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The twin sisters episode 6 & 7


[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]



Gabriela POV

“Help help me”

“You’ll die in this fire, that’s what you deserve for stealing Jayden from me (evil laugh)”

“No!! please help me Dany please!!”

(Turns and walk away)


I screamed as I opened my eyes. I rose up from bed with wide eyes…

Where I’m I? I still remember vividly I was in prison.

I looked around me and I was laying on a bed, a comfortable one to be sincere, and the room is very beautiful.

The memories of what happened began flushing in my brain. I’m still alive,,, but where I’m I, I don’t remember how I got here.

I climbed down from the bed, and with slow steps I walked to the door. I turned the door knob and walked out of the room and I was even more shocked….

The place looks really beautiful and fantastic. Where I’m I?

I began walking while looking at the different paintings that were hung on the wall.

The person who live here really loves painting. I walked to a door and turned the door knob then I stepped inside…

Looks like a room and from the looks of it the person living here must be wealthy.

I walked in fully and I spotted a bed. I walked and fell on it. Its being long since I layed on a comfortable bed.

Before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep….

I slowly opened my eyes and I came face to face with a handsome face.



shifted away from the person before I realized that it was Sebastian.


He sat down beside me before saying….

“Thank goodness you woke up, do you know you were unconscious for six good months!!”

“What six months? What happened back then? How did I get here?”

He came closer and I shifted away. I don’t know why but I don’t feel too comfortable with him near me.

“Well I was driving to the prison when I saw people running out and running everywhere, I drove there quickly and I asked one of the prisoners running. She told me there’s a fire accident. I searched for you but you weren’t found. It later dawned on me that you might still be trapped into the building, so I found a way in the building and I spotted you lying at the exit.It looked like you were stabbed. I picked you up and called our family doctor who treated you and saved you.”

I touched my stomach and its true I’m alive. I don’t know why but I felt very happy when he told me that he saved. It made me feel like someone cared for me, a feeling I haven’t felt for a long while…

I looked back at him and said…

“Thank you for saving me Sebastian. It’s being a long while since I felt like someone really cared about my existence”

I looked down wiped away the tears that involuntarily came out of my eyes. I then felt a hand on my cheek, I looked up and he was staring at me. I could see some unknown feeling in his eyes and that feeling is making me really uncomfortable….

I coughed and removed his hands off my face. He then continued…..

“The prison cell was constructed back and prisoners were all caught but they couldn’t find four of them. Equally the whole world thinks you’re death right now”

My eyes widened as he said those words…


“You heard me right. I don’t know who they found in the there but they took that person for you and now to the whole world thinks you were death six months ago”

This news is really shocking. How can I be unconscious for six straight months and the whole world thinks that I’m death….

“So where I’m I right now?”

“You’re at my house, I wanted to take you to my father’s house but people will notice you”

I nodded with big round eyes…


then stood up and said….

“I’ll leave now, please feel free you’re at home. The maids will provide you with all you want and most importantly please stay at home, don’t leave”

I nodded and he walked away. I stood up and walked out of his room then began walking round the house…

His house is really big and beautiful with all these paintings around. Did he paint all these?

I walked to the living room and sat down, then I put on the television and what I saw put me into a huge huge wave of anger….

It was Daniela, she was walking on the stage. I heard the man speaking on the television say:

“Look at our beautiful miss Daniela McRae, as graceful as ever definitely the most beautiful woman in this show”

She took the microphone and smile before speaking

“Hello everyone, hope you’re enjoying the show, first of all I want to thank each and everyone of you for nominating me the best model of the year, it really means a lot to me. Thanks everyone and have a beautiful day.”

She kept back the mic and walked down the stage suddenly they showed another person whom I hate as much as her.

Jayden walked up to her and kissed her on the lips then the whole crowd began screaming.

I switched of the television and walked upstairs to my room.

I changed into a hoodie, jeans and I tied up my hairs before wearing a cap.

I sneaked out of the mansion and boarded a cab heading to my parents house…

Violet POV

As soon as I got out of the plane, the driver drove me to me Sebastian house.

He actually called me telling me that Gaby finally woke up, I’m so excited to see her.

I reached his mansion in no time and entered but I saw the maids were in panic.

“Calm down everyone, what’s happening here”

A maid replied obviously trembling….

“Its…it’s miss Gabriela, we can’t find her”

“What? How can you not find her?”

I removed my phone and immediately dialed Seb’s number.

📞 Violet?

📞 Seb,,,I’m at your house right now and I can’t find Gabriela!!

📞 What??!!

He immediately hung up the call. I put back my phone and began pacing tho and fro

Gabriela POV

I alighted the cab and paid the man then I looked at the place I once called home.

I walked to the gate and rang the bell then I stood there waiting for someone to open up…

Suddenly a hand grabbed me by my arm and dragged me to a corner. I struggled and yanked the arm of my arm.

I then looked up to see Sebastian…


He held my shoulder and shook it before saying….

“Are you out of your mind? Just what were you trying to do. Do you know what could happen if someone recognize you”

I slapped his hand off my shoulder and Shouted back at him…

“I don’t care what could have happen, I don’t also care if they catch me and send me back to jail. All I want right now is to see my parents to hold them in my arms even if its the least thing I’ll do”

I was already in tears. He then said…

“You mean your parents, the one who never came to visit you, the one who completely abandoned you in that prison, the one who disowned you the moment they heard you were imprisoned? Huh?”

I cried more and said….

“Stop talking… you know nothing about me, you know nothing about what I’m going through! So stop interfering in my life”

He became quiet and released me before saying….

“We’re leaving.”

He held my hand and walked to his car before driving back to his mansion..

He dropped me off before driving away. I entered back the mansion with a dull expression.

To my greatest surprise, I saw Violet sitting down on a couch, she seems lost in thought.


She immediately looked up and ran towards me engulfing me with her arms…

“Goodness Gabriela, were did you go. I was worried sick of you. Thank goodness you’re alive!!”

“I’m sorry I made you worry. I’m fine Violet don’t worry”

We broke the hug and I smiled at her, but I can’t help but feel bad for what I told Sebastian, I must have hurt him…

We walked and sat down on a couch and I asked…

“So what are you doing now?”

“Well I’m the deputy CEO of my brother’s company”

“Thats really cool Violet, I’m really proud of you. I could have being a top model if not for what transpired.”

She pressed my shoulder and said…

“Do you have a clue of who could have done this to you?”

“I have no clue to proof my innocence…oh yes I remember, before Ruby died she tried writing the name of her murderer. she wrote Mas something like that”

She thought for a moment before asking…

“Could your sister be involved in what happened for you”

“No, I don’t think she had anything to do with it. When the incident happen she was busy cheating on me with Jayden”


gasped before saying…

“I’m so sorry Gaby. I could only imagine what you went through”

I smiled before saying…

“It’s okay, I’ve gotten over it, the only thing that I feel for them is revenge. And besides life in prison wasn’t boring with Beatrix, Eleanor and Jade. I just hope they’re fine where ever they are”

“Alright, come on Gaby let’s go have some girls time like we use to. And also is it me or you look more sexy and beautiful….”

I blushed and said….

“Oh come on Violet, you look even more gorgeous than me now. I hope you’ve found yourself a boyfriend”

“Um more like a fiancé”

I gasped and squiled…

“OMG Violet, I’m so happy for you!! Hope I’ll be invited”

“Come on Gaby, we haven’t even settle the date yet. But when we do of course you’ll be invited, you’ll be the bridesmaid”

“Thanks, I’m so happy for you Violet.”

“Awwn thanks baby. Now come on let’s bring back your beauty”

We walked in a room and she called a massager….

Sebastian POV

Today was sure a busy day. I finished with the important files I’ve being working on.

I looked at the time and it was 8pm, time for me to go back home. I pack my things and walked out of my office then looked at my secretary, its the third one I’m hiring within two months.

“Lock my office and also prepare the require things I need for my meeting tomorrow”

With that said, I walked away without sparing her a glance.

I boarded my car and drove off to my house.

I parked my car and went in, and I was welcomed with laughter and giggles.

I handed my bag to one of the maids before walking to where the giggles and laughter were coming from. Violet and Gabriela were sitting on the sofa and they seem to be laughing over what Gabriela said….

Violet noticed my presence and said

“Sebastian, you’re back. Take a look at the new Gabriela”

My eyes widened as I saw Gabriela face. She’s more….more pretty,,,

Suddenly I remember what she told me and my face harden.

“Not bad”

With that said I walked to my room to take a shower….

Gabriela POV

I watched as he walked away from us. I think I hurt him very badly. I have to apologize for what I said to him

I stood up and said to Violet…

“I’ll be back in a jiffy”

With that said I walked away, heading to his room….

I knocked on his door twice but I heard no response so I turned the door knob and walked inside…

“Sebastian, are you here?”

Suddenly I saw him coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped round his waist. I quickly turned away and said…

“I’m sorry, I did not know you were showering”

“It’s okay”

After sometime he then spoke,,,,

“You can turn now!”

I turned slowly and looked back at him. He was already dressed but his hair were still wet making him look more hot that I can eat him up…what I’m I even thinking?!

“Um, I came here…to apologize for what I said earlier. I didn’t mean any of it, the truth is that I was just too frustrated. I’m really grateful for all what you did for me”


sniffed in the tears that were threatening to fall.

“I’m sorry Seb…”

I stopped talking as I felt his warm hands on my cheek, then he began taking a step closer to me. I took a step back but my back hit the door…I was trapped…

What is he trying to do??…I placed my hand on his chest trying to push him away but he didn’t even buldge.

He leaned closer towards me and my eyes widened.


It seems like he wasn’t listening….When our lips were just inches apart, I shut my eyes tight but suddenly he stepped away from me and said….

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t in my right state of mind”

I opened my eyes and stared at him. He runned his hand through his hair and then said…

“About what you said earlier, I have forgiven you. I understood that you might be frustrated. I was just hurt because my mother died in my arms and you kind of reminded me what happen”

I suddenly felt guilty…

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. I’m through it although sometimes memory of what happens sometimes pop in my head”

He paused before continuing….

“She took a bullet that was meant for me.I was attacked and on that fateful day I and my mom were supposed to go out. A bullet was fired at my direction but she intercepted and it hit her. She died on the spot. The criminal were apprehended and sent to jail”

I held his shoulder and said….

“I’m sorry once more”

He placed his hand on mine and I felt a strange sensation so I stylishly removed my hand.

He then stood up and lend me his hand before saying…

“Come with me, I want to show you something”

I placed my hand on his warm hands and he led me out of his room then walked to a room.

He put on the light and I was amazed as I saw many beautiful paintings.

“Did you paint all this?”

“Yes,, I use to do this when I’m sad or bored or also happy”

He pulled me towards a particular painting. I don’t know why but I don’t want him to let go my hand, it feels so good…

“Here’s my mother”

I was amazed by the woman he drew. She was so beautiful, and her eyes were so pretty, with the darkest and long hair….

“She’s really pretty and cute just like you”

I placed a hand on my lips as I realized what I just said….

He chuckled lightly and said….

“Thanks for the compliment”

I looked at the different paintings in the room and I smiled at how beautiful they were. I heard him say….

“You have the most beautiful eyes ever and also have the cutest dimples I’ve ever seen”

I blushed and looked down before saying…..

“Thank you”

[The vicious💋 and the caring😇]


I blushed and looked down before saying

“Thank you”

“No need to thank me it’s the truth by the way”

He held my hand again a walked out of the room. I followed him still staring at his hands that held mine.

He stopped at the doorstep of my room before saying….

“Do you want to make a come back tomorrow?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“What I mean to say is, I can sense a burning flame of revenge in you and I can help you with that. If you want tomorrow I can call one of the best mask fabricator that I know. Of course you won’t be wearing a mask, it will be like a sort of another skin is being places on your face. He can help you out and hide your real face. When that is done you can move how you want in public. Of course that will not be permanent for we’ll have to find who really killed Ruby”

I was flabagarsted by what he said, this was simply too good to be true. I jumped happily and pulled him down then gave him a peck on the cheek before hugging him tightly still while jumping….

My eyes widened as I realized what I was doing. I immediately released him and pulled away from him….

“Um,,,I’m sorry Sebastian I was just too happy”

“It’s fine”

“Goodnight Seb”


I closed the door and breathed heavily. What did I just do? What’s wrong with me?

I slowly walked to my wardrobe and change into my nightie before going to bed but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t sleep.

I stood up frustratedly and walked out of my room. I slowly walked barefooted on the cold floor. I spotted a balcony so I opened the door to it and walked to the balcony.

A smile formed on my lips as the night wind caressed my face…

“You like it here?”

Sebastian POV

I walked up to the balcony and surprisingly the door was opened. I walked in and I met Gabriela standing at the balcony, while smiling widely…

Truth be told, I fell in love with her the very first day I set my eyes on her. Love at first sight they call it….

The only problem is that she doesn’t feel the same way towards me but I will never give up. I’ll do everything it takes to make her fall for me…

“Like what you see”

She turned and faced me before smiling out those dimples that always makes my heart race. She then spoke…

“Oh I didn’t notice you were there. Couldn’t sleep like me?”


I walked and sat down on a bench before saying.

“Sometimes I just wish to be like the stars they’re free from all this injustice in the society”

She sat down beside me and said…

“When I’m down I used to stare at the stars and I’ll say to myself just like the stars, my own time to shine will come”

I pinched her chin which seemed to startle her. Guess I’m moving too fast for her pace…

I continued staring at the stars when suddenly I felt something on my shoulder. I turned and looked at her and she already fell asleep.

I lifted her up and walked to her room then placed her on her bed and covered her properly with the duvet then I placed a kiss on her forehead before saying…

“If only you knew how much I love you”

I walked out of her room and closed the door and as I turned to walk back to my room, I was startled by Violet staring at me with her arm crossed. She then spoke…

“You love her do you?”

I looked away and simply nodded. I heard her say…

“I’m happy for that. Gabriela is such a sweet girl but please when you succeed in wooing her, please don’t break her heart”

“I promise that I’ll love her with all my heart”

She smiled and walked away. I then entered my room and went to bed.

Gabriela POV

Before the alarm could ring, I was already up. I happily walked to the bathroom while humming a song.

After I took my bath, I applied my body cream and I wore a short floral gown. I looked at myself one the mirror and I smiled at my reflection.

I took my brush and brush my hair before tying it into a pony tail then I walked out of my room heading to the dining room

I took my seat beside Sebastian before saying…

“Good morning everyone”

Violet said with a smile…

“Good morning Gaby,,,wow you’re so pretty today. Is there an occasion?”

“I’m just happy that’s all”

I looked at Sebastian and he was busy with his food. I turned to my food and began eating with a smile on my face.

Sebastian then said…

“The mask fabricator will arrive in an hour time. When he’s done with it you’ll have to go an apply as a model at the Evans collection. Thats where your sister works, and also your new name is Nicole Flores”

I smiled at him before saying….

“Thank you Sebastian, that really means alot to me”

He smiled and resumed eating. After his meal he stood up and said…

“I’ll leave now, I have an important meeting to attend to”

He walked away. I also stood up and said to Violet…

“I’ll be right back”

She was smiling widely before saying…

“Sure. Take your time”

I ached a brow at what she said before running towards Sebastian. I reached to where he was and I said…


He stopped walking and turned to me…

“Yes, anything wrong?”

“I wanted to ask you a question. Why are you helping me, I did nothing for you to help me like this. There must be a reason behind it and i want to hear it”

He walked towards me and stood in front of me with his towering height before saying…

“Are you sure you want to hear it?”

I nodded while staring at his hazel eyes…

He held my chin and lifted my head up then he leaned forward. My heart began racing as to what he was about to do.

As our lips were just inches apart, I shut my eyes close and then I felt his soft lips press softly onto mine…

After some minutes he pulled away and looked into my eyes. And in those eyes, I could see a feeling that I’ve never seen in any other person….

I could see pure genuine love. I was brought back to earth as he said…

“I’m head over heels for you Gabriela”

I kept staring at him with my thought all messed up…

“I know you might not feel the same way towards me but I’ll wait till the day you’ll say those three magical words to me”

He then pecked my lips again before saying…

“I’ll leave you now Gabriela”

He released my chin and walked to his car before driving away

I stood there for some minutes before going back in to meet Violet but still with my thought on what he said…

I went and sat down on my seat and took my fork to resume eating but my thought drifted to the kiss.

It’s not my first kiss but this kiss is definitely the most memorable kiss I’ve receive. I can still feel his lips on mine.

Without knowing, I touched my lips with my thought still on the kiss.

Violet then spoke bringing me back…

“Don’t tell me he kissed you?”

“How did you know?”

She clapped her hands happily and said…

“So I was right?! Wow I never knew my brother can be so direct!!”

“How did you know?”

“Oh come on Gaby, it’s evident that he kissed you. Just look at how you are touching your lips and besides he told me last night that he has feelings for you”

“He really did?”

“Yep and I won’t meddle on your affairs but I know my brother and when loves, its for real. He can be like a cold stone but trust me within that cold stoned heart, there’s a warm and sweet side of him”

I nodded and smiled at her still finding it hard to believe. She then spoke…

“The decision is all yours to take Gaby but can you imagine us being sisters in law? ahh! That’ll be so great!!”

I laughed at her silliness before resuming my breakfast. Not long after, the person Sebastian called arrived and the operation began….


“You can now open your eyes miss Gabriela”

I opened them as he said those words and I gasped as I looked at my reflection. I’m completely unrecognizable, this is so cool…

I touched my face and it felt so real! It’s almost like it’s not a mask.

He handed me a box and said…

“Here, in this box you have all what is required to do it. All you have to do is apply this cream and wait for it to dry then you can apply your makeup. If you want to remove it thats simple just watch your face with water and it’ll peel off”

I nodded and took the box before placing it on my wardrobe.

He walked out of my room and I closed the door then I went and removed the dress that I was going to wear. I then said to no one in particular

“Like I promise you Daniela I’m coming for revenge. You and Jayden you better enjoy your last moment for I’ll break you into piece”

With that said I threw the dress I was going to wear on the bed before going in to shower….

After my shower, I applied my body cream with my mask then I wore my dress.

The dress was a gold colored backless gown that ended above my knees which hung perfectly on my body like it was made for me…

I wore my heels then put on my perfume and I curled up my hair and I allowed it to fall freely.

I applied my red lipstick which highlight my small kissable lips and I now put on my ear rings

In short, I made sure to dress up into a femme fatale…

I put on my shades and picked up my purse before walking out of the room…

I elegantly walked down the stairs and I met Violet downstairs.

She was dumbfounded.

“Gabriela, is that you? You look different”

“Yep it’s me, or should I say Nicole Flores”

She chuckled and said…

“You look so…so in fact words aren’t enough to describe how you look like”

“Awn thanks Violet, I have to go now”

I pecked her cheek and walked out of the house heading to the car that’ll drive me to the company…

Jayden POV

(N.B: This scene is best when you imagine it in slow mode😂)

I sat down on a chair while waiting for Daniela to finish her meeting with her assistant.

Well it’s being six months since Gabriela died and also I am now Daniela’s boyfriend. She loves me but I’m not really interested in love. What I’m after is her money so I’ll marry her to inherit all the wealth she has.

Suddenly a car drove in the company and stopped. I watched as the driver came and opened the door and what I saw made my mouth drop to the floor.

A very beautiful lady came out of the car and walked towards our direction…

Every person she passes they must turn back to look at her beauty.

She’s a goddess of beauty if you want to call her like that.

She then removed her shades and shook her head making her blonde hair move from side to side.

With striking blue eyes and a perfect kissable lips.

She looked at me and I felt my soul leave my body.

Suddenly she smiled at me which almost made me faint.

She walked pass me and I couldn’t help but stare at her butt, which shook vigourosly, so round and I bet its soft too.

Suddenly I received a slap which brought me out of my fantasy world.

I looked at the person and it turned out to be Daniela who slapped.

“How dare you, you were literally staring at her butt. You pervert, am even more hotter than her”

“In your dreams” I said inwardly. I then gave her my best puppy face and said…

“Look am sorry babe, its not what you’re thinking. You’re more sexy and hotter than her. I love you, don’t doubt that”

She smiled and pulled me for a kiss, before holding my hands and walking away….

Gabriela POV

I smiled as I was happy by the looks on their faces. This is just the beginning Daniela, I’m not yet started with you.

I walked up to a worker and asked

“Excuse me, can you tell me where I’ll find the owner of this company?”

I watched as he stammered with wide eyes.

“He…he..he’s at the first floor. The elevator over there will take you to his office”

I smiled and said….

“Thanks baby”

I blew a kiss at him and he fainted. I turned and walked away…

Guess I over did it. I chuckled and put back my shades before walking to the elevator….


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