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The twelfth disciples 2 episode 24 & 25

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 24
By: Faith Lucky
“Danica…!” He shrieked as I fell on him, my hand over my tummy.
G©sh! I couldn’t control it. I whimpered, my head on his chest.
“Stay still, Danica. Stay still” he urged as he helped me sit back on the couch.
He wrapped his hand around me, pulling me close to himself.
“I told you it was a bad idea leaving the hospital in the first place. We need to go back”, he said.
“No. Please…” I winced.
“I …I don’t want to go back there. It’s making me sick”,
“But Danica, you can’t possibly stay in here like this. I don’t know a single thing about medication. If your condition gets worst, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help”.
“Don’t worry about me, my prince. I’ll be fine..” I whispered – hopefully.
The pains were beginning to subside a bit.
“You’re not fine, Danica. And you know it. What happened today wasn’t your fault. You shouldn’t punish yourself for it” The prince tried to convince me, but I was silent.
Slowly, my hand left my tummy as I couldn’t really feel the pains anymore.
“I….I think I’m fine now. Just…get me the food” I swallowed hard.
I just realized I was so hungry.
“Are you sure?” He asked and I nodded.
Then, he stood up and left, going to the dining.
I leaned back on the chair and wept since I was alone. I still couldn’t believe it.
I was switched from birth? So, I wasn’t with my biological family the whole time?
No wonder mum hated me. No wonder she hated me so much. All those years, she had only been seeing me as the daughter of her enemy?
More tears streaked my face, but when I heard the prince’s footsteps, I sniffed and dried my face.
I was seated in the sitting room,a glass of water in front of me when mum barged in.
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looked terribly angry and marching towards me, she walked up to me and slapped me hard.
“You heartless child!” She rasped.
My hand was over my cheek.
‘Youve created a mess, Kim – a huge mess. Do you realize what you’ve done?”
I stared angrily at her, then brought my hand down from my cheek.
now, mum” I mumbled.
“What do you mean not now? Maya has finally known the truth! I don’t know how the hell it happened, but she knows everything already! Everything!”
I arched my brows and looked at her.
“She knows Danica Is her daughter and she knows you were behind the switch. She might send you back to jail for this, Kim.
“And not just that, Danica’s life is at risk now because she’s going to a family who doesn’t know she’s a disciple – the missing disciple at that! You’ve done so much harm, Kim”
I rolled my eyes and itched my head.
what’s next?” I asked.
“What’s next?” She scoffed.
‘Are you seriously asking me that? If Kim gets to know you sold her daughter out to be killed, she’s definitely going to make sure you spend the rest of your life in jail. There’ll be a DNA test tomorrow to confirm your foolishness and once that is done and Danica’s given back to her parents, so many things are bound to happen”.
“Well, I guess that’s good then. At least, I can have my daughter back” I said with an eye roll and she slapped me again.
“Do you think this is a joke? You’re not even showing any sign of remorse”. She snapped and I stood on my feet immediately in anger.
“You can’t just hit me whenever you want, mother. I’m not a child!” I yelled.
She was stunned and didn’t say a word.
Then, I sighed and tried to calm my nerves.
“I told you, not now. We’re having visitors”, I mumbled and walked away.
I had fallen asleep on the couch and was awoken with a soft hand touching my th1ghs.
I opened my eyes and discovered it was mum.
“Mum?” I called dizzily and tried to sit up.
“You’re back”.
She smiled lightly and held my hand. Gosh! The tv was still on. It seems I’d slept for long.
I looked at mum and she was just staring at me, a rueful smile on her face.
“Mum….is there a problem?” I asked, concerned.
She was yet to say a word since ID woken up.
“Of course, not hon. I just..”
She sniffed and stared downwards at my palm.
“How’re you feeling?’ She looked up at me and asked.
“I’m…fine. I think you’re the one who isn’t looking fine, mum. Is there something wrong?” I asked, my brows knitted.
‘”No dear. But…I really need to tell you something” now, her voice was cracky – like she wanted to cry.
watched keenly.
“Few hours ago, I got a call from a friend of mine who’s a nurse. And….she told me something really disturbing and…disheartening”.
A tear rolled down he’d smooth cheek and she sniffed and wiped it off.
“Bitna…” She continued.
“I’m so scared, but I…but I think there’s a possibility you might not be my daughter”.
Silence was all that ensued between us.
Slowly, I withdrew my hands from hers.
“What’re you talking about, mum?” My voice was almost a whisper.
“I don’t….I don’t understand”.
After eating with the prince, he led me to a room which he said I’d be staying for the meantime.
He helped me lie on the bed while he sat on the edge, his hand over my hair.
“Just in case you need anything, Danica, give me a call with this. My number is the first number on the call log”, he said as he dropped a phone beside me.
“Thank you” I nodded but he still remained sitting on the bed.
For a second, I thought about it. It was the prince sitting next to me – touching my hair.
Someone I never thought I could ever get to meet in my entire life.
The thought sent butterflies down my belly.
My eyes were so heavy and slowly, they started drifting to sleep.
Its been a long night.
“Goodnight, Danica” he cooed and planted a kss on my forehead before leaving the bed.
My eyes went open in shock.
The prince kssed me!
Episode 25
By: Faith Lucky
Slowly, my hands fell from hers, my eyes dripping in shock.
I couldn’t think; couldn’t comprehend a single thing.
Whats she talking about?
“Oh! Bitna, I’m so sorry” she shook her head pathetically.
“I know this would hurt but…m”
“Mum?” I scoffed.
What’re you….What’re you talking about? I don’t understand”.
“I’m so sorry, dear. Although…its yet to be confirmed, but we believe its the truth.
“You were…You were switched with a lady called Danica. Your mother….the woman we believe is your mother….was behind I. She hated me and did it to get back at me.
“It’s a long story Bitna, but….”
“Is this some kind of joke?” I snapped and sprang on my feet.
“How can you even play pranks on me with such things mum?”
“Your mother’s telling the truth”, Dad suddenly said, walking into the room.
I scoffed and looked at him.
“I know this might be hard, Bitna. But it’s the truth. You’ve been with the wrong people the whole time – the wrong family.
“However,,tomorrow, we’ll be going for a DNA to confirm the whole issue. So, just stay calm till everything’s sorted out”.
Tears spilled from my eyes. I can’t believe. I can’t believe this.
I looked at mum, but her face was in her palms, weeping profusely.
Could this be true? Could this really be true?
“No” I whimpered and ran away, taking the stairs to my room.
I got in and whacked the door close, my head banging from what I’d just heard.
I held the sides of my hair with goth hands as I sat on the floor.
I whimpered. It can’t be true.
I was switched? Switched by who?
So, I don’t even belong here? I don’t belong to this family?
Oh my God! What’s going on?
Tears streaked my face as I wept profusely on the floor, my back leaned against the door.
“Bitna”. I heard mum knock.
“Bitna,,please open the door. Let’s just talk please”,,
I didn’t say a word but continued crying.
Talk about what exactly? How did this even happen? Who the hell switched me?
And who were my real family?
“Bitna….”mum called but I still didn’t reply as I continued weeping on the floor.
I woke up to a soft glow on my face – a glow from the sun glinting through the window.
I shifted comfortably and opened my eyes.
Ah! I felt a lot better. Yeah, a lot.
But suddenly, some memories came driving in and a sullen look crept into my face.
It had been such a long night – a really long night. How did I even survive It?
A knock came upon my door, snapping me out of my thoughts.
I sighed and lifted my head.
“Wh…Who’s it?”
The door opened slowly, reveling a maid.
“Good morning, ma’am. The prince asked me to check up on you to know if you’re awake. He wants you to freshen up and come down for breakfast, please”. Her head was bowed as she spoke.
“T….Thank you. Tell him i’ll be down shortly”,I told her and she bowed and left.
I let out a deep breath and leaned back on the wall.
G©sh! I felt so tired, suddenly recalling what was before me. Can this ever get better?
I forced myself out of the bed and looked around for the bathroom. Of course! It should be this.
I walked steadily to the door and opened it and a wow escaped my lips when I spotted the bathroom. Wow!
Was this really a bathroom? Or a relaxation room?
I sat weakly on the bed, my eyes already sore from excessive crying.
I heard the door unlocking and next, it opened with mum coming in. How did she get a spare key?
“Bitna…” She called with relief.
“Oh goodness, you made me so scared darling”.
I looked away as she walked towards me and sat on the bed.
“You got me worried, Bitna. I really wanted to talk to you”, she continued,,but I still didn’t say a word.
I didn’t want to talk.
She sighed and held my hand.
“Honey, you need to get dressed. Its time to go to the hospital”.
“I’m not going”, I stated bluntly and withdrew my hands from hers.
“Bitna….” She called faintly and took my hand again.
“Please, everything will be fine, okay? I just need you to cooperate for now…”
‘”And what’re you talking about, mum? How can anything ever be fine? You’ve gotten your daughter already, right? So, just go to her and leave me in peace. Please!”,I snapped.
“Bitna!! You’re acting like all these is my fault and i ever wanted it to happen. You need to understand with me. Please”,
“I understand, mum. And that’s the reason I’m telling you to go get your daughter. Just go to her and let me be in peace. Please”,I whimpered and bursted into more tears.
“Oh dear…” She hushed and pulled me in a hug which I couldn’t resist.
“I’m so sorry, darling. Believe me, I’m so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you, Bitna. I don’t even want to lose you”, she patted my back softy.
I couldn’t say a word as I just continued weeping profusely.
After spending quality time in the bathroom, I took a towel I had seen and tied it round my chest.
I stepped out and it dawned on me I wasn’t having new clothes to put on. Goodness! I couldn’t make use of my old dress.
I itched my hair tiredly and looked around. What do I do?
Its possible the prince didn’t think about it either. Maybe, I should ask him.
I headed for the door and was close to it when suddenly, it opened on its own.
It took me unawares and hit me in the face and I felt my towel get loosed from my body.
“Ah!” I screamed and jumped on whoever was coming in.
I hugged him tight, covering his face with my hair.
It was the prince.


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