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The sacrifice Episode 97


©Sir Zach

Jake’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets when he saw Jade walk out. He couldn’t move himself or blink, as he was too enthralled by her. He wasn’t supposed to be this surprised by how pretty she looked, because she always looked beautiful every time. He had no clue how she constantly dazzles him with her beauty everytime he sees her.

His eyes trailed from her hair which fell freely below her shoulders, to her perfectly made up face. Her make up was light and natural, but it highlighted every of her facial features, ma-king them more prominent. Her pointed nose looked more pointy, her brows were neat, and her dark long eyelashes made her eyes look beautiful, and herl-ips, one of the [email protected] of her b©dy which he liked so much was currently glossy and was calling for his attention.

The red sequin embellished long sheath go-wn with stra-p hands and a side slit accentuated her every curve. The low n£¢k line reaveled a portion of her perfect silk skin, and her n£¢k was ba-re of any jewelry and it was perfect for his plans for later. He alre-ady knew she was going to look pretty in the dress, as a matter of fact she looked beautiful in whatever she wears, but he wasn’t expecting her to look this enchanting.

Her gold sandal heels which she paired with a small gold clutch made her outfit look perfect. When he picked this go-wn for her, he was sure she’ll look beautiful in it but now, his angel has rendered him speechless.

“Jake….say some.. thing” Jade said in a soft and nervous tone. She didn’t want to dissapoint him, especially since he picked out the go-wn for her.

“Sister I think you smashed his [email protected]” Kelvin whispered much to everyone’s hearing.

Jake slowly stood up and walked closer to her, his gaze fixed on her and her alone. Every other person in the room faded into the back ground.

“You..look” He didn’t even know the word to use at the moment. Because all the thesaurus words of ‘pretty’ didn’t cover how she looked right now.

“Like my queen” He said, ma-king Jade blush. She didn’t expect him to say that, especially in the pres£nce of her mother.

“You look…kingly” She said as she blu-shed more. Jake was indeed looking handsome in his white Armani suit which he wore over a black shi-t and a black [email protected] The gold which lined the side of his jacket matched with her gold shoes and clutch.

“Okay that’s too cheesy” Kelvin cried out as he walked back to the sofa. While Amy wra-pped her arm around Grace’s shoulder as they stood by the side, appreciating the lovely couple.

“They look like a real couple, and like they’re madly in love” Amy said softly into Grace’s ear, while she nodded in response. She could see the happiness in her daughter’s eyes and it made her happy too.

Amy couldn’t take it any longer when Jade and Jake continued to stare at each other like love struck fools.

“Hey, enough with all the PDAs. Get out of here and st©p [email protected] single people like me” She snapped, ma-king them stare at her in [email protected]

“Sorry boss” Amy quic-kly apologized when she met Jake’s gaze, ma-king him chuckle.

He turned back to Jade and asked, ” Are you re-ady to go?” While Jade nodded.

He turned to look at Grace “Thanks for the hospitality. I promise to take good care of her and return her in one piece” He said ma-king Grace nod her head.

“Okay, you guys just have fun” Grace replied.

“And s£nd me alot of pictures” Amy added.

“If you want pictures you should have agreed to come too” Jade said as she eyed her.

She had asked Amy to come along, when she found out it was a charity ball hosted by their company yearly. She wanted Amy to come along so she wouldn’t be bored when Jake busied himself with several rounds of greeting. And it would be nice to have someone she was familiar with, but Amy had turned her down and said she was alre-ady had plans of attending a [email protected] with Ethan.

She was choosing Ethan over her. She was going to get back at Amy for this.

“Don’t be such a baby. You have the president beside you, you don’t need small flies like me” Amy said, ma-king Jade glare at her, while Jake chuckled about her babyish she was acting.

“Comeon let’s go” Jake said before leading her out of the [email protected]

He held her hand as she walked down the porche. He st©pped walking when Jade walked ahead. Jade paused and turned around when she noticed he has st©pped walking.

c0cking a brow at him, she asked, “Is something wrong?”

“Baby can we not go” He said gently, his eyes trailing down her b©dy again.

“What? Why?” Jade asked in confusion. Why has he suddenly changed his mind.

Jake walked closer till they were only a foot away. How could he tell her he didn’t want them to go because he didn’t want other men to look at her. She was an irresistible sight, and right now she was more than irresistible.

He sighed. “Just stay by my side all night. You can’t look at anyone else, but me okay” He said. Jade smiled when she caught a hint of what his hesitation was all about.

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you Mr Jake. But if it will make you happy, I’ll focus all my attention on you alone” She @ssured him.

“Just so you know I’m not Jealous, I’m just being protective of my woman”

“More like possessive” Jade tea-sed him.

“Whatever. At least it’s you I’m being possessive of”

“Mmm. So can we go now?” Jade finally asked, and he nodded affirmatively.

He walked to the [email protected]£ngers side and held the door for her. He walked to his side and turned on the ignition before driving off.

Soon they arrived the venue of the charity ball. Jade parked the car before he turned to the pretty lady who was sitted by his side.

“re-ady to meet your idol?” He asked, ma-king Jade turn to look at him. For a moment there she had forgotten about the deal they had, to introduce her to the person behind the ProGuard project.

When Jade nodded her head, Jake couldn’t help but smile.

“You can’t drool over him when you see him”

Jade narrowed her brows at him. Why was she going to drool over another man?

“Why do you say that?” Jade asked back.

“Because he’s a very handsome man, I can @ssure you that. And I also know my girlfriend has a sp©t for handsome guys. So no drooling” He tea-sed, while Jade frowned at him.

” I don’t drool over every handsome guy I see, I’m not a per-vert” She refuted, rolling her eyes at him. Was he trying to spoil her mood?

“Well the Jade Peterson I know who also happens to be my girlfriend, always drool over me”

“Yeah, thank God you’re not the guy who made ProGuard or are you?” She asked with a sarcastic tone.

“You don’t think I’m that capable?” Jake asked raising a brow at her.

“I didn’t say you’re not capable, you’re the one saying that” Jade rebuted. She knew Jake was a very capable person. Being in charge of such an empire was a hvge responsibility and it required someone of great capability, and Jake was such a person. She just didn’t think that he was involved in the innovation of such a masterpiece.

Jake was enjoying this. His girlfriend was definitely looking down on him, and he was just going to give her the greatest shock of her life. Now he was regretting his action of just asking her to be his [email protected]£ as a reward for introducing her to the inventor of ProGuard. If he knew they’d both be [email protected]!ngby now, he would have asked for something else.

Jake was about to say something when one of the parking valet knocked on the window, and he took that as a cue to end this conversation with his girlfriend before he ruined the surprise by giving her a clue about who it was.

“Come on we’ve got to go” He said, before stepping out of the car. He walked to her side of the car and opened the car for her, stretched out his hand to help her out.

“Thank you” Jade said as she stepped out of the car.

“Don’t thank me, it’s one of the things I must do to woo my girlfriend” He said, ma-king Jade smile.

Jake stretched out his hand and Jade wra-pped her hand around his, before they slowly walked up the stairs that led to the entrance of the hall.

The shutters of [email protected]£ra and the flashes of light from the [email protected]£ras made her heart race. And it kept increasing as they attracted a sea of eyes towards them, ma-king her grip over Jake’s hand ti-ght£ñ. They were attracting alot of attention, and it made her nervous. Jade wasn’t used to this, she has never been un-der the sp©tlight and doing this for the first time was ma-king her heart pound.

She has been feeling nervous about the whole [email protected] because this was her first time attending such an occasion, but she had tried to keep it buried because she didn’t want to stress Jake with it, and she was sure he had a lot going alre-ady since he was the host of the occasion. She had given herself some mental talk up, but now it seems she was about to faint from all the anxiety. .

Jake felt her ti-ght grip over his hand and he looked at her.

“Feeling nervous?” He asked, while Jade nodded.

“Don’t be, you have me beside you. And I’m sure you’ll be just fine” He said @ssuringly.

“Hm, okay” She said as she tried to calm herself, trying not to look back at the people staring at her.

Jade felt her anxiety return in an intensed way when they walked into the hall of unfamiliar people and all their eyes were zeroed on them. She almost felt her knees give way and if it wasn’t for the comforting pat Jake gave her hand which was placed around his, she almost felt like turning around and dashing out of that place.

“Babe relax” He said into her ears.

“Jake everyone is looking” She said in a small voice, which only him could hear.

“I know, and that’s because you’re too beautiful to ignore. Just let them fill their eyes okay. They’ll st©p looking when they get enough of you, but I doubt that will ever happen” He said with a small smile, as he looked at her.

“You’re just incredibly beautiful” He blurted out. He didn’t mean to say that right now, but looking at her, he couldn’t help himself. Jade’s cheeks warmed up with a smile. She could never get tired of Jake’s sweet compliment.

“Just smile, that’s all you have to do” Jake said as he led her into the heart of the hall.

“Tell me I’m not seeing clearly and that isn’t our man walking with a woman?” A beautiful lady asked in shock.

“If you’re not seeing clearly, then I’m sure you are sick of whatever eyes disease you have” Another lady replied as they gawked at the couple who were strolling into the hall.

“The big boss of Acrosoft showed up with a woman?” A blonde hair girl in their midst asked in bewilderment.

“My god I’m as surprised as you guys” Another replied, her eyes equally glued to the couple. Well they weren’t the only ones surprised by this sudden turn of event, everyone in the room had almost same expression as them, most especially every single girl like them in the room tonight, who had heard about Jake’s attendance and had come prepared to work their way into his [email protected]

As a matter of fact people were surprised when they heard that Jake Beau was going to make an appearance tonight. It was common knowledge that he didn’t like coming for the annual charity ball. But not only were they surprised by his change of mind, they were also astonished to see him walking with a woman by his side.

He has been seen with several women, but only at the various clubs he frequents. This was the first time he was ma-king a public appearance with one, and it [email protected]£ as a shock.

“Don’t tell me we’ve lost our man?” The blonde girl asked.

“What has happened to our prince? Though he didn’t like anyone, I was happy he was a public property. Has he turned exclusive? He can’t do that”

“Exclusive or night I [email protected]£ tonight for that man, and I’m not giving up on that. Exclusive or not I want a taste of him” A cold voice spoke from the midst of the ladies.

Jake picked up two [email protected] of champagne when one of the servers walked past with a tray. He [email protected] a [email protected] to Jade and said, “This might help keep you calm” Jade nodded as he received the [email protected]

Secretly taking a picture of the couples not too far away from where they stood.

The picture was s£nt to group chat of five [email protected]@nts.

‘Check this out. You guys won’t fv¢king believe this!!!’ Was the message that accompanied the s£nt picture.

Beeps of received messages flooded the phone when the group [email protected]@nt saw the picture.

“Damn it! So it’s true after all! That s¢vmbag. Where is he standing right now?”

“Did you guys notice how h0t this girl is? Damn she’s one piece of meat I’d love to eat”

“Hey you better stay away from her. That’s against the rule”

‘Well that idiot broke the rules first, don’t blame me if I got a h0t for her too’

“Do you see that idiot smiling sheepishly while staring at her?’

“Yeah it’s the kind of thing that happens when you’re in love’

‘Shut up Dan’

‘Yeah shut up, I seriously wonder why we’re still hanging out with you.’

‘The fool wants Jake to be his [email protected] in relationsh!pissues. Idiot!’

‘fv¢k you Rick! How about I tell Jake what you said about straffing his woman.’

‘Dude no need, he’s going to see all the chats later’

‘Why is Jake looking around like he’s in search of something?’

‘Maybe he’s looking for us. Guys why don’t we introduce ourselves? I’m sure Jake wouldn’t want us to do that. Hehehe’

‘Good idea, let’s go crash his solo [email protected]

‘Why is Phil quiet? Dude!!’

‘Forget him. He found a Russian breed, and I’m sure he’s drilling that hole right now’

‘Wow that’s quic-k. And I’m yet to find a good D cup to [email protected] What a lucky guy’

‘Well let’s say hi to Jake and maybe after this charity stuff, we’ll get those h0tties’

‘Then let’s go’

Jake was still looking around. He was being hopeful that his friends weren’t going to show up tonight. He really didn’t think things throu-gh before now. He had been so excited about getting Jade to hang out with him that he had forgotten about his devilish friends.

Jake stiffened when he caught sight of Rick approaching him with a spooky smile on his face. Damn! he knew this was going to happen.

“Jake are you okay?” Jade asked when she noticed the awkward look on his face.

Jake turned to look at her and Jade could see the beads of sweat forming on his head.


“Babe you know I love you right? And I’ve promised you I’m not going to do anything to hurt you again?” He asked panickly while Jade nodded, even though she was confused why he was saying this at the moment.

“Just believe that. And know that whatever you hear is definitely not true. Whatever anyb©dy says to you is definitely a big lie, to make you mad at me. Babe promise me you won’t get mad at me” Jake was literally begging now.

“What’s wrong?” Jade was getting worried.

“plea-se promise me” Jake was scared she was going to get angry at him, just like she was earlier today. He knew his crazy friends were up to no good.

“Okay fine I promise” Jade said, when she saw he was really shaken up. “So what is it?” Jade had only asked when someone suddenly appeared in front of them.


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