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The smile that left my eyes episode 32 & 33

Tale of Veronica Hathaway



GENRE: Romance, fiction, tragicomedy, and Mystery

😊😊CHAPTER 32😊😊
I laid down on my bed thinking about what William said,no way he likes me. This sudden confession definitely has an ulterior motive . No way william can ever like me . I have known that guy for almost a year now and i do not think he can love anyone but himself. He only knows how to love himself. And even though he truly has some kind of feelings for me ,i seriously wouldn’t be able to like him back ever. I just can’t like him back .

I slowly opened my eyes the second morning and looked around. Thankfully there was no sign of William , i do not want to feel guilty at all for telling him i do not have the same feelings he has for me . I opened my mouth to check out my teeth that was punched off by one of the kidnappers yesterday. I was quite suprised to see a teeth there this morning and i was too focused on my pains and William sudden Confession to notice this. The wierd feeling i got from touching it with my tongue soon made me realise the teeth was fake . Guess i have to learn to live with this plastic for the rest of my life since that teeth is never gonna grow back.


turned to my right and i was absolutely shocked to see William standing there and staring at me

‘When ,when did you get in here ?’i asked while he walked towards the closet and brought out his first aid box.
‘I was in the bathroom..i walked out few minutes ago but you were too focused on checking out your teeth you didn’t even notice that ‘

‘Oh ‘i said as i looked away unable to make eye contact with him

‘Please seat ‘he said politely while i nodded lightly and sat down on the bed . He sat down next to me and wanted to remove the band aid (plaster) that was covering the cut on my head

‘Hey do not worry i will do that ‘i said as i held his hand to stop him . He looked at me for awhile before lowering his hand

‘I know you feel awkward around me for what i said yesterday ‘

‘No i…’

‘It okay ..look whatever happened or whatever i said yesterday shouldn’t change anything. I really do not want you to feel uncomfortable around me and if you want i will never mention it again ‘

‘If you want me to stop feeling uncomfortable, why don’t you go back to your normal self . I know what your plan is ,you faking all this nice guy attitude. It really doesn’t suit you cause i know just who you’re william ‘ i said as i folded my arms and looked away while William scoffed and ran his hand through his hair . He is always doing that

‘Really Chelsea ,you really know who i am ?’

‘Ofcourse i do ,i have lived with you for months now and i realise that you nothing but a bitter person. You ain’t capable of loving anyone except yourself and this sudden change of attitude definitely has an ulterior motive ‘

‘Waw is that all you know about me . okay fine Chelsea, i know a few things about you . Should i tell you ?’ He asked while i looked away

‘Just like me you are a bitter woman, who holds on to the past and is never willing to let it go .. you might not have a memory of who you are or who you use to be but the truth is your past still hunts you . You have been hurt many times by people that why you believe everyone is the same . Everyone wants to hurt you ,you find it h@rd to trust anyone . But trust me Chelsea not everyone is a liar and a betrayal ‘ he said as he stood on his feet ‘yes i have done some pretty mean things to you in the past but all i can say is i am sorry for that ‘

you talk so well like you know just who i am ‘

He smiled lightly as he sat dipped his hand in his pocket and shrugged ‘well you said what you know about me and i did the same . That what i see. I am not going to tell you that i am a good person or something, cause i am not . I am a bad person cause even till now i still want revenge on those who hurts me and am not willing to change for anyone not even you Chelsea. But i can still show you the better side of me, the side that i h@rdly show anyone in my life . The side i have never shown any woman..when you freshen up ,come downstairs the police wants to have a word with you ‘he said as he turned his back to leave

‘William ‘i called his name as i stood on my feet

‘Yes ‘he answered as he looked at me

‘What if i can never like you back ? ..what will you do’

‘Nothing ‘

‘Will you regret it ?’


‘Will you hate me ?’

He smiled as he placed his hand on my shoulder
‘I can never have a reason to hate you . I can’t do it even if i try ‘ he said as he walked out of the room while i was suddenly kind of sad.
‘He is right ,i am a bitter person . I might not remember my past but i know for sure that it must be a very unpleasant memory ”

I looked at the necklace in my hand as i squeezed it very h@rd in my palm . It getting really confusing cause it feels like the more she pushes me away ,the more feelings i have for her . Why is this happening to me ,Veronica is right when she said she will never like me back . But that doesn’t mean i will give up ,i will continue trying no matter what .

My phone rang knocking me out of my deep thought.

I barged into Stephanie’s apartment and glared at her

‘You ‘she said

‘You ..i can’t believe you were the one behind this ,i can’t believe you would actually stoop this low .you better move out of here and go back to where you come for cause if the police lays their hand on you ,you going straight to jail for beating up William’s wife ‘

Stephanie and i stared at each other for awhile before we both burst into laughter and sat down on the couch

‘Tell me how was my acting ?’i asked Stephanie who had a big smile on her face

‘It was spectacular, i actually thought you were seriously accusing me alone when we are in this together ‘ Stephanie said and i smiled

‘Do not be ridiculous, i never betray my partners no matter what ‘

‘Yea true how did you get your brother to stop suspecting you the one behind this ‘

‘You see my brother is way too smart for his own good . I knew i would be the first person he suspects so that why i went outside and made that fake phone call that day . If i had simply told him i wasn’t the one who got Chelsea kidnapped. He wouldn’t have believed me. He will continue spying on me until the secret is finally revealed ,that why i had to make that fake phone call that day and i was totally aware of the fact that my brother was right behind me ‘

‘You see you are too smart Beatrice i respect you ‘

‘Ofcourse i am smart, i mean i didn’t even deny trying to kidnap her ,but never mind that . Now he wouldn’t suspect us and we will not have to go to jail i really think i deserve a trophy don’t you think so ‘

‘Ofcourse you do ,you really deserve a trophy ‘

‘I really hate that woman and trust me ,this is just the beginning of her pains. I will definitely inflict so much pain on her she will regret marrying my brother ‘

‘I am with you on this one Girlfriend..we will definitely make Veronica suffer so much she will regret crossing our part ‘

I walked back into my brother’s house with a smirk on my face feeling totally pleased with what i have done to Veronica with the help of
Stephanie. I know this woman has never done anything wrong to me but the fact that she looks so much like the woman i despise is more than enough offence . Even when i don’t want to be mean to her ,the more i see her face constantly reminds me of the past of what she had done to me and the fact that i might never forgive her for it . And as it is ,if i cannot have my revenge on Chelsea for ruining my life and being the reason for my brother and mother’s death, the least i can do is punish her look alike . I just can’t help it since she constantly reminds me of chelsea.


walked into Williams house with a smirk on my face and that smirk was soon wiped off when i saw williams sitting on the couch in the living room with a baseball bat in his hand and a wine gl@ss in the other . Just like me ,william has been psychotic ever since mother and brother died and one of his favorite thing is inflicting pains on people. And whenever he has that black baseball bat in his hand, then he is definently up to something and will definitely hurt someone with that .

I looked around and no one was in the Living room ,just william and i.

‘Hey William, what are you doing here ,all alone ?’ I asked with a wide smile on my face while william returned the smile

‘Beatrice, so glad you back home. I have been missing you ,where have you been by the way ?he asked as he stood on his feet

‘Well i went to visit a friend ‘

‘Oh i see . I just wanted to give you update on Veronica’s case,the one involved in getting ,Veronica kidnapped has been caught ‘i almost loosed my mind when i heard what William said what he said just now . I couldn’t help but panic still i tried my best to act cool.

‘Oh that great news so where is he ?’i asked

‘Bring him here’ William said as he gulped down his drink with his eyes focused on me. The man responsible for beating up Veronica whose name is rusty was held by William’s huge bodyguard. Beads of sweat ran down my forehead as i stared at him while he was focused on William with a glare on his face

William walked towards him while dragging the baseball bat on the floor. ‘Hello i happen to be a straight to the business kind of guy ,i am going to ask you a few questions and now you are going to answer me or else’

‘Or else what you motherf**ker ?’ Rusty asked and i almost cursed cause he didn’t know what he just got himself into. I know how William can be ,he is not totally a bad person but he isn’t good either. The last thing rusty wants to do is trigger his anger


will forgive that ,i am going to ask you a question answer it and you get to walk out of here alive, if you don’t then you will just have to bare the consequences ‘

The only thing i can do now is hope this guy doesn’t spill the beans. I have to find a way to stop this ,where is grandmother ,she will stop William from beating him up’ ummm William Excuse me ‘ i said

‘No Beatrice, just wait over there ,if you planning on calling grandmother, she is not around. She went to Veg@s will be back in few days or maybe even weeks. So just stay right where you are ‘William said and i panicked all over again, i am sure rusty will not spill the bean . Atleast i hope he doesn’t .

‘Rusty, who was the one that paid you to beat up my wife?’

‘fv¢k you ‘Rusty said and a very evil grin immediately appeared on Williams face

‘Wrong choice ‘ he said as he hit the baseball bat Very h@rd on his kneecap and Rusty immediately fell to ground holding his knee while gr0@ning in pain. He made a sign to his body guards to lift him up and they did that immediately and held on to rusty arms to prevent him from falling .

‘I will ask again ,who was the one that paid you to hit my wife ‘

‘fv¢k you you motherf**ker ‘

‘Wrong choice again ‘ he said as he hit the baseball bat on the same spot while rusty screamed in pain

‘Who paid you to do that ‘

‘You are a psycho, fv¢k you man . I ain’t gonna tell you nothing ‘ he said as he spat on Williams face while he smirked and wiped it off. The next place the baseball bat hit was his mouth s£nding two of his teeth flying in the air .

William is really going to hurt rusty that for sure .

‘you motherf**ker…you how ‘ Rusty said with his bloody mouth

‘If you die here Rusty ,i won’t be jailed that means you died for no reason . I have more than enough money to get myself out of shit like that. ‘

‘You not getting anything out of me,so why don’t you give up right now’ Rusty said

‘Okay… place his hand on the table ‘William said to his bodyguard and they forcefully placed Rusty hand on the table .

‘Wait what you gonna do …what you doing ?’Rusty who was beginning to look extremely scared said

‘Well rusty i plan on breaking every bone in your body ,starting with your hands ‘ William said as one of his gaurds gave him a hammer

I made a sign to Rusty telling him not to say a word while he nodded

‘Oh no need to do that Beatrice, There’s really no point ..i know the person behind this already, i just want to confirm it from him ‘ he said and i wished the ground could just open up and swallow me at the spot. This is exactly what i mean’t by my brother is way too smart for his own good . He already knows i am the one behind this but how, i gave him enough reasons not to doubt me .

‘So are you ready to tell me or do i have to do this ‘

‘Do what you want ‘Rusty said and William smiled sheepishly and hit the hammer on his hand while Rusty scream of pain almost blocked my ear drum. William was about to hit it again before Rusty said

‘Stop ,i will confess .’

‘Go on ‘William said

‘She ,that woman over there was the one who paid me to beat Your wife up ‘he said pointing at me while William looked at me with anger and a bit of disappointment ‘Your sister ‘

William looked at me while i looked down in fear . I just don’t want to find out what my brother will do to me next.

William attention focused back on Rusty as he started hitting him so h@rd with his fist

‘William stop ‘ i ran towards him to push him away from killing rusty but he didn’t listen instead he pushed me away . This is something about my brother once he’s angry ,then no one can stop him.

‘You dare hurt her and you think you will just leave with your life ‘ he said as he continues to hit him

When Beatrice made that phone call the other day ,some part of me trusted her but the other part told me to have her spyed on just to make sure she really has nothing to do with this.

I trust my sister but i also know she is a full time sadist and will stop at nothing to have her revenge. She might not be able to make chelsea pay cause Chelsea is not here ,but that doesn’t mean she will stop at nothing to make her look alike pay .

I recieved a call from my private investigator who told me he spotted Beatrice paying some guy whose name is rusty. He happens to be the leader of a street club called black axe and he is payed to do dirty works like kidnapper ,drugs and stealing. It just what he does .

He also recorded the Conversation between Beatrice and the man just when he thought she wasn’t listening. She had Thanked him for helping her take care of her little problem and also promised her more jobs in the future .

I had rusty kidnapped and since i knew wasn’t going to confess ,i had to take drastic measure .

So fast foward to me hitting Rusty in the face continuously ,i was happy with the fact that i made him loose atleast two of his teeth since he made Veronica loose one . I couldn’t control my anger as i hit him continuously constantly thinking of how poor Veronica must have felt taking a beating from this guy

I heard the urge to hit him continuously until he stops breathing, i was seriously injuring myself in the process but i didn’t mind that at all . I want to do is hit him until he cannot breathe anymore or something. His entire face was badly bruised as blood runs down his nose and mouth . I was about to give him one last punch that could finally take his life before someone held my hand .it was a touch i recognize very well and it was absolutely soothing, i touch i never want to leave me for some reason. I looked up and i saw Veronica

‘William ,please ,that enough ‘she said

‘But he was the one who hurt you’

‘Please that is enough, let the police handle him ‘she pleaded as she stood on her feet. Unable to do anything tu hurt this guy ,i stood on my feet with my bleedy hand and turned to look at Beatrice

‘Excuse us’ i said to my bodyguard who took rusty and walked out of the room .

‘And why ,why did you all that even when i told you everything. Why?’

‘Oh please Willam what do not try to make me feel sorry for what i did cause i do not have the tiniest bit of sympathy for her ,infact i feel pleased and right now the only thing i want more than anything else is to kill her ‘ Beatrice said as she walked towards Veronica to strangle her while i pushed her back and i did not know what came over me that i hit my sister across the face .

‘William you ‘she said as she held her face as tears rolled down her eyes

‘Before you make me anymore angry ,please leave right now ‘i said and just like me she was actually shocked that for the first time in my entire life i just hit my sister that i was willing to lay my life down for . I was so furious and she wasn’t helping the situation.

‘William did you just slap me .you slapped me for her ‘

‘Beatrice please leave ,if you weren’t my sister, i do not know what i would have done ‘said and she looked at me for awhile while i looked away . She slowly turned her back still holding her face as she walked out of the house .

Veronica wanted to talk to me but i simply ignored her and walked up the stairs. I was just to darn pissed off to think about anything right now .

I was in my room taking a nap just before i was woken up by the noise that was coming from downstairs

‘What is going on?’i asked myself as i walked down the stairs to see what is going on. I was absolutely shocked to see william punching some random guy who looked guy he could die any moment from now .

I am sure you all know what happened, i stopped him ,he slapped his sister blah blah

I walked up the stairs and into Williams room who seems to be looking for something in his wardrobe. He finally found what he was looking for as he walked to his table and poured himself a gl@ss of water ‘here have this ‘ he said as he handed the water over to me with my pills

‘Here . The doctor told me to make sure you use your medicine everyday ‘i collected the pill and water from him while staring at him while he brought out the first aid box to treat his wound .

I might not like William romantically, but atleast i do not hate him either. And even though he is trying to hide it ,i can say he is going through so much pain which is really not fair towards him and even if i cannot be there for him as a wife or lover ,i can atleast try to cheer him up as a friend

‘I am sorry ,it is all my fault ‘ he stopped wrapping the bandage around his hand and turned to look at me .

‘Do not blame yourself, nothing is your fault ‘he said coldly as he went back to treating his wound

‘It actually my fault ..i am so sorry ,you hit your sister today and it all my fault ‘

‘I hit my sister today ,not because of you .. i hit my sister to make her face the reality’

‘I still like i am at fault some way or the other so the least i can do is apologize ‘

‘It quite funny you know ,you keep blaming yourself when i know you not at fault. Yes i am hurt . I hit my sister for the first time in my life. I hit the woman i was happily Willingly to lay my life down for or maybe kill for of necessary, that just how much i love her but i just had to do that ,i had no choice but to’ he ran his hand through his thick brown hair. That happens to be his normal thing when he is angry or frustrated ‘but it okay ,please do not blame yourself, you really not at fault ‘ he said . I moved close to him and gave him a very friendly hug

‘Hey it okay ‘i said as i broke the hug ‘ we might not really get along but I hope we can be friends and if you need someone to talk to,i am here for you that if you consider me your friend ‘ i said as i stretched my hand for a shake

He stares at my hand with his hand in his pocket and said ‘Ummm i do not consider you to be my friend cause i want us to be more than friends but i guess friendship will have to do for now ‘he returned the handshake while i smiled lightly

This might be the start of a great friendship


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