The Star episode 25 – 27

Written by: Abike
Episode 25 26 & 27
Whitney at the location, She received a text message on her phone, she checked her phone to see Frank message, which was
Message:Miss Whitney, this is Frank,I nee-d your help on something plea-se, it’s about Crystal,Dylan left the country without giving her any call or message, He is really busy till next week, I c@m£ to Nigeria last week to get some stuff for Dylan, then Crystal c@m£, i explained to her but it seems she wasn’t happy about it, I don’t know how you can help me to get in t©uçh with her, by next week Dylan will be throu-gh here, He can’t even hold his phone, he only sleeps for just an hour In a day and three hours at night,He is really busy, plea-se help Dylan in anyway to get in t©uçh with Crystal, Thanks In advance Ma’am…
Crystal was at the shop, She sat down with her friends, They all are trying to cheer her up
Laura:Don’t worry babe, am sure he will be back very soon, it’s just a trip, am sure it escape his mind
Vera:Wait why are we taking this issue like this, it’s not like he won’t be back, of course he is coming back
Myra: Honestly, I should have slaughter you right now, but I will keep that for you, we are not saying that he is not coming back, at least he should have try to s£nd a message to her before leaving
Vera:Of course it escape his mind, no one is above mistake now
Myra:Just shut up plea-se
Tyra:But honestly, what type of escape is that, atleast a message shouldn’t be ha-rd , not even Mr Frank s£nd her a message, what if she didn’t go to his house last week, do you think she will meet Mr Frank that day
Laura:Myra do we still have glue in the shop
Myra:Sure we do, Why?
Laura:We nee-d to seal both Vera and Tyra’s mouth, Like I expect us to cheer her up, not to start saying negative words to her
Vera:Of course I am not the one saying negative words here, I said he will surely be back, we don’t nee-d to stress ourselves on this issue
Myra: So if someone you love left you without a goodbye, you will feel happy and throw a p@rty right?
Vera: Shut up
Myra:You too shut up (Whitney c@m£ in while all the ladies were surprised to see her, She smile to them moving closer to Crystal and said)
Whitney:Hi Crystal! (They were all surprised, like how did she know Crystal)Well I was s£nt here by Mr Frank, Yeah obviously I was s£nt from Dylan (All get more Shocked)
Crystal:D… Dylan, and how did you kn….
Whitney:And how did I know about you and Dylan, of course I Know, Dylan is my friend and i know about you guys, Poor girl! Am so sorry about what Dylan did, he is just a n@ûghty guy, i also couldn’t get in t©uçh with him, until I received Mr Frank’s message yesterday, believe me he cares about you a lot, and am sure he is alre-ady missing you too, just don’t think about it too much, when he is back you can do whatever you want with him, just st©p thinking too much, You know what, I and you have to go somewhere plea-se, Let’s hang out together plea-se
Crystal:I… I should go Ou…. Out with you?
Whitney:Yes honey,just to kill the bad thought in you cause am sure that many things are going on in that mind,So Shall we?
Crystal:Ok I will inform m….
Whitney:You don’t nee-d to inform your boss on that, Mr Frank alre-ady did that
Crystal:Oh! Ok ma’am
Whitney:Oh plea-se, am Whitney and not Ma’am, So common let’s go(Crystal took her cross bag, waving to her friends and went out with Whitney, After they left)
Laura:Can someone just wake me up from this dream plea-se?
Tyra:D… Did I just saw Miss Whitney?
Myra:Oh my God! I can’t believe it that she knows about Crystal and Dylan?
Vera:How can she be this cute and nice, Wow!
Laura:Oh no am dead!
Crystal was in her room, she was going throu-gh her chats with Dylan, Hoping to see his message, She stare at her wallpaper which was Dylan’s picture, She dropped her phone on the be-d, holding the n£¢klace he gave her, She remembered what he told her when he gave her the n£¢klace”WHEN YOU MISS ME, JUST HOLD ON TO THIS” She hold the n£¢klace, Her Mom c@m£ in
Mum: Crystal someone is outside, She wants to see you
Crystal:She? Whitney?
Mom: Of course not Whitney, she said Dylan’s PA
Crystal:Dylan’s PA, Oh i remember(She stood up and went out of the room with her mom, Dylan’s PA c@m£ to see her about the coffee shop, Of course the preparation started before Dylan travelled)
Crystal at the shop with friends, Suddenly Claudia c@m£ in, staring at Crystal with a killer face, Suddenly she remembered what Dylan told her”AM NOT GOING TO DELETE IT AND AM NOT GOING TO UPLOAD ANYTHING, JUST DON’T GO NEAR MY WOMAN”She remembered Dylan’s warning and suddenly smile back, She got herself what she nee-ded, her guard took the items to the car, while she paid them and went out of the shop
Myra: plea-se did anyone notice the way she looked at Crystal before putting on a smiling face
Vera: Honestly I saw her
Tyra:Me too
Laura:Of course everyone saw her, but what happened, did she know anything about you?
Crystal: Honestly I can’t say, can we just forget about her
Crystal and Dylan’s PA c@m£ to check Crystal’s shop, The shop was alre-ady completed and well furnished with nice designs and decorations, different kinds of machines for ma-king coffees, tea and all other kinds of machines for desserts and snacks are there, Crystal gave her shop a name according to the n£¢klace Dylan gave her “DYAL’S COFFEE AND DESSERT SHOP”
In the plane, Ivan and Owen are eating while Nick was on his phone, Rick on the other side was slee-ping,Mr Frank c@m£, he collected Ivan’s spoon to eat from his food
Owen:Is he slee-ping now?
Frank:Yeah sure
Ivan: Honestly he really nee-d a lot of rest for now
Owen: Honestly, A journey of just two weeks turned to a month, honestly it wasn’t easy, did he eat something before slee-ping?
Frank:No he said when he wakes up, let me also take some nap
Ivan: Alright…
Crystal and her friends at the shop, Vera on the TV
Reporter:Right now we are at the airport waiting for Dylan’s return, he travelled for a month now for a live show, as you can see that a lot of fans are waiting to see him right now, Obviously they are all glad to see him again,So also me,am happy to see him again (Giggling)Keep watching (Crystal and her friends sat down to watch also, Not too long Dylan c@m£ out in a yellow hoodie, white trou-ser and white sneakers, he is using a yellow headset, black backpack,Dylan killed the fans by loosing his dre-adlocks, he didn’t cover it nor did he packed it up,to kill them finally he changed his dre-adlocks hands into a blonde color,some are short of breath, while some are trying to t©uçh him, but they were unable to do that cause of the guards, Dylan smile and waved at them, he and the boys were guarded to the cars, while they zoomed off….
Myra:Oh my God, Dylan is looking more h0t, did he dropped down from heaven or what?
Laura: Honestly am choking right now
Vera:Look at that dre-adlocks, full and neat, long and looking so soft, am dead
Crystal:(noticed that Tyra wasn’t saying anything)Tyra! Tyra! (She tapped her to call her while tyra fell down acting like she fainted)
Dylan in his room, he was just waking up when Mr Frank c@m£ in, he sat next to him and said
Frank:The next flight has been prepared for tomorrow night
Dylan:Ok, that’s nice
Frank:Why don’t you rest for now, you just arrived Dylan, you nee-d to rest
Dylan:(Smile)Don’t worry Mr Frank am fine, I just want to go to a nice place with her for a week, I will have my rest in Paris, don’t worry am fine, plea-se pas-s me my phone I want to call Whitney (Pas-sing him the phone)
Frank: Should I tell the guards to go and bring her?
Dylan:Yeah plea-se do, honestly I should have be the one to go with them, but I don’t think I can do that right now, Just tell the boys that Incase she refuse to follow them, they shouldn’t f0rç£ her plea-se, if she is not re-ady to come with them I will pick her up myself
Frank: Alright no problem, Her shop is completed, She named it DYAL’S COFFEE AND DESSERT SHOP”(Dylan smile cause he was just proud of her)
Dylan: Honestly i missed her
Frank:I know you do, Don’t worry the boys will go and get her now
Dylan: Alright no problem,when is my new song dropping?
Frank:Of course tonight
Dylan:Oh ok,that’s nice then
Frank:let me Escuze you
Dylan:Ok then (Frank went out while Dylan called Whitney)
Crystal was in the kitchen with her Mom, her sisters are back to school,they are both in boarding school,She was trying to pour the chicken she had fried into the soup when she heard a knock on the door, her mom went out of the kitchen, not too long, she c@m£ back smiling and said
Mom: Dylan’s guards are here(Crystal dropped what she was doing and went to the living room, Seeing her coming out, one of the guards said)
Guard: Good evening Ma’am,We are very sorry that we didn’t inform you before coming, Actually ma, the boss asked you to come with us Ma’am
Crystal:Can you plea-se have your seat and wait for me for just two hours, I was doing something before you arrived,is your boss ok with that?
Guard:It’s ok ma, plea-se take your time ma! (She went back to the kitchen with her mom)
Mom:Why don’t you go, atleast you are done with the cooking, i will finish it and serve myself, Common go and get dress
Crystal:Mom, I waited for him also, waiting for two hours for is not too much also (She continued with what she was doing)
Mom:Oh really, Honestly you are just full of yourself, Just like her father, so proud(Both of them smile)
Dylan was in the room slee-ping, just staring at his phone’s wallpaper, Crystal was his wallpaper, Mr Frank knocked and c@m£ in, he said
Frank:Crystal is here
Dylan:Oh rea…. (His breathing was seized immediately, he fell back to the be-d, Frank ran to him holding him)
Frank:Dylan? Dylan what happened are you ok? Dylan?
Dylan:(forcing himself to speak)Don’t worry am f… Fine,am fine just help me to go out and st©p her for like ten minutes, just try to engage her in some discussion for ten minutes, I will be ok by then
Frank: Are you sure about this?
Dylan:Of course am sure, don’t worry am fine, Don’t worry, just go(Frank went outside but not without looking at Dylan who was trying to breathe in and out, after some minutes, he was able to breath out, Not too long Mr Frank c@m£ inside giving him a sign of “Are you ok now” while he also replied him that he is ok, just to avoid Crystal to know what’s going on but she didn’t notice them cause she was trying to put down her bag and shoes, Mr Frank went out, while Dylan stood up, he walked up towards Crystal whose hands are just round her b©dy staring at Dylan as he approached him, he planted a soft k!sson herl-ips, while Crystal gave him no reaction, He hold her hand and said)
Dylan: Honestly summer you nee-d to believe me, and you have the right to get mad at me, Honestly i should have call you or even message you before I left, but trust me I never mean to forget you, I never do that intentionally, honestly it hurts me more that I didn’t left a message before I left, since i travelled for a month I was unable to t©uçh my phone, believe me I was occu-pied with a lot of live shows, am so sorry, I really missed you so much, believe me I was just thinking and worried about you ever since I left, Am sorry
Crystal: Dylan am not mad at you, I was just worried and scared, I was having different kinds of thoughts, you said two weeks but it turned to a month, thanks to Whitney who always check on me, putting my mind at rest, but still I couldn’t st©p thinking about you, i had a dream, and it’s a very bad one, I dreamt that you left me beside a very big water and you never come back, I wanted to follow you after I had waited for you, but I was st©pped by two people, but I can’t remember thier faces, thinking about the dream and you also left me without a goodbye gave me bad thought
Dylan:Is t….that your dream? (Trying to confirm if he heard her right)
Crystal:Yes, that’s it (Dylan was just speechless, he move closer to her and hvg her slowly)
Dylan:It’s okay,am sorry,don’t worry it’s just a dream (Even though his mind was disturbe-d)
Later Crystal and Dylan on the be-d facing each other discussing)
Crystal: So are you saying that we are going to Paris tomorrow night?
Dylan:Yes, don’t worry, I un-derstand you, nothing will happen and if anyone see you they can’t recognize you, I Know that you still don’t want people to know yet
Crystal:Of course yes, I don’t know why, am just having this feelings like there are still more people that knows about I and you, ap@rt from those who know, I feel like someone know about us, Claudia c@m£ to our shop, she gave me a dead look but immediately she smiled back at me and I wonder why
Dylan: Don’t worry Dove, nothing is going to happen,Maybe Something c@m£ to her mind when her eyes met yours, maybe she was lost in her thinking forgetting that she was looking at you, as you also said, she smiled back, she must have been sorry for that too(Trying to convince her cause he knew the reason why Claudia gave her the look)
Crystal:It’s ok then, so you said I should not bring my clothes
Dylan:Yeah, I alre-ady ordered and will be here by tomorrow afternoon, i just want to be with you before we travel, honestly I miss you so much
Crystal:And do you think I don’t miss you too, i was even going crazy
Dylan:Like where the hell is this guy,(both smile) am sorry (k!$$£d her) Common my music was dropped tonight, let me get it for you to listen to(He stood up from the be-d to get her the song while Crystal took her phone to call her Mom)
At night at the airport, Dylan surprised some few fans who were lucky to see him, immediately from nowhere few reporters arrived, Dylan c@m£ out of the car in black t©p, black trou-ser and black timberland boots, black head warmer, golden n£¢klace with his wrist watch, his tattoo revea-ling, everyone was surprised to see a lady coming out of the car with him, obviously it was Crystal but no could see her face cause she was putting on a black Long sleeve sweater with turtle n£¢k, black skinny jeans trou-ser and black high heel boots, her hair was covered with a black scarf round her n£¢k while she use a face mask which reveal her eyes alone, Dylan holding Crystal while the guard guide them till they left)
The next day, Whitney and Tiffany at the location, the TV was on, the newscaster said
Newscaster:After Dylan arrived from his trip,he immediately dropped another beautiful song just as he has said,But He surprised the fans yesterday night,Dylan was seen with an unknown lady for the first time, (Dylan’s picture and Crystal at the airport was displa-yed on the screen)They were not even walking separately but Dylan was holding this lady in other to guide her from the fans, Everyone believed that this lady is no other person than the one who Dylan has told us about, It is really official that our Star is in love and in a relationsh!p, He is no more single, it is obvious that after Dylan arrived he went back to have a nice time with his girlfriend, it is official now that Dylan is in relationsh!pand fans can’t wait for him to reveal his girlfriend to them
Tiffany:Oh my God, oh my God! Dylan why? Why not me (Whitney couldn’t st©p laughing)Wait is this funny to you? Who is this lady?
Vivian in her room watching the news, she threw the remote at the TV angrily, Crystal’s mom at home watching the TV, she couldn’t st©p smilling, Girls diamond were all in biggest shock
Nancy:Oh my God, how can she breathe when Dylan was holding her, oh my God Dylan is such a caring guy, Wow so finally our Star is in love, in a de-ep one, well enjoy yourself Dylan,(Alisa, Jenny and br@ndy were just speechless)Ladies our Dylan is taken, Such a pity,I nee-d to st©p Crushing on him too much cause he just broke my heart and am sure he broke your lungs too(Facing Alisa,Jenny and br@ndy,while they were speechless)
Claudia in her room watching the TV, She just changed the news to another channel immediately, Crystal’s shop, her friends are watching the news also
Vera:Oh my God, Crystal is a lucky bit-ch
Laura: Honestly
Tyra: At last, She will become the next Miss Max
Myra:God, where is my own b©yfri£nd? (All of them laugh)
Crystal and Dylan at the beach sitting down, Crystal sat at his front while he gave her a back hvg, staring at the beach in thier thoughts, they both remembered thier dreams, not too long both stood up to walk beside the beach to enjoy the fresh air….
At night in the room, Dylan and Crystal on the be-d k!ss!ngeach other, Dylan on Crystal,He st©pped the k!ssand said
Dylan: Can I?
Crystal:(Smile and giving him a puppy face)Yes you can(Dylan k!$$£d her, removing his shi-t revea-ling his abs, Crystal staring at his abs and muscles trying to swallow her saliva,while he made a sm-irk and said)
Dylan:St©p staring (He k!$$£d her again,he re-moved her clothes slowly but not without k!ss!ngher every seconds,She was left with her p@n-t and br@, ma-king her to sleep on the be-d,he k!$$£d her n£¢k down to her che-st, down to her flat stomach, straight to her l@ps,Dylan choked her by k!ss!ngher straight to her leg, he went back to herl-ips k!ss!ngher, suddenly he k!$$£d her left ear ma-king some whisper to her, Crystal’s b©dy was immediately turned on, Dylan made a sm-irk cause that was what he was searching for, her weak point)
After a week Dylan arrived back with Crystal but at night, just like when they left, some fans saw them,which went viral that they are back, Dylan was in his room writting down another song, Frank c@m£ in and said
Frank: Charlie is outside
Dylan:(It was like Frank threw him a bomb)C…. Charlie
Frank:Yeah! I wonder why
Dylan:Mr Frank no matter what plea-se don’t say anything plea-se!(Dylan went out with Frank seeing Charlie standing,He was a little ti-psy)
Charlie: What’s up Star, i missed you and that’s why am here, so you don’t want to check on me again? Well That’s nice since you have everyone’s love why will you check on me again, of course you can’t check on me,Arrrrrgh! honestly Dylan You make me sick,honestly You hurt me, you took everything from me,you know that all of these are your fault,it’s you Dylan,You! Cause if you don’t call mom on phone while she was driving that day, she wouldn’t have die,And you said you don’t kill her, of course you are responsible for mum’s death cause you called her while she was driving, and I warned you, like she is coming home, just wait for her, but you don’t allow her to come back, you killed her you br@t!
Dylan: Charlie I was just a kid who missed his mom after she had travelled for a whole month, i was only happy and eager to hear her voice
Charlie:Shut up Dylan! Just shut up, is this not what you want, of course you have it, mum is gone, dad’s love for only you, you got everything you want, and you have everyone’s love, believe me you can’t have my own love, cause dad choose you over me thinking that you were the only one greiving for mum’s death then, of course so also I am, I WAS ALSO GREIVING THEN!HE CHOOSE YOU OVER ME AND THAT’S THE BITTER TRUTH,WE ALL KNOW THAT HE CHOOSE YOU OVER ME AND HE HAS NEVER BEING PROUD TO SHOW ME TO THE WORLD THAT AM HIS FIRST SON AND THAT HURTS ME MORE!!! (He shouted and screamed out, he went out of the house leaving Dylan in tears…)
At night Dylan decided to walk from his second gate to the third gate, he told Mr Frank and all guards to just let him be since he is not in town, so Mr Frank left him alone and also the guards,all left him alone outside, but Mr Frank never st©p coming out at once to check on him, seeing him putting his hands in his pockets with his headsets, he was listening to music, After Frank c@m£ out three times to check on him, He c@m£ out the fourth time to check on Dylan but was surprised to see him talking to an old man in white, before Frank went inside to call out two guards to come with him, They didn’t see the man again, Getting to where Dylan was standing, they only saw him tears)
Frank: Dylan, Dylan who was that, can you plea-se talk to me, Why are you crying Dylan?I saw that man just now, where did he go, Dylan what did he say to you, Guys search around
Dylan:(Lost but trying to speak)You don’t nee-d to search for him
Frank:What?! I said what did he told you
Dylan:I… I can’t tell you
Frank: What?! Then we nee-d to search for him,like right now
Dylan:(Shouted with tears streaming down on his face)And I said you won’t find him cause you can’t see him, don’t you get it? (He whispered softly with tears)You can’t see him,you can n….never see him,you can’t
Frank: What?
Who was the old man?
What did he told Dylan?
How can Dylan be sure that they can’t find him?
What’s going on?
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