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September 25, 2021


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The twelfth disciples episode 34 & 35

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The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 34

By: Faith Lucky



My heart raced heavily. Oh goodness!
What’s going on? What’s he talking about? What’s he doing?

I became paranoid, repeatedly looking behind to see if there was any other car chasing after us. But the rest of the cars seemed to drive at a relaxed pace, making me confused and wondering why the prince was acting strange. Terror filled my eyes.

Finally, he stopped, screeching the car to an abrupt hall which made my head bounce on the seat.

He was breathing heavily, while I stared anxiously at him, waiting to hear what he had to say. But for a long time, he was silent.

“My mother’s looking for you” he began, after taking a deep breath.

“You’re wanted, Danica – your blood is the cure needed to save my father”.

I stared blankly at him, unable to comprehend a thing he was saying.

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His mother was looking for me? I’m a cure? What the hell is going on?

“I….I don’t understand” I shook my head. “what’re you talking about?”

“You’re a disciple, Danica!” His voice was a little hoarse and I flinched.

Hold on..
A disciple? The same thing Scott had told me?

“The disciples are a set of children who were offered to the Royal throne by their parents for the betterment of the Kingdom. You were one of them, Danica. But somehow, you managed to escape. And now, you’re the last disciple alive.

“My father’s currently ill and your blood is needed to heal him. He’s given it as a task to my brothers and I and the first person to find you and bring to him, gets to be the crowned prince. We’ve been searching for so long but I had no idea…. it was actually you. But now, I do. And even my mother does. And she’s looking for you”.

My throat was already in my chest as he continued talking. Oh God! I could hardly breathe. Hardly breathe.

Each word that came from his mouth had an echo of fear – to me. The whole thing was just like movie to me and I really couldn’t understand it.

“She’s presently on her way to my house and when she doesn’t find you there, she’d know you’ve escaped and would widen her search grid. So, you need to stay into hiding – for now” he concluded, his hands and eyes on the sterling. But I was gobsmacked and couldn’t say a word.

Then,he turned to look at me.
Vertical –>

“Just let me go…. please” I whimpered, not realizing there was a tear rolling down my eye.

“Are you even listening to me?” He gritted.

“As soon as she finds you, Danica, you’ll be gone! You’ll be a forgotten history. Don’t you understand that? I’m tryjng….to be of help here!!”

I sobbed and covered my mouth with my palms. The whole thing was just too much to take in – just too much.

“I’msorry” he sighed, then started the car and took off.
After a long while….

I returned home and just as I had expected, I found mum and Mabel in the sitting room – together with Andrea.

They’ve all been calling me for ages, but due to the condition I’d find myself, I couldn’t receive their calls.

“Nathan! Where the hell have you been?” Mum was the first to ask, her voice resounding with anger.

I brushed my fingers into my hair and sighed.

“I’ve been busy, mum”. I mumbled.

“Where is she?” She asked immediately.
“Where’s the lady? Where’s Danica?”

I looked at her.

“She…. left already” I answered.

“Left? To where exactly? Where did she go? I was told she was staying with you”.

“Yes. But not anymore. Her mother showed up a while ago and took her away”

“You’re lying to me, Nathan. Where is she?”

“A… actually, My Queen” Andrea chipped in.
“I don’t think he’s lying. I was with Danica when a maid came to inform her a woman was looking for her. And after that, I had seen her leaving with the woman. So, I don’t think he’s lying”.

“Dmn it” mum huffed and brushed her fingers into her hair.

“Come with me, Nathan” she said and started walking away, out of the house, and I followed.

“Danica is the lady we’ve been looking for, Nathan” she said as soon as we were facing each other.

“She’s the missing disciple and you know what this means, right? She’s the key to getting what we want. So, if you know anything about her whereabouts, you should let me know”.

My eyes were pinned to the floor.

“Mum….she’s the same lady that saved me” I muttered.

“I know, Nathan. But who knows if it was destiny trying to bring her closer to you since she was the key to what we want? Think about it, Nathan. This is for our own good”.

Iwas silent for a while, my entire body weak.
“I don’t know where she is” I shook my head.

“Oh! Nathan, please…! If you know something, just tell me”. She persisted and I shook my head again.

Then she exhaled deeply and turned away from me.

“I’m going to find her, Nathan. And if I find out you’re hiding her, it’s not going to be funny”. She faciled and turned to look at me.

“I only want what’s best for you”. She added and walked away.


As the Queen walked towards her car, she turned to the guard beside her.

“I want you to put an eye on my son. Monitor his every move and secretly follow him everywhere he goes. Do you understand?” She said whisperingly.

“Yes, My Queen” he nodded.

Episode 35

By: Faith Lucky

I walked laggardly into the house as soon as she left. Mabel and Andrea were still in the sitting room, staring curiosly. But I ignored them and took the stairs, headed for my room.

I whacked the door closed when I got in and sat on the bed, burying my face in my palms.

Oh, dmn! What’s going on? What’s happening?

The door opened almost immediately and I lifted my head from my palms to see who it was and it was Mabel.

“Nathan” she called, her voice confirming how worried she looked.

I returned my head to my palms and she came to stand in front of me.

“Do you know where she is?” Shr asked but j didn’t say a word or try to look at her.

“Nathan…” She called again.

“What do you want me to say, Mabel? I don’t know where she is” I looked at her and said, unable to make my tone any less harsh.

She sighed and took her eyes to the floor.

“I’ll be…. I’ll be leaving now”. She muttered.
“Goodnight” she turned around and left.



Bitna’s Pov:
I sat anxiously in the sitting room with mum, waiting for dad to arrive. He had gone to the hospital for the test results and I couldn’t stop myself from being so nervous. The doctor was going to cooperate, right?

Well, of course, he would. He had to. I gave him what he wanted and its only right for him to give me what I want as well.

The door opened and I looked to see it was dad. Oh God! My hands became sweaty immediately.

“Williams” mum called as she stood up.
She was undoubtedly looking nervous as well. There was an envelope in his hand and his expression…. blank.

He sighed and took a seat.

“The results were positive, Maya” he said. “Bitna is really not my daughter, but Danica is”.

There was a loud thud in my heart, soemthing that made me think I had stopped breathing.


My legs shook and so did my hands. I didn’t even realize when my eyes became watery.

“Oh my God!” Mum exclaimed and turned to look at me and a tear finally came rolling down.

I whimpered and stood up, running to my room.

“Bitna! Bitna!” I heard mum call after me as I ran into the room and busted into tears.

She entered immediately and I found myself running into her arms.

“Don’t let them take me away, mum. Please” I wept, hot scalding tears rushing down my cheeks.

“Please, don’t let them take me away. I don’t wanna go”

“Oh, Bitna” she cooed and patted my back.

“I’m so sorry, honey”.

I wept profusely on her shoulders, unable to believe it. This was all true. Everything was true.

I shouldn’t even be calling her mum.

Oh! Dmn the doctor! He betrayed me! He betrayed me and I swear, I’m going to kill him for this. I’ll kill him – I vowed to myself.


I sat quietly in the room, my hands and legs huddled together.

I felt so scared; so scared of being alone on this place. I had no idea where I was, but the prince had brought me here, telling me I’d be safe.

Oh! I badly wanted to go home – just leave this place and return home to granny so we could live our normal lives like we used to. I still couldn’t believe how drastically everything changed. How did it even happen?

Tears prickled my eyes as I recalled how grandma had warned me against the Royal family. Oh! Why didn’t I listen to her?
But could it be possible she actually knew about it? But why didn’t she tell her all those while? Why did she prefer keeping it a secret from her and just warned her instead of staying away from the prince?

Oh! Why?

I heard a strange sound and quickly turned in fright to see if was a reptile. More tears came rolling down my cheeks as I wept at how scared I was. I needed someone; needed some company.

I sniffed and rested my head on my knees. And thinking of the fact that I was yet to eat, it made me weep the more.

I heard another sound but this time around, it came from the door.

I flinched and stood up immediately, my heart beating rapidly

I pinned myself to the door as I heard the knob turning. Oh! Who could it be?

Maybe the prince?

Yes, of course! It had to be.

The door finally opened and a little glow of light reflected into the room. Thank goodness!

A male figured walked inz holding some polythene bags and hah! It was the prince!

I couldn’t explain the relief I felt as I ran towards him.

“My prince….!” I whimpered as I jumped on him, hugging him tight and more tears streaked my face.



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