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The twelfth disciples episode 8 & 9

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 8
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
I felt my heart give a mighty leap as I gave out a light shriek and moved back, going away from his body.
Could this be a dream or what??
Prince Nathan?? Lying unconsciously in the woods??? What happened??
I panicked and looked around, but still couldn’t find a trace of anyone – anyone at all.
So, how did he end up here?
Oh my! Could it be possible he was attacked? Attacked and dumped in the woods?
G©sh! I didn’t even know what to say.
I placed my hands on my chest and decided to take some brave steps close – to maybe, touch him.
I squatted slowly – really slowly – in front of him and touched his hand.
“My….My…My prince?” I called in fear, my voice wavering.
There was no response from him, not even a f!ng£r movement.
His hands were so stiff and his eyes closed.
Oh God! What the hell happened to him, huh? What happened to him?
Slowly and carefully, I touched his pockets to see if I could get a phone or something, but his pockets were empty. .
How do I contact someone to help him, huh? And he was bl.eeding real bad. I needed to do something.
I stayed muted for a while, just staring at him.
I couldn’t believe Prince Nathan was lying
in front of me. The Almighty prince Nathan.
His skin was so flawless – face pure and cute.
G©sh! I couldn’t believe I was admiring him when he was bl.eeding profusely. What do I do???
I examined the wound and thought for a second; would I be able to use the first aid kit on him?
But what if….
No; there’s no way in taking him to the house.
I jumped on my feet and started running towards the house, as fast as I could, my long hair flying in the air.
Thank goodness granny had gone to work already.
I ran as fast
as my legs could carry me and finally got to the little house.
I got in, ran to where granny usually kept the first aid kit, grabbed it and ran out of the house again.
Ara’s Pov:
(Fiancee of the first prince)
I walked out of the room, headed for
the kitchen to find something to eat. I needed to get ready before Duri returned from wherever he must’ve gone to. I wouldn’t want him finding any fault in me again.
My head still hurt from the cut I’d received due to the beatings he’d given me the previous day and I didn’t want it to repeat itself.
On my way to the kitchen, I stopped when I overheard Eric making a phone call from a room.
The first line had gripped my attention and I stopped to listen.
Well, the palace was one hell of a place and every single thing was suspicious.
hope you did a clean job?” I heard him ask.
“And I hope the cut wasn’t deep enough to kill him?
“Yeah, good. Cause I don’t want him dead.
“Alright. Bye”.
I arched my brows in surprise immediately.
What’s he talking about?
And who’s he referring to?
Danica’s Pov:
I ran back to the woods and thankfully, he was still there – safe but bl.eeding.
My breath hitched as I dropped the first aid box on the floor and squatted in front of him.
I placed my hand on his chest and he was still breathing.
Then, I opened the tip of his shirt to have a look at the damage.
A red bleeding spot appeared on the white flawless skin. Thank goodness, the cut didn’t look deep.
I lifted his shirt up to his chest so I could have easy access to the wound and as I did, I found it so h@rd to believe I was actually touching the royal prince.
what if I get caught?
Or what if he wakes up and misinterprets my good will? Maybe, thinks I’m the criminal or something?
I felt so nervous at the moment. How did the prince end up here, huh?
Obviously, someone made an attempt on his life.
But who?
Who could it be? And why?
I opened the first aid box and brought out the necessary tools.
First, I had to clean up the wound, using a wool soaked with spirit.
Afterwards, I dressed it properly and in the process, I noticed his f!ng£r move.
I paused and stared into his face.
G©sh! He was so handsome; cuteness so perfect.
He had this baby lashes which rested beautifully as he slept.
His noise was a bit pointed, l!ps pink and tempting.
Royalty smelt all around him and I still thought it a dream finding him alone in the woods.
He was more like a god and I felt it
was impossible to be with him – alone.
Whoever stabbed him….really took a risk. And I wondered why they just stabbed him and left him in the woods. Was their intentions to kill him? How could humans be so cruel, huh?
I shook my head as I rounded up the dressing of the wound and…yeah. It was perfect.
It closed up properly.
I guess….the pains must’ve reduced by now.
I started arranging the kits back into the box, slowly and ruminating.
And suddenly, I heard a light sound – like a grunt or something.
I flinched a bit. It wasn’t far, but had come from the body in front of me.
The prince.
I darted my eyes to his face and I g@sped when I found his eyes open.
He was awake!!
Episode 9
Danica’s Pov:
My heart stopped beating for a few seconds as his lids fluttered, struggling to open.
Oh my God!!
He was awake!!
He was awake!!
No!! I couldn’t let him see me. He….he can’t see me.
Its going to create a lot of complications.
No; he couldn’t see me.
I turned away to the box and hurriedly packed up the kits, my hands shaking as I did.
“Where….Where am I?” I heard him ask, his voice coming out so faint and weak.
I froze for a while, but quickly continued, closing up the box
I stayed in a position where I backed him, and I was about standing up when he suddenly gripped my wrist, making me turn to him.
But his eyes…
They still looked drowsy.
I panicked and tried freeing my wrist from his. I shouldn’t be seen with the prince.
Although, he was weak, but his hold around me was firm and as I struggled to stand up, my bracelet split open, falling into his arms.
I g@sped and looked at him.
My bracelet – grandma had given it to me and told me to always wear it on.
His eyes looked weak as he held it in his hands and without hesitation, I picked up the first aid box and ran off.
Mabel’s Pov:
Jimin and I got to school and I thanked him for the ride.
“Take care, then. Bye” he waved at me before departing.
Hm. If only the rest of my siblings were like him.
I turned around and headed towards the direction of my cl@ssroom and as expected, all eyes were on me.
Well, every member of the Royal family was always adorned and worshipped. If only Nathan was here, you’d have seen more drama.
“Mabel!” I suddenly heard my name and turned, although, I already knew the owner of the voice.
I smiled as she got to where I was.
“Hey; what’s up?” I beamed.
“I’m fine, doll. And you? You didn’t come along with Nathan today?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.
Geez! Seriously?
“No; I didn’t. He said he has a meeting to attend” I replied and she bit her l!p after mouthing an “Oh”.
“Come on, Sophie. I can’t stand here all day” I rolled my eyes and continued walking and she quickly followed.
Well, Sophie was my best friend and although, she liked Nathan, she wasn’t like the other ladies who were ready to lose their dignities just for him.
What she felt for him was just….normal. She liked him and loved being close to him.
“So, how was your night, Mabel? Have you gotten a dress for the banquet yet?” She asked along the way.
“Yes. I actually have three dresses to chose from. I….think you can help me out” I replied as I brought my phone out from my bag and started unlocking it so I could show the pictures to her.
But just then, we got interrupted by
the pres£nce of Bitna who stood in front of us..
“Hi”, she smiled widely at me, adjusting her bag.
I shot Sophie a stare before looking back at her.
“Hi Bitna” I returned the smile.
She seemed a little twitchy.
“Um…I’ve been texting you, Mabel. But you’ve not been replying my messages. Is there something wrong?” She asked.
“Oh; Bitna, of course not. I’ve just been soo busy and barely have time to reply messages” I replied perfunctorily.
“But…you’ve been online” she added.
“Yeah…I’m online, but don’t chat”.
There was a little silence.
“Um…okay, then. I actually got a gift for you” she smiled as she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a little pres£nt.
I collected it from her.
“Thanks” I mumbled, rotating the small wrapped box in my hand.
“It’s nothing” she chuckled.
“Could we have lunch together? Later in the day?”
She asked and I clicked my tongue.
“Sorry, but I don’t think so. Thanks for the gift anyway” I told her and continued walking with Sophie, ignoring the fact she was probably disappointed.
“Hey, Mabel. Why don’t you like her?” Sophie asked whisperingly and I rolled my eyes.
“Nothing. I just don’t like her” I mumbled.
Although, I knew she was just like the other ladies, trying to use me to get close to my brother. But I still didn’t like her.
Nathan’s Pov:
My heart pounded heavily as I laid weakly on the floor, the bracelet in my hand.
Who’s that lady? What was she doing here? Alone with me?
I made muffled sounds as I recalled some hands touching me and treating my wounds.
I moved my hand to the cut and discovered it hand to the spot and discovered it had been bandaged. She treated me!
But…how did she find me? Who’s she?
Her face. It had been so blur; my sight had failed me. I couldn’t get a clearer picture of her. But, I could tell…she was young. And beautiful.
Her hair….it was so dark and long.
She had a bandage on her left arm – like she was wounded there or something.
Her image replayed in my head,,just that it wasn’t clear enough.
It was so blur.
So blur.
My mind relaxed a bit as I felt the bracelet in my hand.
I lifted it up to have a clear view of it and it was lettered:
Was that her name?
I closed my eyes and tried regaining my strength. I needed to get out of here.
I placed my hand on the wounded part of my belly and staggered on my feet. I was completely alone – in the woods.
The belly still hurt a lot and I gr0@ned as I started finding my way out of the woods – out to the roadside. The bracelet was already in my pocket.
Whoever attacked me…just pray I don’t find out.
But this lady. She saved me.
Could it be possible she knows something? Perhaps, she saw something or might have a little idea?
I needed to find out.
I finally got to the roadside and looked left and right for a ride. And thankfully, a car pulled over in front of me.
The driver lowered her gl@sses and I could clearly see her face.
“Prince Nathan?” She called in surprise.
Thank goodness it was someone that knew me.
Danica’s Pov:
I walked tho and fro in the room, my head racking.
I bit my nails at intervals, thinking it’d be of help. To perhaps, help me think.
The prince…..
I still couldn’t believe he’d seen my face.
And the bracelet!! What do I tell grandma?
I’ve always had it with me since I was a kid cause she warned me to always keep it on and safe, saying it was some sort of good luck.
I’ve always loved and protected it. But now, I lost it and know she’s definitely gonna question me about it. What do I tell her?
And the prince ….what would he do with it?.
Oh God! I’m doomed.
Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door and for a moment, I was startled.
What am I even thinking?
“Who is…”
“Before I could finish up my question, the door burst open and Nana showed up, breathing heavily.
“Nana?” I called, surprised at how she looked.
“Dan, I think we have a problem” she said in deep breaths.


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