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The twelfth disciples episode 27 – 29

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 27
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
After spending enough time in an isolated area, I finally returned home and as hoped for, the ba$tard was already gone.
I went into the house, took my bath and changed and as soon as I was done, grandma returned.
“Danica, dear” she squealed happily and hugged me.
Huh?? What’s making her so excited??
“G…granny?” I called, surprised
I couldn’t recall the last time I had seen her this happy.
“Granny, what’s it? What happened?” I asked as soon as we pulled away from the hug, a smile crept into my face.
“Goodnews, Danica. Goodnews. Your mother will be out of jail in less than three days” she said and I felt my heart skip.
“Mum?” I called, like I needed another word for it.
“Yes, Danica. She’ll finally be out of jail – after 18 years! She’ll be free”.
I had a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness.
Happy because my mother would finally be out of jail, and sad because she doesn’t like me.
I felt downcasted, but decided to put up a smile so I don’t ruin grandma’s.
“That’s….that’s goodnews, granny. I can’t wait to have her at home” I smiled fauxly.
“Yes, Danica. Our family will be complete!”
G©sh! She was so happy and I wished I could as well.
Her daughter loves her, but hates me.
“Come on, dear. Let’s get dinner ready. Come with the guards” she started towards the direction of the kitchen and I took the bags sw was referring to and followed.
“So, how was school today…” She asked along the way….
I tried as much as possible to keep the conversation flowing in the kitchen as grandma and I prepared dinner.
I told her briefly about my day in school, excluding Bitna and the prince’s part, of course. I didn’t want to tell her about Bitna so she wouldn’t panic.
And the prince…well, you know why I can’ttell her.
I thought of telling her about Scott’s visit, but quickly changed my mind, not wanting to talk about the m©nster.
Grandma had no idea of what he did to me back then. And I couldn’t tell her about it cause she might feel disappointed toward me, getting to know I’dlost my vrgnity so cheaply. It was a thing of shame.
When we were done cooking, we ate together and afterwards, I went upstairs to my room.

I sat on the bed, my book in front of me, still, I was unable to concentrate.
I had to work on the organic chemistry @ssignment, but Scott’s stupid face wouldn’t let me think.
I leaned my head on the wall and couldn’t help thinking of the past, how he’d ruined me.
Back there, where grandma and I lived before, I was admired by a large number of boys who kept making advances on me.
Theyall tried one way or the other to have me, but being very careful, I turned every one of them down.
Scott had shown up out of the blues. He was so handsome, looked gentle and really friendly and I seriously have no idea, why I’d fallen for him.
He came to me as a friend, got so close to me and made me feel comfortable, mike I’d never felt with any other guy.
From being friends, a strong bond developed between us and we found ourselves head over heels for each other. He was my first love – the first guy that’d captured my heart.
He’d gotten at me soo deep, I gave him my dignity. Yes – we had sx and he was the first guy to ever do that to me. He defl©wered me.
Little did I know it was all a bet. Yes, a stupid bet between himself and some of the boys that’d been making advances at me.
Because I’d been proving too h@rd to get, he made a bet, @ssuring them he’d be the one to pop my cherry. His friends doubted him, but when he came for me, he really succeeded. The ba$tard used and dumped me, and laughed about it with his friends.
And how I’d gotten to know was the day two of the boys teased me with it when we’d met along the road. Oh! I’d never forget that experience.
I sniffed and moved my head from the wall and that was when I realized I was already weeping.
And to think he had the guts to show up here today, asking for my forgiveness. If only I had known, I’d have given him more than a slap.
He was a monster and I was never going to forgive him.
I wiped that tears that stained my face and tried tofocus on my @ssignment.
Next Morning
I’d woken up, bathed, ate with grandma and gotten ready for school, feeling more lively.
“Take care of yourself, Danica” grandma said as I i walked out the door after waving at her.
“I will, granny. Bye”. I replied.
Having some money with me, I walked to the road and boarded a cab to school and after a long ride, I was there.
I settled the cabby and continued the rest of the walk to the gate and nervously walking p@ss the umpteen number of students at the facade, I finally got to my cl@ss.
I walked in quietly and took my seat, having no one to talk to.
Then, I noticed they were submitting some books to a particular student and I figured it was the karate @ssignment.
I stood up with my bag and walked to the lady collecting the books.
“Hi” I tapped her lightly.
“Uh…sorry, but what book are they submitting?”
She looked at the shoulder I had touched and glared at me.
“The chemistry @ssignment”, she rolled her eyes and turned away.
I opened my bag and brought out my own book, then gave it to her.
“Thanks”, I muttered as she collected it. Then, I returned to my seat.
Most of the students in the cl@ss were all chatting and giggling, but I just brought out a book and started reading.
I read for a long time and was so engrossed in the book, I didn’t realize when the cl@ss became filled up and settled.
It was when the teacher walked in that I noticed and I quickly closed my book. Guess it was time for lectures and…oh! It was the chemistry teacher.
“Good morning, students” she greeted warmly, and just like yesterday, few of the students mumbled
“Good morning, Mrs Hayoon”.
She dropped the piles of books she held on the table in front of her and with the look of things, they seemed to be our @ssignment books.
“Before we commence cl@sses today” she began.
“I must say I’m highly disappointed at the results of the @ssignment.
“Every single person solved it wrongly.
“Just one of you; one person – had been able to get it correctly”.
My brows arched in surprise.
Huh?? Just one?? Geez!
“I’m pretty sure it must be Bitna” one of the girls behind me mumbled.
“Yeah, of course. Who else would it be?”the second commented.
I narrowed my eyes to Bitna’s seat and found her there, her two friends seated close to me.
Well, I wouldn’t blame myself for getting it wrong as well. That ba$tard – Scott – had really done a great job in distracting me.
The nerves of him….
The lecturer sighed and looked down at the books.
Then, opening a book, which looked like mine, she called:
“Danica Williams”.
My heart gave a leap immediately as all eyes searched for me.
I stared at her, confused.
Isn’t that…my name?
“Please, stand” she added politely, her eyes on me and I thought I stopped breathing.
Episode 28
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
“Please, stand” she added politely, her eyes on me and I thought I stopped breathing.
Huh? What have I done? Why does she want me to stand?
My heart beat heavily as I forced myself to stand. The entire cl@ss were staring at me.
“”Please, come forward” the woman further said and I gulped h@rd and left my seat, going out to meet her.
Oh God! I just hoped I wasn’t in any form of trouble.
I finally got to where she was, in front of the cl@ss and she signalled me to face the students, which I did.
“Miss Danica is a new student here”, the woman began.
“And its shocking to know she’s the only one that p@ssed the @ssignment. How is it possible? I seriously wonder”.
Oh my God?
My breath hitched as I turned slightly to look at the woman. I was thinking only one that p@ssed the @ssignment?? Me???
Is she sure?? Oh my God!
For no reason, I narrowed my eyes to Bitna and the expression on her face – it was pale. It was obvious she was confused.
“Good job, Danica” the woman held out my book to me.
‘You did a really excellent and impressive job. Nice one”.
I felt my cheeks become hot instantly. Oh my gee!!
I gulped h@rd and collected the book from her.
“Thank you, ma’am,” my voice shook a little.
She smiled at me and I turned and returned to my seat.
I was the only student that p@ssed the @ssignment. Just me.
As I returned to my seat, I felt all eyes on me. Some mumbled, some smiled, while some glared. I noticed Bitna’s eyes were on me the whole time, till I had gotten to my seat.
Oh, boy..! I just hope I’m not in any kind of trouble.
“Wow! Congratulations” the lady next to me said and I turned to see her smiling at me.
Oh! So, she could actually sound nice?
“Thank you” I returned the smile and faced my book.
I opened to the last updated chapter and my eyes beamed when I confirmed the accuracy. I really did p@ss the @ssignment.
Eric’s Pov:
I sat in the car with my phone as they drove me to school.
The news about the lady Nathan was looking for was all over the net. Her bracelet was there.
But who is she? And why was he looking for her, so restlessly. Hmph.
I looked at the bracelet closely, on it was written :DAN.
Dan. Could that be her name? But what connection does she have with Nathan?
“Sir” my guard at the front seat suddenly turned to look at me.
“About the lady you asked me to make inquiries on, I’ve gotten the details”.
I looked up at him, awaiting him to go on.
“Her name is Danica Williams”, he continued.
“She’s a new student here, commenced yesterday – under scholarship”
“Scholarship?” I asked and he nodded.
Hmph. That means shes a commoner.
“She’s in the s£nior grade, science department. So far, there’s no record of her having a friend here in school”.
I nodded as he finished.
Hmm. Science department. So, we were in different departments?
And that also meant she was in the same cl@ss with Nathan. Hmph. That rude je.rk that doesn’t come to school.
I placed a f!ng£r on my chin and thought for a while. She was a commoner,but so beautiful.
I guess she deserves my touch after all.
“Get ready” I said to him.
“I’ll be getting her today”.
Danica’s Pov:
We had three cl@sses before lunch time and as soon as the last teacher left, the cl@ss became noisy and busy.
I arranged my books into my bag and stood up and just when I was about walking out, Bitna and her companions arrived.
Oh my!
They stood in front of me and threw loathful stares at me – especially Bitna. She acted like she wanted to eat me up. What did I do wrong?
Then, without saying a word, they walked away.
I looked around and discovered most of the students had been staring at us.
G©sh. I took my bag and quietly left the cl@ss.
Getting to the stairs, I bumped into them again – Bitna and her friends. huh? It was more like they had been waiting for me because they just stood, staring at my direction.
I lowered my head and continued walking anyway, and when I had gotten close to them, Bitna suddenly gripped my wrist.
“What do you think you’re trying to do, huh?” She snapped.
“How were you able to p@ss a question I failed?”
Her question mused me.
There were few students around, but she didn’t seem to care as she held me roughly.
“Miss, y…you’re hurting me” I grouse but she only tightened her grip more.
“Don’t try to play dumb with me, okay? Answer my question! What do you think you’re trying to do?” She said angrily and I winced.
“But, I didn’t…I didn’t do anything wrong. All I did was study” I replied and she scoffed.
“So, you’re trying to say I didn’t study, huh? Are you trying to insult me?”
I bit my lower l!p and didn’t say a word. Then, she let go of my wrist.
“If you think you’re here to humiliate me, then I promise to kick you out of this school” she said scornfully and with that, she walked away with her crew.
I turned and watched them as they left, being really amused. I couldn’t believe she was acting this way simply because I p@ssed and she failed. Is she the only one expected to be brilliant or impressive?
I shook my head and continued on my way. And as I did, I had no idea my bracelet was about to get loosed because of the way Bitna had held my wrist.
Episode 29
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
Bitna’s attitude had left me completely speechless, making me think it was a crime to be intelligent in school. Although, I was also surprised i was the only one that had p@ssed the questions, but it doesn’t mean she’d have to threaten me for it.
I found my way to the cafeteria and bought some snacks before heading to my usual spot, the same quiet place I had made use of the previous day.
It seems students didn’t like to make use of it and I guess that was the reason I loved it more.
I took my seat and opened the snacks I bought, and to blend it in, I decided to read a book.
For a long while, I was alone and quiet, but not until I heard a voice:
“How did you do it?”
Huh? It was a question from an unfamiliar voice.
I lifted my head to see a young pretty lady, standing beside me. She was putting on the uniform and was obviously a student there. But she didn’t look familiar.
I stared quietly at her, surprised and confused. How do i what?
“How were you able to answer a question even Bitna failed?” She completed her question as she turned around and came to sit in front of me.
Oh! Seriously??? There we go again.
I looked down at my snack and had a quick thought: “should I reply her? Or just ignore?
“Is it….impossible?” I finally looked at her and asked, my voice coming out calm.
“Well…Its actually the first time something like that has happened in our grade” she shrugged and my eyes beamed. Huh? For real??
“Bitna has always been like the Queen of the cl@ss” she futher saod and. “She actually won the best student of the session. During a test, @ssignment or whatsoever, its either she p@sses alongside some other students, or the entire cl@ss fails, or she’s the only one that gets it right. There’s never been an incidence where Bitna fails, and somebody else gets it right. So, that’s the reason I’m surprised”.
Wow! The story actually left me speechless. Was that how brilliant she was? Too bad she’s a spoilt brat.
I bit my l!p and stared down at my book again.
“So, how did you do it, huh?” She asked again and I sighed.
“I didn’t do anything special. All I did was study” I said with a light smile.
“Hmm. Really? Then, I must recommend you for that. You’re indeed, a brilliant one”. She said and I flushed at it.
“Thanks miss”, I hushed.
Before looking back at my book, my eyes caught the sight of the bangle on her wrist. It looked really cl@ssy and I didn’t need anyone to tell me she was one of those rich kids.
“My name is Jee” she said after a little pause.
“I’m Bitna”,I said with a warm smile and she was about saying something when the pres£nce of a strange guy, interrupted the moment.
We both paused and looked up at him. He wasn’t putting on a uniform and didn’t seem to be a student.
“Hey;” he called when he stood in front door us, but his eyes were on me. “Miss Danica, I’d like you to come with me for a minute, please”.
I looked at Jee and she seemed surprised as well. Who’s he?
“Uh…is there a problem?” I asked and he shook his head and answered:
“Not at all, miss. My prince would just like to have a word with you.
My heart leapt at the mention of the prince. Wait….whaaat??? The prince??
I looked at the Jee lady and she also had a blank look on her face.
“What….what prince?” I asked, my eyes beaming flashes.
“Its prince Eric. Please, come with me. He’s waiting in the car”.
Oh God!! Prince Eric?? The one who I heard was a fl1rt? Why would he be calling for me? Why me?
No; I couldn’t think of seeing him. I couldn’t.
I gulped nervously and stood up with my bag and book.
“I’m….I’m really, sir. But I don’t think I can see him. Please,don’t be offended”.
And with that, I scurried off.
Geez! Like what ??? Prince Eric?? Calling for me?? How does he even know me in the first place? We’ve never met before.
Although, I was so much curious and wished to know why he was calling for me, but I was so scared as well. I didn’t want to get into trouble with any member of the royal family. Besides, grandma’s instructions….
Aside that, I still felt scared going close to someone like Prince Eric – not after what I’ve heard about him.
The tension suddenly made me pressed and I decided to make use of the restroom.
Using the school map I had with me, I followed the directions and arrived at the female restroom. G©sh! I felt so nervous. Prince Eric – calling for me?? Why on earth would he call for me? What have I done when I haven’t even met him??
I ran into an empty room and took in a deep break as soon as I was seated on the toilet seat. Oh my…..
That was so relieving. I couldn’t believe something could make this nervous to the point of almost peeing on my p@nts.
I ran my f!ng£rs into my hair and took in several deep breaths.
“It’s fine, Danica” I re@ssured myself.
Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe the prince actually s£nt for someone else and the guard mistook it to be me.
No; he had mentioned my name as well. Gosh! What am I even thinking??
I blew air to my face with my palm and after a long while, I left the seat, fixing my p@nts on.
I took in one deeper breath and left the room with my bag, looking left and right for a washbasin.
Oh! Found it!
I walked over to it, turned on the water and washed my hands and when I was done, I took my bag and started walking away.
But suddenly, I felt something drop from my hand to the floor. I quickly stopped to have a look and g@sped when I discovered it was my bracelet.
Whaaat??? How did it get loosed???
My eyes widened in shock as I quickly bent to pick it up. I looked around, beady eyed, and thankfully, there was nobody around.
Oh…Good lord!! Thank the stars, no one saw it.
I fixed it carefully in my bag, and taking one last look around, I walked away.
Mabel’s Pov:
“Seriously Nathan, you’re being so unserious with school these days” I queried on the phone as I sat on the toilet seat.
“Yesterday, you told me you were coming to school as soon as you were done with your appointment, but after your meeting with the principal, you left. Today, you didn’t show up entirely. I thought you said you were gonna change?”
“Oh! Please Mabel. Give me a break. Stop acting like, mother okay?” He said peskily on the phone, making me scoff.
“Anyway, I’ve been really busy. But I’ll try my best to be there tomorrow” he added.
“Oops! Gotta call, Mab. I’ll call you later” and he hurriedly ended the call.
Geez?? Seriously??
I huffed and dropped the phone on my laps, placing my hands on my chin afterwards. Nathan is so unserious with school and I really don’t know why.
Handsome, but a jerk.
I was about standing up from the seat when all of a sudden, I saw a bracelet drop on the floor.Huh?
I could see it clearly from the little space beneath the door.
They seemed to had fallen off someone’s wrist because there were footsteps as well.
But, having a close at it, it looked so familiar. Sooo familiar.
My brows arched as I saw a hand picking it up and immediately, I g@sped when the thought dawned on me.
Hah!!!! It was the bracelet!!!
The same bracelet Nathan had!!!
My eyes widened in shock as I felt my head spin.
I stood up from the toilet immediately and wore my p@nts on.


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