The star episode 14

Written by:Abike
Episode Fourteen
Obviously Dylan was holding Crystal, She was still closing her eyes
Frank:Dylan are you ok, Dylan (Mr Frank keeps calling Dylan’s name to st©p staring at Crystal, but it seems Dylan is totally lost,Mr Frank screamed out his name inside the car still watching him from afar, Screaming his name brou-ght him back)
Frank:Oh thank God, Dylan who are you holding?She must not recognize you (Crystal opened her eyes slowly)
Dylan:I… I… (Still not in a stable s-en-se)
Frank: What? I can’t hear you Dylan, I said you nee-d to leave her alone she must not see your face
Dylan:I…i think it’s l… Late alre-ady
Crystal:D… Dylan?
Frank:Oh Dammit! (Dylan helping Crystal to stand very well, trying to hide his face, while she move closer to his face to look at him very well)
Crystal: Dylan? Is t… Is this really you
Frank:Dylan drag her away from there before anyone notice both of you
Crystal:Are you r… (Dylan cut her short by dragging her away from there to another side where no one is)Oh my God it’s really you, Wow! I can’t believe this, So this is true
Dylan: Excuse me?
Crystal:It was said that if you are not a fan of a celebrity you have a chance to meet them than those who are thier fans
Frank:Oh my God! Ladies and too much of speech
Dylan:Are you saying that you are not my Fan?
Crystal:Am not your fan, but my friends, my sisters most Especially my mom are your die ha-rd Fans
Dylan:Your Mom?
Crystal:Yeah! B… But why are you here?
Frank:Give her another t©pic to talk about, don’t answer that
Dylan:Do you live here?
Frank:Do you nee-d to ask her that?
Crystal:Yeah sure I live down the street (Dylan looking at her n£¢k which she noticed)Oh that’s my name, Crystal
Dylan: Lovely
Frank:What took your eyes to her n£¢k?
Dylan:Can you plea-se st©p?
Crystal:Are you talking to someone?
Dylan: Oh me? Of course no one, I don’t have anyone to talk to
Dylan:So what are you doing alone on the street?
Crystal:My sisters nee-d some roasted beef, so as I was going I saw people watching your video I decided to st©p by, that was when we bu-mped into each other, Thanks
Dylan:What for?
Crystal:For helping me earlier (Dylan flashed back the way he had caught her, he smiled)
Dylan:You said you ain’t my fan but you wanna watch my video earlier
Crystal: Normally i should have walk away, but I don’t know why I st©pped by(She smile)
Frank:We call it destiny
Dylan:Can you just st©p
Crystal:You are wired right now
Dylan:Am sorry (Showing her the Bluetooth on his ear) Actually I am not walking alone, I have my manager and guards following me, but it seems my manager is replying you
Crystal:Oh, So what’s he saying?
Frank: Nothing
Dylan:He said you are beautiful
Frank: What? (Dylan smile)
Dylan:You said you wanna get some roasted beef or what do you call it earlier?
Frank:And what’s your own with that?
Crystal:Sure i want to get it for my sisters,Yo.. you want to try it?
Frank:Tell her you don’t Know about such things and you can’t e…
Dylan:Yeah sure am interested
Frank:What?! DYLAN!!! (Screamed his name which affected Dylan’s ear, he re-moved the Bluetooth from his ear)What, Dylan! Dylan! DYLAN!!!Start following him and track his phone right now
Guard:Yes sir(Dylan and Crystal walked down to the street, after walking for awhile, Dylan st©pped while Crystal went to get the roasted beef, she got back to where Dylan was standing, she unwra-pped the paper, she picked one to eat, handing it over to Dylan to also pick one, Dylan said..
Dylan:Are you sure this is save?
Crystal:Of course, am eating it right now, have one(she picked one with a toothpick, handing it over to eat, but Dylan eat it directly from her hand without collecting the toothpick to eat, she almost get freeze, Dylan chewing the beef slowly at first, suddenly he started chewing it so fast, he picked another one to eat, he picked another meat to eat again, Crystal smile and picked after him, till they both finished it, both walking on the street silently, glancing at each other, Crystal said.
Crystal: you haven’t answer my question, I asked that why are you here?(Dylan st©pped walking so also Crystal, facing each0ther)
Dylan:I just want to re-lease my stress and I think am able to do that
Crystal:Guess you are having a lot you are thinking about
Dylan:I guess
Crystal:This life is too short for that, we don’t nee-d to stress ourselves on unnecessary things, we just nee-d to be free, enjoy every moment, be happy, live your life the way you want, forget about the past, st©p thinking about the bad memories, don’t let the ugly past ruin the beautiful future for you, forget those who forget you,and never st©p loving those who cherish you, and never st©p loving those who hate you, with time, everything is going to be alright, time will heal everything,never imprison yourself into the wrong thought,be positive, Just smile and you will have a longer life (Dylan was lost staring at Crystal)Hello! Hello! Hey!
Dylan:Oh am so sorry about that,T…Thank you so much
Crystal:You are welcome, I think i have to go right no,it’s late alre-ady
Dylan:Alright, Nice meeting you
Crystal:It’s my plea-sure
Dylan:Take care,Bye!
Crystal:Bye! (She waved at him smilling, Dylan also returned the smile watching her as she went away, The cars move closer to Dylan as he entered the car and they zoomed off, Dylan couldn’t st©p thinking about those beautiful words from Crystal)
The next morning, they all gathered to have thier breakfast, Dylan, Frank and the boys
Nick:So how was your outing yesterday?
Dylan:It was great(Smilling)
Ivan:I wonder why you are smilling ever since you woke up this morning
Owen:I guess the outing was extremely great
Frank:Of course the outing was great, especially since he saw the one ma-king him smile this way
Dylan:Of course No
Rick:Hmm, of course yes, cause you woke up very early this morning
Owen: Actually I thought I was the only one who notice that
Nick:I wonder if he was able to sleep
Dylan:Of course I sle-pt, fo…. For like two hours
Ivan:Oh I see, I can see you sle-pt very well
Owen: So can we know about the one who is ma-king our Bro smilling this morning?
Ivan:But wait are you sure it is safe, I mean the lady who saw him, are you sure it is safe cause am sure it’s a lady ma-king him smile this morning and not a guy
Dylan:Wait a minute,Are you trying to call me a per-vert indirectly?
Owen:We all know that you are a per-vert,we all know you are a bad boy,it’s just that it’s been awhile you have done something like that,but I guess the lady you saw yesterday is bringing it back in you
Nick:So who is she,and what’s her name,did you guys get the chance to talk yesterday?
Dylan:Oh my God!I forgot her name
Frank: Crystal
Dylan:Oh!Thank God I didn’t disconnect you before then
Rick:What?you disconnected him yesterday
Frank: Honestly,He disconnected me because of a lady
Dylan:I wish i could see her again,i mean I don’t know why,But I just feel like seeing her again
Owen:Since her name is Crystal,she must be a goddess
Ivan: Wow!Tell us about her
Dylan:I really don’t know much about her, cause it’s late yesterday,but I noticed that she is beautiful
Rick:Am choking
Dylan: Honestly She is perfectly made,Nice face,Nice figure,Nice skin, Nice b©dy
Nick:What?(Almost choked on his food)d..did you t©uçh her b©dy yesterday?
Frank: That was when he almost let her fall down so he caught her like a knight saving the love of his life (All laugh)
Ivan:Wow I wish to see her, atleast putting this smile on your face,we nee-d to appreciate her for this
Owen: Honestly
Dylan:She has a nice voice,the funniest thing is that she is having a blue eyes just like Charlie,and most especially those words she said to me yesterday, honestly I won’t forget it, believe me when I was with her yesterday,I forgot everything that happened in Dad’s house yesterday, I think she is fun to be with,and I won’t mind getting all her informations plea-se,Mr Frank?
Frank:I will get that before evening (A message was s£nt to Mr Frank’s phone,which he checked immediately,He shouted) Damnit!
Nick: Oh my God!
Rick:You scared us
Owen:What happened?
Frank:You won’t believe that,a picture of you leaving the house yesterday, walking on the street alone,also a picture of you when you caught the lady,also when she fed you, all those pictures are s£nt to me right now
Ivan: What?!
Rick:Oh no!
Owen: Could it be Dad
Dylan: Obviously it’s not my Dad, Guess someone is stalking me
Nick:But who could it be?
Frank:That person just s£nt a message now that he or she is at the first gate
Dylan:Tell them to open all gates for the person coming
They all gathered in the living room waiting for the person coming, everyone was standing except for Dylan who was sitting with his head lower, a guard c@m£ in
Guard: Someone wants to see the Boss
Frank: Who is he?
Guard:It’s a lady sir
Dylan:A lady?
Frank:Who could it be??
Guard:She is Miss….
Miss what?
Guess who s£nt the pictures