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The twelfth disciples episode 21 to 23

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 21
By: Faith Lucky
Bitna’s Pov:
I arrived home, feeling so ecstatic. And to crown it all, mum and dad were home as well.
“Bitna!” mum called as soon as she spotted.
She was the first person I met and she sat alone in the sitting room, a laptop on her leg, and scattered files and papers beside her on the couch.
“Hi mum” I beamed and ran to peck her.
“Hm. You look happy. How was the banquet?” She asked as I sat next to her on the couch.
“It was excellent, mum! So..amazing” I replied happily, smiles allover my face.
“Wow! Really? Too bad I couldn’t attend” her f!ng£rs were busy on the laptop.
“Um….actually, I think the King is sick” I said.
“Sick? How?”
“He actually collapsed during the toast”.
She took her eyes from the system and looked st me immediately, shock written over her.
“Whaaat??? He collapsed??” She shrieked and I nodded.
“Oh my God! How did it happen? What’s wrong with him?”
“I don’t know, mum. He just….p@ssed out. And because of that, the banquet was canceled”.
“Wow! But…if the banquet was canceled, why then did you say it was fun?” She asked and I smiled.
“Well” I paused and cleared my throat.
“I got to talk to prince Nathan”.
She arched a brow.
“Prince Nathan?” She asked, rather amused.
And I nodded like a baby.
“O…..kay. So, what happened? What did you two talk about?” She turned to face me, suddenly picking interest.
“Well….nothing much, mum. You know he’s kinda quiet and grumpy. But he touched me” I smiled, picking my f!ng£rs shyly.
She was about saying something when dad’s pres£nce interrupted us.
“Bitna” he called in his usual manly tone as he walked down the stairs, his hands in his nicker pockets.
“Hi dad” I stood up and went to hug him.
“You didn’t come for the banquet” I said as I pulled away from him.
“Yes, dear. Got really hooked up at the office. Howwas it?” He asked.
“Bitna said the King collapsed” mum replied before I could.
“What? He collapsed?” Daddy’s face was crumpled.
“Yes, dad. We have no idea what happened. He just p@ssed out when we were about making a toast” I shrugged and he scoffed in surprise.
“Woah! That’s serious” he mumbled.
“I’ll be inmy room, mum. Need to take a shower” I said, aloud.
“Okay, darling. Don’t forget to take your milk, okay?”
“Yes, mum” I replied and took the stairs.
I couldn’t wait to tell Hana and Jeong about my encounter with the prince.
Nathan’s Pov:
I came out of the bathroom, my hair dripping w€t and towel tied around my waist.
I walked over to my second wardrobe,took out one of my night robes and just as I was done putting it on, my door opened and I looked to discover it was mum.
“Son” she smiled sweety as she walked in.
She wasalso putting on a nightie and looked like she was about going to bed.
“Hey, mum” I muttered and went to sit on the bed.
She didn’t say a word till she had gotten close to me and sat next to me on the bed.
“Wanna sleep?” She asked as she touched my face.
“Yeah….I feel a little drowsy” I told her and she smiled and stroke my hair.
“Any improvement on dad?” I asked but she shook her head.
I exhaled deeply.
“So…what happens when we don’t find this 12th disciple? Does it mean he’s just gonna die?” I asked, perturbed.
“Unfortunately, son. That’s what it means.
“But perhaps, he might survive if we find her”
“But, how mum? Its been 18 years since she went missing. How do we find her? How do we even know her location?”I grumbled.
“Don’t worry, son. I’ll have some private investigators look into it”
My eyes dimmed.
“Huh? You wanna involve an outsider? Remember what the doctor said, mum. He warned us to keep it a secret and amongst ourselves, mum. Because, if the 12th disciple gets to know we’re looking for her,,she might go into a more complicated hiding….”
“Yes, yes, I know, son. I know. And that’s the reason I’ll be employing trustworthy people. Don’t worry. But…you still need to make efforts to look for her.” She enthused.
“How, mum? Where do I start from?”
She sighed and touched my hair.
“A little tip” she leaned closer and whispered.
“Each disciple had a mark on their waists according to their numbers. So, apparently, the 12th disciple would also have a mark on her waist – with the number 12”.
I stared at her, silently, trying to digest the info.
A mark on her waist.
“So…does it mean I’d have to open the clothes of every lady I meet just to find a mark?” I asked and she laughed.
“It’s just atip, Nathan. Don’t worry, we’re in this together” she winked at me and stood up.
“I should leave you to have some rest. Goodnight, okay?” She kssed me.
“Goodnight, mum” I mumbled and she walked away.
For a long while, I was still and silent, reminiscing on the whole incidence – dad being sick, finding the 12th disciple., becoming the heir to the throne…
G©sh! It was so overwhelming.
I took in a deep breath and buried my face in my palms, thinking deeply.
Why did this had to happen now, huh? Why the cur$e?
I stood up from the bed and went to my third wardrobe, bringing the bracelet out of it.
At least, I needed something to calm myself.
I returned to the bed with it, laid and covered myself up with the duvet, then stared at it, my f!ng£rs playing with the letters of the name – DAN.
I still couldn’t find her. Where could she be? Hasn’t she seen the news?
And why could she be running from me? Anyone would die to be in her possession. So, why was she acting differently?
I sighed and stared intently at it.
Somehow, I just couldn’t feel at ease without finding her. I felt I needed to see her.
I couldn’t really point out the reason but, I just needed to see her.
Dan – I’ll find you.
Danica’s Pov:
I yawned and stretched on the bed as I felt someone calling me.
Oh crazy. Who could it be?
“Dan! Wake up, Dan! Its morning already” I heard the annoying voice and quickly recognized it.
“Oh! Nana,what have I ever done to you?” I grumbled as I turned to back her, but she slapped my arm.
“Your grandma’s outside” she snapped and my eyes flung open at once.
I turned sharply to look at her.
“My grandma?” I asked, like I hadn’t heard her.
“You heard me, Dan. She’s outside…waiting for you”.
I furrowed my brows and sat up
Huh? What’s she doing here? And how did she know I slept in Nana’s house?
Probably because Nana was the only friend I had.
“Come on, Dan. You shouldn’t keep her waiting” she said as she stood up and tried lifting me up the bed.
“I….I don’t wanna see her” I pouted.
“Huh? Are you kidding me?? Stop being such a spoilt brat and her off the bed. Now!”
And with that, she succeeded in lifting me up the bed.
Oh God! I really didn’t feel like meeting her
Nana held my hand and forced me out of the room, then out of the house. And there I met grandma, standing and waiting.
Her face was plain.
“She’s here now, ma’am. Sorry it took long” Nana smiled as she dropped me in front of her and left.
Oh crap.
“Good morning, granny” I mumbled as I stared down at my shirt, keeping my face straight.
For a while,she was silent. And I wondered if she didn’t have anything to say.
“You should come with me. We need to go home” she said in a flat tone and turned around.
“I’m not going home”I pouted and she turned to look at me.
“I wanna stay here for sometime” I added, under my breath, fiddling with the tip of my shirt.
I heard her sigh.
“Really? Well…I thought you might want to start cl@sses today” she said and my eyes beamed.
Episode 22
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
I stared at her, confused. Huh? What’s she talking about?
“Cl….Cl@sses?” I repeated and she sighed.
“You’ve gotten the admission, right? Wouldn’t you want to go to school?” She replied, making me more curious.
Does it mean….
“But…I thought you didn’t want me to….”
“Its alright, Danica” she said fraily.
“I’ve come to realize…I can’t stop you anymore. So, its fine. Don’t worry, you can proceed to the Royal High school”.
My eyes beamed immediately.
Oh my God! She’s….She’s really giving me her permission now?
“Granny…” I called, but ran out of words.
And she let out a light smile.
“Come on. Its getting pretty late already” she said and started walking away and I stood for a long time, totally surprised.
I rushed into the house, grabbed my bag, thanked Nana and her mum before running out to catch up with grandma.
Mabel’s Pov:
I knocked on the door and his cold voice ushered me in before opening the door.
“Hey brother” I beamed as I walked in and found him in front of the mirror, fixing his collar button.
“Hey Mab” he said casually and took his eyes back to the mirror.
“Are you…going out this early? Or you’ll be attending cl@sses today?” I asked.
“Yeah…both. I’m having a meeting. And when I’m done, I’ll come straight to school” he replied and I rose my brows.
“Oh! So, you’ll be attending cl@sses today, huh? Isn’t that great?” I teased.
“What’re you talking about, Mabel? Don’t I attend cl@sses before?”
“Oh, please Nathan. We both know that only happens once in a very blue moon. I’m pretty sure you can’t even remember the last time you came to school” I rolled my eyes and he scoffed.
“Well, I guess I need a change. The principal’s already complaining. I’ll just try my best. Besides, I only have a few months before I’m done with high school”.
I mouthed an “oh” and went to sit on the bed, behind him.
There was silence for a few seconds.
“What do you think about father’s illness?” I later asked, but he was silent for a while.
“Well…like the doctor said, there’s only one solution to it and that’s finding the 12th disciple” he shrugged a reply.
Oh! Crap.
“But..what if she’s not found in time? I really don’t want anything to happen to father” I said with a disgruntled look.
“You aren’t the only one, Mab. We all still love him and wouldn’t want anything happening to him”.
“But…why does she have to be killed, huh? Can’t it be done without….killing her?” I asked and he turned to look at me as he finished up with his buttons.
“You heard the doctor,Mab. Anyway, the most important thing is getting to find her first. That should be our main focus for now.
“Come on, let’s get going. I’ll drop you off at school before proceeding to the meeting” he replied and started walking out of the room and I smiled and followed him.
Danica’s Pov:
Grandma and I didn’t say much to each other on our way home. I kind of felt guilty and curious, and she….I don’t know. But I felt she might, perhaps, be angry.
Although, she didn’t really act or look angry, but her silence….
Why did she suddenly change her mind about me going to the school, huh?
G©sh! I’d finally be a student again. It was incredible….and a dream come true for me.
As soon as we got home, she went into the kitchen, while I went upstairs to my room to bath.
I bathed and found something nice to wear. And as I looked into the mirror, I couldn’t believe I was really going to school. The Royal High School.
The Royal family would be there – including the prince who was looking for me.
But…what if this was actually a bad idea? What if the prince gets to recognize me or something?
Well….I didn’t really have a problem with the prince getting to recognize me. My only problem was grandma. Why exactly does she hate the Royal family and act different towards them? What’ psst does she have with them, huh?
I cogitated for sometime and finally left the room. I just hoped I’d finish up my registration today so I could start cl@sses right away. I’d missed cl@sses alot already.
I climbed down the old stairs and met grandma in the sitting room, seemingly waiting for me.
“What took you so long?” She asked as she looked away, reaching for her bag.
“I’m…I’m sorry” I said softly as I approached her. .
Somehow, I still felt a little guilty and couldn’t tell why.
I got to where she was and waited for her to grab her bag so we could leave, but instead, she brought something out of her bag. And to my surprise, it was a bracelet.
Hah!!! My bracelet!!
Not the one that’d gone missing, but it looked exactly like it. Oh my God! How did she do it?
“Here; got you a replacement” she said as she took my wrist and started locking it around.
Oh my! It still had my name on it:
“How…How did you do it,granny?” I asked, amused, staring at the pretty bracelet on my wrist.
“Well…I had some extra beeds left. But make sure you don’t misplace this one this time around, Danica. Always put it on” she said strictly.
“Of…Of course, granny. Thanks” I smiled and she just nodded and took her bag.
She was about walking away when I gripped her hand, stopping her.
“Granny” I called, wearing a contrite look.
She bored her eyes into mine.
“I….I just want to apologize… for yesterday. I’m so sorry for talking back at you. I was just….”
“Its okay, Danica. I understand” she smiled calmly and I could tell…she was being sincere.
Ah! Thank goodness.
“I…I promise, it won’t happen again” I added and gulped nervously and she stroke my hair.
“It’s fine. Just be careful, okay?” She said and I nodded with my eyes on the floor.
“Come on. There’s no more time” she held my hand and we left the house together.
Eric’s Pov:
I played games with my phone in the car as the driver approached the school gate.
My headphone was connected and I whistled along as I played the games. I couldn’t wait to get to school so I could drill some of my ladies.
Shortly, I decided to lift my eyes and have a look around, and instantly, I saw something captivating – something that intrigued me.
What the h’ll??
Such beauty….
I scoffed as I stared at her – a young pretty lady, walking p@ss the gate with an older woman.
the lady was on mufti and didn’t seem to be a student. Or…was she just coming for the first time?
Dmn! She was gorgeously cute.
Who is she?
Episode 23
By: Faith Lucky
Eric’s Pov:
I watched with keen interest. Who could she be, huh?
“Davis” I called the guard in front of me and he turned from his seat to look at me.
“My prince” he bowed.
I looked at the lady who was walking deeper into the school compound.
If not for the fact she was with her mother, I’d have s£nt for her immediately..
“I want you to make enquiries on that lady. Know who she is” I said, hungrily, my eyes not leaving the lady’s bouncing @$$.
Ahh. I couldn’t wait to screw it.
“Yes, my prince. Consider it done” replied the guard and I smiled.
Danica’s Pov:
Wow! The school was damn so big, I couldn’t believe it.
As grandma and I walked p@ss the gate, I felt a little nervous.
It looked just like a mansion on it’s own, ,pretty and rich looking students moving around. Gosh! Do I even fit in here?
Grandma and I stopped and asked for directions to the principal’s office and taking about two separate stairs, we finally got to the big round office.
The gl@sses were transparent and revealed the principal on his seat.
If not for the fact I was with grandma, I’d have felt so scared and shy to go In.
Grandma opened the door and led the way into the office, while I followed timidly.
“Good morning, sir”
“Good morning, Ma’am. Please, take a seat” grandma and the principal exchanged pleasantries as we got to his table.
We sat next to each other, opposite the big table, covered with files, books and…so many items.
“Good morning, sir” I also greeted,warmly.
“Good morning, Miss. What can I do for you, please?” He asked and grandma looked at me, trying to tell me to go ahead.
“Um….actually”, I dipped my hand into my purse and brought out the admission letter.
“I’d taken the scholarship exams few weeks ago and luckily, I….I p@ssed. This is my results, sir”.
I stretched out the envelope to him and he adjusted his gl@sses before collecting it.
He opened and went through it and an “oh” escaped his mouth.
“Danica Williams” he mumbled with a nod, then dropped the letter on the desk.
“I think….your file should here…somewhere”, he said as he began going rifling some files on the desk.
Grandma and I just watched quietly.
“Yeah…found it!” He mumbled as he brought out a particular file and opened it on the table.
“Okay. You’ll need to sign this” he pushed the file to me, with a pen and I scrutinized it before picking the pen.
“Congratulations, miss. This is a once in a life time opportunity” he said as I filled my details in the file.
“You know, Royal High doesn’t really give scholarships because the students hate to mingle with uh…you know?” He paused and adjusted his gl@sses.
“People of the lower cl@ss” he added and I creased an eye brow at him.
“But, trust me, you’ll enjoy your time here.
“Everything you need will be provided to you – bag, uniform, shoes, books, everything. So, you don’t need to worry about…buying a single thing”.
Wow! That sounded really nice.
“Does that mean she can commence cl@sses today?” Grandma asked.
“Yes, yes. Of course. You…you’re her mother, right?”
He asked.
“No. Grandmother”.
I looked up at him to read the surprise on his face.
“Grandmother??” He scoffed.
“Wow!! You’re way too young to be a grandmother”
I heaved when I rounded up the details on the file.
“I’m done, sir” I said as I moved it back to him.
“Okay. You came with p@ssports?” He asked and I shook my head negatively.
“Aww. Okay, then. I’ll give you the grace of today. But make sure you come with it tomorrow, okay?”
“Okay, sir. Thank you”.
He added some things in the files, then looked up at me with a smile.
“Congratulations, miss. You’re good to go” he said and I felt my heart leap for joy.
Ahh?! Thank goodness.
“Thank you, sir. Thank you” I bowed a little.
Gosh! I felt so happy, but tried as much as possible not to show it because of grandma.
Somehow, I felt she might not be happy about this.
“So…..what about the uniforms? And books? And…..”
“Yes. They’ll be provided right away” he replied to grandma and picked up the landline on the desk.
He seemingly placed a call through it as placed it on his ear.
“Yes, Joyce. Please,come to my office right away.
“Yes, thank you”.
And he dropped the line.
“Actually” he turned back to me, clasping his palms together.
“We’re short of one book, but they’ll be arriving at exactly 10;30. So, by 11 a.m, you should be here”.
“Okay…so, I should come back to the office by 11a.m.?” I asked, trying to sound as polite as possible.
“Yes, dear. Exactly”.
Few seconds, a lady in suit walked in.
“Joyce” the principal called on seeing her.
“This is one of the scholarship students, and she’s here to commence cl@sses today. Please, get her a bag, uniforms, and the available books. And when she’s done dressing up, take her to her cl@ss – the s£nior grade”
“Okay sir. Come with me” the lady said polity and grandma and I stood up.
“Thank you so much, sir. We really appreciate” Grandma said to him.
“My pleasure. You’re welcome, ma’am”.
“Thank you, sir”.
“Yeah. Welcome to Royal High”.
Grandma and I followed the lady our of the office and she insisted on waiting for me while I go get changed.
I agreed and proceeded with the lady who made me walk for a very long while before coming to what looked like another office.
Yes. It was another office.
The lady was quiet and didn’t say a word as she walked over to a particular spot and brought out a nylon. Oh! There was a uniform in it.
“Here. This should be your size” she said as she handed the nylon to me.
I opened it, brought out the dazzling uniform and she stared away while I put it on.
“I’m done, ma’am”,I drew her attention when I was done, and she turned to look at me.
“Yeah, perfect” she mumbled as she came close and helped me with my collar.
Wow! The uniform looked so great on me – a high waist skirt with stripes, with a long sleeve.
It was so beautiful and I couldn’t believe I was really putting on the Royal uniform.
“And….these would be your shoes” the lady said as she returned with a pair of black shoes and stockings.
“Thank you” I beamed and collected them from her, putting them on immediately.
Oh my gee! I felt like crying. I was gradually looking like a student of Royal High.
She walked over to a session and took out. a pretty pink bag. Wow!
She opened it and loaded some books in it.
“Your time table is in here. And later in a day, a student would be @ssigned to show you round the school. There’s a particular book missing for now. Its….”
“Yes, the principal asked me to come for it by 11” I interrupted her in excitement and she smiled.
“Okay, then. I’ll lead you to your cl@ss. Come with me” she started walking out of the office and I smiled sheepishly for a while.
This was a dream come true…..
I kept smiling to myself as I followed her out of the office and after a long walk, we met with grandma again.
“Granny”, I beamed and ran into her arms.
There weren’t much students around and thank goodness, the lady was patient enough to wait.
“Oh, dear. You’re looking so beautiful” granny cooed as she stroke my hair.
I found myself blushing.
“Thank you so much, granny. For everything. For giving me this opportunity. I’ll….I’ll never forget it” I said with a rueful smile and she touched my cheeks.
“Just be careful, okay? Try as much as possible avoid the royal family” she said in a whisper.
“Don’t get into trouble, do your best to focus in cl@ss, okay?” She lectured like it was going to be my first time going to school.
I couldn’t help but chuckle at it.
“Okay, granny. I’ll keep everything in mind. Thanks a lot”.
I turned and looked st the lady who stood with her hands crossed.
“I’ll….I’ll be on my way now. You can go home with my bag. Um…..the money I brought from….yesterday’s littlest work is on the table in my room. You can get some foodstuffs with it.
Thanks a lot, granny. I love you” I gave her a peck.
“Love you too, dear. Hurry up”
I gave her a parting hug and finally ran to meet the young lady.
Authoress Chi Pov ✍️
Hanuel was extremely bittered about Danica attending the royal school, but seeing how determined she was, she knew she couldn’t stop her anymore.
She didn’t want to tell her the truth, because she felt the truth might hurt her. So,she just permitted it.
Besides, her daughter – Kim – would be out of jail in a few days. And as soon as that happens, they’d all be leaving the city together. So, either ways, Danica only had a few days to attend the Royal School. And that was the only reason she permitted her.
Nathan’s Pov:
“Okay, sure. I’ll be there soon” I concluded on the phone before ending the call.
“Gosh! Seriously, Nathan?? I can’t believe you driving me to school, yet acting like a ghost the whole time” Mabel whined and I rolled my eyes.
“Come on. Just keep the phone away – at least, for a few seconds”.
“Geez! Mabel, is this what I get for driving you to school? You didn’t ask for this, remember?”I scolded and she frowned
“Whatever. You can make a million calls if you want to” she rolled her eyes and turned away, and I chuckled.
I was about making another call, when a call interrupted me.
Huh? From the principal.
“Why is he calling me?” I mumbled as I pressed the receiver.
“Nathan” he called coldly.
G©sh! I hate it when he addresses me by just my name, like I’m his son or something.
“Good morning, Mr Vee”, I grumbled and itched my nape.
“Good morning. Why have you been abs£nt from school for days now?” He asked.
Oh! Geez!? I should’ve known.
”I’ve been really busy, Mr Vee. But….”
“I want you in my office today – at 11 a.m” he cut me off and my eyes dimmed.
“Mr Vee, I….”
“No excuses, prince Nathan. 11 a.m. and that’s it. Thank you”
And he ended the call.


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