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The twelfth disciples finale

The twelfth Disciple
Bitna walked out with the policeman, trying to adjust her eyes to the light in front of her.
It’s been a year already and she could hardly recognize sunlight.
Stepping outside, she exhaled deeply as the cold wind hit at her skin. Oh! She had missed this. Missed it so much. Till date, she still found it hard to believe she had been a prisoner for over a year.
“Bitna!” She heard the familiar voice and looked to see it was Kim – her mum.
She stopped walking as Kim ran to her and getting to where she was, she pulled her in a tight hug.
“Oh!! My darling’s finally free” she squealed, holding her tight to herself.
Bitna released herself to the hug. She needed it; needed some warmth.
“Oh dear. I’ve been waiting for over an hour here. Your grandma’s already making some food at home. We’ve all been anticipating your return” she beamed after the hug.
Although, she’s been paying frequent visits to Bitna while she was in jail, but that moment was exceptional.
Bitna’s eyes were a bit cold. But she finally managed to brighten them up a bit.
“Can we just go home already?” She asked, her tone unusually soft.
Kim smiled at it.
“Of course. Come on” she held her hand and walked towards the road with her.
“Oh my God….
Danica m0aned helplessly as Nathan pounded earnestly into her.
He was grunting into her ears while her hands were wrapped around him.
“Oh… stop it, Nathan.
Finally, he drilled to his satisfaction and pulled out of her, falling beside her on the bed.
“Oh! Dmn it” he grunted, the pleasure still driving him wild.
Danica panted heavily as Nathan lifted his hand to her waist
Dmn it! She couldn’t believe he almost killed her. Like… what the h’ll?
“Sweet as always” he smiled and planted a kss on her tummy, but she didn’t respond.
They stayed quiet for a while and finally, she made to leave the bed.
“Hey; hey; where are you going?” He asked, holding her back by the waist.
“I need to clean up and go out. I need to go see granny” she answered, biting her lower lip.
“Oh!Seriously, Danica. You’d prefer that old woman to your husband?” He asked and she hit him slightly on the chest.
“First of all, granny isn’t old. Secondly, you’re still my fiance, not my husband. Besides, your people are waiting for their King. So,let me go” she rolled her eyes and forced herself out of bed.
“Whatever!”He yelled as she ran into the bathroom.
She giggled as she got in and turned on the shower
“Hmm” she m0aned, closing her eyes.
She enjoyed it; the cold water running down on her.
She smiled and licked her lips.
Oh Christ! It’s been one year already, yet seemed like a century to her.
Everything seemed to had gone smoothly since the death of the Last King. Well, smoothly just for her,but she wouldn’t say so about the royal family.
The royal family has been more like a mess;
PrinceDuri was discovered to be hiding his traitorous mother, and as a result, he was out of the line in the selection of a new King.
Prince Eric was in coma for so many months and couldn’t be chosen either.
Prince Jimin was nowhere to be found.
So… Nathan was the last prince remaining and he had to claim the throne.
And in a few weeks from then, Danica would be getting married to the King.
It’s been such a rough life for her; to think of the fact that one year ago, she was a nobody. One year ago, she struggled for survival and suffered hatred from a woman she thought was her mother.
One year ago, she was almost killed because she was a God-forsaken disciple.
Ah!! A lot had happened in just a space of one year.
But nevertheless, she was happy because it ended well for her.


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