The unbreakable v!rg!nEpisode 21 & 22

21 and 22
Episode 21
He drove like a person newly infected with madness to her house..
His heart pounding loudly that he feared that he might get highpertension …
He parked the car and rushed into the house and surprisingly, it wasn’t locked…
Oh !!!..
They must have been carried away with their plea-sure that they forgot to lock the door..
He thought not sure of himself…
Tears threatening to leave his eyes anytime soon..
He summoned up courage and walked straight to her room..
On pushing the door open, his jaw dropped..
What he saw nearly made him blind..
She was on the be-d n-ked with a strange man that’s smoking his br@ins out..
He dragged his eyes to the floor and saw used up c0nd0ms ..
His eyes bec@m£ watery
” how could she do something like this to me?”.
He thought..
” yo dude..
What’s up?”
The strange guy said grinning wickedly..
” just shut up and get the f–k out of this place now before I lose it”.
He shouted..
” easy man..
We aren’t quarre…”
” just get lost.
He commanded and the strange guy hurriedly got dressed and left the room..
The noise woke her up from her de-ep slumber..
Her head aches badly..
All she could remember was opening the door for some strange people and everything went blank..
Looking at herself , she couldn’t un-derstand why she’s on the be-d n-ked!..
The thought of it made her eyes wi-de-ned..
She scanned the room and saw a young man scurrying out of the room and Daniel too, who stood glaring at her..
” what’s the meaning of this?. ”
She asked obviously referring to her awkward position..
” I should be asking you that…
Who’s the guy that left this room now..
And can you explain what you’re doing with him n-ked on this be-d?”
He hurled trying his best not to explode..
” I don’t know what you’re talking about ”
Her voice c@m£ out like a whisper…
” you don’t know?..
Seriously is this how to pay me back for loving you?..
Answer me you bloody liar..
Pretentious w—e like you”
He flared up..
Her eyes wi-de-ned at what he just called her..
Then on taking a closer look round the room, her heartbeat raised as she saw used up c0nd0ms littering on the floor..
This can’t be.
She’s still a v!rg!nright?..
No ..this is not what happened..
She refused to believe anything..
She tried to say anything but her head hurts so badly..
” Baby ..
plea-se nothing happened here..
I was just slee-ping when I heard a knock on the door and on opening the door, I can’t remember anything..
plea-se believe me”
She pleaded as she gr@bb£d her dress and puts it up..
” can you st©p being a liar..
I thought you’re still a v!rg!nbut hell no..
You lied to me all along..
You know what…
I don’t ever want to see you again ”
He spat as his heart burns with rage and bitterness..
” I swear I never lied to you ..
plea-se Daniel ”
She pleaded as she gets up and walked towards him.
She tried to hold him but he pushed her away..
” stay away from me..
Loving someone like you was very wrong..
I curse the day I met you ”
He said trying his best not to cry as his eyes grew more watery..
” plea-se Daniel..
I can never hurt you in any way..
I love you so much..
They’re trying to separate us..
plea-se don’t give room to it..”
She pleaded gr-abbing his arm again but he pushed her away this time and gave her a resounding sl@p..
She was shocked beyond words..
Bitter tears ran down her pretty cheeks..
” you’re nothing but a w—e..
Keep your dirty explanation to your self..
Thank you for hurting me this way ”
He said and his tears finally flowed
Christine was eavesdropping to their conversation and she couldn’t be more than happy at the outcome of her little plan..
She owes Tobby a lot for the job well-done..
She had left the house immediately her father left for an important meeting..
On meeting with Tobby, they went to Nma’s house and luckily for them , Mama wasn’t around..
They drugged her and got her n-ked too..
The used up c0nd0ms littering on the floor was used by her and Tobby..
They had ended up having several rounds of S-x ..
She did that because of jealousy , nothing else..
” as am leaving this room, am leaving your life forever ”
He said and turned to go but what she said next shocked him..
” okay fine..
Go wherever you want to..
I never f0rç£d you to love me and I won’t f0rç£ you to stay in my life either..
Am done begging or explaining myself to you..
Go to hell ..”
Without another word, he stormed out of the room …
For days ..
The two lovers cried terribly..
It was disastrous for the two lovers especially Nma..
Avoiding each other at school was worse for her.
Onyinye tried her best to talk to Daniel but it all felled on deaf ears..
What hurts him most was that she didn’t care at all as if their breakup is not affecting her but he never knew that she was dying silently..
She cried almost every hour , only her mother can tell the kind of emotional torture she was pas-sing throu-gh..
She thought she could deal with it..
Yes, she’s a br@ve girl but everything is not all about being physically strong ..
Its all about being emotionally strong too..
Dear re-ader, if you’re in her shoes, what will you do to win your man back?..
Do you think letting him go is the best option?..
Or should she fight for what’s rightfully hers?..
To Nma, she’s helpless and only God can give her the strength to move on..
She doubts if she can ever love again in life…
On the last day of their exam, after writing their final paper..
She couldn’t take it anymore and she nee-ded to clear the misun-derstanding between them..
She sighted Daniel going towards his car and rushed towards him..
Can we talk plea-se”
She asked looking into his beautiful eyes but to her dismay, he looked way instantly..
” there’s nothing to talk about ”
He stated coldly..
” am sorry for what I did..
It was a set up..
I never had the intention of cheating on you..
plea-se believe me.
My life is incomplete without you”
She said in a shaky voice , her eyes tearing up..
He remained silent ..
The whole scene makes s-en-se to him..
But his pride and jealousy wouldn’t let him to think de-ep into the matter..
Nothing will ever make him to accept her back..
He has made up his mind..
His father was right after all..
Girls are not to be trusted..
He’s going back to his old self again..
He will become a deadly pla-yer and break the hearts of many girls especially vir-gins..
“Daniel plea-se say something”
Her angelic voice brou-ght him back ..
” am traveling tomorrow..
Take care and don’t worry..
Nothing will make me stoop so low to fall inlove with a low life like you again..
Have a nice day”
He said and hopped inside his car, speeding away ..
Leaving her to wallow in pain and sorrow..
” Daniel Okoye..
You must surely come back for me and by then I will make you regret what you did to me..
That’s my promise to you”
She cried bitterly
Episode 22
He sat on his be-d feeling so sad and gloomy..
He has alre-ady packed his clothes and looking at his flight ticket lying carelessly on his dressing table, he sighed terribly…
” I still love her”
He murmured…
” but she hurt me ”
He added angrily ru-bbing his temple..
His door creaked open and he looked up to see Christine standing there like a drenched spider..
” what do you want? ”
He scolded..
” Daniel am sorry for everything I have done ”
She said and broke down in tears ..
Huh !!!..”
She’s weeping terribly..
What’s wrong with her?..”
He wondered..
” I set her up..
Because I was jealous of her”
She cried..
” you’re jealous of her?..
I mean what’s the point there?..
Cos you’re a hundred times better than her”
He scoffed..
” you don’t un-derstand Danny..
She’s very beautiful and also she stole your heart …”
” it has nothing to do with the evil you just committed..
Why did you do something like that to me?”
He yelled standing on his feet..
” because am in love with you..
I love you Daniel and I have always does since when we were kids..
I just couldn’t take it when another girl barges in and stole what belongs to me…
Am sorry”
She held him ti-ght sobbing on his shoulder…
Her conscience has been pricking her for what she did and to make matters worse , Daniel had become opposite of himself since then..
She couldn’t bear to see him in pain and so she had a change of heart…
” what you did was wrong..
You don’t deserve his friendsh!p”
Her conscience always yells in her mind…
” go get your girl before you travel tomorrow…
Am leaving tomorrow to see grandma in the village…
Its okay if you don’t forgive me…
But I have cleared my mind ”
She turned to go but he pu-ll-ed her back and hvgged her…
” Chris am sorry too..
Its my fault too for falling inlove with someone like her..
I shouldn’t have done that in the first place..
I forgive you bestie ”
He muttered …
” no ..
Don’t say that..
Go get your love..
If you leave her now and travel without patching things up with her..
You gonna regret it..”
She said breaking free from the hvg..
” she told me to go to hell..
She’s so arrogant and I don’t like it ”
He scoffed..
” look at who’s talking..
Anyways its up to you..
Good night bestie ..
Safe journey tomorrow ”
She added and left the room..
” and you too”
He said but she was alre-ady gone .
He sat on his be-d and sighed loudly…
“She’s right..
But how do I go about it ”
He wondered..
He picked up his phone ..
” maybe I should give her a call ..”
He thought remembering the moments they shared together…
💕 their first k!ss..💋
💕the r@p£ incident that made them friends ..
💕 their first d@t£ 💕
💕their make out session….
And oh..
💕the sad incident that led to their separation…
He sighed loudly remembering their last encounter at school..
” maybe I should text her instead..
That would be better….”
He concluded…
✉ hey ..
How are you?”✉
He s£nt and waited and waited for her response but none c@m£…
He scoffed loudly and la-id on his be-d..
” she’s so full of herself.. ”
He muttered and closed his eyes…
The alarm clock blared off waking him up..
He hurried said his morning prayers and went to the bathroom..
After he was done , he carried his luggage downstairs to meet everyone on the table alre-ady…
” good morning everyone ”
He greeted taking a seat but his father st©pped him..
” son..
You’re alre-ady late..
We will esc-rt you to the airport ”
Chief okoye said cleaning his mouth..
” but Dad am hungry ”
He protested…
” don’t worry my boy..
I packed some food for you ..
When you get there, you can relax and have your breakfast.. ”
Nanny grace said with smiles..
” thanks Nanny ..
You’re the best ”
He said and hvgged him..
” all right everyone..
Enough of the drama..
Let’s get going ”
Christine said and they all laughed as they exited the house…
Nma woke up with a pounding headache..
She gr@bb£d her phone and checked the time ..
” 10:30..
He’s gone alre-ady ”
She sighed ..
Her phone beeped and she saw two messages from Daniel..
Her heart leapt with joy..
She re-ad the first one and shrugged her shoulders..
Then on opening the second one .
Her heart nearly missed a bit…
✉ hey..
Am travelling today..
I know that’s always what you wanted..
Stealing my heart won’t st©p me from dealing with you when am back from the states..
You owe me a lot of explanations..✉
Tears ran down her cheeks as she re-ad the messages over and over again..
No amount of tears can make him stay back in Nigeria with her..
He’s gone but she keeps on hoping that he would be back one day..
Then, they will settle their scores..
To be continued