The star episode 2

Written by: Abike
Episode two
President’s House, In the living room, maids are going up and down, they all are busy with thier different works, A middle-aged woman sat down in the living room, watching the TV, not too long some guards c@m£ in with a young lady,This is Alisa, the president only daughter and child, She c@m£ in hvgging her mom warmly, She sat down with her while the guards took her luggages to her room, She just c@m£ back from the school
Mrs President:Miss you so much,How you dear, and how is studies?
Alisa:Fine Mum (Not cheerful)
Mrs President:Is there a problem sweetheart, What happened? Talk to me baby
Alisa:I really don’t know, but I am just sad about how Jenny and br@ndy are always crazy about Dylan, They fought last week because of him and they don’t care about the punishment they received, I am the one for Dylan I mean why are they stressing thierselves, Mum I just don’t know how you can help me, I really wants to meet this guy, Jenny met him once but she didn’t get the chance to talk to him or even t©uçh him cause she saw him at the airport last year, Only Jenny have seen him before, I really wants to meet him too, mum I love him and I wish he could perform at my upcoming birthday, Mum talk to me, am so sad right now, You know I can’t discuss this with Dad, You are my best friend Mom,You are the only one I can talk to
Mrs President:I un-derstand you, But Alisa firstly, can we just say you have a crush on him, Not love, I mean you are just 18 years, You can’t love for now, You can only crush, you nee-d to focus on your dance baby, I know you wants to meet him but this guy is always fixed up, it’s very rare you will get the chance to see him, It’s really ha-rd to see Dylan, You know what, He will surely come to your birthday, it’s a promise,We are going to start booking an appointment with him right now, Your birthday is in two months, Don’t worry, I will talk to your Dad, Anything for you baby, if you love Dylan baby plea-se keep it for now and crush on him ok? No love, Do you un-derstand me?
Alisa:B.. but… (She started to shed tears) I can’t help it mum
Mrs President:(hvg her warmly)It’s ok baby, we will talk about this later, Don’t worry…
At a very big supermarket, Four ladies are at the counter, A lady was busy listening to music on her phone with her earpiece, While one of the lady said
Laura:Am sure Myra is not listening to any song there than Dylan’s song
Vera:Common babe, We all love Dylan, and besides no customer yet can you plea-se let her take her time
Tyra:Oh my God, I can’t wait, as in I can’t wait to see My prince charming Dylan
Laura: Dreamer, We all know that I am the right one for this guy, it’s just that we are taking our time to it, so st©p dreaming Tyra
Tyra:Hmmmm, One for you, No it should be six for you, You better warn yourself young lady
Vera:Wait where is Crystal?
Myra:(re-moved her earpiece)She is with Boss, They both went to confirm some stocks
Laura:When she will always comes to the work so late, how will she know, why won’t she ask about Crystal?
Vera:Hello, Don’t abuse me ok, I got many works at home that was why
Laura:Pardon me baby (win-ked at her)
Vera:Shut up jor!,
Tyra:You ladies, anyways I heard Dylan is arriving tonight, If you see fans at airport,I mean if you see the fans and reporters
Myra:look at you, Some even went with mats at the front of the airport just to see him, I mean to see him, Cause it’s very rare to see him, and that’s thier only chance,So they don’t want to miss it, If not for our work why won’t we be there also?
Tyra:Am trying to doubt Crystal, She must be a witch
Vera:(Laugh)Why did you said that?
Tyra:I mean every ladies love Dylan and wish to get down with him, but Crystal feels nothing, not even his fans, dos£nt listen to his music, and her sisters even her mom love Dylan, or am I lying, are you sure that girl is not a witch?
Laura:Of course she is not,That’s just Crystal,We all know that she doesn’t listen to music generally, That’s her for you now
Myra:She is even boring, So boring for my liking,Oh my God,I just c….
Laura:Even if she is boring we all know that she is a joy giver at the right time,Right?
Vera:Yeah I support you on that
Laura: Exactly, She choose to be a very quiet lady and a simple one, that’s what I think about her
Tyra:But atleast let’s help her out
Myra:Tyra she is ok, She is not having problem, infact I can spend 24 hours with her than you
Vera:Cause Tyra is so noisy (Both laugh at her)
Tyra: Laura can you hear that (Sad)
Laura:Don’t mind them, they are just Joking
Tyra:Don’t worry i will report you both to Dylan
Myra and Vera:Dreamer!!!
In a studio, A lady was having a shooting, This is Tiffany t©p model number 1,While on the other side was another lady sitting down giving her a dead look, This is Whitney, Second t©p model, Both ladies are enemies competing on rankings, Dressings, make up, fashions and everything, t©p most of all is Dylan.
Whitney:When is that bit-ch going to finish?
PA:Very soon ma’am
Whitney: Yuck! I hate to see her face, Such a bit-ch!(After Tiffany was done, She was putting on a white p@n-ts and br@ alone, She walked up to Whitney where she sat and said)
Tiffany:Hey bit-ch! Why are you staring at me like you gonna choke me?
Whitney:Can you plea-se try to walk away and get yourself a nice deodorant?
Tiffany:Oh my God, She can’t stand my perfect perfume, of course I know that you can’t afford the money and so you can’t stand the smell,I Know that you can’t take it again since am leading you in everything,I mean how can they make your shooting first when am the t©p,You c@m£ here very early but they will attend to you late,Sorry bit-ch!
Whitney:And one more thing bit-ch, Always try to get something to let you have more bu-tt, this is just too small to shake and st©p shaking it by f0rç£,We that have it knows how to rock it,so baby learn from me(She stood up and walk away to do her own shooting too while Tiffany was full of anger on her standing)
A very big building, In the garden, two ladies sat down having thier wine, This is Suzzan and Suzzy, Both are twins but one of the riche-st young ladies, They are business ladies, Not too long a lady c@m£ out in white long dinner go-wn with matching heels and jewelries, Two guards follow her, This is Vivian, t©p most riche-st young lady number 1,She is 24 years old but she is as rich as anything, Suzzan and Suzzy are her Best friends, they both c@m£ to visit her, She hvgged both ladies and sat down with them, a guard poured her wine, while smile and said
Vivian:You ladies are looking cute today
Suzzan:But not as you, We all know that you are the cutest here
Vivian:How I wish, But am not as cute as that bit-ch Claudia. (Who is Claudia, She is the most beautiful young lady, She is not as rich as Vivian but leading her in cuteness while Vivian is leading her in richness, thier Main reasons for fighting is Rankings in money and cuteness, t©p most of all is Dylan)
Suzzy:Even if she is leading you in cuteness, Babe you are leading her I richness and you are not bad, you are also cute for your Dylan
Vivian:Oh my God! I just had a goosebu-mp, Am always happy with that name
Suzzan:Wow! Our queen is crazy in love here
Vivian:Of course baby, Can’t wait to see him
Suzzy:Yeah, Guess he will arrive in the next two hours
Suzzan:We will watch him on TV, Reporters and fans are at the airport waiting for his arrival
Vivian:I can’t wait! (blu-shing)
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