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The star episode 5

Written by:Abike
Episode Five
Dylan’s House, The guards are moving up and down in the compound,Frank walking up to the stairs, Soon he arrived at Dylan’s room, He knocked on his door and waited for five seconds before he entered, He saw Dylan sitting on his bed with his phone in his hand, He got himself a chair and sat beside him next to the bed, Looking at how cool and silent he was,He smile at Frank
Frank: How are you?
Dylan:(Little smirk) Obviously am fine, Where were you before?
Frank: Actually I went to clear some stuffs,You have a show and the date is already fixed, on the 27th of this month you will attend a school party at Diamond girls school and besides the president wants you to be a guest at his daughter’s birthday and also a lady wants to make an appointment with you but though is not yet fix, because I will be the one to see her first to know what she wants, Everything are just loaded and am trying to get you your own time to rest but you are just fixed up already starting from Next week,you will be occupy
Dylan:Who is She?I mean the lady who wants to meet me
Frank:Miss Vivian, The Richest young lady
Dylan:Oh! I think I know her, but why is she trying to book an appointment, what for?
Frank: Obviously I don’t know for now, also your boys are coming tomorrow,your dancers.
Dylan: Actually those are not my problem right now, i need to get to the studio,I need to get to work and most especially Mr Frank (His voice went down a bit) I need to see him
Dylan:Yeah him
Frank:But I thought the last time you saw him, you Know how he reacted to you, why can’t you just leave him alone for now, Dylan it’s been fifteen years already, if he is going to change he will, with the way things are right now, I don’t think he is ready to even see you
Dylan: After all am still alive, i think i will still keep on trying,I don’t care about what he is going to do to me,all I want is Jus…. J… (Tears dropped)
Frank:No no no you don’t need to do this Dylan, When are you going to stop all these, Dylan?
Dylan:(Wipped his tears)Just help me to fix any day next week, I need to see him
Frank:But Dy….
Dylan:Mr Frank, just please, please,I just want to see him and I don’t care about what he is going to do to me,and one more thing,I need a tattoo,get me someone that is perfect in that
Frank:You want to have a tattoo?
Dylan:I just feel like
Frank:Ok it doesn’t matter,but atleast you need to rest for now, you just came back yesterday
Dylan:You are funny, Am fine, don’t worry about me, and when my boys arrive please let me know Sir
Frank:Ok, The dinning is set already
Dylan:Ok I will come in the next ten minutes
Frank: Alright, take care
Dylan:(Smile)You won’t stop treating me like a child
Frank: Obviously you are to me(Both smile at each other)
Crystal in her room sleeping peacefully, Suddenly a music was played in the living room, She knew it was her mom or her sisters playing Dylan’s song, She tried her best to cover her ears but no the noise won’t stop coming,She forced herself to stood up, She was surprised to see her mum and her sisters, not only that they are listening to the music, But they were having a party, Nina saw Crystal standing She dragged her to join them, Daisy opened the wine as they all shouted
All: Happy birthday to you! (She forgot her own birthday, She was Shocked and at the same time surprised, Her mom and sisters all hug her at once, tears of Joy couldn’t stop flowing on her face)
Crystal: Thank you so much,Mum I love you, Honestly I forgot my birthday,Thank you so much,Daisy,Nina Thank you so much
Mum:I understand you,A lot is on your mind,you h@rdly have time for yourself,You are the one taking care of me and your sisters ever since your Dad died,if not for my condition,why won’t I help,you even dropped out from school just j….(Words are unable to come out but tears,the three girls hug thier Mum)Thank you so much Crystal,You are the best daughter in the world,am Just happy,am so happy
Crystal:It’s ok Mum,Stop crying please,Am fine don’t worry, I love you all…
Tiffany was done with her shooting her PA move closer to her Smiling at her
Tiffany:What’s wrong with you, why are you smiling?
PA:Guess what?
Tiffany: What?
PA:You have a shooting next week
Tiffany: So what’s special in that?
PA:Oh my God, She didn’t know yet, I just received a call from the Boss
Tiffany:Can you please go straight to the point and stop beating round the bush
PA: Anyways,the Boss told me that you should get ready for next week cause you are having a shooting with Dylan
Tiffany:D…. D… Dy…. Sorry come again, I.. I can’t hear you
PA: Common ma’am, I knew you heard me right
Tiffany:A… Am having shooting with Dylan, my Man? Oh my God am choking right now, I can’t believe this, I need to go to the spa, I need to do more body treatment
PA:But there is a little problem Ma’am
Tiffany:P.. problem, What problem?
PA:It’s not going to be you alone with him, Ma’am Whitney is also with you guys
Tiffany:Oh no! That bitch won’t stop trying me, how can Boss do this to me, why her? Dammit!
Dylan’s House, He was busy walking up and down in his room, he was holding his phone pressing it,Mr Frank came in,He smile and said
Frank:Why are you walking up and down?
Dylan: Nothing I just feel like doing this
Frank: I Guess you are bored and tired of staying at home
Dylay: Exactly!So what’s up?
Frank:You need to get ready we are going to your dad’s company right now, and we need to get you ready for a shooting next week with the two top models, Tiffany and Whitney
Frank:So get ready,We are going out right now besides am having an appointment with Miss Vivian
Dylan:The same lady you told me about?
Frank: Obviously yes, She is on my neck and I need to see her quickly, Get ready so that your stylists can do thier jobs, Take care! (He pat Dylan’s back lightly and went out, while Dylan smile)
Crystal and her friends sitting down, discussing since thier boss was not around, Suddenly Claudia walked in with guards, the ladies became to sweat, like the almighty Claudia walked in thier supermarket, Crystal quickly got back her own s£nse bringing others back to life, She smile and said
Crystal:Good evening ma, Welcome to Mrs Anita’s Supermarket, How may we help you please?
Claudia:Thank you young lady, I just came here to do some shopping by myself,But I need two ladies to follow me please
Crystal:Yes Ma’am! (Laura and Myra quickly stood up to help her out, after she had finished, she paid them and gave them some tips, which the ladies appreciate her, after she had left)
Laura:Oh my God, Her smell was just sooo nice
Myra:That lady is just too clean
Vera: Obviously she is clean but not as Vivian
Tyra:Shut up! How can you say Vivian is more clean than Claudia, Even the blind will see that miss Claudia is more clean and clear than Vivian but if you are talking about money we all know that Claudia can’t stand beside Vivian
Laura:I once heard that some crazy fans of Vivian wants Dylan to date Vivian
Myra:And so I heard that some crazy fans wants Dylan to date Claudia
Vera:And so I heard that they wants Dylan to date Tiffany or Whitney
Tyra:Those fans just wants Dylan to date someone cl@ssic
Laura: Obviously Dylan is not going to do anything about that cause am sure he will still end up with one of those ladies
Vera:Of course sure, It’s either Claudia, Whitney, Tiffany or Vivian cause we all know that those ladies are dying for Dylan and they have never meet him before
Crystal:Wait a minute ladies, Don’t you guy think that this your Dylan is really proud, I mean how can he ignored those four powerful and influential ladies, how come they never get the chance to see him?
Laura:If not that you are my friend, I should have slaughter you for that statement
Myra: Imagine
Tyra:How can you say that Dylan is proud? Even a day old baby knows that Dylan is a soft and gentle guy, He is just not having the time, cause if he do am sure the ladies would have get the chance to see him, He is just too busy, Oh my God, Speaking of that Angel right now am having goosebumps
Vera:Me too(Blushing)
Myra:I swear if I should meet this guy one day, just one day, I will always go to church,God please
Crystal: Infact you have seen him, Someone that those ladies can’t see, so it’s you that wants to see him, maybe in your next life
Myra:Shut up!
Crystal: Like seriously you ladies needs to be check…..
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