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The twelfth disciples 2 episode 1 – 3

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 1
By: Faith Lucky
I walked into the house but couldn’t find anyone at home – mum, or grandma. Ahh! Thank goodness.
I climbed up the stairs to my room and aals soon aa I got in, I giggled and fell on the bed.
I bit my nails while staring up at the ceiling and after a while, I sat up and brought the envelope out of my bag. Oh my! It felt so huge.
I glanced at my door to be sure I’d locked it properly. Then, I opened the envelope and my eyes beamed when i saw the cash in it.
Oh my gee!!! This was…….
How on earth do i spend this??? It was too much!!!
I g@sped and fl!pped the clean notes. I seriously couldn’t believe this. It was mine – mine!!
I bit my lower l!p and fixed the cash back into the envelope. Then, I stood up and ran to one of my bags, fixing the envelope deep into it. I just hope this is safe enough, cause I couldn’t have mum or grandma seeing it. I’d definitely be busted.
I took in a deep breath and went to lay back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. And as I did, I thought about him – the prince.
He finally knows my identity – he knows I’m the lady he’s been looking for. G©sh! How was he able to find out?? I still can’t believe it. Hmph.
A smile curved up my l!ps when I recalled the way he’d stared at me. It’s prince Nathan we’re talking about here.
Ahh! If not for grandma, only God knew what would’ve happened. Her strict rules are the only things stopping me from falling on him – truthfully. Else….who wouldn’t want to be with the prince? And to think I was the lady he’s been looking for?? Geez!
I giggled and turned on the bed. Oh! What’s wrong with me? I couldn’t just contain my excitement, huh?
Well…somehow, I felt glad he’d gotten to know about my identity anyway.
Yes…I mean, I’ve been hiding it for so long and i really wanted to know what his reactions would be when he finally getsto know.
Driving back home, my phone kept beeping with numerous calls and when I picked one of them, I discovered it was T–jay.
“Seriously, Nathan. Did it have to take you the whole day to pick my calls??” He snapped as soon as I answered the call.
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“Ahh! I’ve been busy, man. What is it?”
“Crap. Well, I just wanted to remind him of the….”
“Geez! I know, okay? I remember” I cut him off with a sigh.
“Okay, better. And don’t forget its a couples night. So, you’re meant to come with your partner”.
“Partner? You and I both knows I don’t havea partner, Jay. So,I….”
“Everyone would be there with their partners, Nathan. You shouldn’t be the only odd one”.
“Yea, I’m driving, okay? And I need to concentrate. Bye”,
And I ended the call. Oh! Geez!
Few minutes later, another call came in and was about turning it off when I realized it was Andrea. Oh! Sht. Seriously?? Not now!
I wasn’t in the mood. But…considering I’d snobbed her calls the last time she called, I felt i had no choice.
I picked the call and put it on speaker.
“Nathan!” She squealed.
“For heavens sake, you finally decided to pick my calls. Whats wrong,,Nathan? You’ve been….”
“I’m so sorry, Andrea. The last few times you called were like the busiest moments of my life”.
“And you couldn’t return my calls, at least?”
“I know, but I….” I paused and sighed. “I’m sorry, okay?”
She was silent for a while and I figured she was probably putting on her childish frown.
“Anyway, how have you been? ” she asked.
“Well…I’ve been great, I guess. Everything is fine. And you? How’s Atlanta?”
“Oh!! Atlanta is great”, she paused and giggled.
“I’ve missed you, Nathan……and I can’t wait to see you again”.
“Yeah…same here. I’ve missed you”.
“Really?? What do you miss about me?”
Her voice was enthusiastic and I chuckled.
“Well…I’ve missed your liveliness, your jokes, your voice….”
“Oh, Nathan! You’re making me blush”, she laughed h@rd and even without seeing her,,I could tell her entire face was pink already.
“Um….you know what? Mum was talking about coming to Korea for a friend’s wedding. So, I’m gonna do my best to persuade her to come and that way,,we’d see again. What do you think?”
“Well….that’d be great. I’d be waiting”.
“Alright. Bye ,need to go now”,,
“Bye Andrea”,,
And she ended the call.
I took in a deep breath and focused my eyes on the road.
Andrea….she hasn’t changed,,has she?
I scoffed when I thoughtof it.
Another beep came into my phone again and this time around, it was a text message.
I glanced at the screen and discovered it was from Mabel:
“Nathan, dad’s condition is getting worse. I’m scared”.
I was about sleeping off when the door opened and I forced my eyes open to see it was mum. Oh!
She stood by the door and glared h@rd at me.
“Um…good evening, mum”, I greeted nervously, but she didn’t say a word for the first few seconds.
“Come with me. We’re going out”, she finally said and walked out of the room.
My jaws dropped in shock. Going out with mum??? By this time???
Episode 2
By: Faith Lucky
Mum and I walked out to the roadside. And the whole time, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she was up to. Why would she suddenly want to take me out? Why?
Though, a part of me felt happy I’d be going out with mum, the other part was still scared. This woman behaves like a criminal….g©sh! And coupled with the fact that she doesn’t like me….I coupled with the fact she doesn’t like me, I couldn’t be any more suspicious.
We got to the road and boarded a cab to a far destination and the whole time, she was silent.
The ride was quite long but we finally arrived and she paid the cabby off. I looked around and discovered it was nowhere hidden. It was actually around a mall.
O….kay. Could she possibly bring me here for shopping?
My questions were answered when I saw her walking towards a black jeep. Whaaat??? That looks like one of the royal cars. What’s going on???
I flinched and watched her as ahe walked towards the car which was opened as she got close and a guy stepped out.
Oh my God!!!
No! He was one of Prince Eric’s guards. What’s mum doing???
I forced my weak legs towards them so I could get a proper view.
“I thought the prince would be here?” I heard mum ask, her eyes beady- looking.
“He’s supposed to. But,,something urgent came up which needed his attention. He’ll be back for her tomorrow”, the guard replied.
Back for whaaaat???
‘So…i should bring her back here tomorrow? Same spot and time?” Mum asked.
She turned and shot me a stare.
“Okay,,fine. But I’ll be needing some more money. I actually thought the deal would b done today so I could get my full payment”. She said with a sniff.
“You’ll get the rest of your payment once the prince is done with her”.
“The h’ll – I’m not agreeing to that. The prince not wanting to show up should be how own lost. Listen, I really need some cash, okay? So please, let me have something. And when the deal is completed tomorrow, I’ll get the rest of the money”.
The guard stared at her for sometime, then dipped his hand into his suit pocket and brought out some cash.
“Make sure you don’t fail to get her here tomorrow”. He instructed.
“Of course” mum giggled as she fl!pped the clean notes in her face.
The guard walked into the car and left while I stood dumbfounded.
Oh my God! This isn’t happening. It simply can’t be happening.
Mum smiled as she turned back to look at me.
“Come on, I need to get some things from the mall”. She said non challantly and started walking away.
“Mum?” My voice was weak.
She stopped walking and looked back at me.
“What is it, Danica? What?”
Tears threatened to drop from my eyes, but I struggled to fight them back.
“You’re….you’re selling me out to the prince?” I asked, my voice echoing outmost shock and disbelief.
A tear finally dropped from my eyes as I stared at her in shock. Was she being serious??
A mother – encouraging her child to have sx??
“What’s so special about it, Danica? As a matter of fact, it isn’t gonna take up to 1 hour. He just drills you for a few minutes and you’re done. We get stinking rich! Use your brain!” She rasped and hit me on the head.
More tears streaked my face.
“Listen to me, Danica, and listen very good. The prince has already paid half of the money to me and the only thing stopping mw from getting the full payment is the last part of the deal which would be taking place tomorrow. So, make sure you don’t do anything to ruin it. Do you understand???”
I was silent.
‘I said…do you understand??” She rasped again and I shook my head.
“I can’t believe you’re doing this,Mom…” I whimpered.
“I understand if you hate me, but doing this….is it really necessary?”
She scoffed and came close.
“Stop making me look like a fool, danica. You’re part of the reasons I spent 18 years in jail. And you’d have to be the one to fix that mess. Do you understand me???”, she yelled and grabbed my hand, pulling me close
“And let me just warn you…if my mother gets to know about this – I swear, I’ll kill you. Trust me!”
She fred my hand roughly and walked away, leaving me in tears.
Oh my God! No.
I fell weakly on the floor, huddling my arms and legs. How could she do this to me? How possible?
My own mother?
I ruffled my hair as I wept bitterly. I couldn’t let this happen. I couldn’t let her do this to me.
I needed to get help from someone.
“My prince…..
“Oh my….God….!”
The bch yelped as I dr1lled into her. I hit her earnestly,,taking all the plea$ure I wanted and finally,I was done.
“My prince….that was awesome”, she smiled hungrily as she looked at me.
I shot her a stare and dressed properly and just then, my phone started ringing. It was one of my guards.
“My prince”, he called as soon as I picked up.
“Yes? Were you able to get her?” I asked.
“Yes, the mother had shown up with her and I asked them to return tomorrow”,
“Good”, I mumbled with ecstasy and dropped the call.
Perfect. Wait for me, Danica. I’ll make sure you’ll be unable to walk again after tomorrow.
Episode 3
By: Faith Lucky
I sat on the floor for a long time, waiting for mum to come out from the mall.
I was tired of weeping already and just remained quiet on the floor. But shortly, I had some company.
I turned to see who had called my name and my eyes beamed when I discovered it was the woman from the other night – the night of the Royal banquet.
She looked richly dressed, as usual, but also looked surprised.
“Your name is Danica….right?” She asked and I nodded slowly.
“You still remember me?” She asked and I nodded again.
Then, she dropped to a crouch in front of me.
“Why are you here alone? Have you been crying?”
I sniffed and didn’t say a word. I couldn’t say a word cause I was scared of pouring more tears.
“Come on”. She hushed and held my hands, lifting me from the floor.
And we stood,,facing each other.
“What’s the problem, darling? Why have you been crying?” She asked, but I still couldn’t say a word as I just bent my head ruefully, staring at the floor.
“Hey; you can talk to me. Do you want us to go sit somewhere?” She asked and I shook my head, then looked at her.
“You don’t have to worry about me, ma’am. I’m just…” I paused and sniffed.
“I just have a lot going through my mind, ma’am. And I…I want to be alone”.
“Oh, dear…” She cooed and I could s£nse pain in her voice. “What is the problem? You can feel free to talk to me. I can be of help”.
For a second, her offer was tempting. For a second, I felt so eager to hug her and follow her to wherever she had in mind. I felt so safe.
“Maya?” I suddenly heard a voice and turned to see it was mum.
Oh, no. She’s back!
The woman in front of me scoffed and clearly looked surprised seeing mum.
“Kim?” She called in return, her hand falling from mine.
Mum looked at me, then back at her.
“What’re you doing with her, Danica? Come over here!” She snapped, but I didn’t move.
I was a little confused. Did they know each other?
The woman looked at me, having a quizzical look on.
“Let me guess….she’s the daughter you had in jail?” She asked.
“And how is that any of your business? Have you gone deaf, Danica? Come over here, now!!” Mum yelled and I ran towards her.
Oh my! What’s going on?
The woman – Maya – scoffed and crossed her hands.
“It’s such a pleasant surprise, Kim. Never thought you’d be getting out of jail anytime soon” she said sarcastically.
“Yeah. And I never thought I’d come out to meet a b’tch like you still alive” mum replied and my eyes dimmed.
Maya chuckled and tucked her hair behind her ear.
“Well….I must confess, Kim. You still look so beautiful – even after spending 18 years in jail. Prison does look good on you. I think you were born to be a criminal”.
“How dare you…?” Mum tried attacking her, but I was fast enough to hold her back.
“Don’t touch me!” She snapped and pushed my hand away from hers.
I stared at the woman in surprise. What problem does she have with mum?
“Oh! I shouldn’t be seen around talking to a lowlife like you, Kim. I just feel so bad for the poor thing you have as a daughter. She clealry doesn’t deserve you. Get a life”. She rolled her eyes and walked away, leaving me in shock.
After the encounter, mum’s mood got worst. She looked bittered and angry and I avoided talking to her so she doesn’t transfer her anger on me.
As soon as we got home, she ignored grandma in the sitting room and climbed up the stairs.
“Kim!” Grandma who’d been working on some clothes in the sitting room called, but she didn’t stop to look at her or say a word.
Grandma was undoubtedly shocked and looked at me.
“What happened to her? What’s wrong?” She asked,confused. And I just shrugged.
I was watching some movies in the sitting room when the door opened and I turned to see it was mum.
Oh! Finally.
“Hi mum” I beamed as she came close and sat next to me on the couch.
I stood up and gave her a peck.
“Baby, how’re you doing?” She asked, sounding tired. Not just tired, but upset.
“I’m fine, mum. I wasn’t expecting you home today” I said with a playful eye roll.
“Yeah…luckily, I was able to finish up in time for today. Is your dad home?”
“Yes. He’s upstairs. Um…are you okay, mum? You look kind of upset”.
I’m fine. I’m just…”
She paused and sighed. “I met someone I never thought I’d see in a long time. Someone that actually ruined my mood”,,
“Really? Who’s it?” I asked curiously.
That was actually the first time mum was speaking ill about someone.
We heard footsteps and discovered it was dad, climbing down the stairs.
“You should get some sleep, Kim. Its late”, mum quickly said, and I was shocked to know she was changing the topic.
I stared at her without saying a word until dad was close.
“Love, you’re back” he beamed and mum stood up to give him a side hug.
“Yes, hon. How was work today?”
‘Ugh! Stressful…”
I stood up with my phone and laptop.
“I’ll be in my room”. I muttered to no one in particular and took the stairs.
What was mum hiding?
My phone awakened with a ring, snapping me out of my thoughts and I picked after discovering it was Jeong.
“Hey, girlfriend!” She beamed
“Hi”, I muttered casually as I walked into my dazzling room and kept my laptop on the bed.
“Still awake? How’re you doing?” She asked.
“I’m fine, Jeong – I guess”.
‘Okay then. I actually called to check up on you. The pres£ntation’s tomorrow, remember? How’re you coping with Alex?”
“That guy’s a complete jerk! I’m pretty sure he’s gonna make me fail. He acts like a dumb@a$” I grumbled as I sat on the bed.
“Oops! Calm down, Bitna”, she laughed.
“So, you mean your pres£ntation is likely to be wrong? Oh, no. Danica might actually beat you to it again. And to think she was paired with the prince…”
Urgh!!! I fisted my hand angrily. Why did she have to mention her name?
“Dmn it! I hate that lady!” I cur$ed angrily.
I ruffled my hand, thinking of what it would look like, having her humiliate me again. Everyone’s gonna see me as a joke!
“Bitna, you need to….”
“Jeong, wait!” I said when an idea suddenly popped into my head.
I ran my eyes around, fixing the plan.
“What is it, Bitna?”
“Perfect!” I beamed.
I smiled happily.
“I think I know a way of preventing Danica from attending the pres£ntations with the prince”, I said with a smirk.
“I’ll make her run out of school tomorrow”.


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