The Star 2 episode 1

Written By:Abike
Season 2
Episode 1

THE STAR SEASON 1  – episode 1

In a big white house, different kinds of maids are busy with thier schedules, Those who are cooking are busy in the kitchen, those who are cleaning are busy with thier work, some guards are standing outside the compound, while few are inside the living room,In a big room was a yellow Indian wear go-wn on the be-d,with shoes and jewelries, some maids are setting the dress, while some are arranging the makeups,a solemn music was pla-yed in the room,Not too long a middle-aged woman c@m£ out of the bathroom with two maids, She sat down on a stool, while a maid brou-ght her a towel to dry her b©dy slowly, This is Dyal’s Mum (Crystal) As they were busy dressing her up, she stared at her husband’s picture on the wall, she smile slowly, Dyal’s Mum is beyond a goddess,every woman and young lady wants to be like her, they all love her beauty and her mode of dressing, the way she smile and interact with people is so kind and adorable,she well known for her kindness, After she finished dressing up, she stood up looking more gorgeous,A guard c@m£ in to led her out of the house, she was as-sisted to the dinning, the food is re-ady and the dinning is set for her, the head of maids, Bella moved closer to her smiling
Bella: Morning Madam
Dyal’s Mum:Morning dear, how was your night?
Bella:It was great ma, Thanks(She left the dinning to supervise the other maids,after Crystal finished eating, Bella c@m£ out and said)
Bella: Madam, plea-se what time are the guests arriving, just to set everything up before they arrive Ma’am
Dyal’s Mum:By four in the evening,they are just one of our buyers,they have an event coming up so they want us to be the one to do thier cakes, decorations and wines,just prepare everything for five people, including me,right now I will first check on the shop,then I will go to the factory to check out the wines we are producing today,so before those people arrive,I am sure that I will be at home and be re-ady for them by then, and make sure you get my clothes re-ady, I won’t be able to take shower again,but I will change my clothes, un-derstand?
Bella:Yes Madam
Dyal’s Mum: Alright dear, take care of yourself
Bella:You too Ma’am (Crystal was led out of the house, four cars are re-ady, She entered into a car with two guards, the one to drive and the one to who was to sat beside the driver’s side, two cars went out of the compound, followed by Crystal’s car, then followed by another car,On thier way to the outing,In the car, Crystal said)
Crystal:Do you have any idea about when Dyal will arrive to the country?Maybe from one of his managers or PA,do you hear anything?
Guard:No ma I don’t ma,you know his flight is always at night, he may arrive tonight or tomorrow night, I really can’t say cause he always change his flight
Crystal:No problem dear, thanks!
Guard:You are welcome Ma’am..
Newscaster: Good afternoon to you everyone that is watching me right now, an information was brou-ght to us that Dyal will arrive tonight,as we all know that he has changed his flight several times without number,but this time around he is not changing this flight,which means that Dyal will definitely arrive tonight,another information we have for you all is that, the airport will be blocked for one hour, it is possible you find a lot of securities, guards and policemen at the airport, as we all know that a lot of fans is at the airport since last week that he was supposed to arrive,many fans from USA,Ghana, Canada, Dubai,and not to talk of Nigerian fans that are at the airport, many more are at the airport,A lot of fans are at the airport, amount of fans that are at the airport was said to be two thousand fans,which there will still be more of them tonight as soon as he arrive,So we hope for Dyal’s safety and also some fans,not to injure each other and that is why we have a lot of securities, police men,Guards, including the soldiers at the airport, plea-se no kid is allow at the airport tonight, pregnant woman,old woman or old man,all are not allow at the airport tonight,we hope for Dyal’s safety and all the fans, Thanks…
At the airport, Thousands of fans are at the airport,many fans c@m£ to Nigeria just to see Dyal,it is not a new thing to anyone again,cause if Dyal is going to any country to perform or to do anything,it is always announce to everyone,So many fans will always book thier ticket ahead of his arrival, just to see him at the airport when he will arrive and when he will fly back,a lot of guards, securities, policemen and soldiers are at the airport, Everywhere is crowded,fans and reporters are everywhere waiting for Dyal to arrive….
In UK,in a house,in the living room, four guys sat down,one of them is Dyal’s PA,One of them is his personal guard,the other two are his managers, We have Liam his PA, We have Jasper his Personal guard, we have Oliver and Carter his two managers, they are all two years older than Dyal except for Jasper who is also the same age with Dyal, Each guy’s Networth is 8 million dollars, all the guys are always lively except for Jasper who ha-rd ly talk or even smile, for him to smile is very rare,he is an introvert,but they are all pl@yboys, they all flir-t a lot,Liam was on the l@pt©p, Jasper on his phone, Oliver and Carter watching the TV, Carter broke the silence, he said
Carter:Guys, we nee-d to start getting re-ady for the flight, Liam you nee-d to go and wake Dyal up, we can’t let him cancel this flight too, You all know that when he changes his mind, no one can do anything about it, so let’s Start preparing cause if he finds us sitting this way, he won’t go again, Jasper are your boys re-ady?(Nodded his head in a positive way)
Carter:Really? Can’t you open your mouth for once?(The other two guys smile)
Jasper: I open it when I feel like, besides I answered you alre-ady
Oliver: Honestly you are funny,With your head?(Jasper ignored them)Whatever! Is Liam done?
Liam: Sure!
Oliver:Ehmmm, Jasper?(Jasper looked at him without answering him, waiting for him to talk)Y…you know what,I saw you talking with a chic two days ago,I later checked your phone and I found her so attrac-tive,can I have that babe,I mean Link us together,or is she still yours?(win-ked at him, l!çk!ng hisl-ips)
Carter: Seems my ears are not working, what did you just say Oliver?
Oliver: plea-se don’t disturb me, if you also see that the babe, honestly you will want her
Liam:Oh really!
Carter: Jasper who is she talking about?As Jasper was about to say something,they all heard Dyal on the phone talking to someone,they all jumped up from thier seats)
Liam:Oh my God! That’s Dyal! (Jasper left the living room immediately together with Liam cause Dyal always nee-d both of them a lot,While Oliver and Carter gr@bb£d thier l@pt©ps to work on it)…
Mr Max(Dylan’s Dad and Dyal’s Grandpa’s)House, Different guards at thier posts,some are walking up and down, Charlie c@m£ to visit his Dad, but he met his dad on a discussion with two guys, they are Ezra and Henry,They are 28 years old, They are Dyal’s song composers, writers and producers,each guy’s Networth is 12 million dollars)
Mr Max:Ezra I can hear you, what happened to the lyrics I checked last week?
Ezra: I… I.. we h… We haven’t finish it sir
Mr Max: Escuze me what? Henry!
Mr Max:I can’t believe this Charlie, Dyal is arriving tonight, for goodness sake what are we going to do?
Charlie:Just calm down Dad, Ezra and Henry?
Charlie:Why is the lyrics having hangover?
Henry:We are still trying to edit some words in it, so w..we are not yet done
Charlie:And Dyal will arrive in the next four hours, what are we going to do, You all know that when Dyal make up his mind on something, no one can change it, even I who happens to be the only one that can talk to him, Sometimes he is ha-rd to control for me,What do you want me to do now,Huh?if Dyal finds out that this song is not yet complete for him to start rehearsing, he is not going to sing it again, and the last time I checked that lyrics with Dad, it’s a dope lyrics that when Dyal’s voice get in that studio with that lyrics, everything is going to be a blast, but now you are not yet done, what do you want us to do now? Answer me
Ezra:W….we are sorry sir
Charlie:In one word, just tell me, when will you finish it?
Ezra:T… Tomorrow Sir
Ezra:Yes sir tomorrow night sir, by next tomorrow morning, we will bring it for Boss to check Sir
Charlie:Good! Dad, they will bring it to you by next tomorrow morning, don’t worry I will find a way to talk to Dyal, he won’t change his mind on the song
Mr Max:But you that the first thing Dyal will ask for is the song
Charlie:Am sure no,The First thing he is going to do is to visit his Dad’s grave, that’s the first place he will go, after that to his mum’s house,after his mum’s house, my place so I will use that opportunity to talk to him, am sure the song won’t be on his mind yet, infact before he complete all that they also should be throu-gh by then, Yes or No
Henry:(smile)Of course sir
Charlie:Crazy guy,Make sure everything is set before then(All smile)No one is re-ady to face Dyal’s problem, Don’t worry Dad, it will be re-ady before then
Mr Max:No problem(No choice but a little bit worried)…
Dyal’s Mum (Crystal) arrived back to the house, her visitors just left, so she sat in the living room to watch the TV, her personal guard c@m£ to the living room to inform her about Dyal’s arrival..
Guard:Madam, The Boss will arrive tonight
Dyal’s Mum:Oh really?
Guards:Yes ma’am, I just talked to Mr Charlie, he said he should be arriving by now
Dyal’s Mum:Ok dear thanks, I will watch him from the TV here
Guard:Ok Ma’am! (The guard went away, while Crystal changed the channel but to her greatest surprise the crowds that welcome her almost choke her)
For a pin to pas-sed throu-gh the crowd at the airport will be difficult, the thousands of fans at the airport is just too many, and also a lot of reporters are everywhere, Dyal has landed, All the Guards, securities, Policemen and soldiers started moving the crowd to the back, they all have to clear the road for Dyal, cause there is no way he will pas-s the crowd, some are refusing to move back while the soldiers told them that they will use f0rç£ on them if they refuse, so the fans obeyed immediately, not too long, the road was cleared, ten guards c@m£ out in black suits,Dyal’s managers c@m£ out, followed by his PA, suddenly Dyal c@m£ out with Jasper beside him, with another set of Guards at thier back, Dyal’s mode of dressing was like his father, always in hoodie, He c@m£ out in black hoodie, black trou-ser, black timberland,no earrings,no wristwatch,no n£¢klace,his dre-adlocks are not packed up, all on his shoulders, he doesn’t tint his dre-adlocks like his father, he love it all in black, His natural blue eyes flashing, his bright smile was a breath taking,his dimple looking so cute when he smile,he was holding his phone with his headsets, He waved to the fans, while the fans are screaming so loud,They all want to t©uçh him, He st©pped to speak to Liam’s (PA) ear, which Liam immediately told Oliver and Carter,He wanted to discuss with his fans for thirty minutes before he leave the airport,In a few minutes a microphone was alre-ady brou-ght out for him,there is no way he will talk and they will hear him, seeing him standing to talk to them,the fans screamed so loud more and more cause that will be the first time Dyal will st©p at the airport to speak with them,Thier happiness was beyond anything in the world that moment)….
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