The star episode 1

Written by: Abike
Episode one
Diamond girls school, a boarding school to be precise,16 _ 23 years are the only ones you will find in Diamond School,Some students are moving up and down, Some are busy on thier phones, Some are busy discussing,Some are at the laundry trying to wash thier clothes,This school involved girls only and only a rich babe could afford such school, Diamond girls school involved President’s daughter, governor’s daughters, Commissioners of police daughters,Ministers daughters,Retired soldiers daughters, millionaire’s daughters, Billionaire’s daughters,name it all plea-se,You will find such babe I Diamond girls college,This school is the best and clas-sic school ever,It’s an art school, training school for those that have pas-sion for ballet dance, Only strong connections can help you stay in such school except if you are a scholarsh!pstudent and to those scholarsh!pstudents, they knows where they all stand, They dare not go near the rich kids,As time goes on you will know more about Diamond girls, Some group of girls sat un-der the tree discussing, Suddenly a girl that was busy on her phone screamed so ha-rd that if care is not taking someone could lost his or her life, Her screaming caught everyone’s attention while they all rushed to her where she was standing with her eyes fixed on her iPad, A girl said
Girl:Nancy why would you scream like some sort of flat tyre that just bur-sted on a speed?
Nancy: Ladies, I have a goodnews, Infact I don’t know how to say it, I mean, I mean, oh my God, Am I really crying right now?
Girl 2:(Mimicking )No you’re not, You are only smiling will you plea-se tell us what’s going on?
Nancy:Ok ok ok!!! (Wipping her little tears of Joy)I nee-d to calm down before I say this,Girls Guess what?
Girls: What now!!!
Nancy: DYLAN IS COMING HOME!!!! (She screamed once again, A lot of girls ran out of thier rooms, Some are alre-ady short of breath, Some are fainting at the mention of Dylan)
3rd Girl:For real, H…. H…. He is coming home, M… My W.. where is my phone (She quic-kly ran Inside her room to get her phone)
Girl:Are you for real,like Dylan is coming back?
Nancy:You know I don’t give out fake news babe
Girl:Oh my God am feeling dizzy right now,D…Dylan (Suddenly at the left some group of girls arrived, they are four in number with thier leader ma-king them five, They were all in white bu-mp shorts and white tank t©ps, A white sneakers with some t©uçh of gold,They are called Jenny’s girl group according to thier leader’s name,at the right was another set of group approaching, They all are putting on same thing as Jenny’s girl group but they are all in black, thier leader put on a white leather jacket they are called br@ndy’s girl group as thier leader’s name also, they are also five in number plus thier leader, br@ndy girl group and Jenny’s girl group are not friends, they are rivals right from the beginning, Jenny’s father is a millionaire while br@ndy’s father is the Governor, Both Jenny and br@ndy are having the same height, Same manners of dressing,Both are little fair in complexion, br@ndy is Twenty years old while Jenny is 22 years old, The only two reasons while these girls are enemies is fashion, Telling each other that they have more fashion s-en-se better, and the most reason why they are enemies is because of just one person Dylan.Both groups move closer to Nancy and other girls, Nancy father is the commissioner of police, Nancy and the other girls are looking thier left to right and thier right to left to see the heat coming out of both groups like they are re-ady to descend on each other, Nancy broke the silence and said,
Nancy:Uhmmm, Girls can we plea-se try to calm down, Can we plea-se chill like a freezer, You don’t nee-d to fight this morning cause am not re-ady to take any punishment from Mrs Lawrence so plea-se keep your madness among each other and relax, Dylan is coming back, So could we plea-se welcome him with peace? (Forcing out a smile)
Nancy:Yeah baby
Jenny:You said Dylan is coming back to Nigeria
Nancy: Exactly
Jenny:Don’t you get what’s going on here?
Nancy:What? I don’t get it
Jenny:Common babe you should know that He is coming back for me and to..
Jenny’s group:To ask for your hand in marriage baby (br@ndy and his girls made a sm-irk)
br@ndy: Marriage?For real? Oh I forgot that you are always a dreamer, What are you thinking, You? My Dylan will come for you, Oh babe you nee-d to see a psychiatrist
Jenny:Of course I went to a psychiatrist babe but I was told that the only solution to my problem is Dylan
br@ndy:You must be crazy
Jenny: Absolutely for Dylan (tou-ching her che-st and blu-shing)
Nancy:Ok ladies calm down, Can we just calm down
br@ndy:No I don’t nee-d to calm down cause I think this bit-ch and her crazy bit-ches nee-d a serious beating this morning (Jenny’s girls shouted back at br@ndy while br@ndy’s girls shouted back at them and suddenly they all started shouting at each other, Suddenly they all heard a voice)
Voice:All of you kneel down, Kneel!(All got scared Seeing Mrs Lawrence the one who is managing the school on behalf of the owner and two teachers Miss Tonia and Miss Becky standing looking at them, They all kneel down slowly, Some are trying to kneel down with one leg, Some are trying to use thier handkerchiefs to kneel down)
Mrs Lawrence:What is your problem, What is the matter? (No one reply)You all are having your reharsal in the next two hours and you are here fighting and you will arrive late at the hall cause you are busy here trying to slaughter yourselves, Nancy who started this?
Nancy: Ma? (Acting like she didn’t hear her)
Mrs Lawrence:Oh ok, So I should repeat myself?
Nancy:Of course no ma I heard you ma(Clinching her teeth with some wired smile) Actually ma, ehmmm, I think t…. Ma what happened is that, They both started it ma
Mrs Lawrence:Nice one, Jenny and her group with br@ndy and her group twenty press up or Thirty l@ps round the field choose your choice, Miss Tonia you should watch Jenny and Mrs Becky watch br@ndy, and you all should meet me in the hall in the next two hours (She cat walk away leaving the girls in puzzles to decide thier punishment,The press up is not thier thing at all, Running round the field could affect thier legs cause of thier dance, So both groups are confused on which one to do,They started giving each other some dead look)
At a very big white mansion in a big hall, Close to twenty b©dy guards are sitting, Four females in suits are also on thier seats,A man who should be in his late 30s was in suit standing at thier front his name is Frank, He is Dylan’s PA, Personal advicer, pri-vate manager, personal guard and more like a brother, He has being the one taking care of him right from Five years old
Frank:I welcome you all here today and I welcome us here at Dylan’s mansion, Like we all know that Dylan is coming back from school, and he is having three months break which the schedules are alre-ady been made, He is fixed up alre-ady, We all know that he nee-ds us so much, We all nee-d to take care of him more than anything, He should be our first and t©p priority in this house, am speaking to you all on behalf of Mr Max cause this is the way he wants me to deliver his message to you all, We all know how much Dylan means to him, so we all nee-d to be extra careful on our Job most especially our lives, If we all love ourselves we should let Dylan be our first priority plea-se, We nee-d to protect him so much now that his fans are something else these days, he is not at home we all know how crazy the fans are about him and now that he is coming home we nee-d to ti-ght£ñ the security, Dylan will arrive at night at the airport, Ten guards are appointed to be at the airport to join the other six guards that are coming with him, actually I nee-d to go back to USA, in the next twenty minutes my flight will be re-ady I only c@m£ to Nigeria to deliver this to us and to do one or two things, so am still going back right now to join them, So what will happen now is that i will point out those who will come to us at the airport, This house is very big, Two guards each in a room that is how Mr Max said, and we have four Ladies here with Us, We have an head of maids, we have the Head of stylists and make up, We have the Head of cooks and we have Dylan’s Secretary/PA and we can think of her as Dylan’s manager too, Our head of maids is having ten girls in total, our make up artists and hairstylist is having five girls In total, our cook is having eight girls in total plus Dylan’s secretary everyone of us will be in this big house together as one big family, Our attention must always be on Dylan, and anytime he is at home we nee-d to maintain a de-ep silence though his flat is different from us but plea-se let us maintain de-ep silence plea-se and pay attention to him, We must respect his privacy plea-se,We all know he is an easy going guy, So let’s keep it cool and soft with him plea-se, when I comes back we will talk more better and you secretary
Secretary:Yes sir
Frank:Are you re-ady?
Secretary:Yes sir
Frank:Ok nice, I and secretary will be going back to USA right now, I will post the list of those that are to be at airport the tomorrow night to guard us, Any question plea-se
All:No sir!
Frank:Nice! (He went out with the secretary and two other guards that seems to be his own boys, While everyone stood up to thier rooms)…
What do you think on this first episode plea-se???
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