The star episode 21 & 22

Written by: Abike
Episode 21 & 22
Dylan:Who did you said is here?
Guard:Miss Claudia sir(Dylan made a sm-irk and said)
Dylan:Mr Frank can you also see that, can you see the reason why I did that? I knew it, I knew she will come back, let her in
Guard:Yes sir!
Frank: Honestly some ladies are crazy, I mean how can a lady be doing this, it is totally absurd (Claudia c@m£ in, she catwalked to where Dylan was sitting, as she was about to t©uçh him he said)
Dylan:Don’t l@yyour f!ngerson me
Claudia:Oh really?
Dylan:What do you want again?
Claudia:Of course our contract is not yet over
Dylan: What did you told me before?
Claudia:Well I said once but it seems I want you more, I was expecting you to be the one to look for me but it seems some bit-ches won’t allow you to think about me
Dylan:Can you plea-se explain that word bit-ch
Claudia:You know who am talking now, about the one you fell in love with, she is a bit-ch who snatched you away from me
Dylan:The last time I checked, I was never yours and secondly don’t you ever, I will repeat myself that don’t you ever insult her in my pres£nce, Miss Claudia you nee-d to watch your mouth most especially if you are going to talk about my girlfriend
Claudia: Girlfriend? Wow! I can’t believe this, You are now d@t!ngher? Don’t worry since you don’t wanna show her to the world, I will show her to the world and tell them that she snatched you away from me, that I was the one you love before she snatched you away and the tattoo on your arm is for me, to add more to it, i will tell them that you kept it from fans that was why you are visiting her every night,Unless you break up with her and be mine, What do you think about that?
Ivan:Insane to me
Claudia:Can you plea-se shut up?
Owen: Disgusting!
Claudia: Whatever!
Nick: Honestly she must be crazy
Claudia:What? Dylan did you hear them insulting me?
Dylan:What if i don’t break up with her and never be yours
Claudia:You know what I will do now
Rick:Last thing is to upload the pictures
Claudia:Of course yes and that could damage you Dylan
Dylan:Can you plea-se shut up? Listen to me carefully, that lady is the one I love, after her is her,If anything should happens to her,i promise to use my last strength to make you go to the jail, if anything happens to her i will think it’s from you, i don’t care about whatsoever you wanna do, upload the pictures,just make sure that you don’t approach her, you may be an influential and clas-sic lady but I want you to know that you are no match to her,I placed her high more than you, infact more than Whatever you can think of, she is my woman and will always be, you are a disgrace to all ladies for threatening a guy to fv¢k you, am highly disappointed in you, and if you wanna upload the pictures plea-se do but before that Mr Frank will show you something (He stood up and walked away while mr Frank handover the tablet to Claudia to see, she was Shocked to see her S-x tape with Dylan, only Dylan’s face was blocked and his tattoo, his voice was edited but as for Claudia it was the real Claudia and nothing was edited in her, She was Shocked and her bag dropped down from her hand)
Claudia:H… How could he do this to me?
Frank:I guess that was what you are asking for, incase you upload the pictures, he will use this as an evidence too that you cheated on him so he got a better girlfriend, I think it’s equal (She dropped the tab angrily on the floor) Actually if you think this is all the video, well the original video is with him I mean the full one, am only having this with me, and I think I still have one more in my second tablet as back up, I will advice you to delete all the pictures and keep quite ma’am, leave your life in a respectful manner and st©p ma-king yourself feel less ma, Have a nice day Miss Claudia! (He went inside with the boys leaving Claudia in the biggest shock of life)
Crystal was at home in her room, she sle-pt on her be-d, flashing back the way she saw Dylan and Tiana k!ssing, Daisy c@m£ in sitting with her)
Daisy: Sis, I don’t know, but I think I don’t believe what you saw, what if it’s not true,we all know that Dylan is a cute guy who every lady wants to have, what if the lady is really his ex, we just can’t judge like that, I believe he loves you, just st©p thinking about this, if he should come back for you, sis you nee-d to believe him, if he should come back for you, just believe it that he loves you, just … (Nina c@m£ in smilling with her hand on her mouth, she was even shedding tears and at the same time smilling)
Daisy:Nina are you ok, what happened to you?
Nina:He is here
Daisy: Who?
Daisy:What? Oh my God! (Crystal wasn’t expecting this, she stood up with Daisy while they all went out of the room, seeing Dylan standing with Mr Frank and two guards, Crystal’s mom wasn’t around, she went out to see a friend, so as she was entering the house, Crystal and her sisters also c@m£ out of the house, Crystal’s Mom who was only seeing Dylan’s back said)
Mum:So because you and Dylan have a little argument today you brou-ght in another man to my house, Crystal how could you bring in another man to m.. (Dylan turned to faced her while the words disappeared immediately, She was Shocked and said)Oh my God! Dylan! Dylan in my house, oh my God!
Dylan:Good evening ma’am (As he was about to prostate for her, Crystal’s mum st©pped him by helping him up, she said)
Mum:Ha! Don’t do this now,till your wedding day(Dylan and Frank smile) plea-se sit down, plea-se (They sat down, Dylan took a glance at Crystal who was not looking him)
Dylan: Actually Ma’am, am so happy to see you Ma, I am really happy to meet you ma, and I really appreciate that you gave birth to this beautiful lady here, I don’t know, but she just stand out different to me, I really love your daughter ma, I really do, and I un-derstand that she is mad at me, of course she has the right to be mad at me, I never knew that the lady is going to come, it was my Dad who gave her my card, she is my ex, she left me for another guy, So after the guy broke up with her, she wanted to come back to me,but I can’t because I have someone I love and that’s your daughter ma, I really love your daughter so much, more than her own imagination, I don’t know how my life is going to be if i didn’t meet her, many times she makes me forget my problems, she is just like an angel and guardian that was s£nt to me, I just want you to help me to plead her, for everything she saw in my house wasn’t true, and she is gone and she will never come back again, am de-eply sorry for hurting you this way, am sorry Crystal
Nina:Awwwn, and I feel like crying
Mum:Go inside and cry(Dylan and Frank smile)I un-derstand you my son, I also told her the same thing before you c@m£, infact for you to risked it and c@m£ here to apologise to her is enough to believe,we will Escuze you both to talk more better, am sure she forgive you alre-ady, I know my daughter so well, she forgives easily, just talk to her more
Dylan:Thank you so much Ma’am
Mum:You welcome dear (Crystal’s mom and sisters went in, while Frank and the guards went out of the house, Dylan stood up walking up to Crystal where she was standing,He made her sat on the chair while he sat beside her, holding her hands)
Dylan: Crystal am really sorry for everything, I never plan to hurt you this way, I never wish to hurt you for once, I and her started as a S-x mate, and suddenly I think i like her but she really doesn’t like me, I talked to her that it seems I like her and I want i and her to start a relationsh!p, but she told me she can’t cause she love an American ra-pper then, she told me she want us to just be the way we are, which I started loving her less, then finally i told her am done with her and no more feelings and no more S-x, she replied me with ok, So after the guy broke up with her she thought of coming back to me, I really never love her, I wanna give it a trail then but she is not re-ady until I break up with her, i st©pped calling her, and we st©pped seeing each0ther even in school, Coming to my house was my Dad’s fault, he gave her my card, I never know that she will come, am de-eply sorry, Crystal I will do anything for you, just to make you feel ok, anything for you, I love you so much, I really do
Crystal:I am sorry for reacting that way too, I love you also, I really do Dylan,but I am just scared, I don’t want you to hu… (Dylan k!$$£d her immediately, de-epening the k!ssmore and more,while she also k!$$£d him back)
At Dylan’s mansion, he sat down in the balcony, he was lost in thought, he didn’t realize that Frank c@m£ in, Frank tapped him slightly so he snapped out of his thought, Frank sat with him and said
Frank:Dylan what happened, you didn’t realize when I c@m£ in here, and when i tapped you right now, your reaction seems somehow, what happened,The doctor told me that your BP is not normal, what have you been thinking about, talk to me plea-se
Dylan: Honestly i am scared
Frank:Scared, scared of what?
Dylan:I am scared that I will hurt Crystal and it’s going to be in a very bad way
Frank:Why did you said that?
Dylan:I had a dream,I had a dream that i and Crystal went to the beach,after pla-ying for awhile,I left her beside the water and I entered inside that water,I went de-ep inside of it and I never return to her,she wanted to follow me,but someone st©pped her,then I woke up,I don’t know, honestly I don’t believe in dreams or visions but this,this got me thinking,I don’t know, what if it’s real?
Frank:Dylan i want you to put your mind at rest, nothing bad will happen, just keep on having faith, I know you love her, and I promise you that I will also help you to look after her, just calm down ok, and st©p thinking too ha-rd , it’s well,don’t worry ok?
Dylan: Yeah!I heard you, Thanks sir, the president daughter is having her birthday in two days time right?
Frank:Yeah! That was what I wanted to discuss with you before
Dylan:Where are the boys?
Frank: Obviously they are still slee-ping
Whitney c@m£ to check on Dylan after he called her to visit him, she sat down waiting for him, not too long Dylan joined her…
Dylan: You look great today, have you being Seeing a guy?(teasing her)
Whitney:Oh my God! Dylan here you go again, I have always look great
Dylan:Oh really? But you really look different today, believe me
Whitney: Really?
Dylan: Yeah!
Whitney:Anyway thanks, So you said you want see me, hope am save?
Dylan:Of course you are, Firstly Whitney i saw you as a special woman that was why I wanted to discuss this with you, I nee-d your help as a lady, I don’t want to loose Crystal, Honestly I don’t know why,but am having some crazy dreams lately, I had one yesterday I explained to Mr Frank, I had another one this morning, I don’t know why but am just scared, I don’t want to loose Crystal, I don’t know how you can help me get close to her to let her know that, no matter what happens between us, I want you to help me to tell her that I really love her,and I will always do, I don’t know why,I feel like am becoming to be a coward person now, Whitney just help me to get close to Crystal, I love you as a friend and i trust you so much that was why I am telling you this to plea-se help me
Whitney:Dylan you are not a coward, trust me you are not, I know it is because you love her that was why you are feeling this way, I know that you don’t want to loose her that’s why you are like this, just calm down, nothing is going to happen and I promise to try my best, you have done something for me too, I will surely help you
Dylan: Thanks a lot, you are truly a friend
Whitney:You welcome, one more thing, about your brother’s picture that you s£nt me that day,do you know that have met your brother before?
Dylan:Wow! Really, Where did you know him?
Where do you think Crystal met Charlie?
Do you think Dylan will hurt Crystal at the end?And why?
What do you think about his dream?
Do you think Claudia will keep quite because of the video?
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