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The twelfth disciples episode 4 & 5

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 4
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
“Ouch!” I winced as granny dressed my wound.
She cleaned off the stain, applied spirit on the scratch, then covered it up with a wool.
Thank goodness we had a first aid kit at home.
“It’ll heal up in no time” she @ssured as she fixed the items she’d used back into the box and closed it up.
“Thanks granny” I muttered lightly,,staring at the covered wound.
Although, my eyes were there, my mind was totally abs£nt.
She started cleaning up the table and I looked at her.
“Granny….can I ask you a question?” I called her attention.
“Yes, dear. Of course” she replied, still working on the table.
I hesitated a little before proceeding.
“Why does mum hate me so much?” I released the hurting question.
Grandma paused and looked at me immediately.
“Am I…..Am I the reason she’s in jail?”
“Oh! Danica, what’re you saying? Of course, not. Your mother has been in jail even before she gave birth to you” she said heartily and I arched my brows in surprise.
“Be…Before she gave birth to me?” I pondered.
“Yes, dear. She was pregnant when she was arrested”.
She sighed and placed her both hands on the table.
“You see, dear, your mother is a very stubborn lady. I warned her to stay away from bad companies, but she wouldn’t listen.
One day, she joined a gang and went for robbery and in the process, they killed someone. Although, she had no hand in the murder, but she was caught alongside some other members of the gang and they were convicted. As at that time, she was about four months pregnant with you”.
I recoiled in h©rror.
“She….she went for a robbery with a four months old pregnancy??” I asked, shock written all over my face and grandma nodded, regrettably.
“When she put to bed, your father – Rich@rd – was still alive and he’d taken care of you for a few days.Before he finally died”.
My heart skipped.
“What happened to him?” I asked, almost in a whisper.
And I noticed a strange look in her eyes..
“That….that’ll be a story for another day, Danica. But for now, I don’t want you to think your mother hates you, okay? Let’s just say..she’s being depressedfrom the stress and everything. You know, spending 18 years in jail isn’t an easy one. So, hopefully, she’ll change as soon as she gets out. Okay?” She smiled and stroke my hair, but my mood had been completely ruined already.
I couldn’t even stretch my l!ps.
“Come on, Danica. Don’t give me that look. Everything will be fine, okay?”.she pressured and I managed a faux smile.
“Okay granny” I mumbled.
“Alright, fine. I’ll let you make dinner today. What do you think?” She said and that was when I let out a real smile and she laughed at it.
“Look who’s smiling already. Alright,hurry up. Before I change my mind”, she said.
“Thank you grandma” I replied and hurried into the kitchen.
Just so you know, cooking was my p@ssion and each time i was sad, I preferred cooking.
Granny knows this, but she always prefers cooking the meals herself. But each time she notices I’m in a bad mood, she lets me do it.
Introducing the third Prince👑
Eric’s Pov:
I waited in the car, my eyes on my phone as my guards did the needful, inside.
I’d given them a list of what I wanted and they were in the mall, getting them.
I was becoming bored with the game I was playing..
I decided to give my eyes a break and look elsewhere and….Oh! Lucky day…
I found something sweet.
A game more interesting.
There was a blonde lady, coming out of the mall with a guy. Apparently, they were couples because her hand was wrapped around his and they laughed so noisily.
I admired the lady’s shape.
That has got to be a nice shape.
I gave a keen look at her, trying to access if she was worth it.
And after much scrutiny, I snapped my f!ng£rs at my guards – at the front seat.
“Tae-hyun, i want her” I ordered and he turned slightly to look at me.
“The blonde lady, my prince?” He asked and I nodded with my eyes on her.
Without hesitation, he opened the door and proceeded to meet them while I watched from the window.
They were about entering into their car when he stopped them.
Sure, I couldn’t get what he was saying to them cause they were far from me. But one thing was certain, I was definitely gonna have her in less than 5 minutes.
They both looked confused as they communicated with my guard and repeatedly, the boy stole glances at my car, probably hoping hecould see me.
But the gl@ss was tinted and I was the only one who could see them.
Few seconds….the girl had started walking towards my car with my guard while the boy called after her from behind.
She didn’t turn to look at him but continued with my guard who took her to the other side of the car and opened it.
She stood in front of the opened door and looked reluctant coming in.
She probably couldn’t believe it was indeed the Prince.
“Come in” I prodded her and she clasped her hands and walked in, obviously looking shy.
“My….My…My prince” she bowed, releasing a light smile from my l!ps.
“Hey, pretty. What’s the name?” I ate her with my eyes.
“Lu….Lucy, my prince” she shuddered, her eyes glued to the floor.
Well, you don’t look at the royal family directly in the eye – unless there’s a proper reason.
“Okay; Lucy. I’ll go straight to the point. I like you and I want to have you. So, take ©ff your cl©thes”.
Her eyes dimmed immediately. I saw her l!ps shake.
“My…my…my prince” she chuckled – nervously.
She ran out of words for a few second.
“Um….i…I wouldn’t want to offend you but….I’m actually with someone. The…the man over there – he’s my fiance and….”
“5 pieces of gold” I cut her off and watched her eyes scream as she was forced to look directly into mine.
Well yeah, I permitted her.
“F…five pieces of…gold?” She stuttered, her voice shaking.
“Yes, Lucy. For just a few minutes”.I replied her with a smirk.
She took her eyes slowly to the window, and stared at her fiance who was still waiting patiently.
“Oh! Please, don’t tell me you’re gonna ditch five pieces of gold for a piece of scmbag like him. He’s got nothing to offer” I scoffed and she stared down at the floor.
“I hate being delayed, Lucy. What’s your final answer?”
60 seconds later, our m©ans filled the car
7 minutes, we were done.
I paid her, kicked her out and drove off with my guards after all.
There was a little $men on the car seat and I wiped it off with my napkin.
Women will always be btches, huh?
I reached for my phone and put a call through.
“My prince” he called as soon as he picked up.
“How is it going, Yin? Is the plan still in progress?” I asked.
“Yes, my prince. Everything is ready”. He replied humbly.
“Okay, good. I want a clean job tomorrow”.
“Of course, my prince. You can be rest @ssured”.
And I ended the call.
I leaned back on my seat and looked through the window.
Want a little introduction?
Well..I’m Eric – third prince of the throne and only son of the third queen.
Clearly, I’m a fl1rt.
Yeah, I won’t deny it. I fk any single thing that catches my attention, no matter how difficult it might seem.
I’ve got no time for love – no.
But I’ve got time for the things between ladies’ l.egs. Its much more sweeter – trust me.
I hate being rejected and always try to get what I want. I always do.
I only have one sister – Princess Odeya – who can be a crazy wtch at times.
My major target – ladies and the throne.
And tomorrow, I’ll be having a little surprise for one of my brothers.
Episode 5
Mabel’s Pov:
“Don’t you think you were a little harsh on that lady, Nathan?” I asked him as we sat next to each other in the car which was already driving into the compound.
He’d been operating his phone, but lifted his eyes slightly to look at me.
“What lady are you talking about?” He asked, opening his palm.
“The lady we almost knocked down on our way to the store. You were kinda harsh to her” I said.
“Huh? I don’t get you, Mabel. How was I harsh to her? I barely even said a word”.
“And that’s the point. The way you just yelled at me to get into the car. You sounded like you didn’t care at all and…”
“Oh please! Change the topic” he rolled his eyes and continued with his phone.
Hmph. Always a j.erk.
Well, Nathan can be really grumpy towards strangers. If you see him laughing around me or mum, just know it’s because we’re family. Out there, he’s a rude je.rk.
I knew it was pointless arguing further with him, so I just let him be.
The driver parked in the garage and the guards rushed out to open the doors for us.
In no time, Nathan and I were out of the car and walking towards the palace.
But close to the entrance, we heard a voice screaming.
We quickly got in and found the first sitting room crowded, and the person screaming was princess Odeya.
She had so many red spots on her face.
“My face!! My face!! Mum!” She cried as she kicked the h@rd chairs in the room.
The maids were lingering around, unable to touch her.
“What happened, Deya? What happened?” Her mother – the third queen asked as she held her shoulder.
Nathan and I just stood and watched the whole drama.
“Someone p©isoned my face lotion” she snivelled.
“Someone p©isoned it!!
“As soon as I applied it on my face, I…I..I felt this itching and before you knew it, the red spots appeared all over. My face is gonna look so bad and the banquet is in three days time!!”
She cried out like a baby, although she was just 19.
She suddenly turned and caught me standing at the door.
Her eyes glinted as she stormed towards me.
“You bch!” She rasped and fisted her hands.
I could tell she wanted so bad to $lap me, but couldn’t – probably because Nathan was beside me.
“You did it, didn’t you? You p©isoned my lotion, you little wtch!!”
G©sh! Her face was so funny and looked kinda funny with the red spots all over and I was tempted to laugh.
But I didn’t.
No; it was only gonna make things worse.
“Wh…What’re you talking about, Deya? Why would I p©ison your lotion?” I scoffed.
“Because you’re the only wtch i know in this place! You’re a pathetic wtch” she yelled.
Woah!! Seriously?
“Deya” I called and sighed.
“I didn’t poison your lotion, okay? Despite the fact your purposely spilled hot tea on my leg yesterday, I still wouldn’t p©ison your lotion. So please,don’t call me a wtch anymore”.
Her face became swollen and round with anger as she glared at me. She looked like an angry lion, looking for what to devour.
But definitely not me.
Immediately, her brother – Prince Eric – showed up.
He was smoking and walked quietly to stand in front of Nathan.
“Did you hear what your sister did to mine?” He asked grumpily, releasing smoke into Nathan’s face.
Nathan didn’t say a word but just continued staring at him directly in the face. He knew he couldn’t touch him.
“hey! I didn’t do anything to her, okay?”I snapped and pushed his chest a bit.
He snapped to look at me, his eyes fierce.
“You little brat” he rasped and tried gripping my hair, but Nathan stopped him.
“You have no right to touch her” Nathan warned, still holding the threatening hand.
Oh my!
The wide room was in suspension, but father’s entrance settled it all.
“What’s going on?”
He asked, his thick masculine voice diverting all attention to him.
It was so deep and displayed royalty and as such, couldn’t be ignored by any at all.
The room was dead silent as no one uttered a word.
He stood with about three guards beside him, looking so handsome as he wore the dazzling crown. Yeah, old but handsome.
He searched our faces for answers, but didn’t get any and finally decided to dispatch us.
“Everyone – to your rooms” he ordered and immediately, we started walking away like obedient dogs.
Nathan pulled me roughly by the hand as soon as we were alone.
“Hey; come here. Did you poison her lotion, huh?” He growled.
His hold around me was so firm, I winced.
“Wh….What’re you talking about, Nathan? Of course, I didn’t” I replied hurtfully, but he still stared suspiciously at me.
“Come on, Nathan. You’re hurting me. Let me go” I winced and struggled and he finally let me go.
“Stop bringing trouble to mum and I. Understand?” He pointed his index f!ng£r at me before walking away and I just stood and bit my nails.
Danica’s Pov:
I came out of the bathroom, a towel tied around my waist.
I’d just finished taking my bath and was about going to bed for a nice sleep.
I loos£ned the towel and dried my body with it and as I did, my eyes came across the mark – that strange mark beside my waist.
The number “12”
It was just like a tattoo and couldn’t be cleaned off. And when I’d asked grandma about it, she said it was a birth mark.
But….it didn’t look like a birth mark. It looked like it was drawn on me after my birth. And it was just two figures.
I wonder what it meant.
I sighed and wore on a free gown before lying on the old creaky bed.
If I could remember correctly, I’d been using this bed since I was five.
As I laid upwards and glued my eyes to the ceiling, I suddenly thought of my encounter with the Royal family.
Prince Nathan..
I’d never forget the look on his face.
He’d looked so calm and handsome, but grumpy when he spoke. Although, I’d seen him on Magazines and television, it was actually my first time seeing him face to face and heaven knows he was damn cute – cuter than he looked on commercials.
You might think I’m crazy but, when he acted grumpy, it actually soothed his personality.
Not that I liked it, but….
What am I even saying?
I turned sideways and ruminated on other things.
My life…
So many things.
And it went on that way until I’d fallen asleep.
“Dan! Hey! Dan. Wake up, you lazy @ss” I heard an annoying voice drive into my sleep and I realized only one person called me that name.
I mumbled and twisted on the bed without opening my eyes and she slapped my leg.
“Nana!! What is it?” I grumbled as I finally opened my eyes – dizzily.
“Seriously Dan. I can’t believe you’re still sleeping. Do you even know what the time is, huh?” She asked and I frowned.
If not for the fact she was my best friend, I’d have pulled her hair
“What’s your business with how long I sleep, nana? Am I working for you?” I grouse and she forced me to sit up.
Ahh! Who is this lady?
“Get rid of that sleep, Dan. I have goodnews for you” she said huskily and the sleep vanished from my eyes immediately.
Huh? Goodnews?
I couldn’t recall the last time Nana said anything about goodnews.
I sat properly and faced her as she was already sitting on the bed.
“What….what goodnews?” I asked curiously and she smiled and looked behind, before looking back at me.
Then,,she whispered..
“There’s an opportunity, Danica, for you to be among the cooks at the Royal Banquet”.
I g@sped immediately.


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