The star episode 7

Written by: Abike
Episode Seven
Diamond girls school, some group of girls sat down un-der the school big tree discussing
Girl:Have you girls heard about Dylan’s tattoo?
Girl 2:Of course we do, we all know that he and Claudia is d@t!ngnow
Girl 1: Really? Oh my God, But I wish Vivian is the lucky one and not Claudia
Girl3:Me too
Girl 2: oh plea-se! Which Vivian, Claudia should be the lucky one and she is alre-ady,so st©p stressing yourself on that
Girl 4: But I want our t©p models to be the lucky one, I mean one of the t©p two models, Tiffany and Whitney, those ladies are my role models, I wish I could change Dylan’s mind and heart to d@t£ one of them
Nancy:Hey girls, can you all st©p dreaming (Nancy walking up to them, Alisa pas-sing by also st©pped to listen to the conversation, so also Jenny and br@ndy c@m£ in from different angles to join the conversation)Girls can you all st©p listening to fake news and old stories, Fine we all know that our b©yfri£ndgot a new tattoo with the letter C and FOREVER, Many people said it’s Claudia, but I expect you ladies to have heard that the company replied the fans that Dylan and Claudia ain’t in any relationsh!pthat he only used that letter as his tattoo, obviously if it’s not true, Claudia should have say something about it that the company is lying,but she didn’t say anything, which means Claudia and Dylan ain’t in any relationsh!p, but am sure that the name is for someone special to Dylan, I mean such lady is just so special and lucky, oh my God! And you ladies, am talking to you Jenny and br@ndy, and you too Alisa cause we Know that you are also fighting in your heart to win his love but you are not showing it like Jenny and br@ndy who will kill thierselves anyday, we heard that Dylan is your special guest on your birthday, you must have went throu-gh a lot for convincing the president on that, anyways we will come to your birthday just to see our Dylan, for you girls that are killing yourselves on Dylan, st©p dreaming, you can’t have this guy honestly, Vivian, Claudia, Tiffany and Whitney are more than our status, still they can’t have Dylan yet and we all know that those four ladies are on each other’s throats just because of Dylan,we all know that Dylan is having a girlfriend now and that’s the truth but he is not re-ady to show her to the world yet, but honestly such lady is the luckiest lady on Earth, I mean for Dylan should use her name as his tattoo, honestly am dying, so girls st©p dreaming that you want to have Dylan, you can only be choking and crushing on this guy, we are no match to Vivian, Claudia, Tiffany and Whitney, they are high clas-s babes for heaven sake, they are still trying thier lucks too, well we can’t say if Dylan comes to our p@rty, it’s possible I get his attention I might still be the second luckiest girl, Meaning my name may still be on the second arm, so you girls dress like there is no tomorrow that day, who knows maybe you can still get him, but st©p killing yourselves, Am off to reharsal I gat to practice so ha-rd for Dylan to see me as perfect as anything that day(She walked away leaving all the ladies with puzzles, they all knew that she just told them the bitter truth)
At a very big eatery, Frank was on his seat waiting for Vivian, not too long she c@m£ in, putting on a long peach dinner go-wn, a silver heels matching it up with a sliver purse, her hair in ponytail, she looks so stunning with a matching jewelries, Her smile was a breathtaking,As a gentleman Frank stood up for her to sat down first while he also sat with her, the waitress served them thier drinks and went away
Vivian:Thanks for honouring me Mr Frank
Frank:My plea-sure miss Vivian
Vivian:How is Dylan?
Frank: He is good, thanks ma’am, So you said you wants to see Dylan
Vivian:Sure I wants to see Dylan but firstly before we talk about that, is Dylan and Claudia having anything together, like for real are they really d@t!ngcause I don’t want to believe that fake news, is it really throu-gh or not?
Frank:Am glad you also said it’s a fake news, it’s just a rumors, his tattoo was just a letter he cherish a lot and that’s all about it, the company alre-ady replied the fans to clear thier doubts, So there is nothing going on between them
Vivian: Anyway that’s good to hear, but I really wants to see Dylan and not you Mr Frank,how can I see him pri-vately?
Frank:Miss Vivian, the last time I checked I think you should know this more better, that no one will see Dylan without seeing me first, you can’t see him without telling me the purpose of you seeing him, atleast ma’am tell me why you wanted to see Dylan, on what business?
Vivian: Actually I will be sincere with you,I don’t have any business for Dylan, I just want to have a d@t£ with him, I want I and him to have a nice time together, and I won’t mind visiting his house, just help me to create some time for him, I nee-d to see Dylan Mr Frank
Frank: Actually Miss Vivian, am afraid to tell you that you can’t see Dylan, Firstly Starting from tomorrow, he will be very busy, honestly speaking Dylan is fixed up with a lot of schedules for his coming home, seeing you is not in my hands only him can decide on that Ma’am,But I am afraid that I don’t think he will see you, am so sorry ma’am
Vivian: So are you telling me now that Dylan won’t see me?
Frank: I am not saying that he won’t, Dylan is just busy for now Ma’am, Maybe another time but for now am afraid he won’t,He is just busy plea-se try to un-derstand (Vivian sat back looking like someone that just received the highest insult on Earth while Frank keeps on saying)Sorry Ma’am, Really sorry ma’am
Crystal’s shop, Her friends and her sat down discussing, only Mira was attending to a customer, not too long the customer left
Tyra: So the tattoo is not for Claudia,But who could it be?
Vera:Hmmmm Dylan is having a girlfriend somewhere, But honestly such lady is the luckiest, I mean luckiest bit-ch on Earth, but who could it be?
Laura:Hmmmm,come to think of this ladies,C and FOREVER, Crystal forever?
Crystal: Haha! Are you sure you eat the right breakfast this morning?
Laura: Actually come to think of it, Dylan is hiding his girlfriend from us, maybe it’s you and you don’t want to tell us, cause you keep on telling us that you don’t love his song, maybe secretly you love him and you are seeing him, Who knows maybe Dylan can’t keep it again that’s why he used your name as his tattoo, Before you don’t love his song, but why is it when you started falling in love with his song that was when he used your name as his tattoo, Perfect timing right? , ladies think with me plea-se, reason with me
Vera:Hmmm, Laura you are very wise,you are right about this
Tyra:Honestly I support you on that too
Myra: Crystal plea-se confess to us, tell us the truth, we can’t be your friends and not get the chance to meet him, Even just for once plea-se Crystal, plea-se!
Crystal:I think I will have to contact your parents, you ladies nee-ds to be un-der observation, You are all going crazy (She stood up and went inside the sto-re to brou-ght out more stocks while the four ladies are lost in thier imaginations, Stressed was an un-derstatement for Crystal cause it seems they are all going crazy to her)
Claudia’s house
Her PA was sitting while Claudia keeps walking round the living room majestically, Her PA said
PA: Ma’am I thought this is what you want, but why are you not saying anything to this, I think this is the best way to get him so that you can have what you want, why are you not saying anything about it?
Claudia:You don’t know anything, of course I can’t get him that way, if I should tell the people that we are d@t!ngthat he was only lying am sure he will fight back and I may not get what I want that way, obviously fans may start thinking that am forcing myself on him,I don’t want to feel so stupid that way, I want something that will happen between just I and him alone, that I will leave him with no choice than to do whatever I ask him to do, I am only Waiting for the perfect time (She made a phone call) Hello, how is he? Fine, make sure you monitor all his movements, and be careful because of his Manager, that man is very wise, Don’t worry am sure they will fall into my tra-p one day, just keep watching and always notify me,Do you un-derstand me? Good!later then!(She hanged up the call and said) Dylan Love! Don’t worry baby, I won’t rush you on this, cause I know that, at the end of everything,you won’t have a choice but to give me what I want, And i promise you that you won’t have a choice but to beg me for more,Just watch me!
Save Dylan
Claudia is desperate
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