The Star episode 6

Written by: Abike
Episode Six
Mr Max company, Some reporters and fans are alre-ady outside waiting for Dylan to comes out since they heard that he c@m£ to his father’s company, they are all waiting for him to comes out, In Mr Max office was, Mr Max himself, Dylan, Frank and just four guards, Mr Max and Dylan with Frank are on their seats,You don’t nee-d to search for where Dylan got his handsomeness, obviously from his father who is just as young as a thirty years old guy, Mr Max was in Red suit matching it up with black shoes, While Dylan was in white round n£¢k t©p, a blue crazy Jean trou-ser and a white timberland boots, His hair was packed up,His Golden wrist watch and his earrings are flashy, Just a single golden n£¢klace with the logo of a cross on his n£¢k, He got a tattoo alre-ady on his arm which was bodly Written with just a letter and some words un-der it “C” and “FOREVER” Those are his Tattoos C and FOREVER, Mr Max looking at him while Dylan’s head was just down
Mr Max:Why did you got this tattoo, and why are you using his name?
Dylan:(He used his ton-gue to t©uçh his upperl-ips and he breathed out, Obviously he was stressed,He said)Dad I just feel like, atleast if he is not going to see me I can still see this everyday,that’s what I thought
Mr Max:I heard that you want to see him
Dylan:Yeah I want to see him
Mr Max:Do you think it’s necessary, I mean what’s the point of doing this over and over again, Frank what do you think?
Frank: Honestly sir, I tried to talk to him alre-ady but he won’t answer me,I told him to let him be for now but he won’t answer, I think we should just allow him to see him
Mr Max:Ok, try to get him time to visit him at home
Frank:Ok sir, working on that alre-ady
Dylan:And how is he?
Mr Max:Still the same, Just that he is no more coming home and he is not even going to his own house
Dylan:Are you still fighting with him?
Mr Max:You know I don’t fight with your brother, he is just crazy and he is always trying to make me feel guilty all the time, because I don’t un-derstand him, he is just trying to put everything on me, (He breathed out)You know what, we will talk about this later, I don’t want to distract you because of this issue,I just don’t know what to do to your brother, he is getting out of hands, Charlie is becoming desperate, I just don’t know, All I want is for you to just focus, you have a lot to do and that’s why you c@m£ home, so plea-se focus and leave your brother alone for now
Dylan:If Charlie is taking it h0t Dad I expect you to take it slow with him,we both un-derstand him,we un-derstand his situation for heaven sake Dad, Just let him be
Mr Max:Do you think am not trying my best, Do y…. See you know what we will talk about this later, your fans are outside waiting for you (Dylan stare at the floor for awhile, he used his ton-gue to t©uçh hisl-ips and breathed out, He stood up and went out of the office, while Mr Frank followed him with his own two guards, on thier way outside, the female staffs won’t st©p staring and giggling, thier eyes caught his tattoo and they all got surprised, When Dylan got outside he was helped by his guards to his car and they zoomed out of the company, Not too long the news went viral that Dylan got a tattoo which was bodly Written as C and FOREVER, Comments were like it’s obviously his girlfriend’s name, while some concluded that he is using Claudia’s name cause it’s possible both are d@t!ng, while some requested to see his girlfriend, he was at home in his room with Frank, he looked so stressed alre-ady, resting his head on the chair he was sitting on, he said…
Dylan:How could they just conclude that am d@t!ngClaudia, I don’t even know anything about her
Frank: Actually what happened is that the fans have been wishing you to d@t£ four influential ladies and they are Claudia, Jenny, Vivian and Whitney, So seeing your tattoo they all believe that you are d@t!ngone of those four ladies which is Claudia according to your tattoo
Dylan:Wait you mentioned a name Vivian right?
Frank:Yea Vivian
Dylan:Is she not the one you said she wants to see me
Frank: Exactly, she is the one
Dylan:Have you talk to her?
Frank:No not yet, I will see her tomorrow
Dylan:Look if it is not going to be about business just tell her tomorrow that am not going to see her, seeing I and her together is another fake stories and am sick of that, do you un-derstand me sir?
Frank: Sure I do
Dylan: Thanks (The door was knocked)
Frank:Who is there?
Voice: Can I come in?
Frank: Who is there, wait is there no guards at the door heaven sake?
Dylan:why are you disturbing yourself, Don’t you know Owen’s voice again?
Frank:For real, that’s Owen? (He stood up to check the door he saw four guys standing at the door smilling at him, They are Owen, Ivan, Rick and Nick, they all twenty years old,They are the same age as Dylan but Dylan is Ten months older than Owen and Ivan while he is eleven months older than Rick and Nick which they are twins, Meaning Owen and Ivan are a month older than Nick and Rick,They all are Dylan’s dancers right from the start, They are more than friends they are like brothers,but Dylan remains thier Boss and they respect him a lot for that, they are someone who jokes a lot but when it’s time for rehearsal you will find it difficult to believe that they are very lively, most of the time they always be the one to cheer Dylan up, they always follow Dylan to anywhere he goes, they are attending the same school with Dylan in USA which Mr Max is sponsoring them on that, they didn’t arrive with Dylan the day he arrived cause they have some exams to finish so they arrived late,Seeing them at the door laughing,Frank knocked Owen’s head lightly)
Owen:fv¢k! That hurts
Dylan:Not allow Owen
Owen:Oh sorry (Realizing the word he said, They all moved in, Giving Dylan hvgs, Rick la-id down on the be-d while Nick sat on the be-d beside Rick, Owen and Ivan standing next to Frank who was also standing next to Dylan
Dylan:Why is your flight so late?
Ivan: Actually our flight arrived early what happened was that,Rick went to see his mum and I also went to see my big sis supermarket, so also Owen went to see his Dad
Dylan:And what about you Nick?
Owen:He went to see his girlfriend
Nick:And shut your mouth or you want me to say yours?
Owen:And what did I do?
Rick:Hmmm, Fire is coming
Nick:Oh you want me to say it?
Owen: Damn you! Nick spit it out
Nick:Ok fine you said I went to my girlfriend what about you who told us that you wanna visit your dad’s company but you only went to see your girlfriend, answer me now?
Ivan:For real, He went to see his girlfriend?
Rick:Wow! Wait Nick how do you know?
Nick: Firstly when Bro(Dylan) left USA that morning you know I saw him off, so I c@m£ back as I was pas-sing throu-gh his room to my room I heard him talking to his girlfriend on the phone that when he arrives he will come and check on her, so I followed him but he didn’t know I followed him,I never went to see any girlfriend but I followed him
Ivan:I was also wondering like you guys arrived at the same time, but yours was two minutes late
Rick:Nice one Owen (win-ked at him)
Owen:Can you all shut up?
Ivan: You should be the one to shut up cause you lied to us
Owen:And you Nick when did you start being a spy? you never tell me you that you are a spy
Nick:Shut your mouth!
Owen:No you shut it cause I don’t know why you are monitoring me
Rick:Owen for real you don’t nee-d to say anything here cause you are at fault
Owen: Fault? For visiting my girlfriend?
Ivan:But you lied, and why can’t you tell us that you went to visit your girlfriend, it’s not like we don’t know who she is?
Nick:Of course he won’t cause he broke up with Helen alre-ady,he went to see another babe
Ivan and Rick: What?
Rick: Like for real Owen you broke up with Helen?(All went silent looking at Dylan who was looking at them since, expecting him to say something, but he just stood up and went out of the room)
Frank:Like seriously you guys are having problems,You knows that when Dylan see you guys fighting or anyone fighting each0ther it reminds him of his Dad and brother and you are here doing that,and you Owen Dylan told you not to break up with Helen,but you do that,Why will you do that?
Owen:I have my reasons for that
Frank:You have to prepare yourself for speech to Dylan,am sure he will still call you on that and I want you guys out of the room now and search for him,go and apologize to him
Rick:That’s an easy task, obviously he will answer us immediately
Frank:So you are taking an advantage of him on that because you knows that he is easy to plead right?
Rick:Of course not that way,was only trying to say he is a cool guy
Nick:Can you plea-se shut up and let’s go(They all went out of the room, while Frank  dragged their other two bags out of the room)
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