The unknown attack Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1 and 2
Honey!! what is the problem, I have told you before to go to the hospital so that they will run some test on you to know what the problem is .”Gabriel told his wife who was not feeling too well
“I know dear, I will go to the hospital in the afternoon. “Tina said weakly, and later in the afternoon she went to the hospital, after they ran some test on her, it was confirmed that she was five weeks pregnant and she was happy about it. when she got home, she told her husband of the pregnancy and he was happy too, although they alre-ady have five sons and they have been looking for a female child.
“Am very happy to hear this, I pray that this pregnancy be a female child. “Gabriel said excitedly
I hope so too, because I don’t want another male child .”Tina said and not too long their children all c@m£ inside and greeted them because they were just returning back from school.
“Daddy you did not go to work today? David their first son asked
no I did not go to work today because your mother wasn’t feeling fine so I decided to stay back, how was school today? Gabriel asked
school was fine .”They all answered
But what is wrong with mummy? Michael their third son asked looking at his mother
nothing much, just that your mother is pregnant. “Gabriel replied smiling like wise Tina
“wow!! am so happy to hear this, I can’t wait to have a baby sister. “Johnson their second son said happily while Tina their mother smiled
even me too have been dying to have a sister and I can’t wait to have one. “Henry their fourth son also said
is alright kids, go to your room your mother is tired and nee-ded some rest. “Gabriel said to his children and they all went to their room.
After some months Tina finally gave birth to a baby girl whom they named jewel, and Gabriel was very happy because they have been looking for a female child for long.
Not up to one month after the birth of their daughter jewel, Elvis their fifth son died. it all happened when he was pla-ying football with his brothers in their compound, when all of a sudden a big giant stone which no one could see hit him and he fell on the ground vomiting maggots, when his brothers saw this with fear they all ran inside to call their mother at that time their father had gone to work.
when Tina got outside with her children, she saw her son Elvis lying on the ground lifeless with his face covered with maggots, she screamed in agony while her children were crying, the neighbors who heard her screaming all rushed out to know what was wrong but to their greatest surprise they saw Elvis lying dead on the ground with his face full of maggots, when they saw this they also screamed with fear because they have not seen such a horrible thing in their lives before.
Episode  2
What happened to Elvis? Gabriel asked immediately he c@m£ back after he received the call about his son Elvis
Daddy we don’t know, we were pla-ying football in the compound when all of a sudden Elvis began to scream before we knew it Elvis fell on the ground and started vomiting maggots before he died. “David their first son explained with tears
“my enemies have succeeded in killing my son. “Tina said crying like wise her other children, the neighbors who were there was consoling them
but Elvis my son was healthy this morning before I left for work, how come he died just like that? Gabriel asked no one in p@rticular as tears began to drop from his eyes
“my sister is ok, is only God that knows why your son died. “mama zion their neighbor said to Tina while consoling her
but that kind of death is strange, how can a small boy who was healthy just died like that with maggots covered his face. “mama Samson also said still surprised on how Elvis died
After everything Gabriel and his family mourned for their son Elvis and later buried him without them knowing the cause of their death.
One morning Tina was brea-stfeeding her baby jewel who was now five months old, as she was brea-stfeeding her the baby later fell asleep so she lie her on the be-d and went to prepare breakfast for her family because her children were preparing for school, while her husband Gabriel was preparing for work. After they finish dressing up, they went to the dinning table to eat their breakfast because Tina have finished cooking and serve it on the dinning for them to eat, while she went inside to check if her baby have wake up, but the baby was still slee-ping peacefully, so she went back to the sitting room to join her husband and children on the dinning table.
As they were all having their breakfast, Henry suddenly dropped his spoon.
Henry! what is the problem? why are you not eating your food, you know that you are all running late for school? Tina asked while the others were still busy eating their own food
mummy! am having headache. “Henry replied ru-bbing his palm on the forehead
don’t worry son, your mother will give you some drugs and you will be okay. “Gabriel said and immediately Tina went to her room and get some drugs for her son Henry
drink this it will st©p the headache .” Tina said as she hand her son the drugs that she brou-ght out from her room, so Henry drank the drugs. After some moment the headache st©pped and he continue eating his food not too long they all finish their breakfast. The children stood up and carried their school bags and went outside to wait for their father who normally carries them to school with his car, while their father went to get his brief case and after that he joined the children outside and opened the door of the car for the children to enter, as they were about to enter the car when all of a sudden Henry screamed holding his head.
“Henry!! what is it again? his father asked
my head is hurting me, am dying .”Henry cried still holding his head, that moment Tina rushed out immediately he heard her son screaming
“Henry what is it? Tina asked with fear
mummy! am dying, my head is hurting me. “as Henry was still screaming all of a sudden he fell down.

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