The star episode 15 & 16

Written by: Abike
Episode Fifteen & Sixteen
Guard:Miss Claudia
Frank:Clau what?
Owen:Oh dammit! (Claudia catwalked in with a black jumpsuit,off shoulder but long sleeve,a silver heels matching it with a silver purse, her dropping earrings reaching her shoulder, Her artificial hair reaching her bu-ttocks, silver n£¢klace and a perfect make up, She walked in majestically smilling, while everyone fixed thier gaze on her.
Frank:Miss Claudia?
Dylan:Why are you stalking me?(Trying to cool his h0t temper)
Claudia:Well, my plans worked out, just can’t believe it will be this soon, and on the other side it was very late, cause have been waiting patiently for this, and here we go, Max Dylan in Claudia’s tra-p
Frank: Honestly you are the last person am expecting to do this, What do you want?
Claudia:Can I plea-se have a pri-vate chat with Dylan and Mr Frank alone? (They all looked at each other like is she ok?)
Dylan:Wait do you think they won’t know about what we are going to discuss here?
Claudia:Well I don’t care, I still nee-d a privacy
Frank:Owen, Ivan, Nick and Rick plea-se Escuze us(They went out leaving them alone) So what do you want?
Claudia:Firstly what are you doing outside at yesterday night, I mean a whole Dylan, what do you think Mr Max will say if he finds out, what about the fans, they are going to be like you guys are not taking care of him, cause if you are taking care of him and you care for his safety, you won’t let him out so late at night
Dylan:Wait are you here to lecture or what, Am asking you what exactly do you want?
Claudia:Oh my God! Our Dylan seems to be angry here, wait are you really like this?
Dylan:Seems you don’t know me yet
Claudia:And i want to know you more, Well I can see you had a nice time with her yesterday, have met her before at Anita’s Supermarket, she works there, I guess she will be the rightful one to use to get you now, Jackpot!
Dylan:And what does she have to do in this?
Claudia:Cause I want you to do whatever I want and I guess she will be your weak point
Dylan:And what if I don’t?
Claudia:Then I will post the pictures with a little word un-der it”Dylan with his girlfriend @Crystal” How does it sounds?
Dylan: Stupid!
Claudia:Oh, thought you will love it, I guess I will use”Dylan caught flir-ting with his S-x mate”
Dylan:You are so desperate, what exactly do you want for the last time?
Claudia: Nothing much, I just want you to have fun with me
Claudia:(Shouted)Can you plea-se st©p saying What What What
Dylan: Come again, You want me to do what with you?
Claudia:Oh goodness, he is also saying what, Well I want you to make me feel good, honestly am dieing and craving for yourl-ips on mine, You in me, Coming in and going out slowly, you won’t know how much have imagine you ma-king love with me, That’s what I want, I want you to have S-x with me Just once, but am sure after that, you will crave for more cause am sure I will be your first lady
Dylan:And who told you that you will be the first lady I will have fun with?
Claudia:Oh! So you have done it before, with who, Vivian?
Dylan:I don’t think I said it’s a lady from here
Claudia:Wow! obviously it’s a white lady, Did she do it very, can she rock it well, actually I don’t care about that as long as I will be the first black lady you will have it with, I think that’s still cool
Dylan: Honestly I hate you
Claudia:You can’t expect both of us to love each0ther, If you hate me, I love you
Dylan:Wait are you this useless?
Claudia: Seems you don’t know yet, that when it comes to you, Dylan am useless
Dylan:Now I get it, Guess you wanna pl@ygames with me
Frank:Like seriously Claudia this is just too much
Claudia: Shut up
Dylan:No you shut up
Frank:Ok fine, both of you should shut up, Claudia plea-se can you just go for now? We will get back to you,I will call you, plea-se!
Claudia: Okay,if you want it that way,No problem,Am waiting and make it fast(She walked away, Dylan looking at her and said)
Dylan:Dammit! (Cl@pping his two hands so ha-rd together)
Frank: Dylan what are we going to do now?
Dylan:She wanna pl@ygames with me, but she doesn’t know that am good in this, Seems it’s time I show her my other side
Frank:(realizing what he meant)No Dylan plea-se, don’t do that
Dylan:(sm-irk)That’s what she want, and I will give her more than what she had requested for, I will show her the real bad guy in me,Tell her to come tomorrow(He stood up and went away angrily)
Frank:Oh no! She is in a big problem
Crystal and her friends at the shop watching the TV, Dylan’s music video was pla-yed the girls giggle while Crystal was watching them, giving a face of”They never knew I met him yesterday”
Laura: Honestly If I should meet this guy just once, I pray that i should make use of my home training that day, but am not sure I will make use of that
Tyra:If I meet him, i pray i should not divide him into two
Myra: Honestly i saw him in my dream yesterday
Vera:Miss dreamer welcome
Laura:Which dream did you just said now
Myra:My dream of course
Laura: Honestly If I sl@p you right now it’s possible you lose your kidney
Myra: Whatever I saw him in my dream
Laura:And if you repeat it i will strangle you till death
Myra:You can try it
Vera:My Dylan, my prince charming,oh my God!
Tyra:I swear you are sick, Your what?
Vera:My prince charming
Tyra: Honestly if I get hold of you, it’s possible your heart seize for life
Vera: Whatever
Crystal:Ladies calm down, You want to kill yourselves because of Dylan
Laura:Yes,let’s kill ourselves plea-se, let’s say you are the one dragging him with me, I will leave him for you
Vera:Me too
Tyra: Me too
Myra:Me too (Crystal was just staring at all of them thinking maybe they are ok or not)
Vivian was in her room, She sle-pt on the be-d, thinking and rolling round the be-d
Vivian: Dylan Max,Well,If I won’t have you, no one else will do, except I alone, only I,just I is meant for you, cause you are mine and I will make that possible,and after ma-king you mine, you will thank me for coming into your life, Just watch me Dylan
Dylan in his room on his be-d, He was with his music book writting when his phone rings, he checked who was calling but it was an unknown number so he doesn’t pick it, later a text message was s£nt by the same number, he checked and saw “This is Tiana, will you plea-se pick my calls” He ignored the message, not too long Mr Frank c@m£ in
Frank:She is outside
Dylan:Let her in
Frank:Do you nee-d to do this?
Dylan:If I don’t she won’t st©p, she will wants more,She will use that lady to get me,she is really desperate,so this is the way to st©p her, plea-se!
Frank:Ok, I will call her in(Mr Frank went out, not too long, Claudia c@m£ in with a black long sleeve round n£¢k n£¢k t©p, a white bu-m short, an high heel black boots reaching her kneels, a matching purse with nice set of jewelries,She catwalked to Dylan, sitting next to him, she smile, tou-ching his jaw towards hisl-ips, she gave him a quic-k k!sswhich was just for 2 seconds, she dropped her bag, moving more closer to Dylan who was just looking at her, she gave him a de-ep k!ss, Dylan lifted her up, Holding her to his w@!st,she wra-pped her legs round him, While Dylan carried her in the same position towards the table beside the wall, he made her sat on it, k!ss!ngevery p@rt of her b©dy, she gave out a silent m0@n , Dylan re-move his shi-t, revea-ling his abs, Claudia k!$$£d his n!ppl!s which turned him on,he started k!ss!ngher so r0ûghly but still she enjoyed the way he was doing her….
At a spa, Whitney was about to go out when Tiffany c@m£ in
Tiffany:Oh! Who do we have here? Wait Whitney there are some changes In you these days, was it because you don’t have the energy to fight over Dylan with me?What happened to you, talk to me, you ha-rd ly give me reply these days, Why? Are you sure you are ok?
Whitney:(Smile)I am perfectly fine Tiffany, let me tell you something, Dylan can’t be mine and not even yours,He knows what he want, we are only giving ourselves headaches, honestly I don’t think I should be the one to f0rç£ myself on a guy with where I am today, guys should be the one to do that, cause if you continue doing this, they will surely use it to get you, it will be an advantage to them, and they will finally hurt you, You nee-d to pl@yha-rd to get before a guy can have you, anyway am not fighting with you over Dylan, but to say the truth to each other for once, believe me Dylan is not yours, Take care,! (She went out leaving Tiffany in biggest shock)
Crystal and her friends discuss, thier boss c@m£ out smilling, while all the ladies stood up at once
Boss: Crystal
Crystal: Yes madam
Boss:You are going somewhere right now
Crystal:Ok Ma’am, to where Ma’am?
Boss:There! (Pointing at the door seeing two guys in black suits coming in, one of them said
Guard:Miss Crystal plea-se follow us
Crystal:F… Fo.. follow you to where, madam what have I done?
Vera:Madam plea-se what happened? (All getting scared)
Boss:Ladies calm down, don’t worry, It is happiness, don’t worry she will come back very soon, I promise, plea-se you can take her away
Crystal: What?! Ma’am! Ma’am!! (They took her away, They arrived at Dylan’s mansion even though she doesn’t know where she was, she was scared, She was led in straight to Dylan’s room, the door was opened for her to enter, she walked in seeing Dylan standing facing her,he was putting on a jean trou-ser and a white long T-shi-t which his abs and che-st are showing,he rolled up the sleeves to his elbows)
Crystal: So you asked them to kidnap me?
Dylan:No they don’t
Crystal: Actually they do, cause I was having different kinds of thoughts when coming here, wait did you plan this with my boss?
Dylan: Something like that
Crystal:(Moving closer to him)Did you just use your power to brou-ght me here,?
Dylan:Wait what are you talking about, I don’t think I use any po..
Crystal:Just answer my damn question
Dylan: Wow, you are rea….
Crystal: ANSWER ME! (She shouted)
Dylan:Wow! I don’t use any power here, I just want to see you that’s all(Crystal bur-sted into laughing)
Dylan:What?! Did you just pranked me right now?
Crystal:That was how I also felt when I was coming also
Dylan:Oh really? (Moving closer to her as she also moved back till she get to the wall and was unable to move again)
Crystal: St©p! W.. what are you doing right now?
Dylan:What does it look like, am trying to be a bad guy for you,or what do you think?
Crystal:(Covering her che-st)I thought you are a cool guy
Dylan:Well am both(still moving closer to her)
Crystal: Just St©p! (He st©pped)Y… You are scaring me
Dylan:(He smile, Moving closer to her, He hold her hand, taking her to have a seat on the chair while he also got a chair to sit, facing her) Thanks for that day
Crystal:For what?
Dylan:For those sweet words you said to me that day
Crystal:Oh it’s nothing, that’s just who I am, trying to comfort others, though I don’t know why you were there,but am sure you are having some issues and that was why you risk yourself to c@m£ down to our street just to re-lease your stress,But I think you don’t nee-d to stress yourself,just leave everything to God,he can hear you and he can see everything,Just be happy
Dylan:That’s nice, Thanks a lot, I….I really appreciate you for your comforting words
Crystal:(Smile)You welcome Mr Dylan,Nice hair
Dylan: Do you like it?
Crystal:Yeah it’s nice,C…can I t©uçh it?
Dylan:Sure! (She t©uçhed it slowly smilling, he also smile at her, both looking at each other so closely, Dylan moving closer to her to k!ssher, but she quic-kly stood up and said..
Crystal: I think I have to go now plea-se (Dylan giving out some killer smile)Can you plea-se st©p doing that?
Dylan:What did I do?(pretending) OH I guess you can’t stand me huh?
Crystal: plea-se don’t push me to chop your head(He smile and stood up, he went to his drawer, handing her over a card, she collected it and said)
Crystal:W… What’s this for?
Dylan:You may feel like coming here to see me again, this card will allow you to come in here and go out of here
Crystal:Oh, that’s nice, Thanks for honouring me
Dylan: I think you deserve it and besides I like you(Crystal was speechless)Yes I do,and I think you are someone I can free with and talk to, believe me you are the first lady I will be free with like this,and you are the first lady to have this card,so am giving you this card to visit me anytime you want,but just put this at the back of your mind that I like you, I really do, right from that day, we will still talk more than this, you know I c@m£ to kidnapped you from your work, (Both smile) Am sorry about that, just wanna see you, and thanks for coming
Crystal:Ok,You are welcome,I think I… I have to go now
Dylan:Can I hvg you plea-se?Just an hvg
Crystal:S… Sure (Dylan move closer to her hvgging her so pas-sionately…)
Crystal gets back to the shop, Her friends are waiting for her
Laura:Oh thank God she is here, what did you do? You won’t believe that madam went out without thinking about your safety, who asked them to bring you?
Vera: Common Crystal talk to us plea-se you are scaring, who asked them to bring you?
Crystal:I know you will be a little bit surprise about this, but plea-se don’t make it a big thing
Myra:Ok, So who?
Crystal:I…its..It’s Dylan
ALL: WHAT!!!!? (The whole building almost coll@pse because of the noise)
What do you think Dylan has done to Claudia and why is she in problem?
Do you think Dylan is really a bad guy?
What do you think about Dylan and Crystal?
Save Crystal from her friends plea-se