The star episode 19 & 20

Written by: Abike
Episode Nineteen &Twenty
Dylan was sitting in his room, pressing his phone,he stood up to on the TV, as he gr@bb£d the remote to open the TV, Mr Frank c@m£ in and said
Frank: Dylan cryst… (He didn’t finish his statement before Crystal barged in with f0rç£)Well, I think she is here, I… I will leave you guys to talk, Miss Crystal take it easy plea-se (She fake out a smile, Mr Frank went out while Crystal shut the door by herself, dropping her bag on his be-d, moving closer to him slowly while he also move back till he fell on the couch)
Dylan:W.. wait what are you doing?
Crystal:What does it look like? I am going to chop your head off, thank God it’s just you and I here,no Guards
Dylan:So you think that after you kill me you will get out of here?
Crystal:Why don’t you let me chop your head first and let’s see if I will get out of here or not, Who were you talking about on the TV today?
Dylan:Wait,you think you can just come in here the way you want right?
Crystal: Answer my question,Who were you talking about and what do you mean?
Dylan:You know it’s you and you know what I mean
Crystal:Do you nee-d to tell the world?
Dylan:Of course I have to,I have to do that just to let you know how much am serious about this, I know you feel the same way too, you and I feel the same way the very first day we met,You and i know that something connected us together, You know you are mine, but you are just taking a long time to realize it, I am not rushing you, but I want you to know that my heart beats for you, I want you to know that I love you,I really love you, honestly have never felt like this for a woman before,I don’t know maybe you are thinking about the age difference between us or something,but love doesn’t care about that,I want you to know that age is nothing but number,I want a real woman in my life,the one that will love me and take care of me,the one that will be there for me forever, Crystal I fell in love with you the very first day I met you,I really do,and I promise you that I will will be there for you,and I won’t trade you for anything, Crystal say something plea-se
Crystal:I….I don’t know what to say, but to be honest I just want a quiet and simple life,you know who you are,a very popular person,if anyone knows about I and you,then my story will be everywhere,I don’t want the situation of where I won’t be able to work freely,I just want a low profile, most especially now, and besides I was thinking maybe I and you can’t be together because of my own status, i was thinking that am not your type, am not your level, I know that this is my first time, you will be the first guy I will fell in love with, But am scared like, I think it’s possible you use your power on me and direct me the way you want, I just don’t know why am feeling that way, maybe because it’s my first time, maybe that’s why am scared and having this kind of thoughts In me, I just don’t know also, honestly I don’t know(Dylan stood up, holding her two hands)
Crystal: Crystal Before I fell in love with you, I know about your status, but I want you to know that, you are the best one for me, I promise to respect your decision,I will never make you feel bad, I will keep this relationsh!pfrom the world till you are re-ady, Just want you to love me the way I do, always be there for me and I will be there for you, I love you more than your imagination, Just plea-se let’s give it a trial, this is not my first relationsh!pbut this will be the first time I will feel this way, No lady moves me the way you do,I love you,I really love you Crystal
Crystal:I love you too(Dylan gave her a soft and tender k!sswhich lasted for a minute, He pe-cked her forehead and gave hvg her a warm hvg, he said)
Dylan:Thank you for coming into my life…
The news of Dylan’s unknown girlfriend went viral,Some supported him because he is in love,while some don’t cause they are jealous,while some are eager to know who Dylan fell in love with….
Whitney in Dylan’s House, she sat down waiting for him, not too long he c@m£ out, he hvgged her while they both sat down
Dylan:Am sorry, I was busy with something inside, So how was your trip?
Whitney: Well it was awesome, So how are you?
Dylan:Well am good
Whitney:I heard it on news that you found the kind of woman you want but she is not giving you the chance yet, is that not what you wanted?
Dylan:Yeah, but she seems to be difficult at first, but now she is mine
Whitney: Wow! For real, she said Yes
Dylan:Yeah, some days ago
Whitney:Wow am so happy, honestly I nee-d to know more about the one who took my soulmate (Both laugh)Is she pretty, cute, elegant or what, common tell me am eager to know her
Dylan:Well, she is beautiful and at the same time elegant, her natural long hair with a little mixture of brown color, she is sometimes crazy and at the same time cute and funny, what I love most from her face is her natural blue eyes, just like my.. (He paused, thinking he shouldn’t have said that)
Whitney:Common tell me
Dylan:Well she as the same eyes as my brother, Charlie
Whitney:Oh my… You have a brother,wait a minute Charlie, Does this mean that your tattoo is for him?
Whitney:You must have love him so much
Dylan:Yes I do, really love him more than my life but I hope he feels the same way to me
Whitney:Hmm, I think I un-derstand that p@rt, you don’t nee-d to explain it, I un-derstand it,Have met a lot of people with this same condition,am so sorry about that
Dylan:No it’s ok
Whitney: Maybe you should just give him some time, am sure things will still turn good, Honestly I can feel it (Dylan smile)
Dylan: Thanks,so how is your b©yfri£nd?
Whitney: Well no b©yfri£nd,Single and not searching (Both laugh)
Claudia’s house, She sat down on her king size be-d thinking, she said..
Claudia:What I thought was that after that day, he will come and beg me for more, but he is not, why am I the one craving for him, why not him, I am so stupid for asking it for once, I should have tell him that I want it anytime I nee-d it,Oh my gosh! I wonder why I can’t st©p getting we-t anytime I think about this guy, well I still have the pictures with me, and I am going to threaten him with that, I hate the fact that he is in love with that girl, I should have know it, I knew it that something will still come out of thier meeting that day, obviously he wasn’t talking about anyone on the TV but that bit-ch, but I won’t let them be together, never! He is mine, anyway let’s pay Dylan a visit
Dylan was in his room when Nick ran in
Dylan:Oh my God! You scared me, you just can’t barge in that way
Nick:Am sorry bro, but am also sorry to tell you that Tiana is here
Dylan: What?! (Both went out of the room, seeing a white lady standing with Frank and the other boys, She is Tiana, Dylan’s clas-smate in USA, and she is his ex girlfriend, Tiana is half American and half Indian, Dylan c@m£ out with Ivan seeing Tiana standing with a travelling bag with her….
Crystal was at home, ma-king some desserts for Dylan, she wanted to surprise Dylan by visiting him, Daisy and Nina c@m£ in to check on her
Nina:Wow, this is so lovely and yummy,it look so great
Daisy:Am sure he is going to love this (Crystal’s mom c@m£ in with a lunch box for the desserts, She gave it to Crystal)
Crystal: Thanks Mom
Mom:You welcome dear,But why don’t you first call him, to know if he is at home or not?
Crystal:Don’t worry Mom, am sure he is at home, besides he chatted me yesterday that he will be at home today so he asked if I will pay him a visit but I told him no, so am sure he won’t be expecting me today
Mom:Sounds great, Just s£nd my regards to him
Crystal:Sure Mom, Daisy as-sist me with this plea-se
Daisy:Ok sis
Back to Dylan’s House
Dylan:What are you doing here?
Tiana:I missed you
Tiana:Cause I still love you
Dylan:Are you sure you are ok, obviously not, Tiana am asking you for the last time, what the hell are you doing in Nigeria?
Tiana:And I said I c@m£ to spend some days with you (Moved closer to him, tou-ching his face)Babe we can still get back together plea-se
Dylan:Tiana take your hands of me
Tiana:Ok am not gonna take it
Dylan: Tiana for the last time take your off hands of me
Tiana:Ok fine, done, Dylan i still love you, ok fine I made a mistake, but am sorry, we can get back together, plea-se
Dylan: Tiana how do we started, I mean from where did we started all of this?
Tiana:Does that really matter right now?
Dylan: Tiana it matters, Just tell me how do we started?
Tiana:I don’t care about how we started, I know you still love me, and I really do
Dylan: Tiana that was before, and it wasn’t even strong, Tiana I have a woman in my life now, so I expect you to get back to him
Tiana:No, I want you and not him, plea-se don’t tell me you don’t love me anymore, I love you plea-se (She move closer to him and k!$$£d him unexpectedly, Suddenly Crystal c@m£ in, Frank and the boys were the first to see her, The lunch box dropped from her hand which called for both Dylan and Tiana’s attention, Tears rolled down on Crystal’s face as she ran out of the house while Mr Frank ran after her, Dylan pushed Tiana away f0rç£fully
Tiana: Who the hell was that?
Dylan:(Shouted)Just shut up cause you should be the one to get the hell out of my house and my life now
Tiana:D.. did you just shouted at m….
Dylan:TIANA I SAID GET OUT! (Tiana got scared, As Crystal was about to run out of the compound Frank caught up with her, blocking her path, spre-ading his arms so wi-de to avoid her pas-sing
Frank:Crystal you nee-d to calm down, whatsoever you saw in there is not true
Crystal:Not true? D… Did you just said it’s not true, I saw him k!ss!nganother lady, not even a lady from here, but a white lady, and you told me it’s not true, you know what, I should have know this that am not up to his standard, I should have know this,am such a fool
Frank:You nee-d to believe me, Dylan loves you, she is his ex, and we didn’t know that she will come here, trust me she k!$$£d him, he didn’t k!$$£d her
Crystal:I think I have to go, I nee-d to go, plea-se (She ran out of the compound with tears on her face)
Mr Max company, Dylan walked in with his guards, a lot of crowds and reporters wanted to talk to him, but he just went in straight, he saw his father discussing with his secretary)
Mr Max:You didn’t tell me that you are coming here, what happened?
Dylan:Dad, who gave Tiana my card to my house
Mr Max:I do, I thought she is your girlfriend
Dylan:Dad my ex, she is my ex, we broke up a long time ago Dad
Mr Max:I don’t know
Dylan:And why don’t you call me first
Mr Max:Ok am sorry what happened?
Dylan:My girlfriend caught I and her today
Mr Max:You have a girlfriend, wait but I thought you only told them that just to st©p asking you about your girlfriend
Dylan: I told them that I have someone in my life, Dad do you think it’s a joke
Mr Max:You really do have a girlfriend?
Dylan:Yes I do, how could just gave Tiana my card without telling me first?
Mr Max:This lady you are talking about is she someone I know?
Dylan:Of course you can’t know her Dad, cause she is not even a popular lady
Mr Max:Then she must be an average lady
Dylan:She is not even close to that
Mr Max:Then why are you stressing yourself on her, there are a lot of influential ladies out there why her?
Dylan:Dad! Dad st©p, i love her and I really do, she is the one I want
Mr Max:Ok fine as long as you are happy with her am ok too,am sorry, am sorry I that I gave Tiana your card…
Dylan’s House, he sat down with the boys not too long Frank c@m£ in
Frank:I found her house alre-ady, it wasn’t far from where you first met each other that day
Dylan:(stood up and said) Then I have to find her
Frank:N… Now?
Dylan: Yes now!
Frank: Dylan you can’t do that now, am sure she will un-derstand you, just calm down and think about your health,Your heart Dylan,we can wait till night and look for her, we can leave the house just the way we did that day, plea-se try to calm down, I will follow you and I will talk to her also, I Know you love her, but plea-se just calm down plea-se
Ivan:Bro i think you should listen to Mr Frank
Owen:Wait till night bro, plea-se!It’s risky if you go right now(A guard c@m£ in and said)
Guard:Sir!Miss Claudia is outside She wants to see you Sir
Frank: Claudia?
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