The Star prologue

Another episodic love story from Abike
Written by: Abike
To be a Star is not a child’s pla-y,to be a Star takes a lot of risk,to be the love of every fans life is not an easy task,For a star to be the best will takes a lot of things, For you to be a Star you have to be determined, you have to be able to do everything just to achieve your aims. But do you know that the life of a star is not easy, they have to work over and over again just to look perfect and to pres£nt good personalities, Stars ha-rd ly have time for thierslves, because they have to make sure that everything goes in a smooth and perfect ways, They have to prevent thierselves from fake rumors and any harmful things or issues that could affect thier lives,Even if they are facing a lot of challenges secretly still they make sure to look happy in public, life of a star is what people create anything about, either good ones or the bad ones, For you to be a Star you will have to forget many things in life,Like things that could make you loose your focus,to be a Star you must be the gentle one because people will test your patience, And if you should loose that coolness in you, that could be the end of everything and you will find yourself loosing your fans one after the other.Let me take you all into the life of young star, when I am saying a young star you should know that it’s true. This is a story about a young star who goes by the name Dylan Max.Who is Dylan Max?
Dylan is the second son of one of the most riche-st man Nigeria Mr Max,He is a Billionaire,a business man, a producer, he has a record company which is known to be the best, different kinds of artists are un-der this company of Max record label, Both female and male artists are un-der him, But there is a p@rticular artist who seems to be the outstanding one,the best of all, His name is Dylan Max, Mr Max second son, He is not the best because he is Max son, but he is the best because he proofed himself to be the best, He is twenty years old,Yes twenty years old guy, He started his Career at a very tender age which was ten years old, He is having different kinds of contract deals with many companies,He is still a student but in the oversea,Cause he dare not attend any school in Nigeria unless he wants the fans to divide him into two, He is a model, a dancer and a musician, He has being leading the category of the most handsome guy, and cutest guy since five years ago, He has being leading the category of the best Voice also, When Dylan sings it melt a stone, When he smiles it soften the heart. Dylan is a very fair guy in complexion, He is not too tall for his age and not too short for his age, he is having the cutest dimples, nice set of white teeth, natural pinkl-ips in a very round and small shape, lovely eyebrows, He p@rted his left eyebrow into two ways which gave him a cute face, He pierced his left ear into two and his right ear with just a earring, He is found of sunglas-ses, earrings and n£¢klaces, His hair is naturally and endowed black dre-adlocks, He tinted the hands of his dre-adlocks in gold. This guy is really the cutest guy you will ever see. Many times he got k!$$£d by different ladies on stages, airports or anywhere, and that was unexpectedly for him and even the guards besides him,These ladies comes from nowhere and before they know what is going on they will steal a k!ssfrom Dylan, For Dylan to t©uçh a lady, such lady won’t be the same again, it’s either she faint or she lose her focus. He is a charming guy with great physique and great abs, He is having a nice and lovely b©dy.Even though he is twenty years old, Different kinds of women wants to l@ydown with him, g@ys are dying for Dylan, even the lesbians want to have a taste of him. Dylan is every lady’s dream,Even though He got the affection of everyone But there is someone that Dylan is praying and dying for once to see his love, Dylan is a man that everyone loves but this same Dylan is dying to have someone’s love and affection and that is his elder brother Charlie Max….
Let me take you all into the journey of this great love story

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