it’s gonna leave her when she can control it ” Janie interrupted and I nodded in agreement

” I hope that time come faster,, ” Reed said

I also wish so,,,

💎 Yona’s pov 💎

A tear dropped from my eyes when I saw what my hand drew,,,, what?? How can this happen??

She will really get possessed by the dark power?? She will hurt her sister in that process.

But why am I concerned anyway,, she killed my father,, I should not pity her in any way.

I stare at the picture once again,, I closed the book immediately. But my hand started shaking again,,,

” Arrg!!!!!! ” I screamed out loud
Why can’t I have a little f**king rest??? I’ve been drawing some silly things about people I don’t know since morning,, can’t I have some rest???

I opened the drawing book and took my pencil,, my hand started drawing things for about 20 minutes and finally it stopped. I sighed and stare at the drawing,,,, I gasped and stood up in fear.

” Oh no,,,, no,,,,, it’s coming,,,,,, dark souls,,, dark powers,,,,,, it’s happening,, ” I cried and ran out of the library in tears

💎 Unknown pov 💎

” Any news about the power we want?? ” The leader asked
” Yes leader,, our plan was to make the triplets hate each other. That way, we will have asses over them and turn them to our side. Their powers is what we need,,, they are more powerful than we thought ” i said

” They are more powerful when they are in agreement,, reason why we have to cause misunderstandings among them or else the light side will win over us ” The leader said and we all nodded

” If we get one of them to become part of us,, then there’s nothing the other two can do ”
” But,, there’s one with the destructive power. She will be hard to bring down,, she can destroy the whole world with just her hand leader ” I said with a bow and she laughed

” Why are you bothered?? She have such power,,,, but she can’t use it. She don’t know anything about what she have,, she’s weak. She’s too feeble to have that type of power,, ” She said

” You’re right ” we all chorused with our heads bowed
” Make sure you get every information about them,, mingle with them ”
” But leader,, Reed is a mind reader. It will be hard to mingle with them ” I said

” Don’t worry, I will make sure he’s not able to read yours ” she said and I grinned
” At your service ” I bowed


Chapter 12


💎 Reed 💎

I entered into the empty class,, I really have to get rid of these silly thoughts of mine. Even though I don’t wanna listen to people’s thought, I keep on hearing things.

I sat down with my head on the Locker,, I suddenly heard sniffs. I raised my head up,,, am I really hearing things or it’s real.
The sniff came again and I turned my head,, I almost screamed when I saw a figure on the floor. Its a girl,, she was sitting on the floor with her head Bowed in her legs,, why is she crying??

I stood up,, maybe I should just ask her what’s wrong?

” Don’t come closer ” she said and I stopped,, she raised her head and I gasped
She’s the weird girl Gavin was talking about,,,
She stood up and walked closer to the door,, I immediately ran after her and grab her hand before she gets out.

” What the f**k do you think ya doing! ” she yelled and pushed me away,, I landed roughly on the ground.
” Ouch ” I shouted holding my injured arm
” Oh no,,, am so sorry,, I didn’t mean to push you That hard ” She rushed to me

She took my already bleeding arm,,

” What do I do right now? ” she asked herself while I stood still, watching her. She was crying some minutes ago .
” Stop starring at me ” she said and faced me,
” why? ” I asked

She kept quiet and stood up,,,
” Am sorry for pushing you,, am leaving ” she said
” Wait ” I said and stood up still in pain though
” What do you want? ” She asked harshly

” What’s your name? ” I asked
” You don’t need to know ” she snapped and opened the door

I grab her hand and closed the door,,, I pinned her to the wall. She faced me with shock all over her face,,

I smirked and went through her mind,,,,

‘ What do I do right now?? How will I tell everyone about what is about to happen?? Am sure no one will believe me,, what should I do??,, the triplets will be separated and one will turn to the dark souls’ I dropped her hand in shock

” What are you doing?? ” she asked holding her hand
” What,,, what do you,, mean by one if the triplets will turn to the dark souls’?? ” I asked
” When did I say something like that? ” she asked looking scared

” Answer me!!!!! ” I yelled,,, the lockers in the class fell roughly to the floor causing lot of noise , she started shaking. I roughed my hair and faced her again,,

” Okay,, am sorry for yelling. But what do you know about the dark souls’? ” I asked calmly
” It was not revealed yet ” she answered ” By revealed, you mean?? ” I asked

She sigh and brought out something from her bag,, it’s a note and pencil.
What is she doing??

” You’re the first person am showing this ” she said and sat down
I nodded and sat beside her,,

She gave me the book and told me to open,,, I keep on opening. It’s different drawings

” What has this got to do with what I asked?? ” I said
” My hands always draw these itself,,, it’s what is going to happen in future. It always come true ” she said and I widen my eyes

I started checking the book again,,,

I screamed when I saw the picture of Janie, Gavin and I sitting down. The fire Janie started,, he was about using his power water to put if off.

I swallowed hard and faced her,,

” When did you draw this? ” I asked
” Last week ” she replied
But,,,, it happened today

” F**k ” I muttered and continue checking
I saw myself,,,,, what?? With a girl,,, we were like lovers. The girl is,,, I widen my eyes and,,, the girl is,,she’s the one.

” This is the most crazy thing my hand will ever draw,,, this is me and a random guy I don’t know. ” she said
” Will this come true? ” I asked
” Yeah,, even if it take long,, it’s still gonna happen ” she said

No,, I can’t tell her am the one she drew,, am going crazy already!!!

She took the book from me,,,

” The dark souls” I said
” They are our enemies and they want us to join their dark power,, we should be careful. They can appear anytime,, and one of the triplets will join them. Because she’s already turning against her siblings ” she said
” Riley ” I said and ran out of the class

I used my speed power and I immediately get to Riley’s dorm,, I sighed and knocked on the door.
One of the girls came to open,,

” Omg!! Reed,, what are you doing here? ” she screamed like I was some celebrity.
” Is Riley in? ” I asked
” Oh,, no she’s not ” she replied
” Shit” I said and roughed my hair

” Am Angelica ” she smiled
” Nice meeting you ” I replied and left
Damn,, where is Riley?? I have to talk to her before it’s too late,,,

*** Riley’s pov ***

I sat down watching the beautiful water running,,, like seriously why are they pissing me off?? I dried the water with my power,,

” Wow,,, that’s amazing ” I smiled to myself

I suddenly remembered Gavin and I sighed out,,, am sure he likes Rainey. The way he looks at her is just different,,,,, but why her??
Why must he love my sister and not me??

” Why!!!!!!!!!! ” I screamed out and one of the trees fell. I stood up breathing hard,, I roughed my hair looking more angry,,

Like seriously I wanna calm down but I just can’t,,,, I suddenly saw a dark smoke filled the air,, what the f**k is this??
It became more dark that one could hardly see,, it was like an eclipse of the sun. Omg,, what do I do?? Nobody will be able to find me here,,, what do you do???

I started coughing and then passed out,,, that was all I know.

*** Rainey’s pov ****

Reed rushed into our room panting like someone being chased
” What?? You should have knocked!!! ” Linda who just came out of the bathroom yelled
” Am sorry,, am really sorry ” Reed pleaded and grab my hand.
” What are you doing?? ” I asked struggling out or his grip.

” I can’t find Riley,,, I think she’s in trouble. Am trying to get into her mind but I feel nothing,, I feel like something bad as happened to her ” He said sadly
” What?? Do you have any idea where she is?? ” I asked immediately

” No I don’t,, we have to look for her ” he said
” Wait here,, I have to put on some long clothes ” He nodded and went out
” what’s happening?? ” Lily asked
” Riley is missing, we need to find her ” I said

” We are coming with you ” they both said and we all ran out of the room

Gavin and the others are also there,,

” Hey don’t worry,, we are gonna find her ” Gavin patted Reed’s back
” Am coming,, I need to find someone ” Reed said and ran off,, I wanted to follow him but I changed my mind.

” Are you okay?? ” Gavin asked moving closer to me
” Don’t come any closer ” I said and moved back,, he stopped
” Am okay thank you ” I said and look away

Reed came back with the weird girl,,, she said I killed her father. She gave me a deadly glare before turning to the others.

” She will lead us to where Riley is ” Reed said
” How?? ” Janie asked
” Just keep quiet okay?? ” Reed snapped and the girl brought out a book,,,,,
” Riverbank ” she muttered

” Let’s go ” I said and we all ran to the Riverbank,,,

” What’s this?? ” I shouted as dark smoke filled the air
” No!!! We have to get her out of there right now before it’s too late ” The girl cried
” But,, we can’t see anything ” I said
” I think I can help ” Lily said and shove her hand toward the darkness,,, the place became light and there is Riley on the ground helpless.

” Riley!! ” Reed shouted and ran to her
He carried her and keep on shouting her name,,,, we all stood still waiting for her to wake up.

” Riley wake up ” He cried

I walked to them and touched her,,, she woke up. I gasped fearfully and ran away from her,,,, her eyes were different,,, it was black all through,,, her eyeball was red,,, her hair were scattered.

” What the heck?? ” everyone murmured
” Dark power,, dark power,, ” The weird girl said slowly
What does she mean by that??

” Reed!!!!!!! Run away from her right now!!!!! She’s not the same anymore!!!! ” She shouted
” What?? How can I?? She’s,, ”
” Reed leave her ” I said in tears

” I can’t!!! ” he yelled
” Are you crazy!!! Do you wanna die?? ” The girl yelled

” Guys!!! See that!! ” Rafael shouted pointing upward

The darkness is coming again,,,,

” Everyone run!!! ” Gavin shouted
” Reed!!! ” The girl screamed and rushed to him grabbing his hand

” Wait,, I have to take Riley ” Reed shouted
” You are crazy ” She yelled and we all ran away before the darkness filled everywhere



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