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September 25, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The twelfth disciples episode 40 & 41

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The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 40

By: Faith Lucky



I weakly walked out of the bathroom with a towel going over my w€t face. I felt so depressed and frustrated.

My head was already aching from the excessive and tears I’d shed.

Why wasn’t he home with Danica yet? It’s been hours already and I’m expecting he should’ve been with the process by now.

I reached for my phon on the bed and found five missed calls from him. Goodness! I had kept it on silence.

I sighed as I quickly dialed his line and he picked up at the second beep.

“Maya. Where have you been? I’ve been…”

“I know. I know. I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t hear the phone ringing” I answered dizzily.

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“Where are you? Shouldn’t you be home with Danica by now?”

“That’s the reason I’ve been calling you. I can’t find Danica” he replied and my jaws dropped.

“I…I don’t understand. Wasn’t she with Kim? Or…or the prince?” I stuttered.

“She isn’t with Kim. And the prince…I had actually gone to his residence to take her from him, but I couldn’t find her there. As a matter of fact, one of the guards had lied to me that the prince wasn’t around. But when I was in my car and was about driving away, I saw the prince driving out.

“I called out to him, but he ignored me. And he was driving at such a high speed, I couldn’t go after him. In a nutshell, Maya. I think soemthing’s wrong”.

Goodness! The whole thing was spinning my head.

I scoffed and dropped the towel I had on the bed.

“But…do you think Danica’s doing this on purpose? Like…she doesn’t want to see or something?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Maya. I have no idea. But… I’m still hanging around, trying to see if the prince would return or something. That’s the reason I was calling”.


I placed my hand on my forehead and thought for a while. Where could she be?

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then. Just keep me posted” I muttered and dropped the call.

I sat quietly and alone on the bed, my head in my arms.

For the first time in my life, I felt confused and helpless; didn’t know what to do. Couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to.

head was aching terribly. Danica was going to be killed. I was going to lose her; break my promise to her.
Of course, it was going to be a broken promise because I promised her I’d never dump her. Oh! How could I be so stupid?

I should’ve been more careful. But how was I to know I was being followed? I completely had no idea.

The door burst open and Mabel ran in, breathing heavily.

“Nathan!” She called, her eyes dilated.
What’s wrong?

“The King…. Father is dead” .
There was a loud thud in my chest. Father? What’s she talking about?

looked at her with sheer confusion and muttered:
“He’s dead?”
“Yes. Yes. Someone… someone killed him”. She was panting heavily.

What the h’ck???

I stood up immediately and ran out of the door with her, towards father’s room.

At that moment, I had mixed thoughts running through my mind, confusing thoughts, I didn’t know which to dwell on.

Guards and maids occupied the road leading to father’s room and it was obvious something had really happened. Was he really dead??
We got to the room, and right there from the door, some members of the council occupied it already.

“Are you sure it was done by someone?” I heard mother’s voice.

“Of course. It’s obvious. He was choked by someone”.

I moved to the entrance of the door so I could have a clear view of what was going on and there it was – the room was filled to the brim with father’s corpse covered with a white sheet.

Goodness! It was real. He was dead.

“Dmn it!! Someone is definitely behind this!!” Duri roared.

“I found the disciple, brought her here and just when its time for the healing process, the King ends up dead!?? Its not just a coincidence!”

Murmurings took over in the room, but at that moment, my thoughts were going to a different person.


I rushed out immediately, panting as I did, running towards the room I knew she’d have been kept.

The guards were there as usual and the first time I had gone to see her, they wouldn’t let me in. But, considering the change of circvmstances, they didn’t even try to stop me and I pushed the door open and rushed in.


She was sitting on the floor, looking so pale and scared. Goodness! The sight was disheartening.

“Danica!” I called as I ran and squatted in front of her.

was visibly shaking.
“My prince..” she whimpered.

Her hands were tied and I searched for the roots of the rope and tried untieing it.

“They’re… going to…hurt me” she spoke in fear and I couldn’t explain it, but the tone of her voice seemed to split my heart.

Oh! I should be blamed for all these. This is all my fault. The hell! I should’ve been more careful!

My breath was rough as I worked on the ropes, but suddenly, there were footsteps and I turned to see it was Duri and some members of the council.

“Stop it, Nathan!” The hoarse voice came.

“I have a feeling the King was killed because of her. And for that reason, she’s not going free until we’ve found the culprit”.

Episode 41

By: Faith Lucky

I looked at them in confusion. What?

What’re they talking about? Hold her until the culprit is found?

“But she’s innocent” I scoffed and stood upright.

“It doesn’t matter, Nathan” Duri answered.
“She was meant to save father, but now, he’s dead”.

“And how is that any of her fault?” I moved closer to him.

“Don’t forget you had abducted her and had her tied up against her will. So, the entire time, she was here and could have nothing to do with father’s death!”

“Get out of the way, Nathan!” He growled.
“I still can’t believe you’d kill your own father because of a commoner”.

“What’re you talking about, Duri? I didn’t kill him. I’d never do such a thing!”

A brief silence stepped in as he glared hard at me.

“I’m really sorry for what happened to father. But since he isn’t around anymore, then there’s no need keeping her here. I know the rules…” I looked directly at the council.
“I know the laws. And you and I both know you don’t have any reason to continue keeping her here. The disciples shouldn’t be treated like hostages, they should be respected – well, unless they have a task to do. But at the moment, Danica doesn’t have any task. So, she doesn’t deserve to be here”‘.

And with that, I turned back to Danica.

She was looking so scared and shaky and carefully, I unbounded her and carried her up.

Duri and the rest of the council members stared silently at me, obviously in shock. But I didn’t give a damn as I hurried out of the room with Danica.


Having nowhere else to go in this God-forsaken area, I decided to return home.

Goodness! I couldn’t believe I was actually referring to it as “home”.

Getting there, I found an older woman in the sitting room and I recognized her to be Danica’s grandmother. Or should I say… my grandmother?

She was knitting a cloth and paused to look at me as I walked in, but I ignored her and went over to the refrigerator.

I opened it, hoping to get some cold water. But to my surprise, it wasn’t working.

“What?” I shrieked and turned to the direction of the “grandma”.

“Why is this stuff here if it isn’t working?”

She just turned slightly and shot me a stare, then turned back to what she was doing.

What the…

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” I snapped, but she didn’t even bother to spare me a glance.

“Seriously? Does everyone have to be dumb in this house?” I mumbled angrily and turned back to the fridge to take the annoyingly hot bottle of water.

I heard footsteps and by the time I turned to have a look, I found the grandma standing in front of me. And to my greatest surprise, she landed a resounding $lap on my face.

The bottle fell from my hand as my palm went upto my cheek .

Wait… what?

“If you don’t have manners, young lady, I’d advise you to buy some” she pointed her finger at me.

“I still don’t know why Kim had to give birth to a spoilt brat like you. But one thing’s for sure, I’m never going to accept your mannerless attitude! So, learn to adjust and mind the way you behave around here”.

And with that, she walked away.

I stood muted for a long time, my palm still over my cheek and didn’t know when tears strolled down.

I couldn’t believe it. She slapped me. For the first time in my life, someone’s hand was touching my face.

I whimpered and ran out of the house, more tears streaming down my cheeks.

I panted heavily as I ran and finally stopped when I couldn’t run any more. Then, I bursted into more tears.

What has my life become? Why do I have to be so unlucky, huh? Why?

I wept bitterly, wishing there was a way I could turn the hands of time.

No; this was all the doctor’s fault. It was all his fault!

If only he had kept to the agreement, then none of these would’ve happened.

I sniffed and wiped my face with the tip of my shirt. Then, I started walking away, headed for the hospital.

There had to be payback. I needed to make him pay for contributing massively to ruining my life.


Chi’s Pov:
The guards were made to kneel in front of the Royal family and member’s of the council

Their heads were bowed as they hoped for the best

“You were in charge of guiding his room, yet you allowed something like this happen. How could you!” One of the councils rasped, but the guards said nothing.

“We should have your heads for this” Duri chipped in.

“But how did this happen? Who was the last person to visit the King’s room?” The second queen asked and to that, the guards had an answer.

The first one lifted his head to look at them. And then, he answered:

“It was Prince Jimin”.



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