The star episode 12 & 13

Written by:Abike
Episode Twelve and Thirteen
Mr Max’s House, four cars drove in, It was Dylan and his boys, He was putting on a black t©p, a crazy blue jean trou-ser and a black sneakers, he put on a sunglas-s, a golden n£¢klace and four different kinds of wrist bands, No wristwatch, He was led inside the house, He met his Dad sitting down re-ading a newspaper, He prostrated to greet his Dad, Sitting down with him
Mr Max:How is everything?
Dylan:Am fine
Mr Max:I guess you are getting re-ady to get back to the studio
Dylan:Sure, I started alre-ady, Where is he?
Mr Max:He is inside, he arrived yesterday,But he displa-yed a little bit of drama, i do advice you to just watch him if he starts his drama, he almost killed a guard yesterday, I was discussing with him on everything, getting annoyed with what I said, he gr@bb£d a bottle of wine trying to throw it at me, thanks to the guard who saved me but the guy ended up with a lot of brusies on his head, we had to rush the guy to the hospital yesterday midnight, when you travelled, he has once done it before, I… I just don’t know, am confused honestly, am getting tired of him alre-ady, Just make sure you don’t say anything much that will make him get angry, He is becoming desperate
Dylan:I un-derstand you, we just have to be patient with him, Mum leaving this world caused everything and I wonder why he always put all blames on me, saying I was the one who killed mum, which was not true, I don’t know how, I just want him to un-derstand that everything happened cause of a reason, I… (Interrupted by Charlie)
Charlie:Oh oh oh! Who do we have here, Dylan Max! (This guy Charlie is as cute as anything, If not because Charlie dos£nt have time to take care of his skin, Dylan’s cuteness can’t stand beside him, Charlie is a cute guy and at the same time handsome, He is having a black curly hair, a blue eyes, a pinkl-ips with cute shape, to those that don’t know Charlie will think he is usingl-ipstick, but he doesn’t, he has a cute eyelashes and eyebrows, he has some beards on his chin down to his jaw giving him a cute look, he also p@rted his left eyebrow just as Dylan,He Pierced his left ears in just two places,His cuteness is out of this world, He was putting on a white shi-t and a jean trou-ser with a white socks, He walk closer to them standing beside the chair Mr Frank was sitting on, Facing his Dad and Dylan
Charlie:(sm-irk)Nice to see you Mr Dylan Max, Why are you here?
Mr Max:In his father’s house?
Dylan: Dad!
Charlie:No no no, Allow him to talk, you know that he has always be on your side, why are you here?
Dylan:c@m£ here to see you
Charlie:Like am sick, am not ok to you, huh?
Dylan:I don’t think anything is wrong if I c@m£ here to say hello to you
Charlie:And i asked you that who nee-d your visitation, Did i call on you or what?
Dylan: Charlie Just st©p this plea-se?
Charlie:St©p what, why are you acting like you are innocent here, you are the reason why our mum left this world and you made Dad to love only you, right from the start before mum died, both Dad and mum loves you more than me and they forgot that am thier first son
Dylan:Can you st©p blaming me for mum’s death, cause you are ma-king me feel guilty Everytime you talk about it
Charlie:Oh definitely you have to feel guilty cause you are responsible for her death
Mr Max: Charlie shut your mouth there
Charlie:Oh , now you are on his side, I can see that clearly,after all he is the true son here(tears dropping on Dylan’s face)I can see you are siding him, who am i that you will be on my side?
Mr Max:Am highly disappointed in you
Charlie:Oh seems your forgot something Mr Max, that I have always being that son that always disappoint you
Mr Max:How dare yo…
Dylan:Dad plea-se, Listen Charlie, i never killed mom, everything happened for a reason, i also wants mum, I wants her more than you, I really do, I never killed mom, it was just bound to happen, And Dad has never treat me different from you, he got us the same house, he established you while he supports me with my career with his company, He has always being a good father to I and you ever since mum left, I think we should appreciate him for that, I c@m£ here to see you but it seems we are still on the same issue, Charlie Just plea-se, St©p this for goodness sake, plea-se
Charlie: Wow! Did you all hear that, Did you hear that from him, Mr Max true son has spoken, He just gave us a piece of advice, how dare you talk to me that way, Huh!
Dylan:(Muttered silently with tears) Charlie st©p
Charlie:I said how dare you, How dare you to give me all that stories, Huh! (Moving closer to Dylan before Mr Max Could signal to the guards to st©p Charlie, Frank alre-ady ordered them to st©p him, which they did immediately)Oh oh wow, You are st©pping me, for real you asked them to st©p me?
Mr Max:Will you just st©p all these, I expect you and I to be the one to take care of him, but you just seems to be selfish this way
Charlie: Selfish? Selfish? Huh? SELFISH! (He gr@bb£d the flower vase on the table and threw it at the TV so ha-rd )
Mr Max:(Stood up angrily)How dare you to destroy my property, Are you with your s-en-ses, Huh?
Charlie: Oh, you wanna attack me, right? Common just do it, Do it(Mr Max loose his temper immediately and gave him an h0t sl@p, Everyone was shocked, Dylan stood up immediately, so also Frank)D… Di… Did you just sl@p me
Mr Max:Yes I do, and I will do more over and over again till you get back your s-en-ses
Dylan:(Tears dropping on his face ra-pidly, trying to hold his Dad who was holding a fist to hit Charlie)Dad plea-se, St©p plea-se
Charlie:Can you see this, can you see what you caused, all of these happened because of you, believe me Dylan I will Never see you as my brother,Not in this life cause you took everything from me,I won’t see you as a brother but as my rival, and I promise you that you won’t see my love neither will I forgive you, so don’t you ever think of coming to see me again, I swear you will regret this(He went out of the angrily, shutting the door so ha-rd , Dylan almost fell down,But Frank caught him, Dylan was Holding his che-st, Mr Max and Frank got shock, they as-sisted him to sat down on the chair, Actually Dylan is having heart arrhythmia, and what caused it was stress and too much of thinking,He old his head in his palms, crying profusely)
Mr Max:I don’t think I will allow you to see Charlie anymore, I can’t afford to loose you, your health is important to me, You know your condition but still you will Charlie on your mind thinking about him, I think you nee-d to leave him alone, Dylan plea-se, Just listen to me and leave Charlie alone for now
Dylan:Can I be alone for fifteen minutes plea-se, just I alone
Mr Max:Are you sure you will be ok alone, atleast Mr Frank should stay with you
Dylan:No i just want to be alone, plea-se!
Mr Max:Ok then, take care(They left him alone, when they left, Dylan’s tears couldn’t st©p coming out,He remembered when he saw Charlie before going to USA, Charlie almost killed him that day, He gr@bb£d a stool to throw at Dylan, but Charlie missed,Dylan remembered when he was two years and Charlie was seven years then, He remembered thier childhood’s memories, Tears couldn’t st©p flowing on his eyes….
Late at night,Dylan’s House
Owen:Are you sure this is safe?
Ivan: Honestly am not supporting this
Nick:Am even scared
Rick:Mr Frank what do you think?
Frank:I alre-ady talked to him,but it seems he want this, don’t worry he will be safe(Dylan c@m£ out,he was putting on a black hoodie, covering his head with the cap,His dre-adlocks in black head warmer,he used a facemask covering his nose and mouth, revea-ling his eyes alone,he put on a black jeans trou-ser and a black timberland, no jewelries, Dylan together with Frank and four guards pas-sed throu-gh the back of the house without anyone noticing, A cab was outside for Dylan, he collected the key from Frank and drove away, while Frank and the other guys went back to the house to get two cars to follow Dylan…
Crystal’s house, She was busy cooking in the kitchen,Daisy c@m£ in
Daisy: Honestly am hungry
Crystal:I don’t think am pla-ying here
Daisy:Oh Lord
Crystal:I went to work, for you and Nina to cook, you sat down with your phone and TV searching everything about Dylan, watching his music and advertisement, I expect him to give you food right now(Nina c@m£ in, to get some water, she went out and later c@m£ back with the cu-p)where is Mom?
Nina: slee-ping
Crystal:I don’t want her to sleep,I want her to eat something
Nina:We can wake her up after finish cooking
Crystal:No you don’t nee-d to disturb her, just let her be, after all she ate potatoes before slee-ping
Daisy:God am about to die out of hunger, someone should plea-se save me
Nina: Before I forget this,Daisy did you watch Dylan’s interview la… (Realizing that she shouldn’t have said it cause Crystal was there with them, Daisy on the other side giving her a shut up look, but it was too late)Am sorry sis
Crystal:Don’t worry, I know where to take you to
Daisy:L….like where?
Crystal: Church of course, cause it seems you nee-d deliverance, you, mum and those that are at the shop
Nina:Like seriously sis, you nee-d to love him, he is the best, after you listen to his song then, we don’t see you listening to it anymore
Daisy: She won’t listen to other artists songs too, how i wish you love him the way other people do(sad)
Crystal:I wish, but I guess am not a fan of music Sorry,So can we eat now??
After Finish eating,Daisy said
Daisy:I feel like eating some roasted beef
Nina: Honestly me too
Crystal:Then one of you should go and get it
Daisy: Sis (giving her a puppy eyes, so also Nina)
Crystal:Wait, are you telling me to go out and get it for you?
Nina: plea-se (After so much pleading, Crystal decided to get it for them, as she was about to go inside to change her clothes)
Daisy:Where are you going again?
Crystal:To change, do you expect me to go out like this? (The two girls looked at her from head to toe to see what’s bad in her dressing, she was putting on a black skinny jeans trou-ser a white tank t©p, her long hair in pony tail, her favorite n£¢klace which has her name on it “Crystal” her earrings and two wristbands,That was how she dressed to work but she haven’t changed her clothes when she c@m£ back from work)
Nina: Sis there is nothing wrong with your dressing
Crystal:I don’t know why too, but I just feel like changing this
Nina:Ok sis make it fast plea-se (She went in to put on a long material go-wn covering all her legs, she won’t be able to walk in that go-wn unless she draw it up a bit to walk, the go-wn is an off shoulder, leaving her hair in ponytail, she wore her fashion sli-ppers and went out of the house
Dylan walking alone on the street,He alre-ady re-moved the facemask, obviously no one noticed him, he has a Bluetooth on his ear to connect with Frank so that Frank can hear everything from his side, his phone was alre-ady tracked, Frank and other guys are just few steps away from him, he keeps on walking on the street alone, He love the atmosphere on the street,he keeps on breathing in and out,He really do love it,He saw his pictures everywhere, a shop was still opened,Few people gathered around watching the big TV at the front of the shop, Dylan decided to see what they are watching, it was one of his music video,No one noticed him, He smiled as he was about to turn his back to leave..
Frank:Dylan watch out.. (but too late, He bu-mped into a lady which s£nt her falling but before she fell down, Dylan caught her by the w@!st by his one hand and the other hand on her back, while she hold him on his two shoulders,In that process, her hair was loose, seeing how her hair loose and how she closed her eyes thinking she is on the floor, Dylan was extremely lost and couldn’t st©p staring at her…
Guess who Dylan was holding..
Do you think Dylan was the cause of his mom Death?
find out in the next episode.
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