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July 24, 2021


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The scent Episode 15 & 16

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*🌺🥀THE SCENT 🥀🌺*







I woke up when I felt my chest heavy as if a big stone,if not a mountain is on it.

And then, the event of yesterday came rushing into my memory.

Am alive!


If there’s something you wanna call a miracle,then that’s ME!.

With how I felt yesterday,I never thought I could survive it.

I felt something stir on top of me and I stiffened.

What’s that?

I was d@mn scared!.

Is this the aftermath of yesterday?

Making sure I ain’t moving,with shaky hands,I threw opened the bed cover and I gasped with my eyes widening to unknown degree.



I looked down at her and:


am very true n@ked under her, and she’s very much half n@ked on me.

What’s going on?


She stirred again still asleep, and her face got very closer to mine. Just inches apart.

How?…I mean why??…why is she here?

Is very hard recollecting what has happened last night. All I knew was that, I left their room after showing it to them and entered mine.

I also remembered that immediately I got into mine,I slumped on the bed.forgetting to lock my room door.

And maybe I passed out,with the thought that I would never wake up again.

So the miracle that happened to me overnight, was Amelia?

Although I don’t know what it means for her to lay on me with both of us naked. But it really did help to bring my temperature back to normal.

I stared at her face and FVCK!

The girl is pretty.


I mean she possessed a beauty compared to that of a goddess.

I lowered my head and she breathe directly into my nostrils.

That SCENT!.

The scent was so confusing!

So familiar that it had me bonded in a thinking and recollecting session.

For this thing she did, thanking her from now till eternity would never be enough.

She saved my life!.

I stared at her face again and my eyes went to her lips.


So tempting!.

Unconsciously, I found my lips on hers.

Is like taking advantage of someone right?

But I don’t care!.

I mean she already took advantage of my unconscious state and stared at my naked body right?. So stealing a kss from her is nothing compared to that.

I wonder how she would feel when she wakes up to find my eyes wide open staring at her.


I bet she would just pray for the ground to open and swallow her out of sheer embarrassment.

I stared at her shacarrine sweet lips, and now knowingly, I kssed her again. And immediately I did that, her eyes flustered opened.

Instantly, no one told me to close my eyes back and pretend to be fast asleep.

Still pretending to be asleep, I felt her hand on my forehead and she breathe a sign of relief.

She cautiously pulled herself away from me and I fought the urge to open my eyes and stare at her n@ked body.



I don’t know what she’s doing. But the whole room was silent.

Is she out already?

I slowly opened one of my eyes and saw her tiptoeing to the door already putting on her shirt.

I better not talk about this then. because it seems she wasn’t even planning on telling me she saved my life.

I got out of bed and saw my clothes on the floor. I eye searched for my phone and unlocked it.

10 missed call?

From Mom?


I bet she’s damn worried about me right now.

The time is 4:30 am so I still have two good hours to sleep before the final wake up by 6:00am.

I climbed back on bed. Hoping to get my two more hours to go sleep but to my surprise, all I got was “K!SS, THE SCENT, AND THE N@KED SCENE OF BOTH OF US” replaying in my head.

What’s happening to me?

what have you done to me AMELIA?




I have been restless since Dwayne left the mansion last night.

And since then, I have been calling him sleeplessly. But he wasn’t doing me any good by not picking up.

Am worried and at same time scared.

I don’t want anything to happen to him.

Not after all what I did to him.

Depriving him of his real parents, by giving my daughter in exchange for him just because of my selfish interest.

Just because I want to be the one to produce the heir that would inherit the company!.


I don’t just want to be a passer-by in my husband house.

And you want to know what I did?

I just don’t have a choice.

Even after the threat from my husband family. I still went ahead to give birth to a baby girl.

Who would be the heir to inherit his company?

And it was the exact time I gave birth to a baby girl that a very poor woman who was in same ward with me gave birth to a baby boy.

So I exchanged both child.

I just have to do it for the same of me and my baby.

Even though I always go to visit the poor woman without her knowledge of the evil I did to her.

She was happy that a rich and wealthy woman like me, stoop so low in coming to see her on the street.

For good five years! I usually take Dwayne with me then.

My husband saw this and got really annoyed with me.

He warned me never to go see her again.

And since then, I lost all contact of her.

But the girl Lucy brought with her to this mansion yesterday, has the same scent as my little Oona.

Am confused!.




I sneaked out of sir Dwayne’s room by tiptoeing to the door. I can’t just imagine him waking up to see me on top of him.

But my idea really did helped a lot!.
I never knew what my mom told me then, would later be of help.

I don’t know why. But before the death of my parents, whenever it’s raining and my dad goes out, he always came back with his body as cold as that of sir Dwayne yesterday.


This sickness was a great burden to us because we don’t have a particular place to call a home, we slept anywhere even sometimes in the market. So whenever it’s raining and my dad isn’t in a place with roof or anything to protect him from the rain, he would fall sick with his body so cold like a corpse.

We could have decided to take him to the hospital but where Is the money? And so my mom would lay on him with both of them n@ked.

You now know why I did that yesterday?
Because that’s how my mom does to dad and it usually works.

Sadly, my dad’s death was because of this sickness.


One day, we all went out and parted separately but not before we agreed on where to meet after all the beggings for the day.

That day, it rained so heavily that even all the roads were flooded. The one that rained yesterday, can never be compared to that of the day am talking about.

I knew how worried my mom is because even i was so scared and was silently praying for a helper who would allow my dad wherever he is to stay inside his/her house till the raining session is over.
But you know what happened?



My prayer wasn’t answered!.

The rain lasted for complete 8 hours!
And It started and dawned on my dad.
He has no where to stay!

It was only I, and mom that arrived at the transport route that day. My dad was missing!.

We searched and looked for him in all the areas we knew he always go to beg.

But we never found him that day!.

Not until the next day when we heard people talking about an unidentified corpse found on the road. My Mom cried her eyes out that day same was i. I was devastated!.

And that was the reason why I panicked when I saw sir Dwayne in such state yesterday.

“You saved him!” My inner mind whispered and I smiled proudly.

Yeah! I saved him.


I slowly and silently opened the door to our room and got in.

Aaaaa! Thank heaven!

Alex was fast asleep.

I moved and got on the bed beside him.

For him to be snoring this much, he must be very tired and exhausted from yesterday.

I opened the bed cover and stare at Alex.

I took my eye to exact place I saw that long thing.


Alex is also having it?

But wait!


sir Dwayne’s own is more longer and bigger.

“Why?”I thought and slowly took my hand to Alex’s own.

“Lia?” He called surprised while staring between me and my hand on his own thing.

Oh! I woke him up from his peaceful sleep.

Is it a bad thing to touch?

“Lia!” He called again and jumped out of the bed.


“Lia!…what are you doing?” He asked and I pulled a confused look.

What am I doing?

” I wanted to check that thing of course!…is there anything bad in that?”

” Check what thing?”
” Lia!…you are vi0lating me!” He yelled lowly.

” Vi0lating you?”


” Yes!…you are touching my manly thing!” He cried out again.

” I don’t know what you are talking about Alex. Just calm down and explain it to me. What’s that thing is for!” I told him and his eyes widened again.

” Lia!… what has gotten into you?” He asked lowly.

“Just tell me!” I replied already standing up also.

“Wait!… wait!… wait!… wait!… Don’t come any closer!”he rasped already moving back.

” Okay!…wait!..I will tell you!…the thing is used for making babies!” He explained and I gasped.

Making babies?




“Lucy!…get up you this good for nothing daughter!” I heard my mom harsh voice.

” Mom?”I called surprised.

I rubbed my eyes and sat up properly.

“What’s the harsh word all about this early in the morning?”I asked her and she scoffed.

” You are just so dumb and foolish!” She said again and I flinched.

” Mom?…mom why all this?”
“What’s going on?” I added.


“Something is going on!… Infact, everything is going on!”she snapped at me angrily.

” So I called you yesterday to the Moor’s mansion. And the only thing you could come up with is to bring those two idiot friends of yours along right?”
” Do you know what that woman has in mind to discuss at the dinner yesterday?”
” She wanted to discuss on how the arrangements of your engagement with his son would go you this shameless daughter!” She shouted and I gasped.


” So why didn’t she later discuss it?” I asked slowly.

” Something that was meant to be personal!… something that is supposed to be discussed between the two families alone! You went ahead and brought a third party you this idiot!”she cussed me for the first time in my whole years of being her daughter.



“And you know what got me annoyed the most?…you could have seen how Dwayne was checking out that stupid friend of yours!….you could have seen what his eyes held for the girl!”

” Affection!”
” It helps affection!” She shouted again.

I was just staring at him completely confused.
Why is she getting this angry?

“Even Rachel, Dwayne’s mom showed much affection towards her than you!”

” It was as if the two knew each other before!…you just missed another opportunity I worked very hard in giving you!”she yelled and stormed out of my room.

Why am I always with a bad luck?

“THOSE TWO!” I shouted with gritted teeth.

What I did to those two is just the beginning of the hell am gonna show them!
Am gonna make it sooooo soooo hard for them to the extent that they would personally pray to see death!.

Just wait and see how I destroy those two stinking, poor, dirty, wretched beggars!



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