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The smile that left my eyes episode 58/59




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“I want us to end this marriage and I want you to marry Chelsea”
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“Are you seriously trying to take advantage of the love I have for you right now ” he shouted as he [email protected]£d me by the arm while I winced in pain

“William you are hurting me ” I said while he stared at me for awhile before saying

“I am sorry ,I am really sorry ..I didn’t mean to hurt you ”

“William I un-derstand but you have to …”

“What you are asking of me is just too much ,I cannot do that plea-se ” he said as he turned to walk away

“William if you do not do this for me then I am as good as dead to you …it is over between you and I ” I said as he st©pped walking and turned to look at me .

“You have taken my love for granted long enough Veronica and If you think being [email protected] is the solution..then so be it ,as from today ,you as good as dead to me” he said as he walked away while I stood there shocked . I never knew William can do this to me . Is this really over between us ?.


I quic-kly shake the thought away immediately.what kind of an imagination is that..I can’t believe I just Imagined calling William and telling him to marry Chelsea.if I do that ,he will cut all ties with me permanently..that will never happen .no way I will do that.Yes I am currently upset with William doesn’t mean I do not love .I really love William a lot and no way am leaving him for chelsea. No way she is going to fool me .
is she crazy ,I have been throu-gh a lot and I know better than to be fooled by anyone,no way .

“So you want me to leave William , just because you have cancer ” I said and she looked at me with a puzzled face

“Yes ..didn’t you get all I have been saying”

“Ofcourse I did darling ..but for me to give my husband to you ,I need strong concrete evidence to show that you truly have cancer. I want your test results right now ”

“What did you say ”
“Forget about the results,I want you to follow me to any hospital of my choice and get yourself tested right now …because right now ,you look too fine to be diagnosed with cancer for how long did you call it now ..was it a year? ”

“Yes a year ”

“That strange,you still look so fine ..but anyway,I will believe you and maybe leave my husband for you as long as you are willing to go with me now to any hospital of my choice,for a test”

“What ”

“Come-on ,let us go now ..I am dressed ,let go ”

Chelsea glared at me for awhile before smiling “you know I thought you were some kind of emotional fool”

“Oh really ?” I asked with a sm-irk as I folded my arms

“I mean you look like one ,but it seems you are smarter than I thought ”

“I have been hurt times without number by shameless no good people like you . Did you think I will be so dumb to believe you ,the smile left my eye thanks to people like you and if you for once think I will believe people like you then you are so wrong…get out right now ”

“I see you are very smart … I really admire that really but Veronica Hathaway you chose the wrong person to mess with . You just did that. ” She said while I sm-irked and said

“Get out ”

“Okay I will ,but let me have you now that you have drawn the battle line and I will be the winner at the end of the day ”

“William Morgan is my husband,we share something special .. something you will only dream of . You might look exactly like me but he will still be able to tell the difference between us in a sec,that just how strong our connection is “.

“Oh I see ”

“Yes darling ”

“You are a nob©dy Veronica Hathaway.. William Morgan is way out of your reach ,he is like prince charming..but you know you can never be Cinderella because you are nob© do not even belong in the same social [email protected] . You do not deserve to breathe the same air as him let alone marry him …you are nob©dy compared to him ”

“But at the end of the day ,his ring is on my f!nger and not yours Chelsea..he loves me and not you Chelsea ” I said and she immediately got upset as she blinked abruptly and clenched her fist

“He does not love you ..he only lives you because he thinks you are me “.

“Don’t be silly Chelsea” I said as I picked up my Apple and took a bite of it while I sat on the chair and crossed my leg “he hated me when he thought i was you but started falling in love with me when he realised we are not the same ”


“What did you think Chelsea,that you can Just come in here and tell me that sad story and boom I wi agree to let you marry my are literally the dumbest villian I have had the opportunity to come across ” I walked towards and [email protected]£d her by the arm as I threw her out of my h0tel room

“Don’t you ever come back here to tell me this s£ntimental bull$h!t …next time ,try [email protected] to fool me ” I said as I slammed the door in her face like I should have the first time . William is mine .. I will never leave him for anyone,atleast not Chelsea

I stared at the report in my hands as I blinked abruptly “are you actually sure of what you are saying ?” I asked my pri-vate investigator as I stared at the papers

“Yes ,I am …one hundred percent sure sir ”

“How is this even can she be ”

“I was also suprised sir …but I am sure she is ”

“plea-se go ” I said to him while he nodded and walked out of my study room .

I Never in my life thought that the woman I love the most in my entire life will be the blood sister of the woman I hate .

I can’t believe Chelsea and Veronica are actually twin sister .

They’re actually sister

But one thing am not sure of is

Are they the children of the Hathaway Family or the Meyers family




😘 LICIA’S [email protected]😘

Rated 18

I ran my hand throu-gh my hair as I sighed . Why am I even surprised ,it is really so obvious. They won’t look exactly like each other if they were not twins. I have to tell Veronica this ,the main reason we have not been getting along is because we have been hiding stuffs from each other . I walked out of my room and headed straight to Veronica’s h0tel room but she was not there .

“Where could she be ?” I asked as I knocked on the h0tel door continuously.

“What are you doing here?” A voice asked while I turned to my left to see who it was .

“Veronica you are here ,I need to talk to you ”

“But I do not want to talk to you William ….just leave me alone plea-se ” she said as she opened the door to her room,walked in and wanted to slam at my face but I st©pped that and got into her room before she could do that .

“William get out of my room right now ”

“Not after I talk to you ”

“Well no problem will be more than happy to call security right now ” she said as she walked towards the LAN phone but I [email protected]£d her by the arm and turned her around immediately.

“First you listen to me ,then you can call security”

“Don’t you get it ,I do not want to listen to you at all ” she said as she struggléd to free her arm from my grip as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“You know Veronica Hathaway you are the most selfish woman I know “I said as I used my hand to wipe her tears”life doesn’t revolve around you alone Veronica.some of us are hurting here too..I am hurting too. I can’t stand seeing you cry ,but it seems what I feel doesn’t matter to you at all. It doesn’t ” I said as she stared at me while more tears rolled down her cheeks .

“plea-se st©p doing that” I plea-sed as I used my hand to wipe that tears”do not make me feel like I am the Reason you crying now ”

“I am selfish Williams , because I can’t seem to forgive you for lying to me . For loving you so much and still denying myself the opportunity to be with you just cause I am upset …infact now that you said it ,I just realized that I am probably the most selfish woman in the entire world …infact now that you mention it William I need to get back on track…I need time to forgive you ,for that I need space ”

“If space is what you need I can give you that ,do you want me to stay away for a week or maybe a month ..I can do that ”

“I am not telling you to stay away from a week or month”

“Then a day …I can’t stay away from you longer than a month ,even that feels like enternity”

“William I want you to stay away from me till I am willing to let go ”

“Then how long will that take ?”

“Years ” she said while I stared at her and slowly let go of her hand

“Veronica years …I might die if I stay away from you for years ,so why are you comfortable ma-king this decision”

“Because I feel that is the right thing to do now”

“Why are you always testing my love for you ” I said as I [email protected]£d her arms ” you make me feel like this relationsh!pis one sided I am really the one who loves you and not the other round ”

“If that what you believe, then so be it ”

“Don’t do this Veronica , haven’t I been punished enough st©p punishing me like this ”

“William plea-se ..if you really do love me and you care about me this for me ….William I have been shattered before ,I really can’t do this anymore.i can’t plea-se… I am begging you …just leave and never come back this time ” she said while I slowly let go off her .

She was angry with me before ,but she never took such a drastic step . But why did she do this ,maybe it true . Veronica Hathaway doesn’t really love me .

The paper I was going to show her fell from my hand as I walked out of the room .

Sometimes I begin to wonder if this was a mistake . I feel like I made a mistake since I have falling totally in love with the wrong woman .

My dear grandson Williams walks Into his room as he started throwing random objects away in anger .

“Williams you , what is wrong with you ” I said as I walked towards him to st©p him ,why are you doing this .. why are you hurting yourself like this . I asked as I brou-ght out of the first aid box to treat his wound .

“Grandma you told me …that Veronica is a wonderful woman ”

“Yes I did ”

“And you also told me that I can never find a woman better than her ”

“William why ”

“Grandma why does Veronica hurt me over and over again . Why does it feels like my feelings doesn’t matter to her …I am head over heels for that woman but it seems it a one sided love ” he said as he picked a vase and threw it against the wall

“William st©p it ” I said as I held him by the hand so he will st©p throwing stuffs..

He looked as tears rolled down his cheek. My grandson never cries….he loves Veronica too much but it seems she doesn’t realize this ..

“William look at me “I said as I hvgged him “everything will be alright ”

“But she….”

“Trust me William ,it will all be alright ” he is not so different now . He does the same thing when he was just a kid. Whenever he wants something and he is not able to get it ,he always throw tantrums until he gets what he wants . I never made him realise he can’t have everything. I always get him everything he wants .I need to talk to Veronica ,I know she also loves him . she is just too upset to realize that .

I need to talk to her

I walked out of the restaurant later in the evening after closing hours as I bu-mped into Williams grandmother.

“Grandma” I called her name as I hvgged her

“Hello my dear ” she said as she hvgged me too

“Grandma what brings you here ?” I asked with a smile on my face

“I need to talk to you about William..he is….”

“What wrong with grandmother William ,is he okay ..I hope he did not hurt himself or something”I asked as I panicked

“Calm down Veronica , William is okay ..I see you love my grandmother so much but why are you hurting him and yourself ..he loves you too much I get jealous sometimes because I feel he loves you more than he loves me now

“Don’t be ridiculous guys Williams loves you the most”

“Veronica plea-se come back to my William mean a lot to him”

“Grandma plea-se do not [email protected] me by apologizing.. grandmother I can’t say no to you but I am still not re-ady to forgive Williams”

“Veronica don’t ”

“Grandma plea-se I have to go ” if I stay for just a moment longer , grandmother will surely convince em ..I can’t ba-re to see that woman hurt but I still can’t go back to Williams . At least I can’t do that now

The traffic light turned red and I was finally able to Cross to the other street

I finally crossed to the other side and stepped on the sidewalk

“Veronica wait ” grandmother said as she also wanted to Cross to the other side to meet me

The traffic light suddenly turned green and I immediately panicked

“Grandmother don’t…….”before I knew what was going on, grandmother was ran over by a car”

“Noooooooooo” I screamed as I walked towards her lifeless b©dy on the floor

“Grandmother wake up …wake up … someb©dy call the ambulance” I screamed ” grandmother don’t do this to me plea-se wake up,wake up. ”


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