The star episode 30

Written by:Abike
Charlie sh0t Dylan on his heart, Before he could fell down, Charlie alre-ady ran and caught him, Sitting on the floor, holding him,Mr Max and Frank both ran to them,All calling Dylan’s name
Charlie:Dylan, Dylan, Dylan talk to me
Mr Max: Charlie what did you do? Dylan!
Frank:I will call for the ambulance right now (As he was about to stand up to call for an ambulance,Dylan held him back, He said In pain)
Dylan:Y… You don’t nee-d to call for the ambulance, I… I can’t make it
Mr Max:No Dylan you will, Frank call the ambulance and fast! (Dylan still holding Frank)
Frank:Dylan plea-se
Dylan:(Tears)T….This is pointless,I can’t make it, Do you remember that man you saw that night?
Frank: Yes I do, I remember, what’s about him?
Dylan:This is what he told me that night…
Dylan who was moving up and down thinking about the whole drama Charlie performed,suddenly he saw a man from afar, putting on white all throu-gh, with a white stick in his hand, his hair and mustache are all white, Dylan move closer to him and said in a gentle manner
Dylan: Escuze me sir, plea-se how did you c@m£ inside here?
Man:(With a soft voice in a calm tone,and in a gentle way)Dylan Max
Dylan:Of course that’s my name, am sorry I don’t think I know you sir, and plea-se how did you c@m£ in here?
Man:You don’t nee-d to know me, but I know you very well,I know you more than the way you know yourself,I know the Star
Man:Yes, You are the Star, You are a star in this world and you are a Star in heaven
Dylan:Sorry I don’t un-derstand you,Firstly how did you c@m£ in here?
Man: Well I c@m£ from there (Raising up his face to the sky)
Dylan:You c@m£ from there? How do you expect me to believe this?
Man:Well, after I explained some one or two things to you, am sure you will believe me, Having the same dream with your girlfriend don’t you know the meaning of that?
Dylan:W… Wait a minute, how do you know about this?
Man: That was why I said I know you more than the way you know yourself,Dylan you are a Star, your Star is as bright as the sun, Your star in this world and in heaven is eternal,You have one of the greatest star someone could have,but (He paused)
Dylan:But What?
Man:But it’s a pity that the owner of this Star is not destined to use his star for a long time
Dylan:What do you mean?
Man:The Death is calling, Dylan you have a great star that in the next centuries the world will always remember you, even after you die they will always do your remembr@nce, this star of yours will still be shining after you leave this world, you will always be remember, but your life time is very short
Dylan:My life time is short, what do you mean
Man:Your dream is a symptoms of you leaving this world,you left the love ones beside the water and you never come back again,the water is like heaven which anyone can’t go there and come back, once you leave this world and you get there,you can’t come back again, you are not destined to have a long life but your star is destined to be forever,Right now as am speaking with you, You don’t have much time left, when it’s time Dylan, it’s either you die in a natural way, or you get kill by someone,and the moment you close your eyes, your girlfriend will realize that she is pregnant for you, of course she is pregnant as am speaking with you right now, but she didn’t Know, if you take her to the hospital to confirm this pregnancy, they will let you know that she is not pregnant, but she is, but she didn’t know yet, and immediately you leave this world, another star will take over, and that will be your son, he is going to have the same star like you but he will have a longer life than you, Dylan you have a great star but it’s unfortunate that you are not destined to use it for a long time, Just put it at the back of your mind, that the death Is calling, it may come today, and it may be tomorrow, just get prepare for it, it may come in a natural way, or you get kill by someone (Tears dropping ra-pidly on Dylan’s face)I just saw your manager, am sure he went back to call your boys, we will surely meet in heaven, The heavens are waiting for your comeback, they all are rejoicing for your arrival, remember I said you are a Star there also, We will surely meet in heaven,we will be waiting for your return (The old man disappeared before Frank c@m£ out)
Frank:Oh my God!
Max:What?Am finish (Blood gushed out of Dylan’s mouth as he coughed out)
Dylan: Charlie, j…. Just f…. Forgive Dad, you don’t kill me, believe me you don’t,th….thi….this is meant to happen
Charlie: Dylan no, Dylan don’t do this plea-se, you just can’t give up, w… We can do something right, just plea-se stay alive, I promise to be the best brother to you, just don’t give up plea-se,am so sorry Dylan,am so sorry,am really sorry for everything,I was a fool,I was just j…I was just crazy,just plea-se stay with me, plea-se Dylan
Dylan: Charlie, a…am sorry too, am sorry that I will leave you guys, Mr Frank
Frank: Dylan (Tears dropping on Frank’s face) Dylan No, Dylan not you, do you know what will happen if you go like this? Many people and fans won’t take it easy, have being the one taking care of you ever since you are a kid, I can’t just watch you die like this, Dylan think about Crystal, the boys, Dylan many people won’t find this funny, not you, you shouldn’t be the one
Dylan:Arrrrgh(in pain)
Max: Dylan, Dylan talk to me, Dylan!
Dylan:Dad am in pain, Dad am in Arrrrrgh!
All: Dylan! Dylan!
Dylan: Listen plea-se,Look at me plea-se,the only thing you all can do for me, is to take care of Crystal, plea-se take care of her like it’s me, plea-se take good care of her so much, I can’t believe that I will just leave like this, I… I Arrrrrgh, I don’t want to die, Arrrgh
Charlie: Dylan we can still make it to the hospital, Mr Frank call the ambulance, Fast!
Dylan:It’s late alre-ady,it’s lateeeee (Tears dropping) Mr Frank, I wrote something in my diary after I saw that man that night, I wrote it for all my fans, plea-se kindly re-ad it to them, I wrote it for everyone who have love me,wh… Arrrgh! D… Dad! D…. (And Dylan breathed his last breathe)
Crystal at the shop, she was checking out what her workers are doing, Suddenly she saw Dylan standing at the front of the shop, She was surprised to see that no one noticed him except her, she looked around to be sure if people see him but no one did, Dylan smiled at her, As she looked around once again to see if anyone really don’t see him, looking back at where Dylan was standing, she didn’t see him there, Suddenly she felt dizzy and fainted)
Crystal and her mom arrived home, her mom as-sisted her to la-id down on her be-d in her room, She sat with her and said)
Mom:You nee-d to be careful now, Like the doctor said, you must not do too much of work, am so happy, You nee-d to call Dylan and tell him, am sure he will be very happy, Let me get you something to eat so that you can rest, am coming (Her mom went out while Crystal flashed back when she saw Dylan at her shop,She brou-ght out her phone to call Dylan)
Newscaster:Good afternoon to everyone, It is so sad that we just received a news that our famous artists Dylan Max, breathed his last breathe this afternoon, it was said that the cause of Dylan’s death was from cardiac arrest, before he could be rush to the hospital, he gave up to the ghost….
Vivian:Oh my God, Oh my God! Dylan! (Tears dropping on her face) This can’t be true, Dylan, Oh no
Claudia: What, W…. What? Dylan, Oh no, no no no no, are these people Joking, what kind of news is this, Cardiac arrest? How come?(Tears flowing freely)
Tiffany ran to Whitney with tears on her face where she was doing her make up, she gave her the iPad to see the post, while Whitney re-ad
Whitney:(Tears dropping without any word yet)W… What are you showing me, w…. What is the meaning of this, which D…Dylan are they talking about, Tiffany answer me, what kind of fake news did you just gave to me?
Tiffany: Whitney Dylan is dead(Tears dropping ra-pidly on both ladies face)
Diamond girls school turned into another thing, Tears from left to the right and from right to the left, Nancy hvgging br@ndy who couldn’t st©p crying while both of them shed tears together, Jenny hvgged Alisa who bent down crying together with her, everyone of them are all depressed including the teachers)
The boys at home Suddenly heard the news
Owen:What the hell is she saying, Can someone just call Mr Frank (Nick quic-kly dialed Frank’s number)
Nick:H… Hello sir, What? (His phone dropped down from his hand, Tears dropping on thier faces, Owen punching the wall so ha-rd without caring about the blood coming out of his hand, Ivan and Rick ran to him to st©pped him immediately,while Owen screamed out in pain)
Crystal’s shop,The ladies are in tears
Laura:Oh my God, Crystal must not hear this,Oh no! she must not,She just gave me the goodnews that she is pregnant,Oh no,No one should tell her plea-se,My God! Dylan what happened (All ladies crying including thier boss)
Crystal at home still trying to get throu-gh Dylan,She decided to call Frank which he picked up immediately
Crystal:Good afternoon,(Smilling)am sorry to disturb you sir, have been trying to get throu-gh Dylan but his number is off, I don’t know but I guess you will be the first person to hear this, am just happy to let you know that am pregnant for him
Frank:(His voice shaking)Y…. You are pregnant?
Crystal:Yes sir, B… But what happened to your voice sir(She saw her Mom coming with tears on her face while she was still on phone with Frank, Then Frank threw the bomb at her)
Frank: Crystal Dylan is dead, Dylan is no more (That moment she knew that her mom was also coming to tell her the same thing, the phone dropped from her hand, immediately Crystal’s face was full of tears, Her mom moved closer to her, trying to call her, but Crystal was just staring at her mom, She couldn’t talk, She couldn’t do anything,no reactions,she was just staring with tears dropping on her face ra-pidly,She alre-ady lost it,She lost herself)
And Dylan was buried,Some die ha-rd fans was admitted, Like Alisa she was admitted to the hospital, Whitney was admitted to the hospital, Owen was admitted to the hospital, While others are in full depressions,When They found no changes in Crystal health,They were advised to take her to the psychiatric hospital which Mr Max refused, Crystal was transferred to the best hospital in Uk for better treatment
Whitney just got back from the hospital,she sat in the living room, remembering her moments with Dylan, tears filled her face, suddenly she heard the doorbell,she stood up to checked who was at the door,she saw Charlie standing looking so depressed,He fell on Whitney’s shoulder crying bitterly, Whitney couldn’t help but to also shed tears with him
Dylan made his will before he died,Twenty percent to the boys, ten percent to the motherless home, Ten percent to Mr Frank,twenty percent to Crystal, forty percent to his unborn child….
Crystal gave birth to a baby boy at the psychiatric hospital in Uk,She was still the same till her son who goes by the name Dylan clocked two years,after her son Dylan Jnr clocked five years, Crystal finally regained her s-en-se,She spent extra two months in the hospital before she was taking back to Nigeria,She remembered Dylan’s word on the n£¢klace he gave her”WHEN YOU MISS ME,JUST HOLD ON TO THIS” She hold the n£¢klace remembering when she first met Dylan,tears couldn’t st©p flowing on her face,Day and night she missed Dylan,she couldn’t st©p thinking about thier memories together
Crystal and her son went to Dylan’s grave,She was just crying cause since five years ago that Dylan had died she was just visiting his grave for the first time,She introduced his son to him,the blind will see that Dylan’s son was just the same as Dylan,same face and cuteness, Dylan’s son was also having dre-adlocks, when Dylan’s son listen to music in any place,he will started dancing,even if he know it or not,he will always sang after the song, without song Dylan Jnr won’t sleep, It’s obvious that he is also in love with music just like his father
After Five years,Mr Frank went on the TV,an interview was organized just to re-ad Dylan’s diary to the fans and lovers, And this is what he wrote before he died
Dylan’s Letter
My life as a Star is the best thing to me, being surrounded by great people and lovely fans is the best thing to me, I wish I could express myself more than this letter, but accept it the way it is, My love for all my fans is unique, You all placed me high, you all love me more than the way I love myself,You all cherished me,you made me feel important anytime and anyday, honestly you all are the best,Well we can’t say yet but Incase am gone, incase the death close my eyes, incase I breath my last breath, incase I say goodbye to this world, plea-se Do not cry too much, do not be depressed too much,do not weep too much, I want you to know that I am not leaving you, I am only going up there just to watch you and protect you all, Sometimes I wish I could have a free moment with you all, I wish I could express how much you all are to me, but I want you to know that, you all have a very special place in my heart, a very special one, I will miss you all, and am sure you will do the same,if am to make a wish,I will wish to be your Star again In my next life,Thanks for ma-king me your t©p priority, Thanks for ma-king me your Star, Thanks for the love, Thanks for the affection, Thanks for everything,I love you all….
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