The star episode 23 & 24

THE STAR (Dylan)
Written by:Abike
Episode 23 & 24
Whitney: Actually i met him at…
Whitney was in the club house with some friends just to celebr@te a friend’s birthday, she left her friends to use the toilet, but on her way to the toilet, Charlie st©pped her, but he was drun!k
Whitney: Escuze me who are you?
Charlie:Have been watching you right from the moment you c@m£ in here
Whitney: So what? You are blocking my way plea-se
Charlie:You are so beautiful
Whitney:Hello! I said you are blocking my way, can you plea-se get out of my way (Whitney pushed him to a side and walked in straight to the toilet, after she finished, she move closer to the water to wash her hands, talking to herself alone)Who the hell did he think he is, how can you just st©pped me, he is so drun!kbut…. (Flashing back to remember his face)But… But how come he look so cute, blue eyes, pinkl-ips, oh my God! Are drun!kards always this cute? Whitney shut up! Just shut up and come back to your scene, Silly girl (She smile and went out of the toilet but was Shocked to found Charlie still outside waiting for her, she wanted to walked away but he dragged her by her hand, pinning her to the wall, holding her two hands, he smile and said)
Charlie:You can do whatever you want after I do this to you(He k!$$£d Whitney, she tried to free herself from him but Charlie won’t free her, he k!$$£d her for five minutes and re-leased her, he smiled while Whitney sl@pped him and ran away)
Back to the scene
Dylan:(Couldn’t st©p laughing)Am so sorry for doing that, am really sorry, but…. Oh my God!
Whitney:I went to the club house with the police the second day but I couldn’t find him
Dylan:Of course you can’t arrest him, even if you do am sure he will be re-lease in the next five minutes, but seriously, Charlie k!$$£d you?
Whitney:Am not joking Dylan, yes he did!
Dylan: What if I tell you that you will be the first lady Charlie will k!ss?
Whitney:Do you expect me to believe that?
Dylan:I am serious, Charlie hate ladies right from the beginning of his life, of course many ladies wants him but Charlie won’t give them the chance, Wow! You must be a lucky girl
Whitney:Dylan Lucky? He stole a k!ssfrom me
Dylan:(laughing) Honestly it seems you and Crystal are like an angel to me, you just make my day today, honestly I can’t st©p laughing, Ok do you want me to give you his card so that you can punish him for k!ss!ngyou?(Still laughing)
Whitney: Honestly ever since then, I have never st©p searching for him, if that is the only help you can do for me, plea-se help me with the card
Dylan:You won’t tell him that the card is from me but from Dad, don’t worry I will talk to Dad on that, But Seriously don’t you enjoy hisl-ips that day (Teasing her, while she Shouted his name angrily)
Whitney: DYLAN!!!!!
Everyone arrived to the birthday p@rty, a lot of influential guests are on their seats, Whitney was invited by Alisa’s Mom, Tiffany was also invited, Claudia and Vivian are also was invited, all diamond girls was invited, the Ministers and popular men and women all c@m£, Everyone sitting down, Vivian walked up to Claudia, taking a seat next to her, she sat with her and said…
Vivian:Do you nee-d to dressed up this way for Dylan to notice you?
Claudia:You must be in pain because you are unable to afford this dress
Vivian:Hell no! We all know that this is a fake dress bit-ch
Claudia:Of course you are right, a fake dress that will feed you and your generation in the next twenty years
Vivian:Did you just insulted me?
Claudia:It’s not an insult we are just discussing bit-ch, look at me, am not here for you, I honored the president and that’s why am here and if you want us to displ@ysome madness here, I will surely do that with you, but I hope you realize that some fans and reporters are here,and am sure that I and you will be in the paper tomorrow morning, So if you don’t want that kindly have a seat and enjoy the p@rty
Vivian:bit-ch! You su-ck!
Claudia:Thanks for the compliment bit-ch 2
Vivian: What?(Tiffany walked up to Whitney sitting with her, Whitney Smile at her and said)
Whitney:Hi friend, it’s been awhile we saw each other, I guess it’s because our shootings are different these days, I miss you
Tiffany:Friend!Did she just call me friend, wait are you in your stable s-en-se or not, you are different these days, what’s wrong with you?
Whitney: I just decided to change my attitude, what do you think, don’t you like it?(Smile)
Tiffany:Just shut up
(The diamond girls sat round a big table,Jenny said)
Jenny:I can’t wait to see Dylan(trying to make br@ndy to get jealous)
br@ndy:Like you are the only one dieng to see him, shut your mouth and keep quiet, Everyone is waiting for him
Nancy: I think we are not in the school, we are in the public, keep your madness till we get back to the school, and besides I think you girls should st©p dreaming now, you should be crushing, he alre-ady said it that he is in love, who knows maybe he is alre-ady in the relationsh!pnow, St©p dreaming gi…. (Interrupted by the sounds of cars, it was Dylan and his boys, Dylan was putting on a white t©p, a white leather jacket, a white jean trou-ser, a white and golden sneakers, his golden n£¢klaces flashing, his hair was all packed up, he flashed a smile to everyone, waving at them, the guards are st©pping the Reporters and fans not to t©uçh him, he was led to the high table where the president and Ministers, Claudia, Vivian, Tiffany and Whitney were sitting , but not beside the ladies but beside the Ministers, The celebr@nts was called out, words were unable to come out of everyone’s mouth, they all couldn’t st©p staring at Alisa, she was putting on a white long dinner go-wn, a silver high heels matching it with a silver purse and jewelries, her hair was just the best, and her make up was just a breath taking,She was indeed an Angel….
After the whole p@rty has finished, Alisa was as-sisted by the guards to walked up to Dylan where she sat, she sat with him
Dylan: Happy birthday to you
Alisa: Thank you, and thanks for coming
Dylan:You are welcome (Smile)You look beautiful tonight
Alisa:oh thanks a lot (The ladies couldn’t st©p envying Alisa, they all wished that they should be the one talking to Dylan that moment, Everyone was distracted by a reporter who shouted Dylan’s name,the reporter said that)
Reporter:Dylan can you plea-se tell us about your love life now, are you still waiting or now in a relationsh!p(Everyone remained silent waiting for the answer, obviously some are re-ady to die if he throw the bomb, Whitney on the other side just smile cause she alre-ady knew his answer, Dylan smile still taking a long time to answer them)
Reporter 2:Dylan plea-se st©p putting us into suspense, Are you still waiting for her or she alre-ady tell you yes(He stood up walking up to the Reporters, His guards followed him to guard him, he st©pped and said
Dylan:Well, she alre-ady said yes(A lot of noises everywhere a lot of joy everywhere, while on the other side some are short of breath while some are sad, Dylan’s Guards helped him to get inside the car while they zoomed off, Alisa felt sad immediately, she was helped inside to her room by the guards, Vivian hold her tears and went inside her car and zoomed off,Jenny and br@ndy was heartbroken, While Nancy’s reaction was like”I knew it” Alisa in her room crying, her Mom c@m£ in to embr@ce her to st©p crying, Vivian got to her room, turning down everything angrily, Screaming out so loud….
Dylan was on the phone with Crystal
Dylan:So are you coming? sure I was unable to eat those desserts that day, it was all messed up after you dropped it that day, Yeah I can’t wait to have another one, I miss you, oh really? Yeah sure, ok we will talk later, my regards to your Mom and your sisters, I love you too
Claudia was in her room walking up and down, She looked worried, she kept walking up and down, not too long she went inside her bathroom to have her shower…
Crystal arrived at Dylan’s House, she met the boys in the living room, they all hvgged her
Owen:You look beautiful
Ivan: Idiot! She is always beautiful
Owen: Wait did you just called me an idiot?
Ivan:Do I look like I care?
Nick:Let me just sit down and watch a live wrestling
Rick:Me too(Both sat down while Crystal smile, she saw Frank coming out, He hvgged her and led her to Dylan’s room, He said
Frank:I guess he is slee-ping
Crystal:He called me like an hour ago,How come he is alre-ady slee-ping, it’s ok sir, thanks sir
Frank: You welcome (Crystal entered the room, she saw him slee-ping peacefully, she pe-cked him on his head, leaving the lunch box on his table, she went out of the room
Frank led Crystal to the kitchen,He told all the cooks and maids to be in thier rooms, Just to give Crystal some space to cook, The order was from Dylan, Crystal start cooking, she wanted to make a great semovita with a delicious melon soup, mixing it with some as-sorted beefs but not with fish, cause Dylan hate anything fish, She started with the melon soup to cook…
Dylan woke up perceiving some different kinds of smell in his room, he stood up seeing the lunch box, then he knew that Crystal was around, he took the box, sitting down on his be-d to open the box, he saw different kinds of desserts with lovely designs and then something c@m£ to his mind, he took one of the desserts and went out of his room eating his desserts, he saw the boys with Mr Frank watching a movie, he entered the kitchen as the aroma welcomed him, he smile walking up to Crystal who was also smilling at him, he k!$$£d her and sat on the counter to watch her while she cook, he said..
Dylan:Dove! (Dylan calls Crystal three names, Dove cause he thought she is fragile and pure, he calls her summer cause he thought of her as his brightness,she brou-ght brightness into his life, and lastly he calls her Lucky charm, cause he thought of her as someone who brou-ght him luck, So he calls her those three names, but he love calling her Dove a lot)I was thinking about you going back to school, what do you think?
Crystal:(She covered the food, she moved closer to him standing in between his legs) You see Dylan, I don’t feel like going back to school, honestly my mind is no more for school, then I wanted to go back to school so badly, but now I don’t think I have any pas-sion for it again,I don’t think so,Am done with school stuffs
Dylan:Can you make coffee? Something like coffee, tea, different kinds of fruit jui-ce, you un-derstand me right, can you make all that?
Crystal:To be truthful, this was my Dad’s job before he died, he was very good in ma-king desserts, wedding cakes, coffees and all that, and he is good in decorations, so I learned from him and I also went to learn more for two years
Dylan:Hmm!Sounds great But are you thinking the same thing with me(Drawing her closer to him and gave her a k!ss)are you having the same thought with me?
Crystal:You mean I should start ma-king desserts and coffees?
Dylan:So smart, I am thinking if you can have your own shop, employ people that are expert like you,those that are very good in ma-king what you just told me, you will just be thier boss and be the one paying them, What do you think also?
Crystal: I think I like it at my Boss’s shop
Dylan:Listen Summer, Of course where you are working is great and she pays you very well, But atleast if you don’t want to go back to school, establish yourself on your own,be your own boss and make it to the t©p,Try to un-derstand me plea-se
Crystal:Ok then, no problem,I heard you
Dylan:Don’t worry, I will connect you with my PA, she seems to be good in getting good shops, where people are crowded and she knows a lot of people that are also good in this cause it seems her mom is also doing this,so I will connect you and her together so that you can meet and discuss together ok?
Crystal:Thank you so much
Dylan: Common dove you are my lady and this is my responsibility, So i have to do it, I love you
Crystal:Love you too
Back to Dylan’s room, Crystal sat on the couch, while Dylan’s head was resting on her l@ps, she was stro-king his dre-adlocks softly, Dylan brou-ght out a golden n£¢klace with a name on it which was written as “DYAL” meaning Dylan and Crystal’s name were joined together, Dylan’s first two letters in his name,while Crystal’s last two letters in her name,which formed DYAL,He stood up to put it on her n£¢k and said
Dylan:When you miss me,Just hold on to this, do you love it?
Crystal:Oh my God!Of course I do, it’s very Lovely, Thanks, Wow!So cute (Dylan k!$$£d her but this time around, the k!sswas going more dee-per, Dylan k!$$£d Crystal’s n£¢k softly, He carried her in a bridal style to his be-d without breaking the k!ss, Suddenly Crystal st©pped him, Dylan smile and said)
Dylan:Don’t worry, am not gonna do anything if you aren’t re-ady, I know you are still a vir-gin(He threw the bomb at her)
Crystal: What?! Oh my God!You can’t say that,That’s an insult to me(He gave her a short k!ssstanding up on her, he went to his left over desserts to eat,putting some in his mouth while he moved closer to Crystal to gave her some to eat but right from his mouth)
Dylan was in the studio recording his music, Nick ran inside the studio Suddenly and said…
Nick: Claudia is outside, she wants to speak with you
Frank: Claudia again? (All went out of the studio seeing Claudia standing)
Dylan:What do you want? (Putting his hands in his pockets)
Claudia:Dylan plea-se, am scared, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep wh… I can’t sleep when I know that my S-x video is outside somewhere, Dylan plea-se don’t do this to me plea-se just delete the video, am begging you, I promise not to harm your girlfriend, just plea-se delete it
Dylan: Listen Claudia, am not uploading anything, but i have to do that cause I know that you won’t st©p threatening me,look am not going to delete it and am not going to upload anything, am telling you the truth right now, cause if I should tell you that I will delete it what if I don’t delete it, what if am lieng to you, what If you think that I don’t have any video with me and you do your worse, don’t you know that, you can push me to upload it? forget about the video, am not going to delete it and am not going to upload anything, as long as you don’t go near my woman,so free yourself plea-se, Am I clear?
Claudia:Y… Yes you are,I un-derstand you
Charlie was slee-ping in his room when one of his guards c@m£ to inform him that…
Guard: Miss Whitney is outside asking to see you Sir
Charlie: Whitney, Escuze me who is she?
Guard: She is one of the t©p model, Miss Whitney
Charlie: So what’s my own with her and how come she get my card, am sure my Dad is responsible for this (Charlie c@m£ out with his guard, He was lost for sixty seconds to see Whitney in red go-wn, revea-ling her l@ps, bringing out her figure and shapes, black heels and Black purse, stunning jewelries and breathtaking make up, her hair was all brushed to her left side, Charlie Muttered
Charlie:Wow! (Unaware)
Whitney:Do you remember me?
Charlie: I don’t think I know this face and how do you get my card?
Whitney:Do you nee-d to know that?
Charlie:(sm-irk)Wow! She got some nerves, Escuze us plea-se (His guard went out)
Whitney: Actually I wanted to bring the police along with me before but I decided to come alone first to inspect everywhere and most especially you
Charlie:Why will you bring a police to my house?
Whitney:Oh my God! Acting like he doesn’t know what he did, so are you telling me now that you don’t Know this face?
Charlie:Young lady I don’t think have met you before except on the TV,which am not even sure about that, I don’t know you, and how could you have my card with you,who gave you my card?
Whitney: Honestly I expect you to keep your mouth shut, you stole a k!ssfrom me and you still have the gut to talk back at me?(getting mad at him)
Charlie:Oh now I remember you, so I k!$$£d a model that night? Wow!But honestly you should be greatful that i k!$$£d you, atleast you are still the first and last lady that I will ever k!$$£d, I went back to the club for a whole week thinking maybe you will come, but I don’t see you, but how come you Know me as Mr Max son, many people don’t know me as his son,So how come you Know me?
Whitney:Well I searched for all informations about you, I knew about your house but I was told that I can’t enter, so since then I have someone to keep on following you until my informant told me that he saw you coming out of Mr Max’s House, So I paid your Dad a visit, I set a tra-p for him telling him that I know that you are his son, even though am not sure, I lied to him thinking maybe he will buy that from me, luckily he fell into my tra-p, telling me not to say it to anyone, I gave him a condition which was your card and then he gave it to me, so am here (Charlie cl@pped his hands, moving closer to Whitney who was also moving back till she fell on the chair, Charlie bend down, moving closer to her)W… What are you doing?
Charlie: Trying to shut you up
Whitney:Shut me up? W.. why I mean How?
Charlie: You tra-pped my dad to get my card so that you can arrest me, but didn’t anyone tell you that Charlie don’t go to jail No matter what he does,I can’t go to jail
Whitney:(Annoyed)So you think it’s funny to you to…(He k!$$£d her for five seconds and said)
Charlie: Actually I just shut you up, Ok you said I stole a k!ssfrom you, Let me return it then(He k!$$£d her again, he stood up and made a sm-irk, He said)I don’t think you can go home right now, maybe you should rest for some minutes cause it seems your legs won’t be able to function for you right now(Whitney still in shock, ignoring him, and tried to stood up but she fell back, Charlie smile)I said it
Whitney:W… What did you do to me?
Charlie: Nothing much, obviously I just planted my love into your heart, just watch it while it grow itself, But honestly i love yourl-ips and I guess you are fun to be with, Nice to meet you Miss Whitney (Whitney was hundred percent lost, all she nee-ded that moment is for someone to bring her back to life)
Crystal has been trying to get throu-gh Dylan since two days ago,She also had the same dream like Dylan,even though she didn’t know that he also had such dream,She wanted to discuss her dream with him but his number was not going throu-gh, not a message from him, so she decided to check on him, When she got there, she saw Mr Frank who was about to enter into the car, He saw her and walked up to her
Frank: Actually, am sorry, I Know why you are here and am sure that you are bothered alre-ady, Dylan is in Canada since two days ago, it was an urgent call, he is having a live show in Canada for two days, after Canada, He is also having one in USA which is also for three days,after that,he has a contract with a company in Saudi Arabia,He wants to do some shootings for them,I am sorry that he was unable to drop a message for you, it was an urgent call, Am de-eply sorry dear, in the next two weeks, he will surely be back (Tears dropped down on Crystal’s face immediately)
Will Dylan be back after two weeks or is his dream having something to do with the issue right now?
What about Crystal’s dream?
What do you think about Charlie and Whitney?