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The sacrifice Episode 96


©Sir Zach

*Jade’s Room*

“I really want to kill that bit-ch. You should show her to me and let me teach that vixen a lesson. How dare she do that to you? What a liar!” Amy snapped as she st©pped working on Jade’s hair. She was styling her hair, after doing her make up.

“Amy you’re not supposed to be shouting. You don’t want Lair to scold me do you?” Jade said looking at her throu-gh the mirror.

They were both talking about what had happened to Jade back at the office. Jade had told Amy about it, except for the [email protected] that Stephanie had sle-pt with Jake. She didn’t like keeping anything from her friend, but she didn’t want Amy to see Jake in a different light. Not that she didn’t know that he was a casanova, but telling her about Stephanie and Jake was on a different level.

“Well don’t blame me. When someone messes with my best friend, they’re also messing with me. I can’t let someone do that to my baby” Amy retorted.

“And you don’t know how happy I am knowing that Cale finally gets what he deserves and he’s completely out of your life. I get pissed when I think about the mental torture you go throu-gh when you see his face in the office daily. It must have been [email protected] for you, but not anymore babe. I hope he doesn’t show up in your life anymore” Amy added.

“I hope so too, but…” She paused and sighed, while her eyes turned sad.

Amy st©pped what she was doing, and looked at Jade. “But what?” She asked. Her eyes looking at Jade throu-gh the mirror.

“I feel for Helen. She’s going to feel sad about this” Jade explained, as she sighed.

“I un-derstand how you feel. But you shouldn’t let that weigh you down. Maybe he’ll get a job somewhere else and then he’d put more effort into it. So st©p worrying yourself okay.” Amy comforted her. It was common knowledge that Jade loved Helen like family, and knowing how Cale’s condition was going to affect her, it was un-derstandable that Jade would feel bad for her.

“Okay” Jade nodded.

“You’re alre-ady looking breathtaking just with your hair and makeup done. I can’t wait to see you in your dress” Amy chirped excitedly.

Jade looked at herself at the mirror and she couldn’t but help appreciate herself. Amy had done a perfect job with her makeup and hair.

“Amy I look….”

“I know you look breathtaking. Let’s wait and see the reaction on the face of that b©yfri£ndof yours” Amy said excitedly.

“Wait I’ll bring your dress” She said as she rushed to the be-d to pick up the go-wn they had picked from the mall.

It was a beautiful silver go-wn, which Amy had picked for her. Actually they had bougt two go-wns. One for tonight and the other for Jade’s [email protected]£ tomorrow. They were both beautiful.

Amy was admiring the go-wn and anticipating how Jade would look in it, when Grace knocked and strolled into the room with a hvge box in her hand.

“Mom what’s that?” Jade curiously inquired when her mom walked in.

“I don’t know what’s in it, it was delivered a minute ago” Grace replied, dropping the box on the be-d.

“It’s addressed to you” Amy said looking at the small card attached to the box. Jade raised a brow as she looked at her mom and Amy, confusion clearly evident in her eyes. Who would s£nd her a gift as big as this?

“Me?” She asked as she stood to her feet and walked closer to the be-d.

She looked at the note attached to it, and Amy was right. It was truly addressed to her.

She opened the box and what graced made their eyes made them [email protected] in surprise.

Lying in the confinement of the box was a beautiful red shimmering go-wn. It’s brightness was enough to illuminate the room. Jade was about to pick it up when her phone rang.

She rushed to pick her phone from the dressing table. It was Jake calling. She looked back at the box and she had a feeling her b©yfri£ndwas behind this.


“Did you get it?” He asked straight away.

“Mmm mm” She nodded, as she looked back at the go-wn which was now in Amy’s hand. God! it was the most beautiful piece she has ever seen.

“Jake it- its beautiful” She said as she admired the go-wn.

“That means you like it?” Jake asked nervously.

“Of course I do. It’s beautiful” She replied in a soft tone, ma-king Jake heave a breath of relief. He has been so anxious and scared she wouldn’t like it.

“But why?” She asked softly. She didn’t expect him to s£nd her a dress.

“Because you’re my girl and I want you to look the prettiest tonight. I want everyone to know the beauty that own my heart, and why I fell head over heels for her” He replied, ma-king Jade blush.

“Oh Jake. But i alre-ady got something to wear” She told him.

“Well…” Jake stuttered. He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t coerce her to wear the dress.

Jade noticed his hesitation and she smiled. She knew he didn’t want to pressure her into wearing the dress just because he had bought it for her. He just scored himself another brownie point.

“I’ll wear it with pride and flaunt my b©yfri£nd’s package” She said, slightly reducing her voice so the others in the room wouldn’t hear her. Jake smiled when he heard her.

“plea-se babe don’t do it too much. I don’t want to stay on guard all night” He said.

“Well that’s up to you. I intend doing that all night” She said, her smile wi-dening broadly. Of course she knew he was going to look as delicious as ever, and maybe more dashing. And being one of the most eligible bachelor with a promiscuous history, who’s not only successful but drop dead gorgeous, she knew many girls were going to try getting into his [email protected] tonight.

“Alright I’m going to watch you like a hawk” He said ma-king Jade giggle.

“Thanks for the dress” She said.

“You’re welcome. I’ll be at your place in an hour. Hope you’ll be re-ady by then?” He asked. He was anxiously waiting to see her. This girl was going to turn his [email protected] off with her beauty he was so sure of it.

“Sure I will”

“Alright, I leave you to it then”

“Okay. See you in a bit” She said before hanging up the phone.

She turned to look at the gorgeous beauty which Amy and her mom were still drooling over, and her heart leaped with excitement.

“He s£nt it didn’t he?” Amy asked as Jade approached them again, and she bobbe-d her head up and down affirmatively.

“This is so ro-mantic” Amy squealed. “Who knew Jake had this side to him?”

“He sure does love you” Grace added with a smile which was also reflected on her daughter’s face. She was happy Jade was happy. After what that Cale did to her daughter, she surely deserved to be spoiled. Before now Jade was on the giving end, and it would be nice if she was on the receiving end for once. She deserved to be loved and spoilt.

Amy clogged the dress to herself. “If only his stupid brother was half as s-en-sible as he was, I wouldn’t be this lovelorn. What a fool!” She cussed dramatically, ma-king Jade chuckle.

“He’s a big fool” Jade agreed with her.

“Hey you’re not allowed to cuss him too, only I can do that” Amy retorted, shooting Jade a mock-glare.

“Let me get this right, the both of you are interested in two brothers?” Grace couldn’t help but ask.

“Hmmm” Amy nodded. “But don’t worry aunty I got rejected” She said in a casual tone, but the pain in her voice could not be missed.

“I’m sorry honey” Grace sympathised with her.

“It’s okay. I’m just sad he spoilt my chance of becoming sister in-laws with my baby. Anyway it’s his lost” She shrugged.

“I just want to get over the problems in my life first, and I’ll make sure monkey boy comes begging” She said with a smug smile.

“Of course he will. He doesn’t know what an angel you are” Grace added with a proud smile.


“I’m going to leave you girls to do your thing. We’ll be waiting outside” By we, she was referring to herself and Kelvin.

“Okay mom” Jade said as Grace stepped out of the room.

“Girll!” Amy squealed excitedly.

“Amy st©p shouting, you have to watch your health” Jade chided, a smile also quivering on herl-ips. She was also happy.

“Shut up. Do you know what dress this is? Do you even know how much this cost?” Amy asked feigning annoyance. Jade was supposed to be happy, her b©yfri£ndjust s£nt her a heavenly expensive dress and she wasn’t screaming the roof down, rather she was scolding her for being excited?

“No” Jade shook her head, as her eyes kept f!ngering the dress.

“This cost a fortune babe, a fortune!” Amy stated. She could tell the designer’s [email protected] this, because hailing from a rich home, she had been opportuned to see some clothes from well renowned designers. But she never had interest in them.

“Come on girl, you have to try it on. Just wear it alre-ady” Amy urged as she handed the dress over to Jade.

Just hearing Amy say the dress cost a fortune, she felt burdened by wearing it. She felt her heart pound against her che-st. She was wondering if she could pu-ll such a piece off. She didn’t want to disappoint Jake. He must have gone throu-gh alot just to get this for her. What if it wasn’t her size? She panicked inwardly.

Jade received the dress and anxiously sli-pped it on. She looked stood in front of the full length mirror, while Amy did her Zi-p. Amy took a step back to take a full look at Jade throu-gh the mirror.

“Jade you look….amazing” Amy was completely stunned.

“I do right?” She spoke softly, her voice filled with incredulity. She was equally surprised by how perfect she looked in the dress.

“Mmm” Amy nodded. Her eyes taking in every inch of her friend’s beauty.

“Jake eyes are going to pop, when he sees you”

Jade was still in the room with Amy, who had decided to redo her hair because she had a better style which would suit her dress perfectly.

“Amy, Jake’s going to be here soon. Can you plea-se you hurry up” Jade pleaded for the upteenth time.

“Chill babe. He should know women take their time in looking pretty. So relax, even if he comes now he should wait, because that’s what men are supposed to do; wait on their women” Amy stated as she continued with her work.

And just at that moment, the door bell rang.

“That must be him” Jade told her.

“So?” Amy raised a brow. She wanted Jade’s look to be perfect, and she didn’t un-derstand why Jade wasn’t concerned with how good she was supposed to look for the [email protected]

“So?” Jade asked back, not un-derstanding Amy.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was your first relationsh!p. St©p acting like a high school girl who’s anxious to see her prom [email protected]£ and let me finish this” Amy replied.

“I’m not acting like an high school girl” Jade rebuted.

“Yeah right” Amy snickered.

*Living Room.*

“Kelvin go get the door” Grace called from the dinning table where she was going throu-gh the month’s financial report of her shop.

“Mom, my game would end” Kelvin cried from where he was sitted. From the way he was holding the console, one could tell he was at the crucial [email protected] of the game.

Grace looked at him, and sighed.

“I @ssure you, one day I’ll break that thing” She threatened as she stood up from the table and walked to the door.

She was surprised by the handsome young man who was standing by the porche of her house. He was familiar, but he looked quite different from the last time she saw him….he looked more handsome and formal.

“Good evening ma” Jake greeted with a nervous smile when he saw Grace.

“Good evening, come in” She greeted back with a warm smile. He was now her daughter’s b©yfri£ndso she had to be nice to him, especially when he had that nervous look on his face.

“Thank you” Jake said before stepping into the house.

“These are for you” He said handing over a small gift basket to her. Grace looked at it and smiled. She remembered how he had acted the last time he was here. Apologizing about the fact that he [email protected]£ empty handed.

“Thank you” She said receiving the basket from him. She shook her head when she noticed how anxious he looked.

“You don’t have to look so nervous okay. I’m not going to eat you. All I’ll say is treat my daughter well” She told him, while Jake nodded in un-derstanding.

“Yes ma” He replied.

“Good. Just sit and wait here, while I go inform her of your pres£nce” Grace said pointing at the couch which Kelvin was sitting on.

“Alright” Jake smiled lightly. He couldn’t help but appreciate how nice and lovely Grace was.

Grace turned to look at Kevin who was so engrossed in the game. “Kelvin Peterson say hi” She ordered before walking away, not before glaring at her lazy and game add!çted son.

“To who?” He asked turning around to see he was meant to say hi to.

“Okay” He stressed when he saw Jake approaching his seat. “Good evening” he greeted politely.

“Evening, what’s up” Jake greeted back as he plopped down on the couch. Jake observed how intense the little man was with the game he was pla-ying.

“I’m cool. I’m Kelvin” Kelvin introduced himself.

“I’m Jake”

“I know. I heard you’re now my sister’s b©yfri£nd” He said still fully engrossed in his game.

“Yeah I guess” Jake replied.

Kelvin suddenly paused his game and turned towards Jake. His abrupt action made Jake gulp. He wasn’t supposed to be scared of a small kid , but he wouldn’t lie, Kelvin’s gaze was too intense.

“Dude you can’t guess with my sister. You have to know. So are you her b©yfri£ndor not?” Kelvin asked with a serious look on his face.

“I guess I used the wrong word. I’m your sister’s b©yfri£nd” Jake replied.

“I’m not trying to be rude or something, I’m just looking out for my sister. I know my sister look all strong and all, but believe she’s every fragile and should be well taken care of her” He paused and intensed his look.

“Dude you got to take care of her. You can’t mess with her. If you do, I’m going to find you and do some nas-ty things to your fancy car and tell everyone what a douchebag you are. And don’t be deceived by size, I have so good taekwando skills. My sister got enough heart break from that @sshole with a horrible face. I’m so pained I wasn’t allowed to beat him up.” Kelvin sighed regretfully.

“You can’t treat my sister like that, okay. I’m not joking” He warned with a really intense gaze. Jake was amused by the little guys protective instinct over his sister, he really admired it alot . He knew he couldn’t smile right now as Kelvin was looking really serious, and he really didn’t want to experience any taekwando skills, which he highly doubted Kelvin had.

“Sure, I’ll never break your sister’s heart” Jake @ssured him with equal seriousness.

Kelvin silently looked at him for moments, trying to decipher how sincere Jake was. After a while he said, “Alright I’m going to believe you. You do look quite different from that maniac. One look at him and you alre-ady hate him. So be good and keep to your promise”

“Yes. I will” Jake nodded.

“That’s good” Kelvin gave an approving nod before returning his attention back to his game. ” I’m going to resume my game now. I have to beat my sister’s t©p score” He said as he picked his console up.

“She’s one hell of a pla-yer, isn’t she?” Jake asked with a proud smile.

“Don’t tell me about it” Kelvin cringed. “She’s a monster” Kevin said ma-king Jake chuckle. He had to agree with Kevin, his girlfriend was indeed a game monster, or in her case a monstress.

“Care to [email protected] you wait?” Kelvin offered.

Jake looked at the screen for a while. Thankfully it was a familiar one, so he agreed. “Sure” He wouldn’t have agreed if it was a game he hasn’t pla-yed before. He wouldn’t want to [email protected] himself before Kelvin.

“Alright. Here” Kelvin [email protected] over another console. “It’s an old model, hope you manage?”

“Sure I can” Jake said taking the console from him.

“Does Jade [email protected] this?” Jake asked inquisitively as he examined it. The game set was indeed an old model.

“Yeah she does, but not anymore”

“Why?” Jake asked as they pla-yed.

“Because she has not been pla-ying at home recently. I don’t know if she’s even pla-ying at all. It’s kind of weird though”

“What is?” Jake asked again.

“Sister loves pla-ying games, mostly at weekends and also she does some designing. But she’s not been doing that lately. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to get me that new game set” He grumbled out.

Jake wanted about to tell him that he was the reason why his sister has changed.

“So you want a new game set?” Jake took a quic-k glance at him.

“Yeah. But sister has refused to buy me one” He hissed angrily.

“Do you want me to ask her for you?” He asked.

“Do you think she’ll agree if you ask her?” Kelvin eyes lit up as he turned to Jake.

“Well I have to try” He shrugged. “Maybe she’ll agree” He added.

“Really?” Kelvin dropped his console, abandoning his game. Nothing was more interesting than a new game set right now. Jake casually shrugged his shoulders, but Kelvin saw that as a ray of hope. ‘Maybe the b©yfri£ndcan use his sweetness on the sister’ He thought.

“Thank you Jake. I’m going to root for you and my sister” Kelvin chirped excitedly. Seeing Kelvin smiling like that, Jake knew he had to talk to Jade about it, he wouldn’t want to disappoint him.

He could easily buy it for him, but he’d like to get her cons£nt first. Hence why he st©pped himself from promising to get it himself. He didn’t want to offend Jade.

“And what are you smiling about?” Grace asked Kelvin when she returned back to the sitting room.

“Nothing” Kelvin said. “We’re just bonding” He added, ma-king Grace suspiciously raise a brow at him.

“Sorry I took long. She’s coming ou…” Grace was about to inform Jake that Jade was coming out soon when she heard the light cli-cks of Jade’s heels behind her.

Grace and Kelvin were stunned when Jade walked into the sitting room. Their mouths were gaped and their eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. Jade smiled when she saw their reaction. Amy had refused Grace access into Jade’s room when she went to inform them about Jake’s arrival. Even when she had gone in search for hair cli-ps which were to be used for Jade’s hair, Amy had still denied her access into Jade’s room.

Grace walked closer to Jade, who was still had her smile on her face.

“Honey you look…”

“Gorgeous?” Jade asked raising a brow at her mother.

“Perfect” Grace replied, a sweet smile placed on her face.

“S6ist you really look dope” Kelvin said as he also approached them.

“Thank you” Jade replied with a smile.

Her eyes fell on the man who was still sitted behind and her smile slowly turned nervous when he kept looking at her without saying a word like the others did.

“Jake?” She called out nervously.


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