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The twelfth disciples 2 episode 26 & 27

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 26
By: Faith Lucky
“Ahh!!” I screamed as I hugged him tight, making sure my hair was allover his face.
Oh my God! What just happened?
What just happened??
“Danica..?” He called, sounding shocked.
Thank goodness, neither of his hands were touching me.
“Please, close your eyes, my prince. Please. Please….”I squeaked, but there was no reply from him.
“My prince!”
“Alright. Alright, my eyes are closed” he cut in, but I didn’t know if I were to believe him or not with how late he had replied.
What was wrong with him?
Slowly, I pulled a little from the hug so I could look into his face. His eyes were closed.
Oh, geez! Thank goodness.
In a brisk, I bent and picked the towel from the floor, then tied it round my chest.
I quickly moved away from him.
“I’m….I’m done, my prince” I said nervously as I moved my hair backwards.
He opened his eyes and gave me a head to toe look.
“What happened?” His voice was almost a whisper.
“I’m…I’m sorry, my prince. I was just… When you opened the door, it was unexpected and you hit me in the face. So, the….” I paused and itched my nape.
“Its fine. I…actually came to give these to you”, he said as he stretched out the clothes he was holding and that was when I realized – he was actually having some clothes with him.
“T….Thank you, my prince” there was a little crack in my voice as I took the clothes from him, my gaze on the floor.
There was a brief silence.
“You should come down for breakfast” he added and left.
Huh? Why was he sounding a bit cold?
I stared blankly at the shut door and wondered if there was some wrong.
Hopefully, they shouldn’t.
I sighed and walked to the bed, putting the clothes on. In a short while, I was done and just immediately, the door opened abruptly.
It was Princess Mabel.
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my goodness!! Danica!” She exclaimed as she ran to me and pulled me in a tight hug.
“My princess….good morning” I greeted lightly, a little uncomfortable at how tight she held me.
“Oh, Danica. I was so worried about you. My brother told me what happened. How’re you feeling now?” She rushed het words, pulling from the hug.
fine now, my princess. Please, don’t worry about me” I said.
“Of course, I should worry. Nathan said you were with him when you got shut. And its all because you had accompanied him to the party. Oh, Danica. I’m so sorry. How’s the wound?”,
“Its better now. The pains are gone already. I told you I’m fine” I smiled.
“Oh! Of course, you should be. I can’t bear the fact you got hurt because of my brother” she chuckled.
“Anyway, I was on my way to school but decided to drop by and check up on you. Come on, you should get some food. The dining is set” she added and held my hand, leading me out of the room.
“It’s important, ma’am. I need to see Danica” I grouse as I stood in from of Danica’s grandma who was still telling me sht about Danica not being at home.
a long story, Scott. Danica was shot last night and….something else happened. She isn’t home at the moment, Scott. That’s just the end of the story”. She answered.
“She was shot?” I asked, surprised.
“By who? What happened?”
“We….We don’t know. But we believe it was a stray bullet”.
“So, she’s….she’s at the hospital?”
“Not….really. But she’ll be there soon. Listen t me, Scott. Like I earlier said,its a long story. There’s a big problem and I don’t want to talk about it. But hopefully….everything should be fine – if it’d ever be”,
Her expression was alarming. What could the problem be?
‘I dont mean to dismiss you, Scott. But, I need to get ready to leave” she mumbled and walked away, leaving me dumbstruck.
Dmn it. I needed to talk to Danica, confirm the mark on her waist.
Could she really be the missing disciple? But why? How did it even happen?
I needed answers from her. My boys were earnestly looking for her and the pay was quite good as well.
If indeed she was the missing disciple, then we needed to come to an agreement.
The princess and I joined Nathan at the dining but she left almost immediately as she said she had to hurry for classes.
I ate silently with the prince, who barely talked. He acted really cold and looked like he was troubled. What could the problem be?
Could he….Could it be possible he had really seen my nature state?
Oh goodness! Is that the reason he was suddenly acting cold? He saw my nked state which he didn’t want to see?
I should apologize to him.
“My prince…”, I was about speaking up when a maid showed up and interrupted.
“Sorry to interrupt, ma’am” she bowed
“But there’s a man out there, requesting to see you”.
A man? Who could it possibly be?
“What’s his name?” Prince Nathan asked.
“Uh…he said his name is Williams and Danica was expecting him”
Hold on; Williams
Isn’t that Bitna’s dad?
Oh, my! He was probably here to take me for the DNA test.
I looked at the prince.
“I…I need to check him out”.
“Of course”, he muttered and I stood up and left with the maid.
I got out of the house and met him there – close to the gate. He was really the one.
My eyes were on him as I got close, imagining he was really my father.
“Hey” he called lightly and I lowered my gaze.
“Good morning, sir”, I fiddled with my nails.
“Good morning, dear. How’re you doing?”
“I’m…I’m fine”.
There was a pause.
“Its time for the….test. And knowing you’d be at the prince’s house, I came to pick you up”. He said.
I was silent for a while. Do I really want to go for this test?
“Danica” he called softly and I looked at him.
“I…I need to get ready. I’ll be back shortly” I told him and left, going back to the house.
I walked into the sitting room and met the prince still at the dining, but he wasnt eating.
“My prince” I called.
“I…I need to go with him to the hospital. Its time for the test”,
“Oh. Is it?” He asked and I nodded.
“Okay then. When you’re done, will you be coming back here?”
“I…I don’t know yet, my prince. But I’d want to” I gulped hard.
“Okay then. Bye”.
“Thank you, my prince”,
And as I turned around to leave, I still noticed that cold look in his eyes – that troubled look.
What could be wrong with him?

/> Episode 27
By: Faith Lucky
As soon as she left, I stood up from the dining and went to stand in front of the window, gazing outside.
I saw her, walking into a car with the man who’d come to pick her up. I had actually planned of accompanying her to the hospital when it was time, but after what I’d seen in the room, I suddenly became weak.
The image replayed in my head; the mark I’d seen on her waist.
Tho, I didn’t see her body completely but I had gotten a glimpse of the mark. If I wasn’t mistaken, it looked just like the number 12.
Her hair had been obstructing my view,but if I was sure I had seen something like that – a figure of 12. Could it just be a coincidence?
Dmn it. I couldn’t think straight. I needed to confirm it. Yes, I needed to. I needed to be sure that was the mark I’d seen.
What do I do, huh? How do I get to see the mark again?
Bitna’s dad and I arrived at the hospital and I followed him out of the car.
Oh! Do I need to keep calling him Bitna’s dad?
Well, I guess so. Besides, the test wasn’t confirmed.
We walked in and met everyone already seated and waiting. Except…mum. Would she be coming? Well, she had to, right?
Granny was there, Bitna and her mother as well.
But her eyes dimmed when she saw me and she stood on her feet.
“Hold on, mum. Is this the Danica you were talking about?” Her voice was high pitched, making me flinch.
“I thought you were referring to someone else. Noway mum! It can’t be her!”
Her mother had already stood up as well.
“Bitna,calm down. I… I had no idea you knew her” her mother cooed.
“Of course, I do. And she’s a snake! Trust me, mum. She can’t be your daughter! Even if these were true, even if I want to believe I was really switched, I’m still not going to accept it was her!”
“Bitna, what is wrong with you?!” Her dad suddenly snapped, his voice really harsh.
“Do you need to show your immaturity everywhere you go?”.
I looked Bitna in the eyes and they were tearful.
“Really? I’m immature?” She scoffed.
“Well, I guess I shouldn’t even be surprised. You should be happy now, right? You should be happy I’m not your daughter because you’ve never liked me. And guess what?? I’m equally happy you’re not my father!!” She yelled tearfully and ran away.
“Bitna!” Her mother called, crazily affected.
She was about running away when she spotted someone who was probably more important at the moment – my mum.
She was just arriving.
“You bch!!!” Ma’am rasped and rushed to mum, hitting her hard on the cheek.
“You animal! I can’t believe you even had the heart to show your disgusting face here!!”
Oh my God!
Mum tried striking back at her but couldn’t as Maya gripped her hair, pulling her hard.
“You deserve to rot in jail, you criminal! You deserve to rot in jail, die a pathetic death and let your bones get eaten by the snakes!!!” She was overly angry.
“Hey, Maya. Stop it. Let her go!” Her husband tried interfering her, trying to pull her away from mum.
But it wasn’t working.
“Let me go!” Mum rasped and managed to punch her on the belly,and it only got worst.
“Agh!!” Maya grunted in angry and pulled her to the floor, dragging her hair along. She looked too angry.
Her hands were flying in the air, landing slaps on mum who was trying to leave the floor. I watched feafully.
Oh my God! What’s going on?
I turned and looked at grandma and she was already on her feet, but couldn’t move. She held her hands to her chest and wept and at that moment, I felt my heart melt.
I ran to her and hugged her immediately.
“Granny….” I whimpered on her shoulders.
“It’s going to be fine”.
With the interference of two nurses, they were finally able to pull Ma’am Maya away from mum and while her husband held her firmly, mum was being held by the nurses.
“I want that lady out of here, Williams?! I want her out of here!!” Maya screamed.
“Maya, calm down, will you?? We need her for the test” her husband said.
“I don care…!”
“Cut yourself some slacks, Maya. Do you really think I wanna be here??” Mum chipped in. “just so you know, you actually disgust me and the only reason I’m trying so hard to survive your presence here is just for my daughter. I’m only here for the test and as soon as soon as it’s proven that Bitna’s my daughter, I’m leaving with her. That’s the only reason I’m here!”.
There was a little crack in my heart.
“Not even in your dreams, Kim! Even if the rest confirms it, I’m never giving Bitna to you. I’m taking my daughter away from you and Bitna will stay with me as well!” Maya snarled and mum bursted into a sarcastic laughter.
“Dmn! You’re so funny, Maya. So, you want to tell me you’ll be the one with the two kids, huh?” Mum laughed.
“Yes. And that’s because someone like you doesn’t deserve to be a mother, Kim. You’re a disgrace to motherhood and there’s no way I’m letting my daughter stay with you”.
There was a spark in mum’s eyes as she tried hitting her but was restricted by the nurses.
“You’re a fool to think I’ll ever let that happen, Maya. Not even in death, I’ll never let you spend one more minute with my daughter as soon as the test results are out!!”
“Stop it! Both of you!” Bitna’s dad suddenly yelled.
“I can’t believe you’re doing this right here. What then do you expect from the kids?”
His words seemed to have some efficacy as the place became calm.
“We all need to accept this – no matter how ugly it may seem. Please” he added and there was a short silence.
“I guess this’ the room I’ve always loved you, Williams. You clearly shouldn’t be with someone as dumb as she is” mum rolled her eyes and turned to walk away but was interrupted by the presence of the doctor.
He paused and sighed, obviously amazed at the scene that had just been created.
“Good morning, doctor” Mr Williams said, looking embarrassed.
“Please, I apologise for the….
“No, no. It’s fine. I understand sir. It’s time for the test, please. This way” the doctor said and started walking away.


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