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The smile that left my eyes episode 56 & 57




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” William , what are you doing out here ….why are you not in there trying to get Veronica out of jail ?” Catherine asked while I slowly raised my head to look into her eyes .

“Veronica doesn’t want me to get her out of jail ”

“But why ,why is she still so upset .
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“plea-se do not blame Veronica,it really not her fault and I fully un-derstand her .. I just want you to go in there and help me get her out of jail ”

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“But William you just need to make her un-derstand..”

“plea-se Catherine,we will talk about that later …for now just help me get her out of jail , I have called the commissioner , you know what to do ”

“Okay ,I will get her out now …..”

“Okay that great ,I will wait out here for you ” William said while I nodded and f0rç£d a smile . Honestly I have never seen my little brother love anyone the way he loves Veronica, but it seems she is taking his feelings for granted . I seriously can’t blame her but sometimes we just need to sit and talk about things . Decisions should not be made when angry .

“Okay done..” the police man said ” we just need Veronica to sign few papers and for the next few months ,she is not allowed to leave the country until she is proven innocent by the court”

“I un-derstand,so where is Veronica now ?”

“There she is” he said as the police gently uncuffed Veronica. She rubbe-d her wrist with her hand as she stared at me .

“Veronica,we just need you to sign a few do¢vments and you are free to go but you can not leave the country until the court says you not guilty of the offense you accused of …” the police said

“Did William s£nd you here ?” She asked while I stared at her

“He didn’t ”

“I find that very [email protected] to believe”

“I love my brother ,and I will do anything for him .. if you are not willing to let William get you out of jail ,at least you can let me right … I believe we are on good terms ” she sighed and asked

“Where should I sign”

“Here ,here and here ” few minutes after signing all the necessary do¢vments, Veronica was finally re-leased from jail .

“Catherine ,I just want to say thank you very much for bailing me out of jail ”

“I did it for my brother ” I said as I got into my car and drove off leaving Veronica alone . I do not hate Veronica now ,I am just a little upset . I mean William loves her that for sure and he definitely doesn’t deserves to be treated like this.

Catherine might be a little upset with me now but that will still not change the fact that I can’t forgive William . I respect Catherine alot . But William ,I do not know what I feel towards him right now . I am so upset with him ,I can’t seem to forgive him , for now .

I went back to my h0tel room that day as I [email protected] on the be-d . What am I going to do now ,my life is extremely confusing and I actually do not know the next step to take .

I cried myself to sleep that night due to the constant reminisce I kept on having of my past . The next morning,I woke up and went straight to work .

I have to work [email protected] now since I am back to being Veronica and not Chelsea . I have to work [email protected] to be able to feed myself.

“Hello Chelsea” of my colleague at work greeted with a bright smile on her face

“Hey Ruby and plea-se call me Veronica now ”

“Veronica?” She asked with a puzzled look

“Yeah Veronica ”

“But why Veronica …I mean what with the sudden change of name ?”

“It a long story ,but Veronica is my real name ”

“Okayyyyy” she said obviously still confused

“So where’s Kyle”

“Oh he is not coming to work today .”

“Oh okay ” I said as I went back to doing my work. I thought Kyle was going to be at work today ,then I can have someb©dy to talk to ,but apparently I am destinied to be alone .

Later in the evening after work ,I stood at the bus st©p waiting for a bus and then it suddenly started raining

“Great just my luck ” I said as I started looking around for shelter. The rain suddenly st©p hitting me as I felt someone’s pres£nce beside me . I looked at William who was holding an umbrella over my head while he stood in the rain .

“You ..why are you here …have you been following me all day ”

“No ” he answered coldly as rain water washed him

“I do not need your help okay ..I can manage on my own ” I said as I wanted to walk away but he held me by the wrist and moved closer to me

“You might catch a cold ” he said as he out the umbrella in my hands and turned his back to leave

“You doing this won’t change anything William ..I won’t forgive you easily.. forget about forgiveness,I know I totally hate you now ”

He slowly turned to face me and said ” you hating me now wouldn’t change the fact that you mean everything to me. And nothing can change that ”

“I won’t come back to you William ..never ”

“You take care of yourself” he said as he walked away leaving me alone . Tears rolled down my eyes as I wiped it with the back of my hand . He said i mean everything to him but why did he hide the truth from me . He knows how much I hate it when i am lied to . He knows I do but he still lied to my face . I hate you William .but why do I feel like I need him . Like I do not want him to leave me .how do I tell him not to leave me alone here .

I hate you so much William

And I definitely wouldn’t forgive you now

Never .




😘 LICIA’S [email protected]😘

I adjusted my tie as I checked myself in the mirror one more time to make sure I looked perfect for work . Even though I do not feel perfect. Life without Veronica has been really [email protected] and I am definitely going to get her back . No matter what ,I know Veronica loves me as much as I love her but the only problem now is ,she is so mad at me .I will just have to convince her ,I will find a way to talk to her and make her un-derstand that I only hid the truth from her for her own good .

” Hello William” ,a very familiar voice greeted and I immediately turned my back to see who it was . Anyone in my place would have thought she was Veronica . But no ,this is definitely Chelsea .”did you miss me ?” She said as she moved closer to me and hvgged me really ti-ght .
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“What do you want ?” I asked as I pushed her away

“William ,why are you pushing me away . I thought you will be excited to see me ….it me Veronica ”

“You are not Veronica”

“And how did you know that ?”

“Because you are nothing like her ” I said as I walked [email protected] her and picked up my suit jacket.

“What makes us so different uhn?…we are basically the same thing ,we have the same eyes ,same height,same facial features,same skin complexion,same voice what makes her so different from me that you can easily tell the difference between both of us ”

William st©pped and turned to look at me “is that even a question”

“I want to know what makes her so different William ”

“She is everything you can only dream of being ..yes you might have the same face ,but you nothing like her .. what I feel for her ,I will never feel for you ”

“Just what are you telling me william ” she said as she held my arms

“Get your hands off me now ”

“You have to listen to me …I am the one you love ,not told me you loved me but what with the sudden change of mind ?..what has that woman done to you in my abs£nt ”

“The only thing that woman did to me in your abs£nce is ma-king me fall head over heels for her .I was never in love with you Chelsea..I can never be ,I only did that just to make you marry so I can get revenge for ruining my family you get that get out of my room”

“I had a feeling you will say that . You see am not that hurt ,you might not love me but the Truth is I love you so much William I can’t just let you go …at all ”

“But I do not love you at all ….infact your mere pres£nce infuriates me …”

“Well that is okay … If you do not love me at all no problem..I love you and if you refuse to accept my love then you have no idea what I can do ”

“What will you do …take me to the church and f0rç£ a ring on me ?”

“You know what I am capable of William..I am still the same Chelsea,never changed never will ”

“Do your worse ” I said as I walked out of my room living her alone .I just can’t tolerate that woman. I still hate her so much like I use to ,the only difference now is I have no interest in revenge at all . I don’t want revenge anymore ,I just want my Veronica back no matter what .

I heard a knock on my room door . It probably room service,I said to my self as I stood on my feet and walked towards the door to open it .

“You ,what are you doing here? ” I asked as I stared at my look alike . I wanted to slam the door right at her face because her coming back to our life is the reason Williams and I are [email protected] now but then I realized she is not my enemy. Infact I am the one who has wronged her .

“Can I come in ” she asked politely

“YeA sure , plea-se come in ” i said as i moved out of the way for her to come in ” make yourself comfortable”

“Thank you” she said as she [email protected]£d a chair and sat down on it .

“I do not want to sound rude ,but why are you here ?” I asked as I sat down on my be-d

“Look I [email protected]£ here to talk about William” she said as she pla-yed with her f!ngersand looked down

“What about him ?” I asked while she raised her head to look at him

“See ,I have been in love with Williams ever since I was just a little girl and I was going to marry him but …..”

“I un-derstand,I know what happened after that and I am really sorry for that .I had no idea that I was ….”

“plea-se do not [email protected] me by apologizing” Chelsea said ” I know it not your fault and someb©dy is behind this but I want to ask you for a favor”

“Which is ?”

She stared at me before going down on her knee and joined her hands together”plea-se ,plea-se leave Williams,he is all I have and I feel like I can’t live without him”

“What are you asking me to do Chelsea.william is ….”

“I know you love Williams a lot but you know I deserve him . William means everything to me and I love him so much Veronica.. in case you do not know ,I have cancer and maybe I only have few months left . I will love to spend my last few months with the man I love ”

“What ,what are you talking about ?” I asked as I helped her up on her feet . ba-lls of tears rolled down her cheeks as she wiped them with her hand”

“I alre-ady had cancer before the accident..I was receiving treatment and I have no idea if I have time left …I just want to spend my little time with Williams and when I finally did …plea-se Veronica take care of Williams for me ”

“Hey why are you saying this can not die way ”

“plea-se let not talk about that now … because each day I remember my doom is near..I just can’t ”

“It is okay Chelsea. I will help you anyway I can ,I promise and I will not let you die …I will not let you die … and Williams will be yours ..I promise

“Thank you so much…I am so grateful” Chelsea and I talked for awhile before she finally went home .

I will have to bring William and Chelsea back no matter what .

It was around 8:00pm in the night when I received a call on my phone

“Veronica” I said as I quic-kly picked the call

“Hey William ..I need to talk to you …meet me on the Caron bridge ”

“I will be there…I am coming” I said as I looked throu-gh my wardrobe and put on my jacket since it about -20 degree outside ”

I walked into my car and immediately drove off ”

“Hey am here ..why did you call me here ?” I asked with a smile on my face . Veronica raised her head to look on my eye and I immediately felt broken when I saw tears in her eyes

“Veronica..why ,why are you crying ?” I asked as I moved closer and held her hand

“William I want to talk to you ” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks

“Hey st©p doing that ” I said as I wiped her tears . plea-se st©p that

“William can you do something for me ”

“Veronica I will do anything for you”

“Really ?”

“Anything..I promise but plea-se st©p crying plea-se ”

“Then get married to Chelsea Meyer ” she said and I stared to make sure I heard what she just said correctly “what did you say ”

“William ,I am no longer angry with you …I have forgiven you …but plea-se ,you have to be with Chelsea for me”

Does Veronica even realize what she is saying

She wants me to get married to Chelsea

What is wrong with her?


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