Episode 5 to 7


Episode 5



“what did the pastor said? Gabriel asked his wife immediately she dropped the call

He said that he will be coming tomorrow evening .”Tina replied

I just hope that after his prayers tomorrow that everything will be okay, because I can’t afford to lose any of my children again….. as Gabriel was still talking to his wife, they heard their baby cry with fear they rushed to the sitting room on getting there they saw Johnson and Michael still playing with her and they were relieved.

jewel! why are you crying, you almost give us heart attack .”Tina said and carried her baby who was still crying

why is she crying? Gabriel asked his two sons

nothing dad, we were just playing with her all of a sudden she started crying .”Johnson replied

“maybe she is tired of sitting down .”Michael also said

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I think she is feeling sleepy, let me go inside and breastfeed her so that she can sleep .”Tina said and took the baby inside the room.


The next day evening, pastor Fred went to Tina’s house to pray for her family, first he prayed for the house and poured holy water around every corner of the house, after that he prayed for the children and parents.

As I have prayed now, no evil shall come near you or your children again, you are now free from any demonic attack .”pastor Fred assured them


thank you pastor for your prayers. “Gabriel said

you are welcome, but please make sure you pray always with your children .”pastor Fred said

we will pastor, thank you once again for coming .”Tina said

Jewel, how are you doing? pastor Fred said touching the baby who was busy playing on the floor where she sat. after that Tina and her husband see him off to outside of the compound where his car was parked, so he entered his car and drove off while Tina and Gabriel went back inside.

As pastor Fred was driving, along the road an old scary woman with a vulture head appeared to him inside his car, when he saw this with fear he screamed.

“who are you? and what do you want from me? he asked trembling

how dare you interfer in my business? for that I shall kill you .”the old woman said in a loud and scary voice

I don’t know what you are talking about, I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jes……. before he could complete his statement the old woman killed him, and after that she disappeared.


Episode 6


Meanwhile Gabriel was with his in the sitting room, when his phone began to rang, so he checked the caller and it was pastor Fred’s number.

who is that calling? Tina asked

is pastor Fred, maybe he is calling to tell us that he have reach home .”Gabriel replied and then he picked the call.

“hello pastor! have you got home? Gabriel asked over the phone but to his surprise it wasn’t pastor Fred calling but his wife.

hello! brother Gabriel .” pastor Fred’s wife said crying

ma’am what is the problem? this one you are crying I hope everything is okay? Gabriel asked confusedly

my husband is dead .”she said still crying

what?? that can’t be possible because he left here not too long, how can that be ? he said still shock on what he heard

“The police called me and told me of his death, so I went there to confirm if it was really my husband they saw but to my greatest surprise I saw my husband dead in his car, there are some marks on his neck which shows that he was strangled. “pastor Fred’s wife explained crying over the phone

OMG!! who could have killed pastor Fred? and where is he now? Gabriel asked

we have taken him to the mortuary, I want to go and inform his family members of his death. “she sadly said and then she dropped the call while Gabriel stood there still shock on the death of pastor Fred. Tina who have been there listening to the conversation because her husband Gabriel put the call on loud speaker.

so pastor Fred who left our house not too long is dead just like that? Tina asked sadly

am even still shock on his death .”Gabriel said

something is wrong somewhere, why is that today he came to our house to pray that he died? honey are you thinking what am thinking? she asked

I don’t think his death have anything to do with our house he came because they said that they saw some marks on his neck which shows that he was strangled his car, but my question now is that who could have killed pastor Fred? he asked no one in particular

“Am scared of all this things happening nowadays, first it was our children and now is pastor Fred. “Tina said in a sad mood. After everything pastor Fred was later buried by his family members .


one week later, Tina son Johnson was fetching from the tap which he will use to wash his cloth, as he was taking water from the tap something struck him on his chest and he began to scream which made mama zion to rushed out because the tap where Johnson was fetching water was near her window.

Johnson what is the problem? mama zion asked immediately she came out

my chest! my chest!! “Johnson cried holding his chest, while mama zion rushed inside and called Tina his mother and they both ran out, but before they came out Johnson was already dead with fear Tina grabbed him vigorously as she calls his name, Johnson! Johnson!! “she screamed to his ears but it was too late as Johnson was already gone.

“who have I offended that is killing all my children? Johnson please wake up. “Tina screamed in agony while mama zion was consoling her.


Episode 7


After some hours Gabriel rushed home when he received the call of what happened to his son. on getting home he saw many people inside his house who where consoling his wife.

what happened to Johnson? where is he? Gabriel asked panting

“Johnson is dead ooo, my enemies have succeed in killing my child again .”Tina said crying

“no! not again, Johnson can’t be dead because he was healthy when I left for work this morning. “Gabriel said in disbelief

Am sorry to tell you but that is the truth, your son Johnson is dead, his body is in the room.”mama Mary their neighbor who was also there said to Gabriel and immediately he rushed into the room and saw his son Johnson lying dead on the bed then he cried.


After everything Johnson was later buried. now they are left with two children Michael and their baby jewel.



one night Gabriel woke Tina up in the middle of the night for a discussion because he was not happy the way their children are dying.

“my dear!! you are not sleeping, what is it? Tina asked when she seated up

I can’t sleep because am not happy .”Gabriel said sadly

is it because of the death of our son Johnson? she asked in a concerned tone

not only Johnson, but also our other son’s who have died, but still we don’t know the cause of their death. “Gabriel said and this made Tina to cry

“Our four son’s just died like that without we knowing the cause of their death and now we are left with two children, even pastor Fred who came to pray for our home also died, to show that something is wrong somewhere. “Tina said with tears dropping from her eyes

that is why we need to find solution to all this because is not ordinary or are we going to fold our hands and watch our remaining two children die? please honey we have to look for a solution to all this. “Gabriel said in a devastated tone

“mama zion told me of how powerful her pastor is, I think I will tell her to invite him here so that he can pray for us and our home .”Tina said

please try to tell her to invite her pastor if possible tomorrow .”Gabriel said and after that he and his wife went to sleep, not too long they slept off.

As they were sleeping, Gabriel had a terrible nightmare which made him to scream and jump up from the bed .

Honey what is it? Tina asked immediately she heard him screamed

I have a terrible nightmare, I saw jewel our baby in my dream turned into an old woman with a vulture head, she was holding a knife and was about to stab me with it before I woke up .”Gabriel narrated sweating and panting at the same time

OMG!! that was a terrible nightmare, the devil used our baby’s face to attack you but thank God they didn’t succeed in their plans

“I know they use our baby face to attack me, please go and check Michael to know if he is okay. “Gabriel said and Tina went to the children’s room to check her son Michael but he was okay. after checking him she went back to their room.

Michael is okay .”Tina said

Alright, go and check the baby also .”Gabriel said trying to be sure that they are fine and then Tina went to check the baby because she was also sleeping in the same room with them but in a different bed. when Tina check jewel their baby, she was sleeping peacefully in her own baby bed.





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