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The twelfth disciples 2 episode 4 – 6

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 4
By: Faith Lucky
I woke up the next morning, took my bath and got ready for school. Getting to the sitting room, I found grandma setting the dining and went ahead to meet her.
“Good morning, granny”, I said lightly, my eyes surveying the dining. It was just scrambled eggs and bread.
“Good morning,,darling. You ready for school?” She asked and I nodded.
There was a brief silence.
“Could you get your mum for me, please? She should be in her room. Tell her to come down for breakfast”, grandma said and I felt a little twitch.
“Um….okay”, I replied nervously, dropped my bag on the table and left.
I knocked on the door of her room, but there was no response. Then, I opened the door slowly and had a peek before walking out.
“M…Mum?” I called with a crack in my voice, but she didn’t seem to be in the room.
Huh? Where could she be?
“Mum?” I called again, walking deeper.
Then, I found spotted something on the bed – a photograph that was laid downwards. It looked so familiar like it was rhe same photograph I’d caught mum staring at the other day.
I walked closer to it and picked it up. And my eyes drooped when I discovered it was Bitna’s picture.
Whaaaat??? Bitna?? What is mum doing with her photography?
I arched my brows as I stared at it, feeling confused and surprised. Why would mum have Bitna’s picture with her? And the way she’d been staring at it…so enthusiastic.
I sure heard footsteps from the bathroom and quickly, I dropped the picture back on the bed and moved away from it. The door opened immediately with mum walking out.
She seemed to had just taken a shower as she looked w€t and had a towel around her neck.
“What’re you doing here?” She asked, her voice as h@rd as usual.
I lowered my gaze.
“Good morning, mum. Grandma asked me to call you down for breakfast” I replied lowly and could tell she was glaring at me.
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“Fine. You can leave” she said grumpily and I turned around and left the room.
I returned to the dining and took my seat quietly, next to grandma.
“Is she
coming?” Grandma asked and I just nodded.
Thinking of the fact that i was being hated by my own mother, hurt me so much.
Mum didn’t show up until I was done eating. And when I’d stood up with my bag, that was when showed up.
“I’ll be on my way now, granny. Bye” I mumbled to grandma after taking my bag.
“Bye dear. Take care of yourself”.
“Make sure you’re home early today. Remember we have something to do”, mum suddenly said from the stairs and I turned to look at her, tears burning the back of my eyes.
Oh God!
I just sniffed and nodded
and walked out of the house and as I did,,I heard grandma asking “what’s that?”
Well, I was sure she’d either ignore her, or lie to her.
As I gor far from the house, a tear came strolling down my cheek. How can mum do this to me, huh? How? How can she just give me away to the ruthless prince?? All for money??
I felt cur$ed,,rejected. What did I do to deserve such a mother? I loved her, but she doesn’t and it was killing me slowly.
Good lord.
I got to the roadside, boarded a cab and in a short time, I was on my way to school.
I leaned my heas on the h@rd window and continued thinking – thinking about a lot of things. I tried as much as possible not to weep anymore. I had a pres£ntation with the prince and needed to put on my best mood.
I tried to detach my mind from my pres£nt condition and after a long while, I was there in school.
Ah! At last.
I got off the cab and continued the rest of the distance to the gate.
The earliest trick seemed to have helped me as I felt a lot better. I got to the gate, showed the security my p@ss and walked into the building.
I was on my way to cl@ss when suddenly, two students, holding a rubber of whatever, ran towards my direction and seemed to be fighting over it.
“I said let it go!”
“Let it go!”
“I’m going to smack you in the face, Jeong!”
Hold on….I recognized them very well. They were Bitna’s companions.
They ran towards my direction with the argument and as soon as thy got to where I was, they poured it on me.
Oh my…..God!!!!!!
“Ahh!” One of them shirked.
I opened my mouth agaped as the entire paint poured on me. It was pure
paint, and stained from my hair down to my skirt.
Holy Christ!!
“You caused this, Hana! I warned you, didn’t I? You caused this. Look what you’ve done to this poor lady”.Jeong squealed, but I was speechless.
How could they….
“Oh! Danica, we’re so sorry. It wasn’t intentional. Please,,forgive us”, Hana said apologetically.
“Was this really necessary?” I snapped.
“Please, it wasn’t intentional. You can make use of the bathroom. We’re so sorry”.
I glared h@rd at them. Gosh! And the pres£ntation was just a few minutes from now.
I huffed and walked away, headed for the ladies’ bathroom.
Episode 5
By: Faith Lucky
I was fixing my buttons in front of the mirror when a call came info my phone and I rolled my eyes on seeing the caller. Oh, geez! Not again.
I picked it up with reluctancy and put it on speaker.
“Hey, Nathie. Why have you been snubbing my calls? Do I look like a lady to you?” He teased on the phone.
“You’ve been pestering me, dude. What exactly do you want?” I asked with a huff.
“Well, I just wanted to know what’s up with you. Have you gotten a date yet? The party’s tonight”.
“And why’re you so interested in the date, huh? If I’ve gotten a date, I’ll let you know. So,,chillax”.
“Well…you know,,all the ladies are being expectant. So..”
“Yeah, just get off my neck. I’m running late”
And I ended the call. Geez!
And talking about the party…..who would my date be, huh?
I rounded up with my buttons and just then, the door opened to mum walking in.
I stopped to admire her as she looked so beautiful in her long pretty gown, jewelries covered her hands.
“Nathan”, she smiled as she walked towards me.
“Good morning, mum”.
She got to where I was and planted a kss on my cheek.
“Going to school today?” She started adjusting my collars
“Yes, mum. I’m having a pres£ntation”. I replied, and she mouthed an “oh”.
Has there been any progress on the search of the disciple?” I asked after a little pause, but she didn’t reply immediately.
“Well…some of the boys I have working underground has actually gotten some news on her”, she answered, making me enthusiastic.
“According to them, the woman that had stolen the child, relocated to a place, far away. So, they went there and people from the neighborhood told them the woman had relocated – again.
“They made some more research and discovered the woman might actually be here. So, they’re looking for her”.
“Wow”, I mouthed. “That means they’re close, right? There’s a high possibility of her being found soon?”
“Yes, son”. She replied with a smile.
I nodded in agreement, hoping they succeed. Well, I just wanted father to get better.
I glanced at the time and noticed I was running really late.
“I need to leave, mum. Bye”,
“Take care of yourself, son”. And I pecked her cheek before leaving.
I walked into the building, a litted cigarette in my hand.
Danica – how could she? How could she think of going against me even after my warnings to her? I couldn’t believe another car dropped her off at home the previous night. Where were all these cars coming from, anyway? How did she get such connections?
I felt bittered and thought of what to do. No matter what, I’m getting Danica back. I know I’d wronged her in the past, but I’m ready to make amends and have her back. All I need is just a chance; one last chance. Is that too much to ask from her?
I walked angrily to the building and met the rest of the boys there.
“Whst took you so long, Scott? We were beginning to think you wouldn’t show up”, Evans said as I got to where they were and I threw the burning cigarette on the floor.
‘Something came up. What do we have?” I asked huskily, looking at the opened book in front of me.
“Well, the woman we’ve been looking for under the order of the second queen, we have a feeling she’s here in the city”. Another replied and I looked at him.
“The 12th disciple?” I asked and he nodded.
“So…where exactly is she?”
“Well, that’s what we don’t know yet. But we think she might be close”.
“We need to find this lady, Scott. The Queen’s promising us a lifetime fortune”.
I sighed and looked down at the book.
“How exactly do we find her? She could be anyone. And we don’t even have a picture”. I grouse.
“Well….the Queen has actually given us a hint. She said there’s a mark on her waist”.
I looked at him immediately.
“What mark?”
Getting to the ladies room, I went straight to my locker and took out my towel. I changed from my uniform, tied the towel around me and walked into the bathroom.
G©sh! These ladies could be so annoying. How can I be sure they didn’t do this on purpose, huh? Just to humiliate me?
I turned on the shower in the bathroom and enjoyed the bath, washing my hair and body. Perfect, now I’m w€t!!
I tried to make the bath brief and when I was done, I dried my hair properly before walking out with the towel.
The place was empty,probably because everyone was in cl@ss already.
I walked back to my locker and opened it, but my jaws dropped when I couldn’t find a single cloth in it – not even my uniforms.
What the….
I flinched and looked around, wondering if they’d fallen off or something.
What is going on? Where are my uniforms??
Where are my clothes????
Episode 6
By: Faith Lucky
“What mark?” I asked curiously, my brows furrowed at them.
They opened another page of the book and showed it to me.
“Each disciple had a mark according to his/her number. So, the 12th disciple should have the number 12 as well – on her waist”. He replied and my eyes dimmed as everything sounded familiar to me – looked familiar.
The number 12.
The mark…
I’d swear I’ve seen that mark before. Definitely.
But where…??
Good lord!!
My heart leapt immediately.
My heart skipped as I looked around. Where the heck were my clothes???
Oh my God! What happened to them?? Who took them??
Conniption gripped me as I looked around. Why was I suddenly having a cranky feeling about this? Bitna and her friends…why was my mind drifting to them?
No; but they wouldn’t do this to me. What have I done to deserve such cruelty from them?
I suddenly saw something familiar on the floor – close to the door. I g@sped whe when I recognized it.
Oh my God! My underwear!!
My eyes dimmed immediately and I rushed to get it. What was it doing on the floor?
I looked and saw another, a distance away, after the door.
What?? How did they get there?? I ran to it and picked it up.
I looked and saw another. Then, I discovered it was being done on purpose. They were purposely lined up that way. But who could’ve done such ev1l???
I ran to it and picked it up.
I looked and saw more of my stockings, shoes and books,, spread on a straight line and I dolefully followed them – picking them up.
In all, I was still yet to find my main clothes. Who could have done this to me? Bitna? I’ll definitely make sure she pays.
Tears pricked my eyes as I continued following the trail and finally, I ended up in the courtroom. Oh my God! The basketball court room.
A little practice was going on there by the boys with few students around and everyone tyrned to look at me as I showed up.
“What the…h’ll?” One of the girls chuckled. All eyes were rotating around me.
Good lord!
Even the boys stopped playing and looked at me and it dawned on me again that I was putting on just a towel. A towel?! In front of so many people!!
“Who’s she..?” Others laughed.
“Is she crazy?”
“Or she missed her way?..”
My clothes were there on one side of the floor and I bit my l!p as I walked towards it, trying as much as possible to stop my tears from falling.
My eyes spotted Bitna and her crew alongside the other students, and they had a triumphant smirk on their l!ps. Obviously, it was from them.
I lowered my gaze to the floor as I went to where the clothes were on the floor. I held my towel tightly to my chest before bending to pick them. I had to struggle and be so much careful to prevent my towel from falling off. I felt so much humiliation. How would she do this to me?
Over half of the students were taking pictures of me with their phones. I could imagine what they’d tag me as – Crazy student in towel, walks into the Basketball court”.
Oh,,Bitna I’d never forgive you for this. I just had a strong feeling she was behind it.
But surely….there’s no way I’d be staying in school after this. No way – not today – not after all this.
I heard more noise and lifted my eyes to see more students running into the hall. Oh God! Has the news gone so far already? What do I do?
I had to drop my shoes and books so I could pick the clothes properly and as I did, I suddenly felt a hand support me – a hand touch my clothes.
A tear dropped from my eye as I lifted them slowly to see the prince, squatting in front of me.


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