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The twelfth disciples episode 6 & & 7

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 6
By: Faith Lucky
Bitna’s Pov:
I clumped down the stairs, my eyes glued to my phone as my phone as I kept s£nding repeated messages. But the pea¢0¢k was snubbing me.
I felt so angry cause I hated rejection.
My designers school bag was hung around my arm as I appeared pretty in my school uniform – as always.
The Royal High School uniform.
Getting to the sitting room, I met mum coming in.
Her eyes were heavy and she clearly looked tired and dizzy. She stopped when she spotted me.
“Bitna” she called and adjusted her bag on her wrist.
I couldn’t believe she was just coming home from work.
I scoffed and ignored her, walking p@ss her to the door.
“Bitna; hey” she cooed and held my hand.
“What is it, mum? Why don’t you just go back to the office and sleep?” I snapped, not minding the fact I was rude.
“Come on, baby. I’m sorry. I know I promised to come home last night, but…”
“But what?” I cut her off.
“But you decided to choose your work over me? You promised to take me to the mall! I can’t believe I have two parents, yet still get to live like an orphan. Please, just let me be” I said impertinently and forcefully fred my hand from hers from hers.
“I’m not in the mood for this, mum”
I rolled my eyes and walked away.
I walked out to the garage and entered into my flashy car which was already waiting for me.
My driver got in afterwards and took off immediately.
I dialed Jeong’s line.
“Hey bae” she beamed, but I was too sad to even smile.
“She’s still snubbing my messages, Jeong. What do it do?” I asked, worried.
“Huh? What is wrong with that spoilt brat?” She asked and I sighed.
“I’ll be dropping by a store to get her a gift. I hope she accepts it” I said forlornly.
“Yeah. Let’s tryit out and see. I’m already in school with Hana. We’ll be waiting for you”.
“Okay. Bye”.
And I ended the call.
I dressed my hair and looked out the window – dolefully.
My name is Bitna Korain – 18 years old and only child of my ghost parents.
Although, they’re filthy rich andmake me live like a princess, I still hate it because I don’t get to spend enough time with them. They’re always so busy.
I looked at my phone to see if Princess Mabel had responded to any of my messages, but…g©sh!
She was still snubbing.
What is wrong with her, huh?
I’ve been trying so h@rd to be close to her so I could get closer to Nathan in return, but it’s not really working out well as she continues acting arrogant. I really don’t get why she treats me like a nobody, when in fact, I’m the best friend she couldever hope for.
Well, whatever her reasons are, I’m still going to find my way around Nathan.
Introducing the fourth prince👑
Jimin’s Pov:
“Make sure you’re careful, Jimin. I wouldn’t want what happened the last time to repeat itself” mother said calmly as she brushed her hair in front of the mirror.
“Come on, mother. I’m not a kid anymore. Besides, I told you it was a mistake” I said tiredly and she
hit me slightly on my arm with the comb.
“Of course, you’re still a kid, Jimin. And I’ve warned you. Don’t mess with me, okay?” She stated.
“Okay mum. Noted” I rolled my eyes.
She rounded up with the hair and let me go.
“Take care of yourself, okay?’ She cooed and kssed me.
“Of course, mum. And you too. Bye” I smiled at her, took my bag and left the room.
As I walked down the stairs, I thought of how loving mother was.
She was the youngest amongst the King’s wives. And also the kindest. I’m not saying this because she’s my mom – no. But because it’s the truth.
Well, maybe she’s that way because she’s the youngest and wants to give respect to the older wives. Looking at her, you’d think she’s just a teenager.
Mother and I…we try our best to stay out of trouble. The Royal family is one of a kind and we’ve always done everything possible to avoid unnecessary troubles.
I might be the smallest and least popular among my brothers, but I feel safe cause I always try my best to detach myself from their quandary.
I got out to the garage and met Mabel waving bye to her brother – Nathan. Obviously, he wasn’t headed for school else, he’d have taken her along.
But where could he be going?
Anyway, it wasn’t new. Nathan was the busy type.
Mabelstood and watched him as he drove out the gate, in a hurry.
“Hey” I called from behind and she turned to look at me, her long pretty lashes batting.
“Hey,Jim. What’s up!” She asked with a sigh.
“I’m cool. Nathan isn’t going to school?” I replied.
“Uh…he said he has an important meeting to attend. And when he’s done, he’d attend cl@sses”.she replied.
“Oh. Okay. So, you’re ready for school?” I asked and she nodded and adjusted the books in her hands.
“Alright then. Why don’t you ride with me?”
“O..kay. Sure”.
And we walked to my car together and made use of it.
Nathan’s Pov:
“I’m almost there” I texted Peter as I drove on a moderately high speed,,fighting all the temptation to go any further.
I couldn’t afford to miss this moment;
No, I couldn’t.
Dmn it! Why didn’t he inform me sooner, huh?
I ruffled my hair and took hold of my phone again as I noticed a message come in.
“Hurry up, bro. He’s waiting” Peter replied and I sighed with relief and dropped the phone again.
There was still time.
I was so engrossed in the whole sh*t and didn’t realize a van which had purposely overtaken me and stopped in a way that blocked my path.
I flinched when I noticed it and tried my best to control the brakes and screech to a halt before a clash occurs.
And thankfully, I did it.
I stopped the car right in front of the van, just a little distance between themselves.
What is this? Why were they blocking the way?
And unfortunately, I didn’t go out with my guards today, cause I was in a hurry and…well, I hated going out with the guards all the time.
Who’d step out of the car to approach the van now, huh? I hate it when I talk to strangers.
And the area was deserted.
The door of the van opened immediately and four boys jumped out. They were masked.
Within the twinkle of an eye, they were beside my window and broke the gl@ss.
What the….
“Hey! What’re you doing?” I yelled at them, but they didn’t say a word as one p@ssed his hand through the broken window, unlocked the door and opened it.
Now, I get.
They were after me
I scoffed and watched them in amusement. Seriously??
Without saying a word, they brought me out of the car and the next thing I felt was a kn1fe driving into my fleshy tummy.
They $tabbed me.
I grunted and held the affected part as the kn1fe was pulled out
“Take him into the woods” one of them said and two started dragging me immediately, taking me to what seemed like a forest close by.
“Urgh!” I grunted as blood oozed from the side of my belly.
I felt my strength leaving me.
They took me into the bushy area and dropped me on the floor as I p@ssed out.
Episode 7
Danica’s Pov:
I g@sped as my eyes dilated in shock.
The Royal banquet?
I looked at the door and hoped granny wasn’t around, somehow, listening to us.
“What do you think, Dan?the banquet is in two days time” she said, still whispering.
My throat was itching so badly.
“How….How did you get to know about it? I mean…who gave you….”
“Its from my mum, okay? My mum knows one of the chefs and she told mum they needed extra cooks for the banquet cause its gonna be a big feast. So, I decided to let you know, Dan. The pay is gonna be quite good” she explained and just then, granny’s voice came up.
“Danica? Are you still asleep?”
My eyes widened in shock as Nana and I stared at the door which opened immediately.
She was with her bag.
“Uh…good morning, granny” I greeted with a faux smile.
“Good morning, dear. You were able to wake her, huh?” She asked Nana.
“Yes. Although, it wasn’t easy” she chuckled lightly.
“Okay, then. I’m off to work. Take care of the house, Danica. And stay out of trouble” she said.
“Okay, Granny. Of course. Bye” I waved at her and she closed the door and left.
Nana and I took in deep breaths of relief as she left. Thank goodness she didn’t hear us.
I looked out the window and saw her leaving the house. Indeed, she had left. Going to where she worked as a cleaner .
So….back to Nana.
“Are you interested or not, Dan?” She asked as soon as I looked at her.
“Grandma would never let me go for it. And you know it. She hates anything they has to do with the Royal family” I answered bitterly.
“And whoever said she has to know? You don’t plan on telling her, do you?” She asked.
“She doesn’t have to know, Danica. All you have to do is tell her you’re going out with me, on the day of the banquet, then I’ll take you my mom who will take you to the chef. But if you’re interested, you’ll need to come home with me so mum can introduce you to the chef today” she enthused.
Oh my!
So, I’ll be going to the palace???? I’ll attend the banquet??
“Are you interested or not, Danica? We’re talking about real money here” she urged me and I itched my head.
Oh God! I was damn confused.
“I….I…I’ll think about it,Nana”, I finally said and she sighed.
“Hmm. Okay, then. But you better be fast before the space gets filled up.
“Anyway, I’ll be on my way now. Mum s£nt me on an errand” she said as she stood up.
“Oh. Okay. I’ll…..come over to your place soon” I told her.
“Okay. Bye”.
And she scuttled out of the room.
I took in a deep breath and leaned my back on the wall.
The Royal banquet.
But thinking of it…it was really going to be an honor – cooking at the banquet.
I’d get to be in the palace, and see the rest of the royal family.
But…what if granny gets to find out?
She might probably skin me alive if she does, cause she’s warned me to stay away from the Royal family.
Oh…Danica. I was so confused.
I really wanted to go
After spending a long time in the room, I decided to freshen up so I could go to Nana’s house for more discussion. Her house was actually close to mine.
I went into the bathroom, brushed and washed my face and proceeded to the kitchen to find something to eat.
I got in and…..woahh!!
The kitchen was empty.
Granny didn’t leave anything eatable for me???
I itched my hair in frustration and looked around. What do I eat, huh??
I was so hungry.
G©sh! And I wasn’t having any cash on me.
I sat on a stool close by and thought despondently. When would we ever get free of this life? This lame poverty?
Grandma was only a cleaner and as a result, we depended only on her monthly income.
I racked my brain for a long time, thinking of what I could possibly do. And finally, I decided to go to Nana’s house since she was the only friend I had.
Possibly, they’d have something I could eat.
I walked out of the kitchen, out of the house and locked the door, then proceeded to Nana’s house, taking the shortest route I knew.
It actually involved me going through the woods, but I had to do it. Besides, it saved me from walking under the sun.
As I walked heavily, I kept thinking about my boring life.
No mother, no father. Just grandma and Nana – who was my only friend.
And no school.
Sometimes, I feel I’m just cursed or something
How do I get a better life if I can’t even go to school, huh?.
Maybe….I’m just doomed.
I stopped walking when I noticed a strange figure ahead of me – right there in the woods.
I flinched and strained my eyes to look properly.
It was a body….
A body of a boy. Yes, it seemed to be a boy..
I looked around in fear, there was no sign of anyone.
Then, I decided to have a close look, taking very slow and careful steps.
As I drew close, the image got clearer and clearer and I spotted bl©©d from the side of his belly.
The face….
I arched my brows and counted my steps and finally, I got close enough to have a clear view of the image.
And my eyes drooped immediately.
My heart gave a mighty leap.
Prince Nathan???


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