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The twelfth disciples episode. 30 – 33

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 30
By: Faith Lucky
Mabel’s Pov:
I opened the door immediately. I looked at the direction I knew she had taken, but there was no trace of her.
I decided to run anyway, hoping I’d still see her on the other side, but as I made to run, I unfortunately sl!pped and landed on the floor.
“Ouch!” I shrieked and tried to take down the pains.
I forced myself up as soon as I could and continued running, taking the same direction. I took the next turn, but couldn’t find anyone. Still, I continued running.
Oh dmn it! I couldn’t lose her. It couldn’t just be a coincidence. That was the same bracelet! How come the lady has a replica of it? It’s possible there was a connection.
I took the next turn and stopped when I heard a sound from a toilet closeby. I didn’t even know what I was thinking, I just pushed the door open, hoping she was the one. But to my surprise, it was….eww! A lady taking what looked like hemp. And it wasn’t just any lady, bit Odeya. Princess Odeya – my God forsaken step sister. Gosh!
she turned abruptly to look at me, patently shocked at my unheralded entrance. Her nose was covered with the white substance,,which she had been inhaling.
“What is wrong with you?” She rasped. “Does this look like your room or what?”
I looked at her, disdainfully. I couldn’t believe she was still into drugs.
“Hey! I’m talking to you, bch! Get out of here!” She sniffed and twitched and I rolled my eyes at her.
“You should be ashamed of yourself” I said with disgust and left the room.
I looked left and right, my hands at akimbo, but there was no trace of the lady. Dmn it!! I couldn’t believe i’d just lost her.
I rushed back to the room I had used so I could get my bah and phone and as soon as I did, I dialed Nathan’s life.
He didn’t pick at first. So, I called again and that was when he picked up.
“Seriously Mabel? I thought I told you I was gonna….”
“She’s here”, I cut him off, my breath a little rough.
“I sawher here in school”.
“Hold on; you saw who? What’re you talking about?” He scoffed.
‘The lady you’re looking for – I just saw someone wearing the bracelet”.
Eric’s Pov:
“You mean she ignored you?” I asked, disbelievingly as my guard gave me the news.
“Yes, my prince. As soon as I mentioned your name, she’d ran away” he replied and I felt so much anger in me.
How dares she? How dares she run away from an order from me?
I brushed my f!ng£rs into my hair and sighed. I guess she might have to learn the wrong way.
I stood andwaited for Nathan at the school garage and finally, I spotted his car coming.
Yeah, perfect. Coming at the wrong time.
I crossed my hands and watched him as he came out of the car and walked towards me.
“Where’s she?” Was the first thing he asked.
“Seriously?? She’s in my nostrils. Here. Check for her” I lifted my left nostril for him and he scoffed.
“Will you quit the joke, Mabel and get serious?? Where’s she?” He snapped.
‘You want me to get serious?? Well, I called you about three hours ago, Nathan. Three hours. And you’re just coming? School’s already over”.I grouse .
“I was in the middle of a crucial meeting and couldn’t leave”.
I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“Anyway, I didn’t get to see her face” I broke the news and the countenance on his face changed.
“I was in the rest room, when I saw the bracelet drop on the floor. I quickly recognized it, but before I could wear my pnties and rush out of the toilet, I couldn’t find her anymore”.
“Dmn it” he ruffled his hair and mumbled silently.
“But…” He turned to me.
“Are you….Are you sure that was the bracelet you saw? What If…”
“I’m 200% sure, brother. I saw the exact copy of it. Even the name was there – DAN. Could it just be a coincidence? Well, two things are involved. It’s either its just a coincidence and a random lady who owns the same bracelet as hers, or she’s actually the one’.
“But…why would she be hiding? She must’ve seen the news, right? She should know I’m looking for her. Why hasn’t she shown herself?”
“Well…it’s possible she has a reason for hiding. But one thing’s for sure, brother; she’s in here with us”
Episode 31
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
I returned home from school, but didn’t meet grandma there.She was obviously still at work.
I went upstairs to my room, bathed and fixed my bracelet. Thank goodness, it was still at good as new.
When I was done, I went to the kitchen to make something to eat. Thank goodness we now had some foodstuffs at home due to the money I’d gotten from the royal banquet. And talking about the banquet…
What happened to the King, huh? We didn’t hear anything regarding his sudden collapse. Well, I guess he’s fine. Else, the royal family wouldn’t be coming to school.
I made some noodles and eggs and when I was done eating, I went over to see Nana.
Next morning
I brushed my hair in front of the mirror, parked it into two and left the room with my bag afterwards.
I climbed down the old stairs to the sitting room and met grandma dusting some things.
“Oh! You’re done?” She said, as soon as she saw me.
“Yes, granny. How do I look?” I beamed and twirled around.
“How else would you look in a uniform, Danica?” She chuckled.
“Anyway, you look beautiful”.
I flushed and adjusted my bag on my shoulder. I was about saying something when she did.
“Your mother will be out of jail by tomorrow” she said with a smile.
“She’ll be home”.
I twitched my l!ps to the side and stared down at my nails.
“I’m…I’m glad to hear that. Um….I’ll be on my way now, granny, so I don’t get late” I walked up to her and kssed her cheek.
“Okay, dear. Take care of yourself. Bye”.
“Bye, granny”. And I left the house.
As I walked to the road, I couldn’t help but think about mother. I really did love her. I mean, who wouldn’t love her mother? But the problem is…she doesn’t like me. Its always like my pres£nce irritates her or something.
My countenance changed. Perhaps, when she’s out of jail, she might treat me differently. Perhaps.
Bitna’s Pov:
I picked my food as i ate with mum at the dining. She kept making numerous calls and probably didn’t notice the brood look I had on.
How was she able to p@ss a question I failed? How possible??
I hit my fork slightly on my plate, feeling so angry. I’d not been myself since the previous day.
After the cl@ss, I’d overheard few of the students talking about it, calling her my competitor. Never! That’s never gonna happen. Was she there to humiliate me or what??
I tightned my grip around my fork and was about losing it. Before she humiliate me, I’d make sure I get her out of that school.
“Bitna!” Mum’s voice broke into my thoughts and I turned to see her looking at me.
“Darling, are you okay? You seem to be in thoughts’ she placed her hand on mine and I sighed and looked down at my food.
“I’m fine, mum. I’m just….” I exhaled and added “it’s nothing”.
“See you sure? You haven’t even touched your meal” she cooed and thinking for a while, I pushed my plate away.
“I’m not hungry. I’ll just…eat at the cafe later” I said as I stood up with my bag.
“Bye mum”.
“Hold on. I’ll drop you off at school” she marveled me.
I just stood, staring at her as she arranged her stuffs into her bag and stood up as well.
“Let’s go” she added and we left together.
Danica’s Pov:
I boarded a cab and after the usual long ride, I was in school. I walked p@ss the gate and headed straight to cl@ss and….it seems I was a little early because the cl@ss wasn’t really filled up. Even my seat mate wasn’t there.
I opened my bag and was about bringing out a book when someone showed up – the lady from yesterday.
“Hey”, she smiled as she sat on the empty locker in front of me, facing me.
What’s her name again? Yeah…Jee!!
“Hi” I tucked the little hanging part of my hair behind my ear.
“How’re you doing, huh?” She asked.
“Um…I’m fine and you?”
“I’m cool”.
A brief silence stepped in.
“Why was the prince looking for you yesterday?” She asked in a whisper, leaning forward.
Oh that….I seriously didn’t want to remember.
“I…don’t know. And don’t want to know” I shrugged and lowered my gaze.
“Oh girl. Its obvious he’s been attracted to you. Prince Eric is a jerk”, she smirked and I looked at her, wondering if she’s had an encounter with him.
“Well…” She looked at her phone.
“You know, you’re pretty, and attractive. But I’d advise you to stay far away from him as possible. That guy can do the impossible. And for the fact that you rejected him yesterday….” She clicked her tongue.
“You just need to be careful, bae”.
I arched my brows at her. What’s that supposed to mean?
Just then, her phone started ringing.
“Excuse me” she smiled and left.
For a while, I reminisced on what she said. But why exactly would the prince be calling for me, huh?
Oh God! I really hope that’d be the last time he ever calls for me. I just hope it was a mistake or something. Please, I really didn’t want to get into trouble with any member of the royal family.
I brought a book out of my bag and decided to keep myself busy with it. I read for a very long time and only stopped when I noticed the teacher walk in. It was the chemistry teacher.
I looked around and discovered the cl@ss was filled up already. My eyes spotted Bitna.
Oh! But my seat mate was still abs£nt. Huh? Could it be possible she wouldn’t be coming to school today?
“Good morning, students” Mrs Hayoon greeted as soon as the students were seated down.
She was standing in front of the cl@ss, her big books on the table.
“Good morning, Mrs Hayoon” the students chorused.
“Yeah..hope y’all had a pleasant night?’
“Kind of…”
The students mumbled.
She adjusted her medicated gl@sses and looked down at her books.
“So”, she lifted her head again.
“As you all know, I’d be pairing y’all for the upcoming test.
“Like I’ve earlier explained, you’ll all be paired with someone, meet up with your partner and study together. It’ll go on for 3 days and….” She suddenly stopped talking, but I couldn’t tell why immediately.
Her eyes were fixed at the door and when I heard the students mumbling, I knew something was up.
“Prince Nathan…!” I heard the name amongst some of the mumblings and my heart skipped.
Prince who??
I turned swiftly to have a look and was stunned to see the prince walking in.
Oh my! He was really in school! He came!
He had headphones connected in his ears and walked in so casually, not minding the commotion he was causing. He took an empty seat at the back.
“Prince Nathan” Mrs Hayoon called and adjusted her gl@sses.
“Isn’t this a miracle? You’re in school today”.
He rolled his eyes and unplugged his headphones and..g©sh! He looked so handsome when he did that.
“Yeah”,he shrugged, so carefree.
The students were still stealing glances at him, and side talking as well.
Well, who wouldn’t admire such beauty? Everything about him screamed royalty and wealthy. Sometimes, I wonder if he has a girlfriend. She must be lucky. I couldn’t believe he was actually in the same cl@ss with me.
The chemistry stared at him for a while, and I wondered what she could possibly have in mind.
“Anyway,” she stared down at her book.
“I guess we should go on.
“Like I was saying, the practicals with your partners would go on for 3 days and on the fourth day, each group is expected to submit their results.
“So…I’d go straight to the names right away”.
She opened one of the books on the table and stared into it.
“Soo-min will be paired with Hana” she bagan, her eyes not leaving the book.
Oh! That was a girl and girl.
Slight mumblings went on as the two girls exchanged glances at each other.
“Kim will be paired with Chin-su
“Moon will be paired with Noah…”
And the calling of names went on and on for a long time until she was obviously done because she closed the book.
But….she didn’t call my name.
“Prince Nathan” she adjusted her gl@sses again and placed her hands at akimbo.
“I had no idea you’d be coming to school today and since you’ve been abs£nt for such a long time, I decided to skip your name. But….since you’re in school already, I’ll just pair you up with someone”.
“You don’t have to worry about that, Mrs Hayoon. I don’t need a partner” Prince Nathan said grumpily, but the teacher didn’t seem to pay attention to him as she scoured her eyes round the room.
“Was any of you not paired here?” She asked, but nobody said a word.
Then suddenly, her eyes ran into me
“Miss Danica!” She called, like she was just seeing me for the first time.
“I didn’t call your name, did I?” She asked and I shook my head, nervously.
Oh God! I hope it isn’t what I’m thinking.
“Oh, dear. Forgive me. You know, since you’re a new student, I completely forgot to add you to the list.
“Well, in that case, I guess you’ll be paired with Prince Nathan”, she said, and the whole cl@ss g@sped.
Episode 32
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
I felt my heart stop beating.
As the lecturer pronounced the words, and the students g@sped, I felt my heart stop beating.
Hold on….whaaat???? Prince Nathan?
I’m….I’m paired with him?????
That’s impossible!
My eyes widened in shock as I left my mouth agaped as well.
“The new student?” I heard some of the students say.
“Oh my God! How did she get so lucky?”
I forced my l!ps short as I suddenly became thirsty.
I clasped my palms together on my locker and tried to control my anxiety.
Okay Danica. Maybe this is a dream. This is probably a dream
“So, after this cl@ss, you’re to meet up with your partners and agree on your time and location. I don’t know how you wanna do it, but its up to you. All I know is, you’re to submit your results on the fourth day. Everything you need to do is already stated in your manual. Is that understood?” Mrs Hayoon said and the students chorused a “yes ma’am”.
It took everything in me to be able to stop myself from turning to look at the prince. And not just him, but the rest of the people in the cl@ss as well. I could tell all eyes were on me.
“Now, that settled,” she continued.
“Let’s get down to the business of the day”.
She took a white board marker and walked over to the board.
She spent almost an hour in the cl@ss and as soon as she left, surprisingly, the prince left as well. It was more like he was going after her.
I stayed in my seat, having so many thoughts going through my mind. I couldn’t work with the prince. No; what if grandma finds out?
She’s always warned me to stay clear of the royal family? What then would happen when she gets to know I got paired up with the prince? She might angrily ask me to quit school.
Oh God! This is so complicated. What do I do?
We received two more cl@sses and as soon as the last teacher left, the cl@ss became noisy and I could tell, they were all talking about the partnership – mostly about me.
I spotted Bitna leaving the cl@ss with her crew and didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me she was dangerously angry. Oh God. The look on her face…..
Geez! I didn’t ask for this. I’m not even sure i want this. Being so close to the prince… sounded dangerous.
I stood up with my bag and left the cl@ss and as soon as
I walked p@ss the door, someone walked up to me, a guy in suit. He looked like… of the guards.
“Excuse me, Miss. But the prince would want to talk to you”, he said as he held out a phone to me.
Huh? What prince?
G©sh! I really hope it’s not what I’m thinking.
“Wh…What prince?” I asked, trying as much as possible not to panic.
“Prince Nathan. He’s on the phone, Miss”, he replied and I released the breath I’d been holding.
Oh…thank goodness, its Nathan. I’d been so scared it was going to be Eric.
But Nathan….I still had s lot to worry about him
I gulped nervously and collected the phone from the guard,then I placed it on my ear.
“H…Hello?” My voice shook a little.
G©sh! I was so nervous.
“Danica” he called.
It was him – Prince Nathan!
Oh my! This wasn’t a dream. It really wasn’t a dream.
“My…my prince”, I bowed my head like he was right there in front of me.
I looked at the guard, and he was staring keenly at me.
“You got paired with me, right?” He asked.
“Yeah, I tried all I could to talk the teacher out of it, but she wouldn’t listen” he added and my eyes dimmed.
Whaaat?? He tried to talk her out of it?
I gulped h@rd and didn’t say anything.
“So, we’ll need to meet up for the practicals, right? Tomorrow’s weekend and there are no cl@sses.
Now, we both know I can’t come over to your place. So, you’d have to come over to mine. And that’s the palace”.
My heart skipped at the mention of that. Wait…..the palace???
No; no. No way.
“M…My prince” i stuttered.
“I’m…I’m sorry but, I don’t think I can make it”,
“Why not?” He asked and I licked my dry l!ps.
“Uh…the thing is, I can’t…I can’t go to the palace” I said and he scoffed
“So, where do you want us to meet miss Danica?” He asked, but I couldn’t say a reply.
I completely had no idea.
“Listen, I don’t mean to sound rude but, I’m not the chemistry teacher, okay? I didn’t fix this. So, if you feel you wouldn’t be able to make it, we can just simply call it off and we both fail the test.
“If you’re interested, you come to the palace, 10 a.m.I’ll have all the equipments ready”.
And he ended the call.
So rude.
I wore a crumpled as I brought the phone down from my ear. Why was he so grumpy, huh? Geez!
I returned the phone to the guard who nodded and left without saying a word. And I stood there for a while, in thoughts.
After getting off the cab, I walked the rest of the distance home and as I did, I couldn’t help but think about the prince. Prince Nathan. What do I do, huh? The whole thing seemed so complicated.
Definitely, there’s no way I’m telling grandma about this, else, I’d be a dead meat. Definitely, she’s gonna ask me to quit school. And having such a golden opportunity to be I Royal High, I didn’t wanna leave it for anything.
But the prince….what if he finds out I’m the lady he’s looking for? Or what if something happens?
Or….g©sh! I didn’t even know what to think anymore. But seriously, I felt there was a big problem.
Although, it was awesome and a big pleasure working with the prince, but I still felt kinda scared.
I finally got home and couldn’t believe I’d been thinking the entire time.
About opening the door, I heard some noises from the sitting room.
I furrowed my brows and pushed the door open and the first person I saw was Scott.
He was in the room with grandma and they were both laughing together, looking so happy.


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