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The twelfth disciples episode 33 – 35

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 33
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
They stopped laughing as soon as they noticed me.
“Danica!” Grandma called, her eyes showing a lot of excitement.
“You’re home already. Come on; come in”.
I fixed my eyes on Scott who was also staring at me, a smile on his face.
“Guess who we have here, Danica. Aren’t you surprised to see him?” Grandma asked as I walked in, levelly.
“Hi Danica” the ba$tard said.
“Good to see you”.
I glared at him, feeling so much anger. Why is here again?
I looked around and discovered he’d been helping grandma fix the dining.
“Good evening,, granny”, I muttered, my voice coming out so low.
I hated his pres£nce here.
“Good evening, princess. How was school today?” She replied, seeming so busy as she dressed the dining.
“It was fine” my reply came in another mutter.
“Well,,hurry up let’s eat. Scott brought home a lot of food – one thing I’ve missed about him” she laughed and Scott concurred with a chuckle.
I fixed my eyes on him so he could see how angry I was, but he didn’t seem to care.
Grandma suddenly paused and looked at me.
“Are you okay, Danica? You’re acting strange” she furrowed her brows and I managed to calm the anger in my eyes.
“I’m fine. I’m just….stressed out” I replied perfunctorily,,lowering my gaze to the floor.
She finished what she was doing and took her seat, same time with Scott.
“Come on, then. Let’s eat” she said and all I felt was irritation.
“I’m not hungry” I mumbled angrily and climbed up the stairs to my room.
“Come on, bae. You really need to stop this. I can’t believe you’re crying over a b’tchy new student” Jeong said as I cried over the phone, while standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom.
“What do you expect me to do, Jeong?”, I whimpered.
“Second day in school, she p@ssed a question
I failed, third day in school, she luckily got paired with Prince Nathan. What do you think she’d do next, huh? She’s trying to humiliate me”.
“That’s not possible, Bitna and you know it. She’ll never be able to humiliate you, okay? Let’s just say she got lucky….”
“Lucky?” I scoffed.
you kidding me, Jeong? She got so lucky twice, Just three days of being a student there?”
I shook my head and scoffed.
“No. I need to kick her out. Whatever it would take, I need to kick her out of that school”.
Immediately, I heard the door to my bedroom open.
“Bitna?” Someone called and I knew instantly it was mum.
“I need to go” I sniffed and ended the call.
I took out a piece of tissue and wiped my face with it.
“Bitna? Are you there?” Mum called again and I looked into the mirror to be sure I’d gotten rid of my tears
Then, I walked out of the room, returning to the bedroom to meet mum.
“Hi mum” my voice was a little croaky.
“Hey, darling. Were you busy?” She cooed as she walked close to me and held my hands.
‘I was just….using the toilet” I sniffed, trying to avoid eye contact with her.
“Bitna, are you okay? Your eyes….”
“I’m fine, mum. I’m just….so busy. Are you going out?” I quickly tried to change the topic.
Moreover, I noticed she looked dressed up.
“Yes, dear. I need to hurry to the office now for….”
“The office?”,I made a crumpled look.
“When would you be back?”
“I…I don’t know but, I’ll try my best to come home today, okay?”
I scoffed and moved away from her, going to sit on the bed.
“Bitna, come on! Besides, your dad will be home soon” she said, but I didn’t reply.
Her phone started ringing immediately and I rolled my eyes.
“I’ll call you later, okay?” She walked up to me and kssed my hair and just as she was about leaving, I spotted something on her neck.
Huh? It looked familiar.
“Yes,,Betty? I’m on my way already”, she said over the phone as she walked away.
Danica’s Pov:
Getting to my room, I threw my bag angrily on the floor and almost screamed.
Ahh!! That animal!! I hated him! I hated his pres£nce so much!! What’s he doing here???
I placed my hands on my waist and paced tho and fro the room, thinking angrily.
Does he really think he could come back to our lives and act like nothing ever happened? Is that what he’s thinking? Then, he must be a bigger fool than I thought.
I paced angrily in the room and settled on the bed, running my hands into my hair.
Oh! How I wanted to hurt him – give him a million punches in the face and
let him see how stupid he is.
I stayed in that position for a long time, trying to get over the anger, but it was damn so difficult.
I stood up and went to the wardrobe, bringing out something simple to wear so I could change from my uniform.
In a giffy, I was done and left the room, headed for the sitting room.
Climbing down the stairs, I found him on his feet with grandma and it appeared they were done eating.
I slackened my steps and glared at him, a bile feeling crawling up my throat.
“Okay,son. Take care of yourself, okay? See you some other time” grandma said to him and it dawned on me he was about leaving.
“Thank you, mum” he bowed in obeisance and it choked me.
“I’ll see you off”,I suddenly said and they turned to look at me.
That was actually the first time they were noticing me on the stairs.
“Oh”, grandma mouthed.
“That’d be great”.
The ba$tard had a smile on his l!ps as I climbed down the stairs into the sitting room.
I walked p@ss them, headed for the door and walked out of the house.
He followed immediately and we walked in silence until we were far away from the house.
“You look more beautiful on mofty, than you look in uniform”, he complimented and I snapped to look at him.
“What do you think you’re doing,,Scott? What’re you doing here?” I asked angrily, my eyes blazing.
But all the m©nster did was chuckle.
“Relax, Danica. I don’t mean any harm”, he said.
“Seriously?? Didn’t I warn you to stay away? I thought I made myself clear? You really think you can come back here and act like nothing ever happened?” I questioned him.
“Come on, Danica. Let’s get p@ss that bridge. What do I have to do to make you see that I’ve changed?”
“Nothing, Scott. Absolutely nothing. No matter what, I’m only going to see the bastard that used and dumped me. I’m only going to see you as the monster you truly are. Your face disgusts me” I spat and tried walking away, but he held me back by the wrist, making to look him in the eyes.
“I don’t care what you say or do, Danica”, he muttered, his eyes so cold.
“But no matter what, I’ll never back out until you’re mine again. So, get ready”.
And with that, he let go of my wrist and walked away.
Episode 34
By: Faith Lucky
I returned home and found grandma at the dining, tidying it up.
I still felt angry towards Scott, but decided to control it and go help her.
“Has he left?” She asked as I helped her brush the crumbs of food.
All I did was nod.
“Danica” she called with a sigh.
“Are you two having issues? Back then…you and Scott used to be best of friends. You were almost…..lovers, if you weren’t”.
My brows arched in a frown,recalling how I’d sheepishly fallen for him.
She paused what she was doing and looked at me.
“If there’s a problem,,Danica, you can talk to me”.
“There’s no problem, granny. I just don’t like him anymore. Scott isn’t what he seems. He’s a wolf in sheep clothing”. I replied angrily.
I took up the dirty plates and walked out of the room.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked the guard who stood in front of me in the room.
There was a litted cigarette in my hand and I derived pleasure from it.
“Yes, my prince. She was chos£n as Prince Nathan’s room partner. So, they’d be working together. And I overheard she’d be coming here to the palace tomorrow, my prince”.
I puffed out smoke from my nostrils as it sounded good in my ears. Really good.
“So…Danica would be here tomorrow, huh?” I asked for confirmation and he nodded.
A smirk touched my l!ps.
Okay, then. I guess I’ll be waiting for her.
I parked my hair in front of the mirror, exposing the full length this time around.
I gave one doleful look at myself and taking a deep breath, I turned away from the mirror.
I took my bag and walked out of the room, and climbing down the stairs, I perceived a sweet aroma coming from the kitchen.
I climbed down the stairs and discovered it was grandma in the kitchen. Oh!
I went ahead to meet her.
“Good morning, granny.” I pecked her cheek.
“Good morning, my baby. How’re you doing, huh?” She asked sweetly as she stirred the content in the pot.
“Uh….I’m fine” I smiled.
“You’re ready for the group reading?” She asked and I nodded quickly.
I’d been able to convince her we were having a group meeting at a friend’s house and it had nothing to do with the royal family.
“Okay, dear. Take care of yourself, okay?”
“Of course, granny. I will. Uh….won’t you be going to work today?” I asked and her eyes beamed.
She felt excited .
“I took permission,Danica.
“Have you forgotten? Your mother would be coming home today. So, someone needs to go receive her.
“That’s the reason I’m making this meal, Danica. I can’t wait to welcome her home after 18 years. Oh God! I’m so happy, Danica”.
Her cheeks were flushing and I tried to manage a smile.
“Um…I’ll be on my way now, granny. I’m almost late” I muttered and started walking away.
“Okay, dear. Bye”.
And as I walked out, I thought of it: By the time I’d be back home, mum would’ve been home as well.
I boarded a cab to the palace and when we got to the usual vicinity, I stepped down and started walking the rest of the distance to the gate.
I walked for a long time, the morning sun reflecting on my face. And finally, I got to the gate.
Ah! At last.
Oh! Hold on….
I paused and took off my bracelet, putting it into my bag. Since granny’s instructed me to always put it on, I couldn’t leave the house without it. But there’s no way I’m taking it into the palace.
Oh God! I really hope its safe in my bag.
I took in a deep breath before knocking on the big gate. Gosh! It was so h@rd and I could barely hear the sound my fist produced from it.
I knocked again and my hands hurt this time around. Ouch!
Finally, the smaller part of the gate opened and a guard showed up.
“Yes?” He questioned, his face was as straight as an ironed shirt.
Oh my! How am I sure they’re even gonna let me in? How do I get to the prince?
“Uh….good morning” I tucked my hair behind my ear.
‘Actually….my name is Danica and..I’m here to see the prince – Prince Nathan”.
His eyes scrutinized me for a while.
“Danica Williams?” He asked and I nodded quickly.
Ah! How did he know my full name?
He stared at me one more time and opened the gate fully.
“Come in. The prince already told us about you” he said gruffly as he ushered me in.
Oh…really? No wonder.
I folded my l!ps as I walked in, feeling a little nervous.
I saw other armed guards around the gate and my heart skipped a bit.
“Come with me” the guard said and started walking away and I timidly followed, clasping my hands together.
I wanted to keep my eyes on the floor and act cool, but the beauty of the palace over powered me and I couldn’t help but stare.
G©sh! It was so beautiful, so amazing.
The colors, designs, floors, wealthiness. I suddenly imagined what it would be like, living in such a place.
The guard took me to a different building and we walked through a hallway for a long time before arriving at a particular door.
Oh! I guess the prince chose a different and quiet place for the practicals.
The guard knocked on the door and after a few seconds, his voice replied:
“Yes?” It sounded grumpy, like he was being disturbed.
“My prince, the lady is here – Danica” the guard said and my heart skipped as he mentioned my name.
G©sh! Can I just quit being so nervous? He’s human, anyway.
“Let her in” the prince replied and I felt my cheeks become hot instantly.
“You heard him” the guard mumbled to me and left and I rubbed my palms together.
I was going to be alone with the prince.
“Come on, Danica. You can do it. Its just practicals” I @ssured myself and taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked in.
Episode 35
By: Faith Lucky
I opened the door and walked in and at first, and my eyes beamed at the sight in front of me.
Wow! The room was beautiful.
I strained my eyes more, searching for the prince, and there I found him, beside the window. He held a mug with him.
Oh! Geez…..he looked really…cute.
He wore a short and white shirt which really fitted him in the morning weather.
“Good morning, my prince”, I bowed my head, my heart racing so fast.
He turned from the window and sipped from the mug which probably contained tea or coffee.
“Yeah, morning” he mumbled casually and sipped again.
I looked around the room and discovered there were lots of equipments there already – burner, volumetric flask, crucible, spring balance…..just everything we’d probably be needing.
“Okay. So, we can go straight to the point? I’m having an appointment in less than an hour”, Prince Nathan said as he started walking closer, his steps bold.
One hour time???
H’ll! There’s no way we’d be done by then.
“Y….Yes, my prince” I just nodded, anyway.
I walked to where an empty table was and dropped my bag, I opened it and brought out the manual.
“Uh….my prince, we’ll need to…” I turned as I spoke, but surprisingly, I found him staring keenly at me and my words were cut from my mouth.
Huh? Why’s he staring that way at me?
I furrowed my brows as our eyes locked, but I noticed his eyes were actually on my hair.
“M…My Prince..?” My voice trailed off.
I was uncomfortable with the way his eyes were on me.
He blinked rapidly and turned away, then sipped from his coffee.
Geez! What was that?
I itched my head and turned back to my book.
Okay…..I really need to focus. The better I focus, the earlier I can get out of here.
I took the manual to the table where the lab equipments were.
“Your name is Danica, right?” I suddenly heard the prince ask and I lifted my eyes to look at him.
He was still starring keenly at me.
“Y….Yes, my prince” i answered calmly, and he nodded and turned to back me.
‘Danica” i heard him mumble.
Oh God! What’s he thinking about? Please, don’t tell me there’s a problem.
I gulped nervously and tried to focus on the manual and what needed to be done.
A knock came on the door immediately and I couldn’t explain the relief I felt, knowing I wouldn’t be alone with the prince. G©sh! What am I even thinking?
Its just….the way he stares at me makes me so very nervous.
I looked behind at the door which was already opening and….oh! It was princess Mabel.
She walked in and her eyes caught with mine. Wow! She was looking so beautiful.
“Nathan, where did you say you kept the journal?” She asked tiredly as she came closer.
“Its close to the wardrobe, Mabel. I told you I’d be busy in here” the prince replied.
“Good morning, my princess”, I bowed my head when she got to where I was.
“Yeah…Good morning”, she stopped to look at me.
“Hold on….aren’t you the lady we almost knocked down the other day?” She asked and I nodded quickly.
“Oh! Wow. What a coincidence” she smiled at me.
I thought she was about walking away, but she came to me and touched my hair.
“Wow! You have a pretty long hair” she said as she touched the tip.
Oh geez.
“Thank you, ma’am” I smiled and tried to focus on the manual in front of me.
I didn’t even want to look at Prince Nathan. No, I couldn’t try it. I just tried as much as possible to keep my eyes on the book.
“Hm” she sighed and walked away, making me nervous as Nathan and I were the only ones left in the room again.
I actually had a feeling he wouldn’t want to participate much in the practicals, so I just went ahead to do the basics myself.
Nathan’s Pov:
There was something about her. Yes, something familiar.
Her hair being dark and long, the way it swung in the air when she fl!pped, and the way she walked. It was all familiar
And…her name was Danica. Danica.
Could this be a mere coincidence?
I brought my phone from my pocket and searched for a particular number.


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