The unbreakable v!rg!n27

Kwin Ammy Sanctus
Episode 27
Early the next morning , he hurriedly brushed his teeth , took his bath and left the house ..
It was still a little bit dark outside when he reached her house..
And oh goodness!..
It was drizzling slightly creating a foggy atmosphere..
He ru-bbe-d his palms together to warm his b©dy a little..
It was really a cold morning..
He stayed awhile in his car, wondering whether to go in or not but on a second thought, he opened his car door and trotted towards the door..
He knocked repeatedly without any response..
Maybe they’re still asleep , he turned to go but the door creaked open halting him instantly..
” who’s there?”
Nma’s sleepy voice cooed throu-gh his head ..
The smiles on his face was so adorable..
He went closer and hvgged her..
” Good morning sweetheart ”
He whispered not ma-king any effort to dis£ngage the hvg feeling the warmt of her b©dy..
She pushed him off gently..
” what are you doing here?..
My mother is still around and you won’t find it funny if she meets you here..”
She whispered ..
” have you forgotten?..
I promised to take you to my family today..
Am not even scared of your mother or anyb©dy..”
He said stubbornly..
” just leave okay?..
I will come and see you later”
She said persuasively pushing him gently..
” I can’t believe you’re pushing me away..
Am your b©yfri£ndfor crying out loud..
Not even a good morning k!ssand you want me to leave empty handed..
No way ..
It ain’t gonna happen ”
He said with an eye roll..
” but its early and… ”
” chidinma are you selling land there?..
What’s taking you so long to open the door?..
And by the way who are you talking with?”
Her mother’s shilling voice interrupted her ..
” you see what am talking about..
She’s awake alre-ady ..
Just Leave..
I will see you later”
She hushed and proceeded to close the door but he brushed past her and entered inside the house to see Mama having her breakfast..
He chuckled..
This early morning..
Seeing him, mama rose on her feet instantly..
” Good morning mommy ”
He greeted humbly and she was moved but maintained a stern face..
” save your greetings young man..
What brou-ght you to my house this early morning ?”
She queried..
” mommy I know that you’re still angry with me and you have every right to be..
What I did was wrong , you trusted me so much but I took it for granted..
Am not asking you to forgive me cos I know that you won’t do such either..
What am asking you to do for me , is for you to give me a second chance..
To correct my mistakes.. ”
He went down on his knees..
” plea-se mommy..
Give a chance not as the mother of my girlfriend but as my own mother..
Am sorry mom”
He pleaded and mama’s heart melted like bu-tter ..
She went towards him , pu-ll-ed him up and embr@ced him..
” I never had a son but today I have found a thousand sons in you..
Am sorry for being too ha-rd on you..
You’re a good boy and am proud of the father that raised you ”
She said ..
Nma couldn’t help her tears..
Her mother is one in a million..
Always acting tough outside but such a jelly inside..
” thanks mother..
Can I ask for a favour?”
” of course my son..”
” I want to take Nma to meet my family today..
plea-se permit me to take her and I promise to bring her back in the evening..
plea-se mother ”
” son..
You don’t have to beg me okay..
She’s all yours but be careful around her..
She’s all I’ve got after the death of my husband..
Handle her with care..
I don’t want to hear stories again else I won’t hesitate to break your head”
She warned Daniel let out a soft laughter..
” trust me mother..
I won’t repeat such mistake again..”
He said with smiles and Mama couldn’t help her smile too..
” And by the way, you’re becoming more handsome..
This obodo oyibo (abroad) really suits you o..”
She tea-sed..
” really?..
Thanks ma”
” I will be on my way now..
Chidinma come here osiso (fast)..”
” yes mother..”
Nma answered as she walked towards her mother..
” lock the doors when you’re leaving..
And get something for Daniel to eat..
Am off”
She announced heading towards the door..
” what do you want to eat?..
Why am I even asking..
Not that you would eat anything anyways ”
She said sarcastically..
” well I would love to taste yourl-ips ”
He sm-irked as he pu-ll-ed her closer by the w@!st..
“Don’t be silly..
My mom is still around..” And besides it is wrong to embarras-s on that now
Her voice c@m£ out in whisper as she stared into his eyes melting away..
” she’s gone alre-ady..
And is there anything wrong in k!ss!ngmy girlfriend? ”
He said softly leaning closer till their nose t©uçhed..
His minty breathes fanning her nose..
” but I still don’t want it yet”
Daniel st©pped trying and after Chidinma was with whatever she was supposed to do in the house, they left for his place
They were alre-ady having breakfast when they arrived..
” Daniel where went you this morning? ”
His Father’s husky voice nearly pierced his ear drums..
” I brou-ght someone..
Chidinma come and meet my family ”
He said a little bit louder and all eyes turned towards the door to see the most beautiful creature walking shyly towards them..
Esther’s jaw dropped..
Holy molly..
She couldn’t believe that such beauty still exists..
Or did she went for plastic surgery?…
God !!!..
” Good morning everyone “.
She greeted quietly..
Chief Okoye couldn’t help but admire the angel before him..
He didn’t blame his son either..
Any man in his right s-en-ses could do anything to keep a rare gem like her…
Episode 28
(Final episode)
Later on , the two lovers traveled back to their various institutions to continue their studies each with the zeal to graduate with the flying colours…
Daniel on the other hand had given up his promiscuous life style…
Well, who wouldn’t do such???…
Nma is truely blessed with beauty..
**** 4years later ****
They both graduated from the university …
Both as a certified Economists..
That has always been Daniel’s dream and his girlfriend choose that path too because she wanted to be like him too..
What an irony
” Esther ..
Just help me and look after Jerry..
He has been crying too much since today..
That boy won’t kill me before my time… ”
Christine said..
Handing her two year old son to Esther..
Well she’s married alre-ady to her heartthrob … A White man actually..
They met after she went back to the state with her father..
Now things is finally falling into places..
Esther too is alre-ady a married woman with kids..
And today..
They’re organising a welcome/graduation p@rty for Daniel and his girl..
” shush..
Mommy will be with you okay?..
Come with me ”
Esther hushed the crying jerry as she took her out of her mother’s sight..
” is everything re-ady? ”
Chief okoye’s tired voice echoed round the house..
” yes Dad..
We are almost throu-gh”
Nma said grinning wi-dely as she walked closer to him.
Giving him a hvg..
She’s becoming more beautiful …
” oh..
My daughter ..
You should be resting ..
Don’t stress your self..”
He cooed happily..
” Dad am okay..
Am not complaining either..
After all its our p@rty too”
” yes my daughter..
Daniel called and he’s alre-ady at the airport..
I will go and pick him up ”
” alright Dad..
I can’t wait to see him after all these years.. ”
She said dreamily ..
” yes I know..
Just go home now..
Remember the plan..
He shouldn’t set his eyes on you till the p@rty starts in the evening..”
He said and walked out of the mansion..
Nma giggled childishly..
Her sweetheart is finally back..
The smiles on her face at that moment was priceless..
She couldn’t wait to see him…
Oh she couldn’t wait !..
“What is she even saying ?”
Her mind scoffed..
” yeah.
You can mock me all you want..
I don’t care..”
She said with priceless smiles spre-ading all over her pretty face..
” hmmm..
I smell wedding rice and I can hear wedding bells ringing ..
Oh Nma..
You guys should get married alre-ady”
Christine’s voice jo-lted her back to reality..
She couldn’t help the blus-h that crept to her face at that moment..
” yes..
She’s right ”
Esther childed ..
” well it all depends on…”
Her phone rang and she swiped the receiver bu-tton..
” mommy..”
” get back at home now Chidinma..
Its been 2days since you left this house..
You’re not even married yet..
Don’t let me drag you back with cane ooo..
Last warning chidinma”
Mama yelled ending the call without giving her any chance to talk..
” I have to go..
See you guys at the p@rty..”
She announced hurrying out of the house..
Mama will definitely kill her..
6hours later
(At the p@rty)
Daniel stood with his father with a glas-s of wine on his hand..
He wore white texudo suits and glittering diamond n£¢klace and earrings that sparkles …
He’s the really definition of prince charming waiting alre-ady for his Cinderella…
He occasionally glances at the door looking for any sign of chidinma but there was none..
He grew impatient at some point..
And he’s father wouldn’t get tired of talking bull$h!t with his business as-sociates in the name of ma-king acquaintance with them
He scoffed ..
Such a show-off
Just then his 3 sisters c@m£ and drag him away or better still rescues him from the boring talks..
” is she here alre-ady? ”
He asked anxiously.
” no but she will be here soon”
Just then he sighted her walking nervously towards them..
For some minutes, he thought he was really seeing a mermaid..
Hell no!!!..
The Lady before him is gorgeously beautiful..
Clad in white stra-pless dress that hung ti-ghtly on her b©dy revea-ling her curves..
His jaws dropped as she st©pped before him..
” hi Dan”
She greeted nervously but the next thing he did nearly made her heart beat go wild…
He pu-ll-ed her to him and k!$$£d her ..
She was so embarras-sed ..
She has never k!$$£d in public ..
As if that’s not enough , he broke the k!ssand pu-ll-ed her to the stage..
” attention plea-se..”
He said and all eyes was focused on them..
She was so shy..
” ladies and gentlemen..
Thank you all for ma-king it to this p@rty tonight..
Am honoured..”
He paused earning an ovation from the audience..
He couldn’t help his smiles..
Unlike Nma , he loves attention..
” from the beginning..
It was rou-gh..
I wanted to give up but you know the Okoye’s doesn’t give up easily..
I want to say a very Big thank you to my father , my sisters , my best friend and of course the beautiful lady beside me who’s alre-ady my girlfriend ”
Nma’s cheek heats up with blus-hes immediately..
” she has been there for me..
Yeah I know it has not been all rosy..
We had our fights , break ups and the rest of them..
There was a time I wanted to give up on you but thank God I didn’t cos it would have been the biggest mistake ever in my life..
Chidinma I want to say a very big thank you for coming into my life..
Thank you for not giving up on me..
And thank you for loving me unconditionally …
I have thought about it and I want to take this relationsh!pto the next level”
He di-pped his hand into his br£@st pocket and brou-ght out a beautiful round tiny box..
We went down on his knees and opened the box revea-ling a beautiful diamond ring..
Her heart beat rose..
God !!!…
Is this a dream!..
” before our family and friends..
Chidinma precious odunze will you be my wife and the mother of my kids?”. .
He asked staring de-eply into her eyes..
Her eyes welled up with tears..
Remembering all they had pas-sed throu-gh..
She searched around and her eyes met with her mother’s..
She nodded at her giving her a go ahead order..
” my love..
plea-se say yes and I will make you the most happiest woman on earth”
Daniel said desperately..
” yes baby..
I will marry you”..
She said with tears streaming down her cheeks..
He sli-pped the ring on her f!ngersand stood on his feet..
hvgging her pas-sionately amidst shouts and cl@ps from everyone..
She had indeed made him a fulfilled man..