The star episode 4

Written by:Abike
Episode Four
And the one they are all expecting c@m£ out, The Dylan they are waiting for c@m£ out with the guards and soldiers,The young guy that his pres£nce gives both men and women goosebu-mps,the one that melt thier hearts easily with his voice and his charisma, Choking is an un-derstatement for them, Dylan c@m£ out in white hoodie, white crazy Jean trou-ser, a black timberland, a black head warmer, everyone was choked to see his dre-adlock resting on his shoulder peacefully,cause that will be the first time they will all see him loose his dre-adlock, he has always packed it up but he surprised them all, they all wish he could re-move the head warmer just to see it all,Just to see how cute he is,he was putting on a black bag at his back a golden headset matching his golden wrist watch and earrings, the guy was just too h0t to describe, some are short of breath alre-ady, Seeing his fans shouting his name, he was surprised, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he bit his lower rightl-ips, have I tell you that this guy has got some killing habits, Like when he is surprise or shy he do bite his lowerl-ips but the left side and the way he re-lease hisl-ips in a very slow and in a S-xy way is just too h0t, when he is stressed up or confused and tired he always use his ton-gue to t©uçh hisl-ips both left and right and every minute he will exhale,He breathe out, When he is trying to lie or make an Escuze,he always blink his eyes every ten seconds which gives him a puppy face, Dylan is nothing different from a white,His hair, skin and everything about him is perfect, but he is not a white, he is a typical Nigerian from both father side and mother side, Coming out and seeing his fans, He was so surprised, He smile and this made two ladies fainted at the same time, which they were all rushed out, Diamond girls can’t st©p crying with tears including Alisa, Nancy, Jenny and br@ndy,Only Dylan could make them shed tears of Joy that way,Whitney who sat down before was alre-ady standing with her hands on her che-st, After five minutes of waving hands to his fans, he was esc-rted out, fans tried thier best to t©uçh him but the security was just more than ti-ght…
Dylan’s House, Some fans and reporters are at the gate waiting for his arrival, Dylan’s House is having two gates before getting to the main gate that led to his house, walking to the third gate from the first two gates will take you ten minutes, so the fans and reporters are at the first gate, Dylan’s cars arrived while the gate was opened for them to all enter but the fans and reporters were st©pped, Finally Dylan was free from all of them,he was free from the crowd since he was in his estate, He arrived to his masion, The door was opened for him to get down, all maids, cooks, and stylists and few guards are on standing ovation waiting for him to get down, Stepping out of the car made some workers to developed goosebu-mps all over thier b©dy, but they dare not do nons-en-se and loose thier job so it was a pain within for them, thier spirits are crying so ha-rd for Joy Inside, Dylan waved to them and smile to them at the same time,He was led inside straight to his flat, the moment he left,Some exhale so ha-rd like they were all keeping thier breathing for so long,Dylan was irresistible for them…
Comments went viral on internet…
Oh my God,Dylan will be my end,I wish i could see his hair,this guy is just too cute for this world,am choking for this guy,I was happy he gave no speech cause i wasn’t re-ady for speech,his cuteness alre-ady killed me today,so I wasn’t expecting him to speak at all,Cuteness kill this guy,Gosh! his dressing was h0t, His smile woke up my great grandma….. And many more comments on Dylan’s arrival…
At the supermarket,The ladies keeps on talking about Dylan and some comments about him, Crystal c@m£ in,she sat with them to listening to thier conversation,Myra said…
Myra:Crystal I want to ask you this plea-se ,and plea-se for real,just for real, atleast for once be truthful
Crystal:Ok,I will
Myra:Now that you sat with us and watched Dylan, plea-se What do you think about Dylan?Truth plea-se (All looking at her to hear her reply,She smile and said)
Crystal:To be truthful,Actually he is cute and handsome and he has a nice b©dy too and bes….
Tyra:S T O P!(She brou-ght out her phone pla-ying a song on it, giving Crystal to listen to one of Dylan’s song, Putting the earpiece to her ears,She got some Little goosebu-mps immediately,but she smile,after five minutes of listening to the song, Laura collected her phone and said…
Laura:What do you think??(No response) Crystal Talk now, Crystal!
Crystal:(Looking at thier eyes, putting them into suspension for two minutes,She smile again and said)Tyra s£nd me the song to my phone(Like they don’t hear what she said)
Vera: plea-se can you come again?i mean repeat yourself plea-se,we can’t hear you at all
Myra:Yeah me too
Crystal:You guys are funny,am sure you heard me right,just transfer me the song (Immediately Laura and Vera Knelt down praising God,While Tyra was tou-ching Crystal’s b©dy to check if she was ok, Myra on the other side couldn’t st©p laughing so ha-rd on thier dramas,So also Crystal was surprised ……
In a big house, guards are standing in the living room while some maids are busy setting up the dinner, a lady c@m£ out, counting her steppings on the stair case one after the other carefully, Goddess is an un-derstatement for her, she is an epitome of beauty, This is Claudia t©p most cutest, She is 23 years and Vivian’s rival on cuteness and richness, most of all on Dylan, She was putting on a long wine dinner go-wn which was following her as she walked up to the dinning to sit, Her food was served, Not too long her PA c@m£ in, she gretted her and said
PA:He arrived Ma’am
Claudia:That’s nice,Great work,You can go(The PA went away while Claudia stood up and went in her room,She shut the door, resting her b©dy on the door,She said..) Claudia nee-ds to get to work, I will make sure I beat Vivian on this, It’s not like I want to d@t£ him, obviously I may not be his type, and I don’t care about that, all I want is for him to l@yme down, the last time I checked he never try one before, I will make sure I be the first and it will surely be the best for him that he will beg me for more, atleast just once, I have waited for this so much and I don’t think I can wait anymore, Just can’t take it anymore,I will make sure I be his first taste and not that bit-ch Vivian, Oh my God! Dylan! Dylan!!(She whispered his name softly in an hor-nyway….)
Vivian’s house,She sat on her be-d in her room,She flashed back the smile on Dylan’s face at the airport as she had watched it on the TV,She la-id down on her be-d,She kept on rolling on the be-d,She stood up at once to make a phone call
Vivian:Hello,I want you to book an appointment for me and Dylan,I don’t care just try your possible best,I must see him,he must create time for me from all his schedules,I don’t care about any amount that it’s going to cost me,Just make sure you book an appointment for me to see him,yeah!(She hanged up the call)I don’t think I can have a peace of mind, Dylan is such a wicked guy for hurting me this way,my heart and my soul with my b©dy belongs to you and no one else,I will try my possible best to meet you,I don’t think I can survive this anymore,Dylan just plea-se,plea-se make me your woman and let me be the luckiest lady on Earth, Oh goodness!…..
Is Dylan not in a problem with all the desperate ladies???
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