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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The swedish prince Episode 20

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🌹🌹The Swedish Prince 🌹🌹


🌹Chapter 20🌹




Maggie’s P.O.V❤️

He manages to pull my underwear halfway down my thighs with just his mouth until he gets impatient and basically bites the strap, snapping it in half.

“Hey,” I tell him, looking up. Those were my only nice ones!

He stares at me with raw impatience. “I’ll buy you another pair.”

“From where? Disneyla–” but the rest of my sentence dies on my tongue when he yanks my thighs apart and buries his head between them, his hands on my thighs and pressing hard enough to leave bruises.

I immediately stiffen at the first contact of his tongue and then I start to melt.

Oh…I’m melting.

Right into his mouth.

He flicks the tip of his tongue over my clit and instantly I am dissolving into a sea of stars while a galaxy at my middle whirls tighter, tighter.

No, this won’t take long at all.

“You taste so perfect,” he moans into me and I instinctively grab the top of his head, my fingers winding in his hair and holding his head against me, though I think I couldn’t pull him away even if I tried.

“So sweet, so beautiful. A lavender ocean. I could taste you forever.”

His words trail off into grunts and little moans, telling me how much he’s enjoying this, enjoying me.

“Oh my

goodness ,” I cry out, feeling like I’m losing oxygen already as his tongue plunges deep inside me.

My hips rock and I feel like I’m being too demanding for wanting more but from the way he’s gripping my hips, squeezing my delicate skin and pumping his tongue in and out of me, I know he wants to give it.

Something hot and electric starts to build in my core, working its way up my spine, and I’m growing more frantic for my release. I want to come so badly it’s driving me crazy and yet I want this to last forever, the sight of his head between my legs, his mouth wet and open and ruthless as he licks me out.

I am being devoured.

I am being ravaged.

I am…

Oh Goodness, “I’m coming,” I say, breathless, and the world pauses in that heavy, silent, slow-motion moment before the bomb goes off. “I’m–”

A cord is pulled deep inside me and I am yanked into another world, a shooting star made of fire and livewires and I’m calling out his name, “Viktor, Viktor, oh goodness” and I’m practically whimpering as I come back to earth, my body convulsing, my thighs squeezing both sides of his head.

“Was that good?” he asks a moment later.

I’m still struggling to catch my breath, my body oversensitive, my heart so loud and fast in my head that I can’t think straight. I look to see him staring at me eagerly, framed by my thighs, his mouth wet, glistening on a

curved smile.

There are pieces of lavender in his hair.

“Yeah,” I tell him. “Yeah…I…”

There are no words.

But he has words.

“That was for you,” he says, his voice taking on this low, guttural tone. “This is for me.”

He stands up at the foot of the bed and starts stripping.

The shirt that was partially unbuttoned is now thrown to the floor.

His shoes are kicked away. Socks peeled off.

His hands go to his pants, unbuckles his belt with stealthy confidence, and my eyes go from his face to his chest to his abs to now his underwear as he pulls down his boxer briefs and steps out of them.

I know I’ve seen Viktor like this before. Naked.

But I’ve never seen him like this before.

Dick extended, large and hard.

For me.

I still stand by what I thought the first day that I saw him naked, that I would love to suck his dick.

He can tell, too.

Perhaps he wants to pretend it’s that day all over again.

I bring it up as he walks toward me, his cock hard as it juts out between us. I’m barely able to take my eyes away from it.

“Pretend you were that stranger on the first day?” he questions.

He shakes his head and stops right in front of me. “No. I don’t want a stranger to suck me off. I need it to be you. I’ve dreamed about that lush peach mouth of yours for days.”

Fuck. He doesn’t mince words. I wonder how dirty his thoughts are in Swedish.

I sit up and he wraps his hand around the base of his dick and holds it near my lips. “Suck,” he demands. “Min lilla persika.”

I swallow hard, unsure of what that means, unsure if I can fit him all in my mouth but I’m more than willing to try. I reach out and hold him in my hand, feeling his hot, smooth shaft pulse in my palm.

I’m turned on again in a second.

I look up and meet his eyes and he’s staring down at me with a look that can only be called carnal, his eyes urging me to go on.

My grip around his cock tightens and he lets go and slowly pushes his hips forward until his cock slides in my mouth. The salt of him hits my tongue, creating another wave of need through me and as he pushes through my lips, his hands glide into my hair.

He groans and I can feel him grow even harder, like steel. In my mouth he feels fat and swollen, and sometimes he’s pushing in hard, it’s impossible to accommodate all of him.

But I try, licking and sucking, the suction sounds and wetness filling the air and I’m pumping him into my mouth faster and faster, occasionally razing him with my teeth which only makes him moan louder.

“Fuck,” he says and then mutters something in Swedish as he abruptly pulls out. “I’ll come in your mouth later. Now I want to come in you.”

The thought, as much as I want it, makes me pause.

“Are you with protection ?” I ask. “I mean do you have one?”

Do we need one? That’s what I’m really asking.

He looks at me with glazed eyes until he blinks some clarity back into them. “I do.” He clears his throat. “I am clean though. I get tested regularly, it’s well, they’re very adamant about health check-ups. Are you on the pill?”

I nod. “Yes and I’ve been tested. Recently. When I came back to California.” I pause, not sure if I should continue or not. “I haven’t had sex since I came back. For over a year.”

He barely reacts. “Then I should make this worth your while.”

You already have, I think.

And then he’s pushing me back on the bed again, kissing me, licking me, consuming my whole body for the second time, his cock pressing against me here and there as we find our spots in the sheets.

He grips under my ass, pulling it up toward him and then gets between my legs, determination on his brow.

I’m so wet still that the slightest movement forward and he slips in.


“Maggie,” he groans, pinching his eyes shut as he buries his head into my neck and I can feel his hot, ragged breath, already struggling for control. “The things I want to do to you, I don’t think I can do them all this time.”

“There will be other times,” I manage to say, my hands sliding over his shoulders, down his arms, pricking him lightly with my fingernails as he pushes in further and I spread around his thick girth. I’ve never felt so…full. So taken.

So his.

“Yes, tonight,” he says and the way the words hang in the air I realize tonight and tomorrow and the next night are all we have to do all the things we want to do with each other.

Life just isn’t fair.

“Don’t think,” he whispers in my ear before taking my lobe in his teeth and tugging. I feel like a million sparks are raining down my spine. “Don’t think, just feel.”

I am feeling.


“Just don’t ever stop”I tell him.

“Fuck,” he growls and then he slams his hips forward until he’s pushed all the way in. It feels like he’s pushed the air right out of my lungs.

I gasp loudly and he presses his hand over my mouth, over my cheek, holding my head down with force as he starts to fuck me at a punishing pace, his hips strong and relentless as they drive his dick in and out. My breasts jostle from each thrust, the bed starts to creak and move, I can hardly focus on anything, my grip digging in tighter in a wild attempt to hold on.

“You feel so good,” he grunts into my neck, one hand now pinning my arms above my head, while the other slides between us and starts tapping my clit. “Come for me again, I want to see your face as you’re coming. I want to see what you look like when you call my name, when I’m fucking you so good. Helvete.”

Holy shit, this dirty talking Swedish bastard is going to be the death of me.

He hisses and then stabs forward, sinking in so damn deep I’m not sure where he ends and I begin. I feel like I’m being folded in half. I cry out, half in pain, half because it feels so amazing that nothing, no one, will ever satisfy me again.

“Oh my Maggie,” he says before cursing some more in Swedish. “You were made for me, weren’t you? This, your amazing cunt, it’s so perfect, too perfect.” He groans, his head thrown back, sweat trickling down his throat and then snaps forward again, faster, harder. My hands trail down to his hips, his ass, grabbing on desperately.

Lavender is flying everywhere.

My thighs start to shake and the pressure from his slick fingers increase. There are no neat and tidy circles, instead it’s sliding all over the place with every relentless pump into me but I don’t need much.

“You like this, don’t you my Maggie,” he growls at me, staring at me with the wild eyes of someone completely raw and primal, operating on the basic instinct to fuck and fuck. “You love my dick, how it fills you, how deep I am inside you.”

I can’t even answer him. My world is spinning tighter until there’s nothing else but him and me. No hotel, no bed, no people in the world outside. Just us and the smell of musk and lavender.

My eyes shut and I grow tight and then it’s just “Oh god!” and my orgasm crashes over me again and I’m no longer myself, no longer in my body, the only thing I am is this boneless thing that’s spouting off words and sounds that make no sense at all.

“You’re so beautiful when you come,” he says and slips out of me. “Like your innocence is banished in front of my eyes.”

I’m still not quite here so it takes me a moment to realize he’s pulled out and then I’m disappointed and bereft at his absence.

But when I open my eyes, he’s hovering over me, slipping an arm underneath my back and flipping me over on my stomach.

“Up, to the wall,” he says gruffly and I feel his cock press against my ass for a moment. “On your knees.”

My legs are jelly and I don’t have much strength but I somehow manage to crawl to the top of the bed and get on my knees, facing the wall, my palms flat pressed against the headboard.

He comes up behind me and I look down to see each sinewy thigh capture me on either side, then he pushes down between my shoulder blades until my back is arched into a U and my ass sticks out against him.

I feel his fingers slide between my legs, then position his cock.

He enters me in a single long push and I’m flat up against the head board again, gasping. From this angle, I’m feeling him everywhere.

“Can you come again for me?” he whispers in my ear as he begins to pump. He wraps a hand over my throat. “What if it’s rougher? Would you like that?”

Yes, please. Anything. I would give this man anything right now.

I nod and the grip on my throat grows tighter as he starts rolling his hips into me, faster, harder. I can feel my ass jiggle with every thrust, the bed shakes and I can barely breathe and I’m overwhelmed and overheated and…

“Fuck, this, this,” he hisses at my ear. “You fuck so good.”

His thrusts become brutal and I feel like he might just break me in two or shatter me into a million pieces and he has lost his mind to me or I have lost my mind, my body, my soul to his.

Then his fingers slide over my belly, finding my clit once more, swollen and wet and wanting and needing and greedy, I’m so greedy for him, to come again, to…

I come in an instant and his grip on my neck tightens and I’m seeing stars.

And I’m loud.

The kind of loud that gets you noise complaints but in this second it doesn’t matter. I am stardust and delirious as the orgasm rips through me once again, turning me inside out. The world starts to blacken a little at the edges and I’m vaguely aware that he’s still choking me, still pounding me, with this ruthless force that causes the headboard to slam again and again.

Then his hand becomes a vice, just for a painful second as he pauses and then he completely let’s go of me, his pumps slowing.

I gasp for breath and he cries out, a rough and ragged bellow that fills the space around us like a battle cry. Right now he is more of a Viking warrior than he is a Swedish prince.

He collapses against my back and I’m pressed flat against the headboard and wall and sweat pools off his body and onto mine. He’s breathing hard, I don’t even know where I am. We take a few minutes to come back and when my thoughts and clarity return, I swear I’m a different person altogether now.

He pulls out and runs his hand down my damp spine before giving my ass a little slap. Then he falls to the bed, grabbing my arm so I collapse beside him.

“Are you okay?” he asks me, pulling me toward him so my back is to his chest, kissing my ear. “I don’t wish to be too rough with my Maggie.”

“You weren’t too rough,” I say, my heart is still a marching band in my chest, the sweat on my body starting to cool. “You were…you were good. You were making me come three times kind of good. Which is a lot better than good.”

“Always more, never less,” he says.

I smile at that and everything inside me seems to smile too. Beams of light and butterflies and happiness. I’m sated and content and I love how he goes from a wild man bent on fucking the hell out of me to one adoring and doting me with his tenderness.

“Next time, I will last longer,” he tells me, pulling me closer still so I’m nestled under his arm, my head on his chest.

“How much longer can you last?” I chuckle.

“For you? I want to last forever. I never want this to end.”


That kicks me in the gut.

Now that the throes of orgasm are wearing off, I’m back into this sticky reality, the one in which the two of us only have a few days with each other.

There is no forever with us.

There never was.

I close my eyes and breathe him in.

He smells like lavender.


Having lived almost my whole life only two and a bit hours away from LA, you’d think that I would have been to the city of angels a lot. But as I had told Viktor, the only time I remember was for a wedding, some relative on my dad’s side.

I remember seeing Venice Beach and being enamored by the sand and the seagulls and that bright blue Pacific but that was about it.

What I really wanted was to go to Disneyland. There were multiple kids in my grade with annual passes, I remember thinking they were the richest kids in the world, practically royalty.

Now I’m with actual royalty. Funny how life works.

Standing outside the gates to the Magic Kingdom, with an actual god damn prince by my side, a prince who outshines any of the ones in the park, a prince who would have his own kingdom, his own country, one day. A prince who…

Is smoking a joint?

I thought Viktor was right behind me as we were walking toward the ticket booths but now I’ve turned around to see him off to the side and smoking a joint, a puff of smoke falling from his mouth and wafting around him.

“Really?” I ask him, coming over. “Pot?”

He nods and squints at me, taking the joint away from his lips. “I smoke quite often at home. When no one is looking, of course. Usually if I happen to visit Magnus. He’s the prince of Norway,” he explains.

Pot smoking princes, huh?

He tries to hand it off to me but I shake my head. I’m no angel but I’m about to step into Disneyland. I don’t need that shit. I’m about to get high on churros.

“Where did you get it anyway?” I ask him.

He nods over at the busy intersection. “Bought it from the homeless fellow on the corner.”

My mouth drops open. “You did not!”

He smirks at me and has another drag. Blows out the smoke. God he looks sexy with his eyes all squinty like that. “I picked it up in Colorado on the way here.”

“You’re lucky it’s legal in California. The last thing you need is for your ass to be thrown in jail. What kind of a headline would that be?”

“Not a good one,” he says and then stubs out the joint, flicks it in the nearest wastebasket and holds out his arm for me. “Let’s go.”

Because this was a last minute addition to our agenda, we’re only at the park for one day which sadly means that we have to choose one park instead of both.

As much as I want to go to California Adventure and ride the Grizzly River Rapids or California Screaming, we’ve decided on just visiting the OG (original gangster), Disneyland.

Honestly though, it was a hard decision. With only so many days left with each other, part of me didn’t even want come. I wanted to stay in the hotel room with Viktor and continue to have him fuck my brains out.

Though we fell asleep right after last night, both of us exhausted, especially me for having come three times, this morning we woke up and blindly groped for each other in the dark and got back at it. Sex in the shower followed right after.

But Viktor was looking forward to Disneyland too and I know we can’t do all of our getting to know each other in the bedroom. As much as my body wants to get to know him better, my mind still wants to know his on the same level.

Either way, this trip would be a memory neither of us would ever forget. If someone ever brings up Disneyland in the future, I can think back and go, “Oh yeah, I went there once with the prince of Sweden.”

But who am I kidding? I won’t forget a single second of our time together, even just the boring stuff like standing in line forever at In & Out and talking smack about everyone else in front of us.

We didn’t get a chance to order our Disney tickets online, so we end up in yet another line to get our tickets (thankfully it wasn’t as long as the one for burgers) and then we’re into the park. In seconds I am just smitten. The sounds, the sights, the smells…god, all of Main Street smells like heaven.

“Oh my god, it’s Pluto,” I cry out, pointing at the character with a line of kids waiting patiently for their pictures to be taken with him. Then I spot Goofy. “Oh my god, it’s Goofy!”

“I don’t know what’s worse,” he says.

I blink at Viktor, ready to go on the defensive if he says any shit about either character. “What?”

“How fucking adorable you look right now or how much this is turning me on.”

I smack him across the chest playfully, my hand bouncing back like I’ve slapped a bunch of bricks. “You can’t get turned on at Disneyland. It’s gotta be a rule.”

He shrugs. “You obviously don’t know me. I can get turned on anywhere.” He flashes me a wicked grin. “I bet I can turn you on anywhere too.”

“Oh hush,” I tell him, grabbing his hand and leading him further into the park.

It’s almost summer and even though kids are still at school, the park is crowded. Maybe it’s always this crowded. Everywhere I look there are people, large families, couples with babies, couples without kids, people that look like they’re about to run a marathon through the park, old people on scooters, Donald Duck.

Normally crowds of this size would give me some anxiety but here it doesn’t affect me, not when I’m hanging onto Viktor. His size and presence seems to command attention and make people part in from of him.

“Where to?” he asks as we pause at the end of Main Street.

I don’t even have to consult the map. I nod at Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

“The castle.”

He looks at it and squints. “You call that a castle?



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