The Star episode 28 & 29

Written by: Abike
Episode 28 & 29
Whitney was in her room on her be-d, re-ading a novel, One of her guards c@m£ to inform her that someone is asking to see her, getting to her living room she was surprised to see Charlie standing, at first she thought she was dreaming, One could easily Know that Charlie is drun!k, cause his standing was from left to right and from right to left, She asked the guards to Escuze her and Charlie,she said…
Whitney:And what are you doing in my house, how did you even know that live here?
Charlie:(drun!k)Oh common, You were able to get my house why can’t I get yours, besides your house is free to come anytime cause you are not using card, I also traced you down to your house last week but I decided to not followed you Inside that day
Whitney:Wait a minute,are you stalking me?
Charlie:Oh plea-se! (He fell down on the couch with his shoes on it, Whitney made a sm-irk)
Whitney:Like you nee-d to stand up right now, Hello this is not your house you nee-d to get up right now
Charlie:c…. common, is therrrrrreee aaaaa Crimeeee in it if iiiii sleeepppp in my girlfriend’s house?
Girlfriend?Hello?(He sle-pt off alre-ady)Oh my God am I dreaming or what?
It’s been few months Crystal left her Working place, she alre-ady start working in her own shop with different kinds of workers, people recognized Crystal’s shop and has never fail to have thier breakfast at Crystal’s shop, Crystal and her workers always get busy a lot,most especially in the morning and at night, She was busy in the shop when one of the workers said Frank is outside waiting for her, she saw him sitting at a corner in the shop while she made him a coffee, she sat with him and said
Crystal:You never call me that you will come here this morning, what happened, w… Where is Dylan?
Frank:(breathed out) Actually am here because of him
Crystal:What, W… What happened to him, where is he?
Frank:Just calm down, he is pres£ntly at home, don’t worry calm down, he is ok,i nee-d to tell you something, Crystal it’s been 16 years that I have being the one taking care of Dylan, but it seems like I can’t un-derstand Dylan for the first time, I don’t un-derstand him, there is something going on with him and he refused to tell me, of course he won’t show it to your face anytime you guys see each other, I also kept quiet just to respect his decision thinking maybe he doesn’t want you to feel bad about him, but at this point I don’t think I can keep it anymore and am alre-ady planning to tell Mr Max, but before telling Mr Max, I thought of you thinking maybe you can console him and talk to him,ok this is what happened, a man spoke with Dylan some months ago which we were unable to get that man since then, we saw Dylan crying the moment the man left, and I asked Dylan about what the man told him, but refused to tell me and he also said we can’t find this man, which means he know who that man was but he is just not re-ady to tell me, two days ago Dylan asked me to call his lawyer, as am talking to you right now, Dylan refused to tell me the reason why he called for his lawyer and the lawyer is also not re-ady to talk to me cause Dylan warned him alre-ady, Honestly I am thinking about a lot right now, Dylan had postponed four live shows now, he refused to attend them, he refused to go to eight different kinds of interviews and talk shows, I don’t know, I just don’t un-derstand, Dylan is loosing his focus,He nee-ds you right now…
Dylan was alone in his room, writting a song, Crystal c@m£ in and sat beside him, she smile at him while he also do the same he said
Dylan:Am writting a song for you, and am sure you will love it
Crystal:(She smile) Thanks, and how are you doing?
Dylan:Of course am good, why, what happened, why are you asking me that? You look wired Summer
Crystal:I think you are the one looking wired right now Dylan, Can you plea-se tell me what’s going on, Mr Frank has explained everything to me, Dylan talk to me what happened plea-se,Just tell me what is really going on with you?
Dylan: Crystal (She was surprised cause that would be the first time he will call her that)Don’t worry you are still my summer and Dove, you are still my lucky charm, but I just feel like calling you that, Look at me Crystal, There is nothing wrong with me, am ok, I…. I just want to take a long holiday,I nee-d a long break to rest that’s why, don’t worry, I Know you are worried but plea-se try to un-derstand me that am ok,am fine, nothing is wrong with me,am ok, trust me
Crystal: Dylan are you sure that you are ok ?
Dylan:Of course am ok, Don’t worry Dove(She t©uçhed his hair,For the first time,She was the first to k!$$£d him while He also k!$$£d her back)
Dylan sat at the balcony, Owen c@m£ in smilling, he sat with Dylan and said…
Owen:Thanks a lot bro
Dylan:You are welcome, just make sure that you hold unto Helen now, she is a good girl, i know you also feel bad about the whole issue and I can see it in you, thank God she is still waiting for you, such ladies are rare, j… Just don’t hurt her, and always be the good guy, do you un-derstand me?
Owen:Of course I do,I will never be a j£rk again(Frank c@m£ in and said)
Frank:Dylan your song will be dropped tonight
Owen:Wow! You mean the one he composed for Crystal?
Owen: Honestly bro, you made me to believe in love, yours is really different,Oh! that’s great
Dylan:Do I have any shooting or any interview for this week? (Frank thought he heard him wrong at first,but Frank was happy)
Frank:Y… You said what?
Dylan:(Smile)Am I having any interview or shooting?
Frank:O… Of course y….yes you do
At the interview, Dylan on the TV
Interviewer:Thank you for coming Dylan and thanks for honouring us, today we have Dylan with us here, we will just engage him in some few questions and keep watching, So Dylan it’s been awhile we wanted to have this interview with you but it seems you are really busy,right?
Dylan:Of course am busy, besides I was on a long break before,and am sorry for keeping you all waiting for all these while
Interviewer:Of course we un-derstand you that you are a busy guy,even though you are always busy but still you always make sure that you fit in everything,so for not answering us earlier we un-derstand that you were really busy then, so tell us how are you coping with your career and love life,is one not disturbing the other one?
Dylan:Of course no, none is disturbing each0ther,I have schedules for my career and another schedule for my love life,I make sure I create time for my woman and I make sure that my love life doesn’t affect my career
Interviewer:Oh that sounds great,You dropped a new song last week but you dedicated it to your woman,what inspire you to do that, besides can you atleast tell us how you met her and fell in love with her?
Dylan: Thank you,many things inspire me to wrote that song for her, honestly she is the best thing that has ever happened to me,she changed everything,she un-derstands me easily,She always put this smile on my face,like I always feel free with her, and sometimes when am disturbe-d on something, or am thinking she has her own way in ma-king me to forget them,so composing a song for her,She worth it and the way I met her is just a miracle to me, cause I never thought of that in my life, but still the same, I saw her for the first time and I fell in love with her…
Whitney c@m£ to say hello to Dylan since it’s been awhile they saw each0ther, she explained everything Charlie had done to her, Dylan was surprised and at the same time smilling, he said…
Dylan:For Charlie to search for a lady, i think he likes you
Whitney:Are you Joking with me right now?
Dylan: Believe me girlfriend, Charlie love you, and I don’t know if you feel the same way to him, but if you do, plea-se kindly take care of him, and I will be glad, if you feel the same way to him, j… Just take care of him, atleast for my sake, plea-se Whitney,Am sure Charlie is alre-ady in love with you, believe me…..
Crystal’s mom was watching the TV when Mr Frank and two guards arrived, she was asked to get dressed and to follow them, which she did but not Without telling her who s£nt them, and they replied her that it was Dylan who s£nt them, at first she thought they were taking her to Dylan’s House,but they told her Not Dylan’s House, Getting to a house, they all get down from the car, asking Crystal’s mom to check all the house and compound which she did, after she was done, Mr Frank brou-ght out some do¢v-ments and some keys with a car key, he said
Frank: Ma’am, this house is for you and that car is for you,and these are the do¢v-ments to the car and to this house ma,you can have it ma, All was from Dylan to you(Crystal’s mom fainted immediately)
Dylan and Crystal was in Dylan’s room, She sat on the be-d while Dylan’s head on her l@ps
Crystal:You really surprised my Mom today, she called me like fifty times today just to tell me you gave her the house and car, am sure she won’t sleep till tomorrow, cause she alre-ady said we are moving tomorrow, Honestly I …. I don’t know how to appreciate you for all these kidness, you opened a shop for me, you changed my sisters school, you gave my mom a car and a house and finally you gave me your love, I think I just believe what people are saying that am a lucky bit-ch (Dylan smile)Of course am the luckiest lady on Earth right now, meeting you is just a blessing to me, loving you is the best thing to me, at first I thought you are loosing your focus, i know that you are pas-sing throu-gh a lot then and that was why I didn’t disturb you so much on that issue Mr Frank told me, but we are all glad that you are back to yourself, i just don’t want you to think about anything, Dylan Just remember that I love you and never forget me, and I promise you that you will be the only guy i will love, no other guy but you
Dylan:I love you
Crystal:And I love you more(He knelt down on the be-d, facing Crystal ,He moved closer to her k!ss!ngher, He re-moved his shi-t slowly, he k!$$£d her again ma-king her to sleep on the be-d without breaking the k!ss, he whispered into her ear, she made some crazy sound while Dylan k!$$£d her again)
Dylan decided to check on his dad cause it’s been awhile he saw him since Tiana issue, Getting to the living room, Dylan was Shocked to see his Dad and his brother shouting on each other, Mr Frank tried to st©p Dylan but he said he is ok, seeing Dylan coming in Charlie said…
Charlie:It’s good you are here Bro
Dylan: Charlie like seriously you nee-d to st©p this right now, I accept the fact that you don’t love me but can you just plea-se,st©p giving Dad problem, you know his condition for goodness sake
Charlie:No, you shut your mouth cause you Know your own condition, the last time I checked I think this man is stronger than you, Listen Dylan you may not know, but this man knows that he choose you over me,he knew it and he is just pretending
Dylan:Man? Is that what to call our Dad
Charlie:Of course he never see me as a son what do you expect me to call him, tell me,just tell me how many people knows me as his son, how many people?
Dylan: Charlie Dad was just trying to protect the family’s name and that was because of your actions, Charlie you just can’t expect him to show you to the world with all these actions that could tarnished his image, he wanted to show you to the world and that was why he got you your own business and house,cars,what more do you want,he did everything just to show you to the world but you ruin everything because you are jealous of me, you always cause a lot of accident after getting drun!kin the p@rty, you started slee-ping late outside, how do you expect everyone to feel that Mr Max son is causing a problem in town, Dad wanted to show you to the world but you ruin everything, he has never choose me over you and he ha-rd ly have my time, and that is because he is busy, he alone can’t be the only one to do everything, I expect you to be there with me as my mom but you don’t, you keep on saying I killed mom since sixteen years ago, Charlie sixteen years of hatred do you think I don’t have enough of that, up till now I am still waiting for you, just to show me that you love me as your brother, Charlie just when, i love you so much more than anything in this world but you just choose to despise me,I have never done anything wrong to you but to love you but still you choose to hate me, Just why? Why?
Charlie:(Suddenly brou-ght out a gun pointing it to both his Dad and Dylan, he shouted that) BECAUSE I WANT TO BE YOU(All get scared)
Dylan: Charlie this is a gun plea-se,put it down plea-se
Charlie:Do you think am a fool,Do you think I don’t know that I was adopted?
Charlie:Of course I Know, I heard Mom that night telling him that
Mrs Max:Dear,I don’t want us to treat Charlie different even though he is not our son, he is just a kid and I can see how sad he is anytime you leave him alone and pl@ythe with Dylan, I hope you remember that when we don’t have Dylan, he was your best son then, plea-se Honey try to make the kids equal, they are both our sons, as long as we adopted Charlie he is still our son, so plea-se
Charlie:I heard mum that night, since then I kept it in my mind, even though mum told you to treat me like your son, you didn’t do that, (Tears streaming down on both Dylan and Charlie’s faces)When I was sick and I was at the point of death,dad you didn’t check on me, you used your work to make an Escuze, but when Dylan got sick you forgot you have a job,You treated me differently, After mom died, you finally changed your ways, Dad sometimes I feel like hvgging you anytime you c@m£ back from work then but you won’t hvg me but him, him! Then why did you adopted me, just to make me suffer? Dad when mum died I missed her too but you only checked on Dylan and not me, Even though you started to give it a thought by changing your ways from the bad side to the good side, honestly I feel like it’s too late for that,I nee-ded you so much then but you don’t care about me, but you love him more than me, Do you think I love the fact that I hate you Dylan, of course I hate it and I hate myself for hating you, I wanted to love you but Dad, Dad just planted this hatred in me right from the start, that was why I said you can’t un-derstand it cause this man knew it that he loves you more than me, Honestly am in pain,I am in pain,more than you all(Tears streaming down on both Charlie and Dylan’s face, Mr Max was entirely speechless,Frank on the other side was confused, Dylan trying to move closer to Charlie)No! No! Don’t even come near me,Don’t!
Dylan: Charlie plea-se just lis…..
Charlie:And I said No! (He shouted raising up the gun to shoot it at the roof angrily, he thought he sh0t the gun when his hand was alre-ady up but he alre-ady pu-ll the trigger and sh0t it when his hand was moving up which made the bullet to went straight to the person at his front which was Dylan,Mr Max, Frank and Charlie himself wished for the floor to open and swallow them all, they were lost and shocked to see that the bullet went towards Dylan and he was sh0t at the …..)
At where?
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