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The smile that left my eyes episode 62 & 63




😘 LICIA’S [email protected]😘
Rated 18
” She wants me to forgive her” i said as she clenched my fist in anger “she couldn’t forgive me and because of that my grandmother is dead. Now she wants me to forgive her, how ridiculous is that”
I st©pped walking when I heard a big splash, it was like something fell into the river below .

What was that ? I asked my self .
There was no one on the bridge beside Veronica and I, so what could have made that big splash.

I turned to my back and Veronica was no where to be found, where could she have gone ? How did she suddenly disappear

Or did she? I immediately panicked as I rushed towards the edge of the bridge and looked down. I saw Veronica struggling to swim in the river and I was immediately scared .

Why the hell will she jump inside a river?

Is she perhaps crazy or something,?
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I quic-kly re-moved my Coat and shoes as I jumped into the river. I was able to rescue her as brou-ght to the shore.

“Veronica wake up ” I said as I patted her cheeks lightly but she wasn’t responding ” Veronica wake up”

I started doing CPR when I figured patting her cheeks lightly is not going to work. I do not want anyone to die because of me . I am very angry with Veronica right now doesn’t mean I want her to die .

I might despise her right now that doesn’t mean I will be comfortable with her dying.

When it seems CPR wasn’t working. I inhaled de-eply and then decided to do mouth to mouth resuscitation

” Veronica plea-se wake up ” I pleaded just before my mouth met hers to breathe air into it. I pressed down her che-st again and after few seconds of repeating this actions, she immediately regained consciousness while coughing out the water in her.

“Thank God ” I said as i hvgged her really ti-ght ” why did you have to do that Veronica, I alre-ady lost my grandmother do you think I can ba-re loosing you too? ” I asked as i ti-ght£ñed my hvg

“William I am …..” I immediately remembered the fact that we are currently not in good terms as I pushed her away.


Are you crazy what is your problem..all your life you only care about yourself and that is the problem I have with you ”

“William plea-se ”

“Just st©p it do not care about anyone else ,just yourself and that is the main problem I have with you … And do no think this will change anything between you and I ,infact my hatred for you grew stronger after this ” he said as he stood on his feet and walked away ”

“If you really hate me like you said you do right now, why didn’t you just let me die? ” I asked as I stood on my feet. William st©pped walking as he turned to his back to look at me

” Unlike you I wouldn’t like it if someone died because of me”

“Okay I admit, the first time I wanted to die because I couldn’t ba-re the fact that you hate me right now . But this time around I want to die because I hate my life” I said as I walked towards the river.

William held my hand and dragged me away from the river ” if you want to die, do it when I am not there. I won’t be bothered by your death then”

“For how long are you going to do this to me… Don’t you get the fact that you are all I have. I made a mistake William and that is because I thought everyone was a lier just like my aunt”

“Did I ever do anything to make you doubt my love for you back then?” William asked while tears rolled down my eyes

“No you didn’t ”

“Do you know why I didn’t tell you the truth about your past?”

“You said because you didn’t want to loose me”

“Yes, that is true. I did that because I did not want you to die. I had to hide it from you just because the doctor said telling you anything about your past can affect your mental stability especially when you try too [email protected] to remember. You could have ended up in Coma, a psychiatric hospital or maybe even six feet un-der the ground if I had told you . He said with time you will remember your past, he told me not to tell you anything” I couldn’t help the tears that rolled down my eyes ” if you truly love me like you said you did back then, such minor thing couldn’t have separated us”

“William I am”

“You are what? Sorry? You know I actually feel it unfair ,you know you blaming your aunt for your behavior and inability to forgive. Your aunt has nothing to do with that because I know what it feels like to grow up among people that doesn’t love you, your aunt hated you but my own father hates me so much back then, but despite that fact ,I still didn’t let my past affect me” he sighed before saying “You are just naturally a bitter person Veronica, do not blame anyone for that ” he looked at me one more time before walking away.

His words kept on repeating itself in my head, I just couldn’t control it . He thinks I am naturally bitter. He is right ,my aunt was never the problem, she didn’t make me who I am today. I made me who I am , I just couldn’t love William as much as he loves me . I might have lost my parents, but I will never loose the one person on Earth that truly loves me. I will never loose you no matter what William.


He stared at the n£¢klace in his hand before sm-irking and throwing it away

“Why did you do that? What if I never find it again ?”

“That is your problem to deal with . You said you want my forgiveness right, why don’t you try to look for that and it will determine if you truly deserve my forgiveness”

I [email protected]£d him by the collar “you have no idea what that n£¢klace means to me Williams and I will find it ”

He [email protected]£d me by the wrist and yanked my hand off his collar” I want to see you try”




😘 LICIA’S [email protected]😘

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Rated 18
I won’t ever let go of you so easily William. You will be mine again, I know you love me so much . Maybe your anger is ma-king you think you hate me but I know you do not William. All I can see in your eyes is love for me . I went to be-d that day thinking of how to get Williams back. I am willing to do that at all cost.

The next evening at exactly 7:30pm , I did what I told I Will never do again . I stepped into the Morgan mansion. Only the maids were around and they looked really excited to see me.

“Hello Mrs Meyer, we are so happy to see you ” I smiled to them reluctantly while I looked around for Williams

” Where is William?” I asked

“Well he is upstairs,I will go get him ma’am ” one of the maid said while I smiled at her and nodded.

“What are you doing here?” A voice that sounds almost the same as I asked. I slowly turned to my back and I rolled my eyes when I saw Chelsea and Beatrice” I should be asking you the same ” I said

“This is my brother’s house Veronica and last time I checked you are not welcomed here get out”

I folded my hands and said ” I just need to talk to William,I will be out as soon as I do that”

“Well Williams isn’t interested in talking to you ” Chelsea said

“I believe I was talking to Beatrice not you Chelsea”

“I also feel William isn’t interested in talking to you so before you are disgraced,get out of here”

“I will make her get out”Chelsea said as she walked towards me and [email protected]£d me by The hair

“What are you doing let go of me ”

“What is going on here?” William asked while Chelsea slowly let go of my hair

” I was just about to throw this lower [email protected] bit-ch out of the house ” Chelsea said as she looked at me

“Who gave you the right to do that?”


“This is her house, she is still legally my wife. She should be the one kicking you out of this place not the other way round” William said in his normal cool tone as he de-eped his hand in his pocket .

“But William I …..”

“Why are you here ?” He asked me clearly not interested in whatever Chelsea still has to say

“I want to talk to you William”

“Sure let talk now”


“Okay ,come with me ” he Said

“But William she killed your grandma why are you?”

“Chelsea I really think you shouldn’t interfere in our personal matter, she is my wife you have no right ” he said as he [email protected]£d my wrist and made me follow him all the way to his room. Even though he is really upset with me right now, he still defends me when necessary.

We stood on his balcony as he slowly let go of my hand
“What do you want to talk about ?” He asked as he folded his arms

“I [email protected]£ to give you this Williams” I said as I re-moved the n£¢klace he bought for me months ago from my n£¢k. ” You gave me this with a lot of love back then and until I can make you forgive and love me again like you use to . I do not want to wear this. I will work [email protected], I will never give up on you no matter what and the day you finally decided to forgive me, you will put this around my n£¢k like you did the other day and I will wear it forever ” William stared at me for awhile before collecting the n£¢klace for me .He stared at the n£¢klace in his hand before sm-irking and throwing it away. I had no idea where he threw it , was it the pond, the bushes , the garden. I had no idea and too make matters worse it snowing out there.

“Why did you do that? What if I never find it again ?”

“That is your problem to deal with . You said you want my forgiveness right, why don’t you try to look for that and it will determine if you truly deserve my forgiveness”

I [email protected]£d him by the collar “you have no idea what that n£¢klace means to me Williams and I will find it no matter what ”

He [email protected]£d me by the wrist and yanked my hand off his collar” I want to see you try”

Tears rolls down my eyes as I stared at him one more time before running out of his room. I have to find it no matter what

I ran [email protected] Chelsea and Beatrice ignoring their questions as i went to his backyard to look for the n£¢klace. His compound his quite big and I do not know where to start. I started looking for the n£¢klace in the pond ,I am sure it fell into the big pond. The pond was about two feet de-ep and it was only reaching my knee. It was beginning to get really cold as I keep sli-pping and falling in the pond.

I stared at Veronica as she keeps searching for the n£¢klace in the pond. It is -17 degree out there , should I maybe st©p her from doing something stupid.

Who am I kidding,no way Veronica will stay out there longer than thirty minutes, she will probably give up and go home very soon . I walked into my room and closed the door to my balcony, and sat down on my be-d.

Do I really hate Veronica now, when she is not with me I feel like I hate her but when she is with me it a different situation. I think it probably for the best if I do not think about Veronica right now. I switched on my heater to warm my room up a little, it really cold in here. The next morning,I woke up and went to The balcony. It what I love doing anyway. I looked around and couldn’t find Veronica anywhere.

“She gave up and went home ” I said as I turned to leave.

“WILLIAM!” Veronica shouted. I st©pped walking immediately. Is that really Veronica or is that voice just in my head

“WILLIAM” she shouted again ” that is definitely Veronica ” I said as I turned my back and walked towards the balcony

” I found it ” she said showing me the n£¢klace. Her cloth was soa-ked and she looked really weak and pathetic. It was like she spent all night looking for it

“I found it ” she said one more time before she [email protected] out


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