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The twelfth disciples episode 7 & 8

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 7
By: Faith Lucky
The tears really dropped from my eye. Prince Nathan??
I looked in surprise.
What’s he….What’s he doing here?
He shot me a stare and took his eyes to the clothes, picking them up. Then, he stood up. And I stood up as well.
“What’re you doing with a towel, huh?” He asked calmly, as I stared at him, speechless.
I noticed the noise from the hall had died down.
“I…I”, I paused and took a nervous gulp. I didn’t know what to say.
He was silent for a while, then touched my hair.
“Come on, you need to get dressed”, he urged me and started walking away and I hesitated for a while before following…
I was surprised.
I kept my head bowed as usual as I walked behind him like a sheep, feeling so grateful I had someone to shield me.
“What’s he doing with her?” I heard the students mumble.
“Do they know each other? What’s happening?”
I didn’t spare any of them a glance as I continued walking away with the prince, and he took me back to the girls’ room.
I sniffed and cleaned the tear that strolled down my cheek.
“What happened to you?’ He asked. “Why did you go out that way?”
I bent my head pathetically.
“I don’t….I don’t know. I just….went to take a shower, and when I was done from the bathroom, I found my clothes on the floor. They were…being lined up and ended up leading me to the court room”, I answered ruefully, making sniffles along the way.
He scrutinized me for a while.
“You.think….someone was behind it?” He asked and I nodded.
Of course,it couldn’t had been done by a ghost.
“Who?” He asked and I sniffed again.
“I don’t….I don’t know. But Bitna’s friends had poured some paint on me and that’s the reason I had to take a shower in the first place”, I felt so much angeras I replied.
I had a strong feeling they were behind it.
He handed the clothes back to me.
“You should go in and dress. The pres£ntation’s about to commence”, he cooed and I nodded and walked into the bathroom.
I put on my uniforms, returned to my locker and kept the restof my things in it. Then, I returned to the prince and found him rounding up a call.
“You’re done? Come on” he tilted his head and tried walking away, but I didn’t move. I couldn’t.
He stopped and looked at me. “What’s wrong?”
I stared at the floor bashfully.
“I’m sorry, my prince. But I don’t think I can….I can attend cl@sses today”, I couldn’t stop my voice from sounding mild as I spoke.
He scoffed and walked back to me.
“You really wanna miss the pres£ntations because of this? We’ve been working on this for days now. You really wanna ruin it?” He asked,but I didn’t say a word.
I badly wanted to attend the pres£ntation, but…recalling what had happened a while ago, it drained my hope. I felt humiliated.
I felt cold chills down my body when I suddenly felt a hand on mine. I shook a little as I realized the prince was holding my hand.
Oh my God!!
He held it firmly, covering it completely.
My eyes beamed, my nervous systems became alerted.
The prince was actually holding me!!
No; I’m probably dreaming.
“Come on. Let’s go”, he urged and continued walking away and this time around, I had no option but to follow him.
“Seriously, Bitna. Crying won’t do a thing. You need to stop this” Jeong said as I stood in the garden with them, crying my eyes out.
“Are you even normal? How can you tell me to stop crying, Jeong? How can you tell me to stop crying when the prince helped that low life? When the prince ruined my plans? How?” I wept bitterly.
“I was trying to take her away from him, but she ended up getting closer. He picked up her clothes, and led her to the bathroom!! Can you imagine that??”
They were silent and itched their heads.
“Well, that was really shocking, I must confess” Hana said.
“I also didn’t expect it from him. But…”
Someone suddenly showed up, interrupting our conversation. It was a male student.
“Oh! Here you are”, he said breathlessly and I quickly turned away so he doesn’t see my tears.
“Well….Jeong, Hana, the principal wants you in his office”. He said and I flinched.
Hana and Jeong exclaimed at once.
“B…But why? What have we done?’”
“Well, I don’t know. But just a heads up, prince Nathan is behind it”,he replied sharply and walked away.
Oh my God!
I turned immediately to look at them.
“The prince??” Hana shrieked.
“Why would theprince want us in the principal’a office??”
“Goodness! Could it be possible Danica told him about us??” Jeong asked, alarmed.
“Possibly! She was with him. And I’m sure he must’ve questioned her”.
“That bch! We might get punished!! Bitna,,you need to come with us”.
I furrowed my brows at them.
“I..don’t understand. Come with you? Why??’ I scoffed.
“Well, you asked us to do it, Bitna. You’re behind it. So, if we wanna get punished, we need to get punished together”, Jeong replied and I felt my head spin.
“What are you saying? I’m not coming with you. I can’t”, I said bluntly, but deeply, I was so scared.
‘You need to Bitna. You can’t just put us in a mess and go free”. Hana insisted and I felt my lungs become dry.
This is how God will confuse our enemies this year.
Episode 8
By: Faith Lucky
“Come on, girls. Please, just do it for me”, I pleaded. “I wouldn’t want my parents to know about this. Just do it for me, please”. I pleaded, but they still didn’t loll convinced.
Dmn it! I couldn’t let them do this to me.
“We’re going to miss the pres£ntation!” Jeong cried out.
“G©sh! We need to get going already, to avoid further consequence” Hana said and started walking out.
Jeong stood and glared at me, then walked out as well.
A frustrated tear ran down my cheek as I stared at them. What’s happening?
That bch!
I sniffed and wiped my tear off, then walked out of garden as well, headed for cl@ss.
As I walked p@ss the students, I could clearly hear them talking about the incidence. And it hurt me to the last. I bit my inner cheek and tried not to pay attention to them, but it was impossible as their voices kept penetrating.
Oh! How I hated the sound of it.
I finally got to close and my heart melted at the sight in front of me – Danica and the prince, standing together.
The teacher was already in cl@ss and the students stood all around her, ready for the pres£ntation.
What’s it about this girl, huh? Why does she have to be the lucky one? Of all the students in school, including me, why does she have to be the lucky one?
As I stood by the door, staring at her, I suddenly saw something on her neck, something that looked familiar.
I strained my eyes to have a look and little by little, the image became clearer to me.
It was a birth mark, just a jor dot. But it looked so familiar.
Suddenly, my eyes dimmed when I recalled where I’d seen it from.
Hah!! Of course!
It was the same mark I’d seen on mom’s neck the other night.
Oh my God! It was!
Now, I know why it had looked so familiar when I’d seen it on mum’s neck. But why?
I couldn’t think of a better way to thank the prince for what he’d done by helping me to cl@ss. Seriously, I wouldn’t know what to do if I had to walk alone after that incidence. There’s no way I’d have done it.
But with the prince holding my hand,,I was able to cover my shame and get successfully to cl@ss.
All eyes were on us and I didn’t even want to know what they’d possibly be saying. I guess the most important thing was getting to cl@ss successfully for the pres£ntations.
Mrs Hayoon came in not long after and we all gathered around her.
“You still recall the formulas, huh? My head is totally blank” the prince whispered to me and I smiled.
Mrs Hayoon gave out the instructions. Each group was meant to work with their partners and in the end, the results were to correspond with that in the manual. If they don’t correspond, it only meant everything done in h last three days was a waste of time.
When we were about to commence, that was when I spotted Bitna with her partner. But her eyes were pinned on me and this time around, I returned a glare before looking away.
Prince Nathan and I walked to our own side of the table and got ready to carry out the experiments.
“So, what’s the first thing on the list. Huh?” He asked as he adjusted the conical flask.
I could feel a lot of eyes on us and it made me wonder if they’d ever be able to concentrate.
“Um…we’ll be going with…this, first”, I took up the required element and poured it into the flask.
He @ssisted with the things I needed and it was a perfect pair.
“Would you be chanced…..for tonight?” He asked and my hands shook a little, making some of the elements pour on the table.
“Danica…” He hushed my name and quickly grabbed a napkin to clean it off.
Geez! What’s wrong with me?
“I’m….I’m so sorry, my prince. I….” I paused and moved my hair behind my ear.
Well, I didn’t know what to say. But why would he ask me that?? I mean…what plan could he possibly have for the night that’d involve me?
I looked at him and was about saying something when the teacher showed up.
“Is there a problem here?” She asked and I quickly shook my head.
“Then, concentrate. There’s no time”.
I bit my lower l!p and turned back to the experiment. The prince didn’t say any other thing either.
“Um…I’m so sorry, my prince. But can you help me with the carbon?” I asked since it was close to him. And he chuckled.
‘Is that the reason you had to beg that much?” He asked as he handed the carbon to me and I just smiled shyly.
The cl@ss was so busy and it went on for a long while.
The prince and I were almost the last persons to round up with our experiments as the rest of the students had concluded with theirs already.
Mrs Hayoon went around, inspecting every body’s work and taking notes. And as she did, the students mumbled.
Prince Nathan turned to face me since she was far from us.
“I asked you a question…but you’re yet to reply” he spoke calmly, trying to make sure the rest of the students couldn’t hear him.
I felt my lungs become dry as I looked at him. G©sh! He was making me so nervous.
I was about telling him I’d be free, but then I remembered mum.
Oh God! She was taking me to Prince Eric..
I stared down at the floor, bashfully.
‘Is there a problem, my prince?” I asked, my eyes on the floor.
The thought of mum taking me to Prince Eric suddenly ruined my mood.
“Well…”, he drew closer.
“I wanted you to accompany me to a party – as my date”.
I lifted my eyes sharply to look at him.


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