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The twelfth disciples episode 38 & 39

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 38
By: Faith Lucky
I moved back immediately.
What’s he…What’s he doing here?
“Finally” his eyes darkened.
My heart beat rapidly, how did he find me?
Oh my God!
I screamed and tried running away, like there was anywhere to run to in the room.
I ran but quickly felt someone behind me who gripped me.
“No! Let me go!! Please…!!” I cried out, but whoever it was turned deaf ears as he put a napkin over my nose and instantly, I passed out.
I stepped out of the cab with the so called woman who was to be my mum. Dad had followed us behind with his own car, but I had to be with Kim.
“I’ll bring some of her things later” Dad said to Kim as we stood in front of the wretched looking house.
Goodness! I still can’t believe this.
“Okay Williams. Thank you” the woman smiled to him and touched his shoulder, but he quickly moved away.
“You dont need to thank me. Where’s Danica?” He asked, looking towards the house.
“Oh! She isn’t here. I think she’s still with the prince” Kim answered sarcastically and dad nodded and turned to me.
“Goodbye, Bitna. We’ll see later” he said, but I didn’t even look at him.
The h’ll, I didn’t care.
He sighed and walked away, going back to his car.
“Come on, darling” the woman touched me, but I glared and moved away from her.
I took in a deep breath,trying to calm my nerves.
Then, I stared towards the house on my way.
I opened the dirty looking door and walked in and Holy Christ! I could hardly breathe.
“What is this?” I scoffed.
The woman was already behind me.
“Can’t you at least, keep it clean?”
“What’re you talking about, Bitna? It’s clean enough” The woman said.
“Of course, it should be clean to you. Why am I even surprised? This is what you’re used to – dirt!”
Someone else walked in – a strange woman, holding a plate of food.
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Did I just hear her correctly?” She asked.
Her hair was rough and she looked like a mad woman
“Hold on,Kim. Is this the daughter you were telling me about? Goodness! How did you give birth to something like this?”
it, young woman, I’m not a thing, okay? So, mind the way you talk to me” I pointed fingers at her.
“Oh.!!” She laughed hard.
“Am I really young? My son should be older than you, you know?”
“That’s enough, Christiana. Let her be” Kim chipped in, but I was already too angry.
“You all are just helpless” I rolled my eyes and turned towards the door.
“Bitna, where are you going?” Kim asked.
“None of your business!” I snapped at her and walked out of the house.
Goodness! I just needed to be away from here.
I was at home when a guard came to tell me Danica’s dad was looking outside the gate.
“Tell him I’m not at home” was my reply and he bowed and left.
Then, I hurried to the window to have a look and I found him having a little argument with the guard. He was clearly uncomfortable with the news.
Well, he should think I must’ve gone out with her, right? Of course, he should think she’s safe.
I watched and heaved a sigh of relief when he walked out the gate. But for how long would this continue, huh? How long will I continue to hide her?
I heard my phone ringing from the table and quickly went to check it out. And it was Mabel.
Oh! What does she want again? Although, she had assisted me in saving Danica, but I still couldn’t tell her where Danica was.
I let the call ring to an end, but she started calling almost immediately.
“What is it,Mabel?” I gronaed as soon as I picked the call.
“Nathan, where are you?” Her voice was shaking..
“I’m at home, Mabel. What is…”
“Danica is here at the palace” she cut in
“Duri found her. He’s brought her here to the palace, Nathan”.
I sat on the floor with my hands and legs tied.
Tears dripped down my eyes as I felt so much fear, unexplainable fear.
Oh my God! What has happened to me? What would happen to me?
The door opened almost immediately and I shook a little as a result of fear, trying to have a look. It was the prince – Duri – and two other men dressed in an old fashioned way.
“Are you sure she’s the one?” One of them asked, looking at me.
“Of course, I’m very sure. All the evidences proves she’s the one and she has the mark on her as well”. The prince replied with a dark grin.
Good” the second man mumbled with a nod.
“It’ll be done tonight, then” he added and left.
Episode 39
By: Faith Lucky
I didn’t realize when the phone fell from my hand.
I couldn’t think straight; not at all.
Danica has been found? How possible?
She was…She was there, right? I made sure she was there. So, how possible? How could Duri find her?
The phone started ringing from the floor but I couldn’t even spare it a glance. I felt confused.
Muddled, I grabbed my car keys and started running away, my heart in my throat.
I ran hastily, anxiety running through my veins and as soon as I was seated in my car, I turned on the ignition and started off.
The guards were wise enough to see the urgency of the situation as they opened the gates swiftly before I got there.
I drove out with full speed and met Mr Williams car there, trying to drive away.
“Prince Nathan!” He called, but I didn’t even stop for a second as I drove off with full speed.
They found her already.
I walked away from the house, not knowing exactly where to go or what to do. Ah!! I felt like screaming out loud! I was almost losing it. Almost!!
I panted heavily, trying to calm my nerves. Goodness! I needed to control it. Yes, I had.
Then, I came across a little gathering. And drawing closer, I discovered it was actually a street fight. Oh! Seriously??
Well, what do I expect from a whacked area??
I folded my hands and watched the sht going on. The people around were actually cheering and inciting those fighting in the middle and it made me so sick. But I watched anyway.
It involved two boys, and one of them seemed really strong as he kept landing punches on the face of the other and finally, he won.
“Yeah!! That’s it, Tony! That’s it!” The crowd cheered more as the so called champion stood up from the floor and lifted his hand up in Victory. Oh! Crap.
He laughed and turned around, and suddenly, his eyes ran into mine and he paused.
Oh geez! Ugly.
I rolled my eyes and turned around to leave, but was surprised when I heard someone running after me.
“Hey! Hey! Excuse me” he called and gripped my hand.
I snapped and turned to see it was the so called champion.
“Hey!” I yelled.
“Have you gone crazy?! How dare you touch me?”
“Woah! Calm down, sleeping beauty. I mean no harm, okay?” He chuckled as he let go of me.
“Of course, you don’t. So, stay away from me” I stated angrily and turned to leave, but he held me back by the wrist.
“Do you really wanna die? I said don’t touch me!” I rasped and tried freeing my hand from his, but his grip was too tight.
The pathetic crowd were already watching and giggling like it was some kind of fun to them.
“Calm down, girl. Do you really have to act like a peacock?” He asked and few of the people laughed.
I glared hard at him. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him I’d have him arrested, but suddenly recalling the fact I was no longer with my wealthy parents, it made me speechless.
“Just let me go…now!” I said tiredly and he smirked and let go of my hand.
And without wasting any more time, I ran away.
I stopped in front of the palace gates and rushed out, unable to wait for the guards.
I hit the smaller gate and they opened up immediately after confirming it was me. Then, I rushed in, my heart still in my throat. I could hardly breathe.
I ran straight to the first sitting room and met some men over there – together with the third queen.
I ignored them and took the stairs, running upto mother’s room and there I found her with Mabel.
they were both in shock and for a moment, I froze.
Then, mother came close and slapped me hard across the face.
“How could you, Nathan?” Her voice resounded with bitterness. How could you be so foolish? How could you bring such disappointement to me?”
I was speechless, my blazing eyes on the floor.
“This should’ve been done by you. You should’ve been the one in Duri’s place. But no!! Instead, you chose to act so foolish and hide her, and now, you’ve lost it! You’ve lost everything!!”
My heart tore with both pain and anger as I slowly lifted my eyes from the floor to look at her.
“She can’t be killed, mother” I muttered weakly.
“No matter what, she can’t be killed”.
“Have you lost it?” Mum scoffed.
“She’s already in the palace, Nathan, and nothing can be done to stop it! The process would be done tonight!”
“No” I shook my head.
“It can’t happen. No matter what, it can’t happen”.
I found tears burning the back of my eyes, but they didn’t drop.
“You’re unbelievable, Nathan” she scoffed and walked away.
“I want to see the King” I said to the guards at the door and they bowed and opened the door for me.
I walked in, levelly, and my eyes melted a bit when I found him sleeping on the bed.
I walked close, took a seat on the edge of the bed and held his hand.
I whispered the name I normally call him, but I guess he was too weak to react as his eyes just remained closed.
Then, I smiled ruefully and took his palms to my lips, kssing it.
“I’m so sorry for doing this” I whimpered, tears burning my eyes.
I sniffed and took in a deep breath and without wasting any more time, I quietly lifted a pillow from the bed and pressed it over his face, choking him.


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