The star episode 3

Written by: Abike
Episode three
At the airport, a lot of fans are waiting for Dylan’s arrival, but it seems he won’t show up,many people are sitting, slee-ping and standing waiting for him, Not too long some people saw it on the internet that his flight was delayed, Many bec@m£ worried and started to feel sick, Sadness filled many fans heart, They all have been waiting for him close to three hours before the arriving time, Some refused to leave the airport while few left….
In a Villa, Guards hanged around the house, Everywhere seems to be silent that even if a pin should drop down obviously Someone could hear it, Two white maids are busy cooking in the kitchen, Mr Frank and Dylan’s PA/Secret are busy on the l@pt©p, Not too long, Frank’s phone rang, it was Mr Max, little fear gr!pp£dhim before picking up the call, He spoke calmly
Frank:Hello Boss
Mr Max:How are you Frank?
Frank:Am fine sir
Mr Max:We decided to del@ythat flight cause of security reasons, there is no way you will pas-s those fans and reporters with just sixteen guards, So that was why I delayed the flight
Frank:Yes sir
Mr Max: Another flight was alre-ady booked for tomorrow, Six soldiers will be at the airport plus the ten guards and the other six guards that are coming with you, I hope that will be very ok?
Frank: Absolutely sir, I was scared before, like how are we going to pas-s those fans, I mean they are just too many
Mr Max: Infact am tired about it, Anyway how is he,and where is he?
Frank: Pres£ntly slee-ping right now sir
Mr Max: Good, Take care of him very well plea-se
Frank:Yes sir!
Mr Max:I trust you boy
Frank:Thank you so much sir
Mr Max: Alright take care of yourself also, we will be expecting you tomorrow afternoon
Frank: Yes sir
Mr Max:Safe journey
Frank:Thank you sir(Mr Max hanged up the call while Frank drop the call breathing out heavily, while Dylan’s PA just smile)
Max:I will go and check on him,Finish this
PA:Yes sir(Frank went away while She continued with her work)
At a flat, a middle aged woman was busy cooking, A girl c@m£ in, She sat down on the plastic chair in the kitchen watching the woman as she poured the fried Chickens inside the soup stiring it all together, not too long another girl who looks exactly as the other girl c@m£ in trying to sat on the other girl’s leg, but she pushed her away, They are Nina and Daisy, they are both twins and younger sisters to Crystal, both girls are 16 years old
Daisy:Haha, how can you just push me like that?
Nina:If you want to sit get yourself a chair
Daisy: plea-se st©p putting your pressure on everyb©dy in the house o, or am I the one that delayed Dylan’s flight, obliviously everyone’s mind is not at rest, no one was happy leaving there yesterday, besides i heard that he will arrive today
Nina:It’s a lie
Daisy:Am serious, he will arrive this afternoon
Mum:That’s nice, maybe I should off the g@s and let’s go to the airport now to go and wait for him like others
Nina:Ha no mum, Like yesterday that we don’t cook before leaving, plea-se let’s finish this cooking first cause if someone faint at the airport what’s the point of going there if you won’t see Dylan, Food is important
Mum:We will come back and cook now
Daisy:Mummy No, Don’t worry, In the next two hours he will arrive here and I don’t think this food will be up to one hour and our journey to airport is one hour, Mum case close
Mum: So I should cook first?
Nina: Exactly Mum (A young lady c@m£ in, Fair in complexion, moderate heights for twenty four years lady, She is having nice set of teeth, no dimples but natural black and little mixture of brown hair, her eyes are naturally blessed with a blue eyes, roundl-ips with cute pinkl-ips at the lower p@rt while the upper one is a little bit dark but not too dark, This is Crystal, She c@m£ in, She hvgged her mom and went to the fridge to get herself some water, after drinking a full cu-p of water she said
Crystal: So you guys also went to the airport yesterday?
Daisy:We are going back very soon
Crystal:You must be joking, Mum!
Mum:Young lady don’t disturb me, Since two months that Dylan left the country he is coming back, we all know that it’s really ha-rd to see him and we can only see him in two places, Airport and on the TV except for those that are rich that always attend his show and we that we don’t have the money, we have the money to go to the airport to see him, Young lady if you want to follow us, plea-se kindly do
Crystal:It’s ok no problem, and both of you it is because you are having holiday that was why am giving you this chance
Nina:And that’s why we love you big sis
Mum:How I wish
Crystal:No no, Not again mum, Don’t wish,St©p dreaming…
Mum:How I wish my daughter could meet Dylan one day,Just one day
Crystal:Am sick of this alre-ady (She went out of the kitchen while the twins laugh but thier mum was still lost in her own imagination)
Diamond girls school, The girls are putting on thier ballet dresses and shoes, They were all grouped into four places a teacher was standing at the front of each group,The teachers instructing them on how to do, Jenny and her group with br@ndy and her group won’t st©p giving each0ther dead look at the reharsal, While Alisa watching them so also Nancy watching the two groups, Later that day they were all called to the clas-s, Mrs Lawrence c@m£ in with two teachers and said
Mrs Lawrence: I welcome you all, How was your reharsal?
All:Fine ma
Mrs Lawrence: Actually we are having our p@rty in the next one Month, As we all know that we have the chance to invite anyone to the p@rty, but the school management is having a big surprise for you which I will tell you right now but before that, to those that always go home everyday like miss Alisa, we all know that we are having a p@rty and your reharsal will have to be double, of course we have to show your parents and friends what you all have been learning and not to disappoint us and yourselves that is why we always double your reharsal, So going home everyday won’t be easy for you so we alre-ady wrote a letter to the president and also to you people like Alisa that goes home everyday, Your rooms will be clean and to those that ha-rd ly go home, give chance to the cleaners to make your rooms and surrounding, because we are inviting a lot of Guest that day most especially Dylan Max
All:Eh! D what, obliviously I didn’t hear her very well, it can’t be true, Dylan?Oh my God!Am I still breathing, Dylan???(All girls started talking among each other while Mrs Lawrence hushed them to keep quiet which they all obey even though thier minds are not settle, they all wanted her to repeat herself
Mr Lawrence:What happened is that before Dylan left the country, the boss has booked an appointment with his manager and the d@t£ has been fixed for us, So coming to Nigeria today we are p@rt of Dylan’s schedule this month (They girls started screaming and shouting for joy without listening to Mrs Lawrence again, Alisa, Nancy, Jenny and br@ndy sat down thinking de-eply, Not that they were sad but they are all thinking on which outfit and make up will make them to be outstanding just for Dylan to notice them that day, Four of them are the most happiest girl on Earth that moment but they all just keep it cool as the big girls of the school…
The soldiers cars arrived, They all walked up to the guards that are waiting for them patiently, Fans and Reporters are all aware that Dylan has landed, The joy of every human, The only guy that ease thier pains with his voice, the one that melt thier heart always, Everyone was happy and couldn’t stand the waiting anymore,At the mention of Dylan’s arrival, It was like some fans were hiding before, they all rushed out with another set of reporters, Everywhere went live, those that are at home that were unable to go turn on thier TV, Crystal’s Boss also on the TV for the five ladies to watch with them, even though Crystal seems not to be interested but Myra f0rç£d her to watch, Tiffany in her living room watching the live, Whitney also in her room sat down with a glas-s cu-p of wine watching the live, Vivian in her big shop sat down in her office to also watch, All diamond girls gathered round in the hall sitting down to watch the live, Even though Dylan is not yet out everyone are all re-ady and dying just to see Dylan, Seeing Two guards coming out alone to call in the other Guards and soldiers to as-sist them, everyone knew that Dylan is approaching, They all scream out so loud….
Wait for Dylan’s arrival
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