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The twelfth disciples episode 36 – 38

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 36
By: Faith Lucky
Okay….I admit. The prince’s actually acting cranky and he’s making me so nervous.
I saw him bring a phone out of his pocket, he turned away and appeared it and I wondered what he was doing. Isn’t he interested in the practicals or what?
I cleared my throat and tried my best to focus. I needed to handle it myself since I couldn’t question the prince or ask for his direct involvement.
After a while, he finished with his phone and sl!pped it into his trouser pocket, then came forward to meet me.
“Almost done?” He asked, placing his hands on the table.
G©sh! He had a glittering ring there.
“N…Not yet,,my prince” I replied as I turned the chemical from the tube.
“Uh….could you…help out with the readings, please?” I said politely as I reached for my book and pen.
I didn’t want it in anyway to look like I was ordering the prince around.
“Yeah…of course”, he mumbled and held the pipe.
“Okay. Um…what is the first reading?” I asked, my eyes focused on my book and ready to write.
“Well….I think we have 15.3” he replied, straining his eyes to look properly at the digits.
“Okay…. And that is….15.30”, I penned it down.
“Thank you, sir. What’s the second reading, please?” I asked, biting my lower l!p.
“Its….21.3”, he replied, his eyes focused keenly on the figures.
“Okay..we’ll leave that at 21.50″ I penned it down as well….”
We took the final reading and then, we were done.
“Okay, sir. I think this is it” I pinned my l!ps as I added a little note in my book.
“That’s all?” He asked, sounding like it was too easy.
“Yes, sir. That’s all we have to do for today. Tomorrow, we’ll sum up the values and run another titration, then on the third day, hopefully, we should have the right results” I replied, pretending to be writing in my book
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so I don’t have to look at him.
“So…what happens if the results are wrong?” He asked.
“Then…that means everything we’ve done for three days was all in vain” I shrugged and this time around, I looked at him.
Oh geez! He was staring back at me.
He turned around and lifted his mug,
drinking from it.
“Okay then. We should call it a day”, he said, still backing me.
“Um…what time should I come around tomorrow, my Prince?” I asked, so glad he was backing me.
I couldn’t have him staring at me like that.
“That’s all?” He asked, sounding like it was too easy.
“Yes, sir. That’s all we have to do for today. Tomorrow, we’ll sum up the values and run another titration, then on the third day, hopefully, we should have the right results” I replied, pretending to be writing in my book so I don’t have to look at him.
“So…what happens if the
results are wrong?” He asked.
“Then…that means everything we’ve done for three days was all in vain” I shrugged and this time around, I looked at him.
Oh geez! He was staring back at me.
He turned around and lifted his mug, drinking from it.
“Okay then. We should call it a day”, he said, still backing me.
“Um…what time should I come around tomorrow, my Prince?” I asked, so glad he was backing me.
I couldn’t have him staring at me like that.
“6” he replied and I arched my brows.
“6 a.m?” I puzzled.
“P.m” he drank from the mug again.
Woah!! Then, when would I leave here? That’d be too late.
“But…my prince, why not day time?” I asked, trying as much as possible to be polite.
“I’ll be very very busy tomorrow, Danica and would only be home by 6. So, unfortunately, that’s the only time I can spare”,he explained.
Oh… Goodness.
I itched my front hair, tiredly. Urgh! This isn’t funny.
“O….okay, my prince. No problem with that”,I replied and started tidying the table.
In no time, I was done and all the kits were neat again.
“I’ll be on my way now, my prince”, I said as I reached for my bag.
“Bye”, he muttered without looking at me.
I bowed, anyway, before leaving.
I let out a deep sigh of relief as soon as I walked out the door.
Ah! Thank goodness! I couldn’t believe I almost had an heart attack.
I placed my hand on my chest as I walked away, going through the quiet hallway. I couldn’t explain how happy I was that I was finally leaving the prince, although a part of me felt sad that I was still leaving him.
Oh Danica! What’s wrong with me?
Taking a turn through the hallway, I found someone leaning on the wall, staring at my direction. His face was kinda hidden in
the dark, but as I drew near, I discovered it was the prince – hah! Prince Eric!
I froze and suddenly stopped walking as I didn’t expect to see him. He remained calm and just leaned on the wall, his hands in his trouser pocket.
“Please, Danica, come forward. I shouldn’t stop you”, he said with a smile and I gulped nervously and looked behind me, I couldn’t find anyone in sight.
There was only one way out of the hallway, and that was the path he was standing on. Oh my..
I clutched my bag tight and continued walking further.
“Good….Good day,,my prince”, I bowed in obeisance, even tho I was scared to the guts.
He didn’t respond and I swallowed h@rd and tried walking away, but he grabbed my wrist.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Danica” he grinned, his eyes so dark.
“My…My prince” I didn’t even know what to say.
I didn’t know how to wriggle my wrist from his, without looking like a fight.
“Relax, okay? I just want us to talk – for now”. He smiled.
Huh? What does he mean *for now*?
He let go of my wrist and crossed his arms.
“Some days ago, I s£nt my guards to get you in school”, he began and I lowered my eyes to the floor, knowing where the conversation was headed.
“But you rejected them and ran away. Why’s that?”
I bit my inner cheeks but couldn’t say anything. What could I possibly say? And why had he been calling for me?
“I hate it when people act quiet towards me, Danica” he tried touching my cheek, but I moved away.
“I’m…I’m sorry, my prince. But I….I mean, I’d explained it to your guards back then – the reason I couldn’t see you. I’m sorry”,
I was overly worried. Why did I have to bump into him huh?
He remained silent for a long time and when I looked at him, I noticed he was smiling.
“Well…” He adjusted from the wall.
“What I actually wanted to tell you…
Is something really simple”.
I stared into his eyes, curiously.
He moved so close to me, I had to move back as well. What’s he doing?
“I like you,,Danica”, he hushed.
“And I want you.
“20 pieces of silver – for just a night”. He lowered his l!ps and whispered into my ears.
“What do you think?”
Words couldn’t explain how shocked I was, hearing the prince saying that to me.
I stared at him in shock and disbelief, unable to stomach it.
He…he wants me? Like…have s3x with me??
What in the name of God?
“I can’t believe you’re asking for this, my prince” I scoffed.
“You barely even know me. This is the first time you’re asking for this. Yet, you want to…..have sx with me?” I was overly shocked.
His face held a cold expression as he didn’t show any sign of remorse or whatsoever.
“Well….I’m sorry, but I can’t do this. I’m not a slut”. I didn’t know where the boldness had come from.
Maybe, recalling what Scott had done to me made me so mad when it comes to sx .
I tried walking away, but he got hold of my hand again.
“I always get what I want, Danica. ” he smirked,.
“You wouldn’t wanna chose the h@rd way”.
I didn’t say a word as I forcefully fred my hand from his and ran away.
As soon as I got out of the palace, I boarded a cab home, thinking angrily about what the prince had said to me.
How could he even think of something like that? Asking every lady he sees for intimacy?
And me…..
G©sh! Thinking of what that m©nster – Scott – had done to me, I couldn’t think of it. I couldn’t think of it. I made a promise to myself, I’d never have sx again, because all guys were m©nsters.
Yeah, monsters.
I tucked my hair behind my back and breathed heavily, trying as much as possible to calm myself.
After a long while, I got off the cabby and continued on my way, walking the rest of the distance.
A painful pain suddenly hit at me – right there, below my abdomen – and I winced.
Ah! What’s today’s date? Don’t tell me its time already,,please.
I grumbled and continued walking and getting close to the house, I found someone there – a young lady – smoking outside.
I stopped walking when I realized who the lady was.
Oh my God? It was mum.
She’s back!
Episode 37
I froze on the spot as I stopped walking.
Mum? She’s back??
A mixed feeling of happiness and sadness found its way into me, and I didn’t know which to give in to.
From where she sat in front of the house, she lifted her head and looked at me. And her face was stone cold.
I gulped h@rd and went closer to her, trying to brighten up.
“Mum…” I called with a faux smile and she stood up.
“Y…You’re back!”.
I went to her and hugged her, but as expected,,she unlocked from the hug too soon like I irritated her.
“Where have you been, huh?” She questioned,,her voice so hoarse.
“You think you can go out anytime you want?”
“Of….Of course, not mum. I mean, I went for practicals. I told grandma about it”,I replied, trying as much as possible to be strong.
She glared at me and smoked from her cigarette.
“I’m….I’m glad you’re home, mum”, I smiled, but she scoffed, her young pretty eyes, glaring at me.
“Whatever” she mumbled and walked into the house, leaving me dumbfounded.
Finally,,the tear I’d been trying so h@rd to resist, came rolling down.
I whimpered and wiped my face,,trying as much as possible
to stop the tears. I didn’t want them to see me in that state.
After controlling my sniffles and tears, I finally walked into the house and there I met grandma picking up something from the room.
“Danica!” She called, looking relieved.
I looked around and spotted mum in the kitchen.
“Good afternoon, granny” I smiled feignly.
“Good afternoon,,dearie. You’re back?” She asked and I just nodded.
She looked at mum in the kitchen, then back at me.
“Have you seen your mother?” She asked,,her eyes showing some excitement.
But the dull look in mine,,killed hers.
“I did, granny”, I replied sullenly.
“But it’s just the same as she was in jail”.
I shrugged and a careless tear dripped from my eye.
Her countenance changed immediately.
“I’ll….I’ll be in my room” I could barely hear myself as I quickly took the old stairs.
I sighed pathetically as I watched her scurry off. Oh…Kim.
I shook my head and went into the kitchen with what I wanted. Kim was eating an apple there.
“Seriously, Kim. We need to talk” I said impatiently as I dropped what I had on the table.
She looked at me and shrugged.
“What is it?”
“Tell me the truth, Kim. Why exactly do you hate Danica so much?” I asked and she rolled her eyes immediately.
“Is it because she’s a disciple?”
“Oh…please, mum. I have no business with her being a disciple or not. As a matter of fact,,I actually wish you hadn’t taken her away from the palace” she grouse.
“Kim!” I snapped at her, but she acted repulsive.
“So, you actually wish I had left her there to be killed in the palace? The same way they killed her father?” I asked, whisperingly.
“Williams is a fool and part of the reason he was killed” she rolled her eyes and I g@sped.
“What’re you talking about,,Kim?” I asked, abacked and she stood up.
“Listen, let’s not talk about this anymore,, mum. I just got out of jail. Besides, Danica’s secret of being the 12th disciple is safe with me. You made me promise you, remember?” She scoffed and put on her sl!ppers.
“Danica’s the least of my problems right now. I have so many things to do” she rolled her eyes and walked away, leaving me in ultimate dismay.
Mum had gone out and didn’t come home until late at night and by the time she did, I was already fast asleep.
The next morning, I freshened up and helped grandma out with breakfast. We just made some local pasta. And when we were done, grandma asked me to go inform mum about it.
I walked nervously to her room and knocked once, but she didn’t answer. Then, I pushed the door open and found her sitting on the bed, staring at something – a picture.
Her eyes dimmed and she put it away as soon as she noticed the door open.
“What the h’ll??? Are you dumb?? How dare you come in without knocking?” She roared, making me flinch.
My eyes were on the picture she had laid, downwards.
“I’m….I’m sorry mum, but I knocked…”
“Oh..please! Shut up! Are you trying to say I’m deaf or what?” She snapped and I just shook my head, dolefully.
She breathed heavily and moved her hair backwards.
“What do you want, anyway? Why are you here?” She crossed her hands and asked.
“It’s….its grandma. I mean, breakfast is ready. She asked me to call you down for it’,’. I said timidly.
“Yeah. You can leave now”,
I bit my lower l!p and left, taking a deep breath as I shut the door.
Oh God! What is wrong with my mom? Why does mine have to be different, huh?
I walked sadly to the dining and took my seat, facing grandma.
“Did you tell her?” Grandma asked and I just nodded.
I dished out food for myself and when I was about eating, mum showed up. She was putting on a trouser, as usual.
“Good morning, mum” she said icily to grandma as she took a seat, far from mine.
“Good morning, Kim. How was your night?” Grandma asked
She dished out her own meal and we all started eating. There was a long silence on the dining and when we were almost done eating, grandma broke it up
“I have something important to say to both of you”, she cleared her throat and mum and I looked at her.
It didn’t stop me from eating.
“First, I want to express how happy I am, that we’re complete again – as one family. Really, words cannot express how happy I feel. Its a thing of great joy to me.
“And in order to avoid further complications, I’ve come up with a plan”.
She paused and took in some water.
“We’ll be leaving the city tomorrow”. She announced and I dropped my fork.
I was in the middle of an important commercial when my phone buzzed with a message and I checked to see it was from Derek.
I quickly opened it and the content of the message, brightened my mood:
“My prince, I’ve gotten some information on the lady – Danica”.
Episode 38
By: Faith Lucky
“Her name is Danica Williams”, he said on the phone.
“She’s 18 years old, on Scholarship in the Royal High School. And yes, she’s poor.
“She lives with her grandma and they live close to the…….the woods, where the incidence had taken place”.
I adjusted the phone in my hand.
“She lives close??” I asked, curiously.
“Yes, my prince”.
I brushed my f!ng£rs into my hair.
Could it be possible? Or its just a mere coincidence?
“But, I’ve been thinking, my prince. If she’s the one, why hasn’t she shown herself? What would be her reason for staying in the dark?” He asked and I wished I had an answer to that question.
“Do you think we should confront her about it?” He further asked.
“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. What if we’re wrong? And she isn’t the one?” I replied.
“So, what do we do?”
There was silence.
“I’ll get back to you”, I mumbled into the phone and ended the call.
I dropped my cutleries as soon as grandma broke the news.
Hold on…is she being serious here or what?? Leave the city???
“Mum?” Mum called.
“What’re you talking about? I…I don’t get you”.
“We need to leave the city, Kim. Going far away would be better for us all”, grandma replied.
“Are you being serious or what? Leave the city? For what God-damn reason?” Mum shirked.
“Well,,whatever your reasons are, mum. I don’t think I wanna know. But just so your know of mine, I have no plans of leaving this place, okay? Its never gonna happen”,,
She stood on her feet.
“Kim! What’re you talking about?? I’m not leaving you behind. We’re….”
“If you’re not leaving me behind, then I guess you’d have to stay, because there’s no way I’m leaving”, she moved away from the table.
“I have so much to do, mum. So much. And I haven’t even started”
And with that, she walked away.
“Kim!” Grandma called. But she didn’t stop or turn as she the stairs.
Oh geez! What’s going on??
Hours Later.
It was 6 p.m. and I got ready to leave for my practicals with the prince.
Grandma had left for work in the morning, after a heated argument with mum. Mum was still adamant and insisted on not leaving the city, despite all the yelling grandma did.
But why did she want us to leave the city, anyway? What could her reason be?
Well, grandma was still at work, and mum left the house some hours ago. Seriously, I don’t know what’s up with that lady – woman. She scares me sometimes.
I finished dressing up and on my way out, the period pains came hitting at me.
Ahh! They’ve been attacking me for sometime now. But luckily, there’s been no drop.
I just hope the meeting with the prince doesn’t take long, anyway.
I left the house, boarded a cab and headed for the palace.
After a long ride, I got to the premises and settling the cabby, I started walking the rest of the distance to the gate.
I looked at the sky and it appeared to me, it was going to rain soon.
Oh! I just hoped it was one of those unserious weather threats, because I couldn’t imagine it raining while I was still at the palace. I seriously don’t get why the prince had to fix the practicals this late. Like…is he the only busy one or what? Urgh!!
I finally got to the gate and knocked on it, and just as if they were taking forever to scrutinize me from inside, a guard opened up after a very long while.
“What do you want?” He asked grumpily, I almost flinched.
“Uh…I’m here to see the prince – prince Nathan. We’re uh….having practicals together” I replied and bit my lower l!p when I was done.
The guard stared at me from head to toe before pushing the gate more open for me to go in.
“Thanks”, I muttered.
I looked around and wondered if he’d be in the same room as yesterday. Well, I guess I needed to check, anyway.
Oh goodness!! My bracelet!!
I g@sped as I remembered I was still having it on my wrist. I quickly took it off and pushed it into my bag. Thank goodness I recalled in time.
I took in a deep breath and continued walking and getting to the usual hallway, I met with one of the princes who was walking out.
Oh! Prince Jimin. Thank goodness, I’d been so scared.
“Good evening, My prince” I bowed when we stood very close to each other.
“Good evening. Why do you look so familiar?” He asked, his brows furrowed, and i smiled.
“Um…I was the lady you had….”
“Oh! At the Royal banquet. Right? The cook that had broken some gl@ss on Bitna?” He asked and I nodded quickly.
“Yes, my prince. But I didn’t actually break it on her. It just spilled on her leg”
“Yeah. So, what’re you doing here?” He asked.
“I um..I’m having some practicals with prince Nathan. So he…”
“Oh. I think I’m very much aware of that. No problem, then. You can go ahead”.
“Okay, my prince. Thank you”,
I bowed before walking away and as soon as I did, I released a deep breath.
Hmm. Why can’t the rest of the princes be like him, huh?
After a long walk, I got to the room we had used the previous day, and carefully, I knocked on it.
It took a few seconds before I got a response.
“Come in’”,
I knew instantly it was the prince and I gulped nervously and pushed the door open.
A sweet fragrance welcomed me at first as I halted and stared around, and then I found him sitting on the bed.
“You’re 10 minutes late” he mumbled as he left the bed, coming towards me.
“I’m sorry, my prince. Where I live is quite far from here. Good evening,,my prince”, I made sure my head was bowed the whole time.
‘It’s fine. Let’s get to work, then. It’s almost late” he spoke icily and walked over to the table containing the equipments.
Hold on……am I the only one who’s noticed he’s acting a little cold today?
I followed him to the table and opened my bag, bringing out my book and pen.
“So, what do we have to do today?” He asked as he leaned on the table and I opened the manual.
“Um….today’s practicals would be on Hydrogen Peroxide and pot@ssium iodide” i replied, running my f!ng£r through the book after taking a seat.
We started the process right away, putting in the right elements and it went on for a very long time.
“What should be the results?” The prince asked as I watched the mixture.
“Um…it should actually produce a foam” I folded my l!ps and prayed it works out.
And after a few seconds, the white foam came right up, looking like paste.
I giggled as it gave me joy to know the experiment was successful.
“So…..that’s it?” Prince Nathan asked and I nodded happily as we watched it.
The foam spread on the table and I quickly rushed to get a napkin so I could clean it off.
“We’re having just one day to go,my prince”, I noted as I cleaned the substance off,,but he didn’t reply.
“Hopefully, if tomorrow’s own is positive with the rest, then we’re good to go for the pres£ntation”,I said, anyway, even if he was acting quiet.
I could feel his eyes on me, but I didn’t want to stare at him. So, I just fixed my eyes on the table which I cleaned.
When I was done and turned to leave with the napkin, he suddenly grabbed my hand.
My neck snapped to look at him, shock written over me.
What is he…..
“Danica….” He called lightly.
“There’s a stain on your dress”.


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